DrDev47 (NA)
: Looking for duo partner to climb out of silver with
Add me Ianidas with an eye at the beginning I just hit Silver in the Jg and I am looking to climb up as soon as possible. I would add you but I am at work right now.
: Looking for friends
Im level 55 but I am not that good and I am always looking for people to play with so add me if you want.
: Boise Idaho league community!!
I am from Meridian and I would be interested in playing in some tournaments if you happened to get this going.
: LF A FIFTH!!! Friendly group we wanna climb :) FLEX High Bronze/silver
If you are still looking for a fifth I would be happy to join. I play every role.
Tedo58 (EUNE)
: 21st Century Terrorism.
I will tell you what is more annoying than wanting to ff and not being able to. Wanting to win the game or at least try your best to do so and your teammate is dancing around the rift pressing the ff button. Spamming his ult in random directions. Standing in the fountain for 5 min then running in and dying for no reason. All the while, he is spamming the ff button. Flaming us in the chat for wanting to try and do our best to win. Yeaaaahhh. So honestly if you are going to complain and do that then just dc lol. I would rather fight a losing 4v5 than have a teammate complaining and flaming me for doing bad and not ff on top of that.
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Yekesoh (NA)
: Looking to duo que Ranked (mid silver)
I am Bronze II trying to get to at least Silver this season but preferably Gold. Let me know if you want to duo. My Summ is Ianidas with an "eye" at the beginning.
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: B1 support looking to play!
I am trying to climb out of Bronze and would love to duo with someone. My summ is Ianidas if you are interested.
: B2 Sup Looking to climb into Silver
I would love to duo if you want. I am currently and Iron support but I am pretty confident that I am at least a Bronze in skill. We can try some norms so you can check it out. My summ is Ianidas.
: bronze jungle main lf duo
My summ is Ianidas and I would love to duo.
: LF duo bronze-silver RN
I am in Bronze trying to climb out and would love someone to climb with. Send me a FR at Ianidas. I am Bronze I every role but Supp, and that is only because of some bad games.
: Bronze 1 LF Duo or Flex
I would love to duo with someone to get out of Bronze. Friend me. My Summ is Ianidas and I usually get on around 12-4pm MT
sòju (NA)
: Looking for Bronze 1 - Silver 1 ADC
I am a Bronze 2 ADC that just got placed if you are still looking for someone.
Hey I would like duo with you. I am bronze 3 in jg and bronze 2 in adc. Send me a friend request and we can try a couple of norms when I get home from work today in a few hours and see how we do.


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