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: malphite needs a fix
And he's a lumbering idiot who can't farm, has no mana after a couple Q casts while pre 6 and blows his load on a risky all in that you can still react to. Malphite doesn't need "fixed" (nerfed), he needs a VGU and minor rework more than anything.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kamille W,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=srLP4FjZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-03T22:15:08.312+0000) > > {{champion:53}} {{item:3004}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3025}}
Seriously this. Why build the first two items when Iceborn functionally covers what those two do with the addition of armor? Also if we're talking about reworking it, I suggest a mana burn or mana steal mechanic.
hoganftw (NA)
: Is Illaoi a Feminist Icon yet?
Well let's see; -She's fat -Looks mannish -Surrounded by phallic imagery she lets do all the work -Covered in ugly tattoos that will age as poorly as herself -Dreadlocks/unnatural colored hair -Doesn't shower, crystals are her deodorant or something else "spiritual" -Easily convinced any fad religion is the one true faith and proceeds to follow it like a zealot making them all look crazy I'd say she's a feminist icon alright!
: Tbf, ezreal is the ONLY champ who builds manamune, and thus both Seraph and Manamune together. They just need to remove Manamune imo, and look at Ezreal's kit since only he builds it. When a champion is lock stepped with an item, the item should go and the champion should be looked at imo.
This is a very good point and I have no idea whyyou're being down voted. What other champion builds {{item:3004}} ??? Serious question.
rujitra (NA)
: So you're suggesting one person be penalized almost a full ranked division because of a legitimate emergency? If your mom was being rushed to the hospital, you'd feel fine losing 50+ LP for going to be with her? It wouldn't make you feel bad in the moment for sure, but when you came back to keep playing?
I understand, but surely there could be a 3 strike system in regards to Leaver Buster offenses? It could heal over time akin to the way account standing does now. Emergencies are totally understandable, but when you do it there should be something.
Alephie (EUW)
: What purpose do promotion matches serve, on a practical sense?
Things I like about promos: -You get a free win for next time if you fail them the first time. -Bullshit LP gain/loss from some bullshit MMR stat doesn't matter. It's a simple "best of" split. Things I fucking hate about promos: -You get even more feeders and trolls than ever. The system intentionally puts you with a shit team that you BETTER carry... -If you're dumb enough to say you're in promos, your team is even less likely to try and win, just to fuck you over. -Getting through the terrible LP gain/loss ratio to even see promos is ridiculous. I just won 6 games to get back up here to what I lost in 2 games.
: ok, why are you commenting?
He's hoping that the system will change, that smurfing will be punished, that some manner of justice will be done in this pos game.
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: IBG helps it by making klepto's two procs easier to use, on top of being a really cheap item for them. Klepto's a huge issue, but IBG isn't innocent.
Klepto needed only one hit before. It was changed to two hits later.
Seenan (NA)
: Yo, can we like, make Iceborn Gauntlet melee only? Only way it's ever healthy.
> [{quoted}](name=Seenan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GRMx5VGi,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-09T08:24:33.016+0000) > > Literally the only people that can use it that are ranged champions use it in a pretty much abuse-case way (Ezreal kiting forever..Viktor top kiting forever..Even Karma top did it at one point). It was even nerfed because of ranged champs abusing it several patches/season ago (it used to do 125% damage). There's absolutely no reason that it was nerfed/changed cause of melee champs. > > Ezreal becomes even safer because he has added armor ontop of his playstyle (which is literally not needing to get close whatsoever to deal a metric ton of damage over-time) and it compounds with his Manamune/Archangel's to give him extra damage. Infact, since his W change, he has an even higher burst with this safety. Ontop of that, since it creates a slowfield and does some aoe damage, it allows him to kite even easier. Oh, and lastly, it comes with a free 20% CDR (but this is ok since it would be replaced by Triforce's 20% CDR). > Viktor top is just AIDS for most toplane champions, assuming people still do it. > Karma tanky top I haven't seen lately, but I recall it being pretty annoying too back when Frostborn had 125% damage and a static radius (from what I heard in forums and such). They alredy removed double tear Ezreal. He basically needs Iceborne now to hit anything in this game where the top champs are all overloaded with mobility.
Critty92 (EUNE)
: What if all summoner spells were buffed so that they were as viable as flash?
