: I fucking hate League matchmaking: "Oh you've won 3 games in a row? Here's 2 clueless boosted apes!"
I had a b5 account that got b2 to s4 players in low bronze. I somehow got it to b1 and all i got from there was b5-b2 players, they would just keep getting worst the higher I climb. I went on a losing spree and gave up on that account. It's pointless trying to get a 16 lp gain account up there. Just make a new account with fresh mmr. League makes sure you're hardstick for life if you ever drop down
: I'm not sure about W, but he can block R. It's retarded, but if she spawns tibbers on the wall, he dies. Lol. The upside is his wall doesn't proc her passive.
Huh, where did you get that from? Annie's R is not a skillshot, it's an instant cast in target, no throws or anything.. Pretty sure you're the retarded one here.
: Yas mains will argue, but Yas's only weakness in lane is incompetent play... In lane he's got high bases, mobility, easy last hitting, no mana, and great safety IF played right... And if you try to gank him with a champ that doesn't have hard cc?; get ready to watch him E threw you and escape.... You just have to hope the person you're playing against is a weaker player then you or messes up! then capitalize on those mistakes. If anyone feel's I'm way out of line that ISN'T a hardcore Yasuo fan, by all means correct me.
lmao, He's useless in lane and only really starts winning in late game. He's good as a counter pick or if your team has too much AP. You can poke him down in lane and he's easy to gank as the whole point is for him to play aggressive and get ahead. His teamfight might as well not exist unless you have a zac or someone with an AOE knock up. All in all, a really shitty pick right now, you only really win against monkeys. He's pretty much a Yi that takes 90x more skill and is still bad.
: {{champion:45}} is one of those op annoying champions that negate the chaos
Pretty sure he's a late game champ, if he gets to 1200 AP it's instantly over.
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