: This is a pretty timely post, actually. Udyr is a champion we're looking to buff for 7.21. Probably looking at a simple buff overall rather than a larger effort that would introduce pattern change. Some of the things we're considering (wouldn't necessarily ship more than one or two of them) are: * Bear Stance stun duration increases with rank * Bear Stance speed buff duration is flattened out to its current rank 5 duration (3 seconds rather than 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3) * Significant AD/lvl increase * Taking reduced damage from crits (or even becoming crit-immune) while shielded by Turtle Stance.
Was there ever any word on what happened to the small rework stuff that was for Udyr on the PBE a few patches ago?
Penns (EUW)
: from below 50% to over 55% win rate opieop
It's almost like you ignored that it then fell to 51%
Reav3 (NA)
: We were actually just talking about this the other day as we will have to begin early iteation into possible champions after Eve/Urgot pretty soon. This can and will change over time but I would say the new Tier 1 candidates are {{champion:84}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:39}} ({{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} Duo Update) {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:80}}
I'm really surprised you guys didn't place Zilean with the original Tier 1, let alone this new tier 1. Can we get any insight into that?
: I was honestly wondering so it's great to get opinions on both sides of it. For the RPG skins we had tossed around the idea of a half-orc Darius as one idea, but ultimately felt like it might stray too far from the champion's identity.
That would be so sick >.< He and Illaoi are the only champions I could see that working on tho.
Reav3 (NA)
: Correct, we will be updating the current Marauder splash
Will Big Bad Warwick still make me die laughing? ;3
Reav3 (NA)
: Hate to burst everyone's bubble, but that's just a unprocessed and unused line from his previous VO. Sorry everyone got so excited :(
Dont you lie to me http://imgur.com/NxjKHhB
Avios1 (NA)
: It would be a shame if someone would have to *pause* **Adapt**.
"So if someone has more fun with one champion than the others, they should be forced to play something less fun"
: If you only have fun playing one champion thats fine but you should come into tanked ready to play various champions because that one can get banned/picked. If you cant do that normals are for you
Most of the games I play now, like 95%, are Normals Draft, so that would still effect me.
: so dont one trick the champs that are op and otp is a boring concept anyways if people are forced to have variety the game will be better
"and otp is a boring concept anyways if people are forced to have variety the game will be better" So if someone has more fun with one champion than the others, they should be forced to play something less fun, in a game they play to have fun, just because you think the "concept" of otp is boring? Wut
Rioter Comments
: How did you put a spell?
Dynikus (NA)
: Get more than 108 cs in a 43 minutes game, and place more than 14 wards. Did thresh get an S that game?
Im not sure, not sure how to check other peoples grades on the Alpha Client since I just got it, but the Malz said he had one, thats all I know of/paid attention to.
Rioter Comments
: I think that was part of the reasoning. At the time we wanted to ensure the skins felt like very grounded future-tech and not 'space magic' so using AD champions with bladed weapons was a solid starting point. But after last year, seeing players excited enough about PROJECT that they were playing easily counter-able comps with no AP, we were very eager to rectify this. I think in the future it will still favour AD champs with blades or guns, but you never know!
Rioter Comments
: You are now on a date with your highest female Mastery Champion
{{champion:203}} We are on a date in fancy restaurant. I order a steak dinner, lamb follows with a vegan Stir-Fry, and wolf lays curled under the table because I couldn't afford 3 plates, much to his dismay. There is an awkward silence between the time of ordering, and our plates reaching the table, while Lamb looks around. The silence continues as we eat, I slip Wolf some of my steak here and there. As I gather courage, I begin to speak "S-so, thi-this is a nice place ri-" At that moment, the sounds of a man choking on his dinner can be heard. Lamb leaps from her seat, wolf flying close behind, and gets within eyesight of this poor fellow, offering him a choice; Her arrow, or Wolf's teeth? Before he could answer, Wolf lunges. In the blink of an eye, he begins to consume the contents of the plate the man was eating. Letting out a sigh, Lamb places an arrow into the man's chest, before bounding out of the restaurant.
: He does, yes. While it was before my time at Riot, I personally don't think it was the best idea for a skin, because you're right, it's pretty much an extension of his base. It's something we've learned from and have tried to stray away from, as skins are meant to be alternative fantasies, not just cooler base. (Inb4 SGU).