: Counters every single support, and up until recently, had a 48% win rate against almost every single support except Leona, Pyke, and Alistar. That's a hell of a counter. Lose more than half of your games! She sucks against: Sona - Gets out poked and out sustained massively Nami - gets out poked and out sustained massively Soraka- gets out poked and out sustained massively Zyra - Gets massively out poked and plants block Morgana Qs. Karma- Out poked and out sustained Thresh - Q still teleports if hooked even when BSed. Flay is near instant. Stalemates with: Lulu- she doens't do enough damage to kill anyone through lulu's shielding and ult Janna- Janna has enough tools to counter Morgana engage, but Janna needs to dodge Qs She beats: Pyke- If she ever gets hooked she's dead so she has to play perfectly. Alistar - if she ever gets knocked up she's dead so she has to play perfectly Leona - IF she's ever stunned she's dead so she has to play perfectly. Truthfully, if you're having problems against Morgana you're just bad. I see Morgana picked on the enemy team all the time and I beat her every single time.
Lets not forget the wonders of {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} range and burst on Lux. Also my personal favorite counter to both Morgana and Lux; {{champion:3}} Galio does not care about your shields. You'll need them just to live when I taunt you and you're uselessly autoing me.
sQuirtlez (EUNE)
: Why you should probably ban morgana and lux if you are going botlane
That Lux comment man. She's been a staple of frustration in the game for years with little changes whatsoever. I absolutely hate to admit it but both the champs are in a great spot. They take clutch skill to make work, they have obvious windows where you can counter them or trade. They can be equally cc'd and overwhelmed. I completely understand the frustration on a personal level, but it's YOU, not the champions in this case. Can we please talk about Yasuo/Riven/Zed/Irelia/Illaoi? Actual OP champs that need deletio- nerfs. :)
rujitra (NA)
: Would you also be okay with them taking away the W you get against a team with an AFK?
Well no, of course not. But shouldn't the LP loss be deferred to the leaver AT LEAST?
: The OP is from EUNE.
Oh geez. That makes way more sense but it's still very sad.
5050BS (NA)
: Her early game needs a buff, her mid to late game needs MASSIVE nerfs
Naw. She still super easy to one shot even post level 16. It's for that reason I build her as a burst mage rather than an auto attacker, so I can actually get my kit off before I die.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: league of legends has become from a serious competitive game to a game for kids.
I wanted to read your post, but it's just chock full of bad grammar, punctuation, and is one big run on sentence that I honestly cannot follow whatsoever. Yet another failure of the american education system.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Because people would just leave to spare others (or their premades) the loss of LP. People would just make throwaway accounts if leavers received harsh LP penalties. I agree that leavers should be punished more heavily though, _especially_ in ranked.
What about a manual appeal process? I have just such a game yesterday. Would Riot support look at it and maybe take away that L me and my team had to hold because of him? Also ty for responding. I honestly never have gotten one from one of you guys.
: You can not go into a game without runes
> [{quoted}](name=Clockwork Mouse,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bIx4XYjG,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-19T20:45:31.245+0000) > > So I am trying a no item challenge on Thresh, and I had the idea of not having any runes to add onto it. But when I tried i found that the game defaulted me to another rune page. Just pick runes that don't benefit him whatsoever. Handicap yourself. Like go Unsealed Spellbook and never use it etc.
: And you guys nerfed LeBlanc again.
I fought a LB support just yesterday that was shreking the whole map and rofl stomping everything.
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: So this is what Agent Smith meant.
: Kayle seriously needs a buff. And I mean... a buff.
I can get past her early game just fine. What I cannot fathom is how easily one shot she is even after level 16. She needs her old ult back where she can still attack.
: Best Galio Support Build
Your hard counters in bot lane: {{champion:119}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:15}} Your so so counters in bot lane: {{champion:117}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:161}} very are to dodge harass People you demolish bot lane: {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}}
: with how many mid champs are getting relegated to support but not vice versa you would think that this position would run out of champs at some point. Maybe that explains why I am always seeing the same 2 guys there.
Now it's all {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} . {{champion:3}} was inevitable
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: Rengar Needs a nerf already
His problem is they put ALL his damage into his Q. His W, E, R, all exist to help him deliver that seet Q damage as fast as possible. He used to be this bruiser like diver that could sneak up and stick to people, and actually HUNT them in accordance with his lore and theme. He could take a few hits and pick off stragglers. He was better when he could be built AP or tankish and do well. He was better when his ult DIDN"T alert people when he was coming miles away and he could store his resource charges for later. The design of him currently is the problem, and why he is all or nothing now.
Infernape (EUW)
: I wouldn't mind if they got rid of the ult. The ults most of the reason why he's so relevant in competitive play.
Unless the enemy team is being held down by Amumu ult or something then they can just walk out of it. It's as bad as Pantheon ult.
Moody P (NA)
: Galio has gone from tank to mage to support, more changes when?
