: You know there's a new player problem with a game when the only real solution is "enter with a group of friends and only play with them".
Like I said... I agree with them but yea... I won't lie it does have new player problems. even though I myself am an Alt, I'm not salty to new people I find new people in my games a lot. Normally I would be Support in lower levels but I found someone who's new who likes support so I became their first ADC. I'm never salty to them I try to help them, tho im only bronze only so much I can teach them.
: Top 10 reasons why I hate my ADC.
: Also if the system figures out that OP is a smurf (which it can in just a few games) it'll make him and his friend both matched against other smurfs. I would recommend OP playing bot games with him and helping him get some mechanics first. I might even say let him try PVP on his own if he really wants to so he can play against similar skilled opponents. This is mostly crucial in the early levels like you said. I play with my level 16 friend often enough and we win about evenly.
Everything you just said... yes.
: wtf
Team scores probably like.. 5/23. And they're thinking "this is over.. wanna get some grub?" Ahah. I did this once got dinner during a game with like 5/2- something along the lines of an impossible comeback.. What's funny it was also pizza.. Pizza tends to have that effect to just take away any salt league throws at ypu. Your never down when eating it. My friends got mad at me... and I'm like.. why so mad? It's a normal and we lost hard.. not like I left at a pivotal moment in the game.. I take games serioursly to a degree. Some people are die hard even if it's 1 in a million we would win.
: Draft Pick
Re start client and retry. You have 16 champions all together?
: I FEEL BAD for new players
Don't take new people in pvp.. Espicially like pre 12... Find a group of people who wouldn't mind playing with a new person. Take precsutions. Have them in voice chat with you if you can. Not saying I don't agree with you but when it comes to getting friends into league you gotta take it carefully. And prepare them little by little what they will eventually meet. It is hell down here. I won't lie. Not everyone is like that.. they're just few and far down here.
: I'd reken out of two support players one of them could go adc
Yea but I have worst case scenario... Met supports who can't adc. They generally hated the role. I main both. But I know for some it isn't their cup of tea. Just like I'm not much of a jungle.
: Does que'ing as a Support main and Fill secondary Mean double support?
What if you get to champion select and it actually glitched out and gave the team a Duo Support... __________________________________________________________ If this happened, what would you do? Would you go Duo support, or see if someone could ADC? If you did go Dup support, what would the bot lane look like? {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}}
: Diamond ADC Ashe in my gold promo games
That isn't Diamond. That's grade A, 100% Boosted if they are... I don't even think they're gold.. You gotta give those 99 carat golds... Their due respect when it comes to skill.. _________________________________________ Missing CS Going over front line minions, and kinda just standing there? Only to realize "Oh shit i'm dieing" Attempts to run away on immobile ADC.... Big surprise she died there. (Scarcasm) And even after that, just continuing to just go HAM, focusing support... Passing front line minions again, not paying attention to where her partner is or the general fact they're ahead in lane. basicically Intentional feeding (Almost) at that point.. Probably not intentional, but you know.. It's that bad... ___________________________________ You were using your abilities as best as you could, and at good times, but Ashe didn't quite use them as she should have. There really isn't much you could have done.
: Yes, but wits end is cheap and it melts people early on because they dont have too much MR
MMmmmmmmm - nods - I know the most OP build for tristana is.. {{item:3031}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3094}} (Situational Item) But sometimes I just wonder... I try a ton of other things... but they lack luster damage.. _______________________________________ One thing I do know is that ALL of her abilities scale/deal off Magic Damage. I too have wondered about a Wits end.. but... yea.. Everything I try is lack luster damage in comparison to her more meta build..
Sandixcx (NA)
: Most supports aren't very good, I mean..they don't do anything really after the laning phase or they just brainlessly follow their adc. There was one nami though, that actually helped the whole team and caught people and saved us and all of that stuff. To anyone who supports that is reading this, don't just brainlessly follow your adc, help the whole team after the laning phase is over.