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=P5qdhqNA,comment-id=0004000000010001000000000001,timestamp=2016-06-07T17:22:29.626+0000) > > (Inb4 SGU). ....>.> .... <.< SGU {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Reav3 (NA)
: I wouldn't say ugly champs with perfectly fine kits are screwed. There just not as high of a priority at this moment as ugly champs with unhealthy/bland kits. I also personally wouldn't say Ryze isn't ugly. I still think Jax could benefit from a GP level update one day. Cho is on the list to get a full VGU one day. I could also see a world in where Kayle gets a GP level VGU and Morgana gets a VU to go with it since it would be probably impossible to update one without the other. Some of the champions that are ugly now but have good kits might have kits that feel more dated in a couple years, so they might eventually make it onto the VGU list (Udyr for example.) So I for sure wouldn't say ugly champs are screwed.
"Some of the champions that are ugly now but have good kits might have kits that feel more dated in a couple years, so they might eventually make it onto the VGU list (Udyr for example.)" That disappointed me so much to read. I'm not angry, just sad. As someone who spends a disproportionate amount of time playing Udyr to other champions, to learn that I'm not gonna be able to enjoy any of his skins (due to outdated model) outside of his Ultimate Skin until, looking at the amount of champions already on the priority list, at least 4+ years from now is so disappointing to hear.
: Death quote: "Alas, poor me."
: I've always seen lamb as having a very specific face underneath that mask. But that may just be me, and no, I won't elaborate on what's under there. I'm more keen to hear what you think is underneath that mask and what happens if they were to be taken off or even switched.
I Imagine Lamb has an absolutely beautiful face, however, it is almost always void of emotion, never changing, like stone. I think it would add a lot to her character to see her take the mask off, even if only for a little while, to show that the face under the mask is not much different than the wood she removed. On the flip side of that, although I think the masks being traded is just symbolism of how they complete each other, I think it would be kind of cool if it had a thematic purpose, if their was a reason they where reversed. Lets say if Wolf wore his mask, He would still be Violent, but he would not be inclined towards emotion, and instead would be a cold blooded psychopathy, where as lamb would be merciful and full of emotion. It would illustrate that wolf and lamb are opposites, but they are made into one via the masks.
Tooya777 (NA)
: theres no such thing as a dumb question, but yeah imagiine your on screen vision when you get blinded by grave's smoke screen. i only see that much on a 17 inch screen. my central vision is clear but at times it gets blurry for a short instance. and as for how one plays league, i need to be careful cuz while im laning and i need to check the minimap or whats around me or when i hear pings then i usually have to be in a safe distance since it takes me a few seconds to scan my screen.
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
: True. I'm super biased on her (working from inside a character's head will do that) So with my rose colored glasses- I give her a pass 'cause-- She is completely about the larger good. She knows death isn't the end-- and there are things far worse than death. She wants everyone she tests to pass-- but she also knows that if they don't it's better for bilgewater, the universe, and for them-- to take a mortal mulligan. (better luck next time!) Writing Gangplank or Jhin, these are selfish people-- inside their heads is all about what they feel they are owed or deserve --at the expense of others. Illaoi is the opposite she has incredibly capacity for empathy-- and is desperately trying to help as many people as she can. When I was first working on her religion (back in the early development). I pitched that in some ways her inner emotional core was that of a wartime triage doctor. -- Four men come into a field hospital with gunshots wounds. The first one of them took a shot to the head. Illaoi might be able to save him-- but in the time it takes to do that the other three will bleed to death. Now she can save those three lives-- if she decides that the first man is going to die. Day in and day out, Illaoi makes that call without hesitation. This is the burden of the test she brings... She doesn't know if people will live through it... but she knows the test has to be done. Now from the outside she might even appear to be lawful evil. -- but I think she's lawful good. --One of the problems with the old alignment system is it doesn't handle the conflict between internal vs external motivations well. still fun to chat about though.
"-One of the problems with the old alignment system is it doesn't handle the conflict between internal vs external motivations well." That is very true.
: I have a hard time as seeing her as good when she pretty much forces people to undergo trials that can kill them.
agreed, I feel Lawful Neutral is a much better fit.
: Jungle tips
One mistake a lot of people make is trying too hard to force a gank in on a losing lane, but they end up wasting too much time and get themselves behind, which leads to 3-4/5 people being behind, rather than 2-3/5. I tend to play carry junglers like Kindred, Shyvana, Udyr, or maybe even Yi. With champions like this, the best thing to do is to farm as much as possible, and try and make up for the lack of power in those losing lanes; also, if you are going to gank, focus on the lane that is winning, try and get them fed as possible, and then once they take their lane, get them to roam with you, and gank other lanes, 2 champs that are ahead can get a gank off alot easier that one early level jungler thats behind.
Reav3 (NA)
: CertainlyT is the Designer on it. Bravo Ray is the Concept Artist.