Galio main here. After the disgusting nerfs to him making him unplayable and forced out of mid and top except for specific match ups he's truly good against, you have the gall to suggest further nerfs when people do the logical thing and try to find a new spot for him? Well too bad. He's already been nerfed into the ground. I spam him as support now because I love this champion and it's the ONLY place he does well now. Wanna know some hard counters to him? {{champion:119}} taunt this and he overwhelms you {{champion:412}} can hook you, his ult counters your all in, he can save his teammates with lantern, and his E fucks up your all in {{champion:555}} constant stuns, invis bullshit, dashes, a hook, and an ult that counters your all in with it's execution damage {{champion:81}} Amazing poke and mobility mean he never will be in range to taunt and all in
: The nature of Irelia gives her kill pressure even when behind
> [{quoted}](name=ApathyAndGrief,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=n8Xfwe5l,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-19T15:12:33.680+0000) > > No, this isn't a "RIOT NERF IRELIA PLS" salt post. In fact, my gripe with Irelia isn't as large as the other champs I detest. A good majority of the time I don't lose lane vs her (Although my LAST GAME against her I did lose lane because she kept being greedy and getting me low, but I won in K/DA. However, this forced me to back frequently so she got my turret relatively quickly), but I've noticed even when I get massive leads against her, she still doesn't fail to pull some flashy bs and kill my entire backline in a teamfight. This gives me the conclusion of her ability to be hypermobile at any stage of the game gives her a large amount of kill pressure, and it's kind of amazing how she can reset her dash three times on the same target at rapid speeds. > > What I think Riot should do is cool it with her mobility (No, don't GUT her. That would just remove her identity.) I can trade with her at level 1 on almost any champ, but as soon as she gets level 2, it's over from there. Once she starts having multiple dashes and gets that bullshit corrupting potion there's just no way to trade with her. She either needs her mobility gutted, her stun gutted, or her damage gutted, because it's just disgusting. She has everything Aatrox was called toxic and unhealthy for having and hasn't been touched nearly as bad as him.
: I've been kinda saying this since day 1 of the rework, the Q needed less emphasis on being the only main damage spell he has, and be shifted to more of a combo aa user and not this uber assassin that builds full damage but cant get the full extent out of it. That way he can build slightly tankier, still do damage, and be able to have better sustain since it wont be gated behind how much damage he deals. I do say making it just solely on the passive proc and edges is a little rough, maybe he can get half value or something for everything else unless, Ravenous Hydra can return as a core item for him (Getting it now is kinda meh considering you're pretty pigonholed into rushing 40% cdr like Riven just to function well)
Hydra can be good on him vs a more squishy enemy team. It helps him farm faster and gives him back some of that sustain gutted from him when his E was nerfed into uselessness.
: Galio state better be looked at rn, his champion spotlight is already completely 100% outdated.
You've nailed Rito to a tee. The ruin everything. It really is like they hate money.
: Aatrox needs a buff
bump! sick of Aatrox being yet another whipping boy for Riot.
: Aatrox needs a buff
Justice for Aatrox. You can't just rework him and then ruin him more. Fix your shit Rito!
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: This is why I find this company to be a joke nowadays
More than likely your account was doing poorly from other, more serious reports and it hadn't "healed". Maybe stop being toxic prick talking down to people in a fucking video game.
: Search through the Top tier list, Aatrox ISN'T EVEN ON THERE FOR TOP. He's listed as E tier, which is honestly way too generous given his state. Look at the decline in win rate. The terrible item choices. Go into a practice match and FEEL for yourself just how slow and unbearable he is to play, how easy he is to counter no matter who you pit against him. Anyone that says "he's in a good spot" got shit rekt when he ws indeed OP. Even more evidence, since you missed some other places, it's consistent across all the sites you visit. His play rate and win rate have completely tanked. The nerfs were over board with no compensation. They did a fantastic rework and then ruined it again when the skin sales stopped coming in...
: Ezreal Does too Much Damage for the Items he Builds
Everyone here getting outplayed by a champ with ALL SKILL SHOTS. You KNOW you're bad, you're just trying to find ANY way possible to nerf him and go back to rofl stomping with shit like Lucian/Draven/Miss Fortune/Kai'sa. Get absolutely rekt more and learn to side step or stay behind minions. He is 100% skill shot based and therefore it's YOUR fault if you're not good enough to step to that particular player. Ezreal is a perfect reflection of the one playing him. You just suck compared to that player if you can't beat him. FULL STOP. PERIOD. Let the down votes commence, THANKS FOR THE SALT! :D
Maisanai (NA)
: Riot's next big game: please don't make an MMO
Think about it this way; Riot already has shitty SJW terms of service. You don't want them making anymore games where people have to interact. Without their constant regulation and censoring, they'd never retain dumb idiots to purchase their "optional" content. Basically, the experience wouldn't be organic, the world would not evolve on it's own, it would be on rails from the start, just like modern WoW.
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