I support the "Carry" be it the ADC or Not.. xD Why just the carry? Well sometimes down here it's hard for everyone to "Group" So it's hard to support the team, so I support the team by supporting the one person who gives us a chance.. When people group it's really great. I once left my ADC because they just kept getting caught out... I went to support midlane, and Lets just say that midlane enjoyed having me more than the ADC ever did. Oh you're Katerina and going BALLS deep for the ult. - lulu ults -
: > [{quoted}](name=AngusBoomPants,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YXvJhmAZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-15T23:02:32.891+0000) > > I don't get it. Decided to try playing adc myself and I still don't get why. Just stomped on my other account (also gold V) (TheSodomizer if you want to check) by rushing damage. Why do people rush attack speed? Most adc's already have an attack speed buff. {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:18}} and I guess {{champion:236}} and {{champion:81}} if you could their passives, Ezreal's is easy enough to stack. Runaan's is first completed item, but you should ideally build a BF sword first. Cait has no attack speed steroid, Draven does not build Runaan's, Kog rushes wit's end, and Lucian and Ez don't build Runaan's.
But isn't Runnans built on kog anyways? {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3153}} (Situational item here)
: Confessions and ramblings of a "Mage Support"
>You see, I learned a few things: 1. You can't trust your adc to be decent. 2. You can't trust your team to be competent. 3. You can trust in your abilities. 4. 'Actual' supports can't change the course of a game if their team is made of idiots. 5. CC is good if you can back it up. 6. Being support is the most thankless task in the game. Once you go Bot mage, it's hard to go back... I felt the power of a 1,000 AP {{champion:45}} Support.... (Although Okay, not the best early game.. Wouldn't suggest it unless on casual games)
i am jin (NA)
: Funny how people cried that you couldn't touch Kalista
I never found Kalista to be a problem because I always played {{champion:18}} and not someone all try hard with tons of skill shots that Kalista naturally counters... ________________________________________ Wanna counter Yasuo? It comes in FUN sizes! {{champion:85}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:105}}
: Any tips for beginner ADC and wants too start with DRAVENNNNNNNNN?!?!!?!?!?!?
I would reccomend {{champion:18}} or {{champion:42}} For beginner ADCs. They're both pretty safe with escapes and they tend to bounce back. Draven falls behind and never really catches back up unless lucky. Runes/Masteries -** Depend on the champion.** How much CS should I have on at a certain time? - **If you can get up to at least 70 CS by 10 minutes. ** How do I control my axes? How to play Draven on Team fights? Again I wouldn't suggest draven. As tristana though, Press Q and Auto attack anyone stupid to come near you. Watch your positioning. As corki. Same thing, however you're more of a caster. Weave your abilities. ___________________________________ Edit: I see you play twitch, he's also pretty good but positioning is more impartitive sense you don't have much for escapes.
: Yeah took so much skill to buy and place stealth wards.
I miss stealth wards.... Trinkets are nice but.... However it was never always worldy announced when one team took a dragon/baron and if you didn't have it warded the timer would be "..." and it would remain that way till you warded the pit with it being back up. And for low elo. Usually jungle/supports job and 75% of the time if it was in enemy control. You dead sucker. Lol I guess new dragon worldly announce does make the game slightly easier but saying the game takes no skill is wrong. However if I'm botlane and I see "enemy has taken dragon" I know to haul my ass outta botlane. Before that universal message was added, I would of been an easy kill.
: League used to take skill
Lol I remember season 4. Yea.. it was slightly harder.
: As a Veigar main, Veigar needs an updated look on his R
: it's agaisnt the rules to encourage other people to report.
Well, it isn't against the rules to encourage others to MUTE.
Rioter Comments
: Dear Riot, this game is becoming unplayable because..