Awesome, I hope CertainlyT kicks ass, that way people can stop giving him so much flak. Tell him that I believe in his ability to make Warwick awesome! :D
Dinopawz (NA)
: - I think Xerath wants what he never had while a mortal, he want to take Azir's empire and become master of all he surveys... - I think that's the story that's going ahead of him, and given that he's likely already gathered warriors to him, it's not a bad comparison. - Who knows? Perhaps Nasus might be immune...
Maybe, just maybe, Nasus will one day becomes Amumu's friend.
: Are you trying to tell me Lissandra was able to defeat a fire elemental? Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, Lissandra may be old, but I am not sure HOW old. Is she Fall of Ancient Shurima old?
I think he's hinting at {{champion:34}}
Rioter Comments
: Lol that's like saying to a critique can you do better? It's a different line of ability.
All you did was say that they weren't good. That's hardly a critique.
: When your main becomes flavor of the moth
Me as an {{champion:77}}, but I cant too much complain, it made me pick up {{champion:203}}, and now ~~She~~ they are my main :D
: This draven trash is shows how little effort they are putting in to this new "game mode" thing, it is just lazy work and nothing they should be proud of. They have released so many good seasonal updates before, and I think this is the worst, and even though they are aware that 80% of the league community would like urf, they haven't released it yet. Now there is the possibility that they are doing a trick again, but this trick just plain isn't funny at all, barely anyone is laughing at this, and if no one is laughing at this prank, or enjoying it, then why do it.
No, this is meant as a joke, not a game mode. You can look anywhere on the boards to find out about the new rotating game modes that they are doing. And Im enjoying it, and in a game with MILLIONS of people, Im sure other people are as well. See it for what it is, a joke, and stop letting it upset you. They said Urf will be able to be played multiple times a year from now on, instead of just on April 1, so why are people complaining, this new "game mode" is removing nothing.
Rioter Comments
: We often have open meetings where anyone can pitch ideas for skins, and often fan skins come up during these meetings. The objective is sometimes '____ needs a new skin', 'we need 3 champions to fit thematic ___' or 'we are looking for a new thematic to fit patch ____' so what actually gets discussed is often very different but always tactical. After that most of what we do is working on a product that, unless there are good reasons, will actually ship in some form or another. Then we are tasked with taking a description like 'A LeBlanc skin that is druidic or fairy in theme' and turning it into a finished design which our team can a) get excited about and b) model, texture, rig, animate, vfx, sfx, QA and paint a splash for. The other big part of my job is following that process and having lots of conversations all the way up to promotional materials and splash story to make sure that what we get excited about at the very beginning comes through in every aspect of the product so that players really feel it. It can be tough because as you say, we don't get to pick and choose what we draw and you'll be getting feedback from everyone at Riot that mains that champion. Sometimes it'll be a theme you're not too familiar with and you'll have to do a lot of research and play a heap of that champion to ensure you really understand what is exciting about that champion/theme and where you can add a lot of value for players. But it's really wonderful to see players enjoying the team's hard work, and personally I get so excited when I see fan art of a skin I got to work on >xD
Awesome, that was very insightful. Sounds like a hard, but rewarding job. Thank you for talking the time to explain this stuff to little ol' me, I raise my glass to you. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Nasus is pretty cool too. http://31.media.tumblr.com/318f09b35d46b6db9411b8ab58c745b8/tumblr_ne09bpQW781qdlh1io1_500.gif
That moment when a dog is cooler than i'll ever be.
: No problem! If you have any specific questions about what goes in to making a skin ask away >:) My role as a concept artist is to take an idea the Product Owners choose from words on a spreadsheet to a fully finished design with a strong thematic to support future skins. It's super challenging and can take a while because we get feedback from so many different sources and work collaboratively to ensure the best possible results. More recently we've been trying to work more flexibly alongside the other artists such as animators and character artists to test out ideas in-game faster which has been really great but really opened my eyes to the various limitations and challenges each discipline faces every time we do a skin.
Oh, that's super cool. So let me make sure I have this right; you have a list of ideas for skins that you are tasked with creating concept art for, and depending on the concepts, the upper ups choose which skins to go all the way? If that's the case, i'm sure that can be a hard job, but i'm also sure it is super rewarding if your's get picked. >:D
: What's that feeling you play your main for?
{{champion:77}} http://i.imgur.com/j2IyEsL.gif
: Yeah making skins, or developing content for games in general, is often much more involved than players account for. For example QA testing on a new skin involves sweeps on each existing skin, which compounds multiplicatively for the number of models a champion uses. Anything that needs to be localised like VO must be written, cast, recorded and processed for every region. Without getting too bogged down, a skin for Mundo uses one model. Zyra has a model for herself, her passive, the seed, grasping plant, and thorn plant. Even on 750s animators often do Quality of Life sweeps, adjusting and improving the back catalogue so there's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes.
