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Kürama (NA)
: Restarting the client should prevent further crashes when attempting to enter the HexTech hub. If you continue to crash after restarting your client; Repair the game by clicking the question mark icon to the top right of the patcher. Select "Repair" and let the patcher scan and repair corrupt game files. When the process is completed, you'll see the orange "Launch" button.
thanks for the information
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: why did echo fox surrender?
they didn't submit a roster in time. They have to "declare" who is playing by a certain date and they didn't get that done even with an extension
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: It sounds like you have issues with that fire alarm. LOL! What's going on?
people setting the alarm off in the dorms. glad I live off campus now
: That seems like a lot of work. In the event of an eminent disaster, I'll take the safety of my person over a video game loss.
yeah ive been demoted twice because I lost a game because I had to afk due to a fire alarm
: Pause maybe?
I could see it being used if you have to step away from the game because of something like a fire alarm going off. You cant just sit in your room while its going off. you have to leave the room or have potential of being fined and arrested for not leaving. but you have to write the reason and be accepted by your team not just your pause and no say and gives the reason to the other team.
: Can't login into the game
: silver 4 jung main looking for duo
im a bronze two player. I like to adc but i can play any role. Ill add you later tonight
: Looking for an ADC to climb out of bronze 2
Ill add you i can play most of the adcs
djjomon (NA)
: "Bouncing the wave off the tower" or "Resetting the wave"?
what this means is that you push to tower to deny your opponent cs, when they are out of lane and you want to go back. It gives you an advantage because you have the potential to have more gold.
Snoneper (NA)
: Should you perfect a specific champ and lane, or should you learn a little bit of everything?
I play mostly bot and I practice bot a lot, but I make sure I know how to do the other roles but I make sure I have mastered 1 champ in that role. That way I have a fall back. In ranked I feel that letting people play the roles they are best at helps win more games, rather than forcing them into a role they may not know too well, but that's just me I guess
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Snes C (NA)
: How "secret" is getting a dragon kill supposed to be?
Dont know if this has been stated but its an advantage to the team that has the cooldown on the banner. If people dont realize the timer they will continue to lose dragons because they are not prepared. It makes you more accountable, in my opinion
RexZor (NA)
: Lowest Ban Rate in The Game
Actually i think varus is a strong pick in ranked games. I may be a bronze 1 player but i pick him often when my support is playing leona or morgana because i can chain my ult and do damage over that long cc. Varus excells at long trades. I come out of lane, with alot of cs and some kills and i do damage. I focus on farming and maybe using q to poke, though it uses alot of mana so it depends on the opponents. He is strong if you can go back and get a bf sword first back.
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: People are too obsessed with the meta
I have to agree i sometimes am a skeptic but i had a xerath support last night and it was one of the best supports i ever had. At the same time though we had a nasus mid and he got fed and had a lot of stacks by 20 minutes
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: How do you build Kalista?
I usually start BorK and decide if i want to go Runaan or Ghostblade. I usually go Ghostblade just because it helps more with baron and dragon stacking. I play more for the team if i do this but if my team is playing bad then i may go Runaan so i can do more damage to eeveryone. I wouldnt build Runaan first. You will losee lane if you dont build damage first in my opinion.
: When do you plan to release it?
The patchnotes for 5.4 just came out and DJ{{champion:37}} is coming out
: DJ Sona Q&A [CLOSED]
Can you guys please give a strait forward on when she is coming out? I feel like this is starting to become a very mean April Fools day joke.
: > [{quoted}](name=Iccorius,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=u0la3EaL,comment-id=0009000000000002,timestamp=2015-02-24T20:29:54.558+0000) > > Is twerking her dance that would be perfect It's Carmelldansen. Yes, the meme that died off in 2008
Just wated a youtube video on this and it looks like twerking to me
: Good question :) I'll tackle this one. Just so you know who I am, I'm former Skins Content Quality Analyst and now on Skins Promotions in a project/dev management role. We haven't wanted to withhold League's #1 DJ from the scene. BUT, she is *really* ahead of her time, and required a ton of testing, fixing, tweaking, ~~twerking~~ er... yeah. That said, she's comin' in *hot.* **EDIT:** how about... [really really soon™](
Is twerking her dance that would be perfect
Knux (NA)
: Bumping this because spectate has several issues Riot needs to be made aware of, and they're getting lost in reports of known issues.
yeah I understand the playing side is important I just don't understand why riot cant check their work on bots first like they did with the new map. Other games I have played will extend the date patches will come out if it does not perform on the test servers. I would rather get late patches than crappy ones.
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