Mute and report them. Encourage others to do the same. If you tell the new player to simply mute them. And then be encouraging to them. That helps them alot more then you trying to fight the bullies for them. You get a friend. They get in trouble. And the new player is happy to find someone who understands.
: Flash is just strong in general, one of the few champs that don't run it is Hec replacing it with Ghost
{{champion:240}} + {{champion:120}} + {{champion:43}} Mantra E Super duper speedy pony!
: > [{quoted}](name=Iageri,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=V8udXEBV,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-13T23:01:47.762+0000) > > Honestly there really isn't any need to insult you. > > I'm not even trying to do that in the slightest. > > You're the one trying to justify himself against a level 12. you cant fool anyone fail troll :l
: When a yordle has a bounty...
I loved amagi brilliant park! I hope there's another season. And the sorcerer comes back.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hell Week,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=V8udXEBV,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-08-13T22:47:40.991+0000) > > youre a level 12 talking out of your ass. :( i cant even right now with all of you lol just proves my point more and more. He is lvl 12. U are bronze. Statistically he is better than you. New players are rated as silver.
Ke Ke ke. ;3 But I really am not very good. And I can't play because of poor Internet where I am. :( so I'm confined to just getting first win in bots everyday. But I DC all game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Iageri,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=V8udXEBV,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2016-08-13T22:52:21.615+0000) > > Ehhhh, I could care less. > > This is some grade A+ funny shit right there though. > > You should give this to your friends. I'm sure they'd have a riot. my friends would be like damn bro sorry u had that game. Unlike you dude, youre just trying so hard to insult me somehow. 1) anyone can play whatever they want, we let the trist auto lock we didnt say anything to her AT ALL, she can do what she wants. She fed okay, we're still not going to say anything. 2) Yes we backed off, there was no way they could beat us. clearly u can see the graph we were ahead by a LONGSHOT in cs, kills and obj. We lost because those 3 stopped trying to win, threw HARD and lost on purpose. 3) I come here to share my horrible experience, to see if i get some sympathy. Hell no i forgot this is league LOL. trolls around the corner everywhere, thats the whole point of this thread. People are FUCKIN weirddddddddddd. how shitty is your lives???? x)
Honestly there really isn't any need to insult you. I'm not even trying to do that in the slightest. You're the one trying to justify himself against a level 12.
: > [{quoted}](name=Iageri,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=V8udXEBV,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-08-13T22:44:08.257+0000) > > 1. You chose kled adc and got insulted when someone auto locks tristana. > > 2. You backed off the nexus before winning > > 3. You come on here to complain about said... normal blind pick game. > > You sir.. I can't even right now... youre a level 12 talking out of your ass. :( i cant even right now with all of you lol just proves my point more and more.
Ehhhh, I could care less. This is some grade A+ funny shit right there though. You should give this to your friends. I'm sure they'd have a riot.
: People are really weird.
1. You chose kled adc and got insulted when someone auto locks tristana. 2. You backed off the nexus before winning 3. You come on here to complain about said... normal blind pick game. You sir.. I can't even right now...
: I think they said they were working on doom bots. All the new champions and changes effected it greatly.
I can't wait. I wish they would keep doom bots for new people to just probably practice like. Positioning and dodging abilities. Intro teaches you basics. Beginner is like, you're getting comfortable with basics, now you're learning how items and mechanics work. Intermediate is where you learn to kite Doom bots.. well yea.. positioning and Dodging. ? I honestly don't know.... I'm kinda just making the shit up as I guess... xD
: its been a year and a half since DJ Sona.
Udyr- jungler Ezreal - Adc Sona - Support I would imagine it could be a Top or Mid lane champion. and together they would form... The ULTIMATE Team! So I would think an AP Mid, and probably A tank Top.... ? That would give a decent team comp...
: Anybody else getting new player info for no reason on front page of the website?
I'm getting it for a good reason and it's really good information! \ ^o^ / But yeah, it is weird for a level 30. Unless riot is trying to secretly trying to tell people who are Unranked/Bronze something.