> [{quoted}](name=Kindlejack,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=V8qMmuvY,comment-id=0022000000000001000000030000,timestamp=2016-03-15T18:09:13.736+0000) > Even on 750s animators often do Quality of Life sweeps, adjusting and improving the back catalogue so there's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes. Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up for me! Its cool to hear about all of the stuff in creation that we dont see.
: Yes, any skin we make for Zyra - even the SKT 750, takes about as much work as a Legendary skin for another champion. It's unfortunate but some of our complex champions are like this and we have to plan accordingly.
Heya, sorry about the silly question, but im interested. What about Zyra makes it so difficult to make skins for her? I do not own the skin, but from the skin spotlight, all that seemed to change was the model. Are there a lot of under the hood stuff that we cant see?
Verxint (NA)
: Kills = level Kills = weak opponents who don't contest
..... I think you missed the point. The point wasnt that he could fight lower lever champions. The point was that he could kill Baron with two items, who is meant to be killed by a whole team, and the few champions that can solo him, need to be near full build, while xin, on the other hand, is able to do it with 2.
: Elderwood Kindred
This needs to be a thing.
: Maybe they should make distinctions based on rank. All **Bronze/Silver/Gold** suggestions thrown out. **Plat ** considered somewhat. **Diamond ** and above considered greatly. A game should never be balanced around people that do not understand the basic game mechanics but rather on those who do.
Well considering a large majority of the player base is Gold or lower, it would be extremely foolish to completely ignore what they have to say.
: Perfect stalemate. That Sivir shouldn't have just sat back and watched her friend die, though... >:(
What could she had done? She had just got there.
mirAcIe (EUW)
: Congratz mang ecksdee > [{quoted}](name=R3p0r7M3,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=3sEccxOu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-25T18:43:55.986+0000) > > meanwhile : > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=819hLtSGADc The point of ranked matches is to be placed according to your MMR.
> [{quoted}](name=mirAcIe,realm=EUW,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=3sEccxOu,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-01-25T19:21:55.161+0000) > > Congratz mang ecksdee > > The point of ranked matches is to be placed according to your MMR. Then why not just put you where your MMR is, rather than play 10 games. He won 8 games out of 10 and got put in the lowest thing possible. He could have literally lost all of the games and got the same result. Even if it counts on MMR, the games should count for something.
: 5 Seasons in a row!
Meddler (NA)
: We think mini games, when well done, can feel like a really fun, natural part of a champion's playstyle in a way that expresses their personality/theme. Draven axe catching for example taps into his show off nature, Bard's chime collecting fits well on a weird dude that wanders and saves things etc. If the minigame doesn't feel compelling, or doesn't fit with the champion it's on however then yeah, that can feel pretty jarring. I'd agree Skarner's an example of that - if he had a reason to really want to defend the crystals in the jungle it might be another matter (e.g. if they contained others of his kind, frozen, that could eventually come out late game and join his fight).
Thanks for the insight!
Statikk (NA)
: Simple is a great rule of thumb to lean on. We're definitely keeping that in mind for these projects. We agree with you on the "mini-games" thing. Mechanics start feeling like forced "mini-games" when they feel arbitrary, uninteresting, or simply don't align with the expectations and desires of the champion. We understand this space a lot better after the past few projects.
Just out of curiosity, what made you guys approach "mini-game" mechanics in the first place? Some of them are awesome to me, as I really enjoy the Bard chimes, as he is a spirit that collects relics, and the Hunt with Kindred, while I do believe some of them missed their mark, like with Skarner. I would just like to know what made you guys decide to go down that path. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Koalifier,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=65esbox6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-10T19:21:52.948+0000) > > Me holding my ult for the perfect moment as {{champion:420}} > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCawU6BE8P8 That escalated WAY too quickly.
: > Here, hold this those giant ass balls need armor Thank you for the armor. It's somewhat funny that Warmog's Armor doesn't actually have any Armor...
: > Which team is works better together: Ezreal -- Taric, or Graves -- Taric? He should have fun interactions with both.
: > @RiotRepertoir, Can taric be mana pool for his team mate? cuz he the only one have Not sure I really understand the question, but it sounds like you're asking if he can give Mana to his allies or something like that. If there was a good way to put some gameplay behind it, it seems possible.
He hurls a sapphire at an allies face, they take 1 true damage, but are given mana.
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