: I think they're actually called the brushes. Not bushes. Check teemos passive it has an interaction with the brush. Does it say bush or brush there
That and it's like tall grass. Not really bushy... it's hard to move in something that has sticks and probably berries.
nep2une (NA)
: "hurdur where's urf" *gets urf* "omg wtf urf is dumb only op champs are played"
That is what happens. Personally I don't like urf. I would rather try doom bots. I never got to..
: Duos
Could be worse. You could have a provisional on your team.
: Nah save your IP for the chromas :)
Aren't chroma rp?
: Play him and decide for yourself. I personally found him boring, his only cool abilities are his shield and his ult. His playstyle is not my taste ..... Just spam q and e .... You should try him out now before he gets reworked :)
If I had the IP. :( I'll save up. Maybe he will come on free rotation one day.
Rioter Comments
: Unlimited teemo shrooms
It's a cosmetic bug. They still go away.
Serial (NA)
: Question for all high elo players
*Pats your head* There there. Don't you worry about them. They'Re always looking for that free ego boost. We're all human. We make mistakes.
: Play comfort, not counter
I'm comfortable on teemo..... in botlane. Still can't fight Susan with him. I'm more comfortable with botlane matchups. Good counter to Tristana at early levels. Vayne Kalista. Kogmaw and caitlyn are dangerous due to range. But you can also poke down most supports. Except sona.
Aamano (NA)
Does that make Rose Quartz Cottontail.... Steven?
Penns (EUW)
: "You" was supposed to mean most people. Thats likely why Hurricane is her first item on champion.gg :D
Ohhhh. I see. But do Bronzies know that? xD
Penns (EUW)
: Probably because you go BF into Hurricane on adcs like {{champion:222}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} and BF isnt a full item.
No I go IE when ahead for the damage and power when fighting for objectives.. I play tristana I get atack speed from Q so going IE without attack speed items is pretty okay. BF into runnans when behind for the more ease of farming to catch up quicker. That's when you wanna level E a bit more.
: Dear ADC:
"But this is the best tristana build off champion.gg!" Hehe I'm joking, but at the same time I am not... it really is... But yea I tend to get IE first.
Rioter Comments
: Friendly tip to EVERYONE who wants to play rank
Person 1: "Don't worry guys! I got the best build from mobafire!" Person 2: "Oh fuck.." https://youtu.be/Q1CAOMQj_lo Lol
: yeah the ADC rework kinda fucked her over everybody has strong niches now, and tristana's niche is killing towers which doesn't help you win fights at all. But she isn't unplayable, if you like playing her just enjoy those sweet W resets she gets :)
I do enjoy her very much so. Sometimes it's hard getting those W resets though. >and tristana's niche is killing towers {{champion:22}} 's Q __________________________________________ Literally everyone has a Peice of Tristana's job that kinda makes her a jack of all trades.
: I use it all the time in normal speech, but I've never written down.
: she is a really old champion, and back in the day riot was a small company who just made random kits and slapped random ratio's on those kits. You see a lot of old champions have both ad/ap scalings Another reason is so that her base damage can remain high while not scaling too high
I know, and I'm really sad because she's strong, but she's out of meta. I know it doesn't matter as much in low level but Armor Pen ADCs hurt a lot more. Everyone counters me. QQ and I sit there screaming at myself like "Why are these magic damage! I'd be broken and enjoying armor pen myself if it was Physical Damage!" xD I just have to wait out the meta... and the upcoming Assassin meta. Probably. >Another reason is so that her base damage can remain high while not scaling too high I see, and you are right.
: I don't see how having them play a different champion will make them play less stupidly. What you described sounds like issues with their positioning and decision-making; they'd've probably done the same thing on any champion they played.
>they'd've That's a mouthful of a combination! In a weird way though you know exactly what it is. "They would have."
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