: So, I do see a problem with your name. Your name doesn't appear particularly problematic; you could be referencing a pokemon, or frankly, an animal. The name seems ok. It is short for a furry animal. It's also a superhero in South Park. So there are a lot of innocuous things that you could be referencing. But it is also a slur; while its use is less frequent than other slurs (as far as PB posts go), it's still possible to use it that way to insult others. It has also been a problem in the past with players using it in game; you'll periodically see players post logs with it here. So that brings us to 2 reasons why your name has to be changed. 1-I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure coon is on the zero tolerance (ZT) list. When it comes to using this in game, it has a rare utility (like referencing you, as a player; for example, "Coon, go top"). Otherwise, it's used as an insult. If it's on the ZT word list, it's prohibited in names, and you would have been blocked from placing that into your name, had you tried to make the name a year or so ago, rather than 9 years ago, before that name system was in place. 2-I think the problem is probably when you're playing. How do other players refer to you? Most often, I'm called Peri, and others will probably agree that shortened names or champ names are the go to when trying to tell another player to do something. That could result in other players inadvertently using slurs. Finally, a question. Did you write into support recently? I'm curious how you were flagged for a name change if you've had your account for 9 years and were not told previously about having a problematic name.
To answer your questions, 1) coon as a phrase is not on a zt list since theres plenty of usernames like cocoon and etc. I also tested by making a new acc and naming it cocoon butterfly. *to add someone mentioned that theres pro players with the name "coon" 2) Most players in my elo range don't really chat only ping. If they do refer to me its through my champion. 3) I did not write into support recently I have played this game for 9 years and just a few days ago was alerted about it being problematic. I am also worried since I have smurfs with similar names which I created around 8 or so years ago. 4) Below someone commented how theirs no cocoon pokemon and I would like to reiterate I was a kid and thought butterfly Pokemon were cool after watching the mew too movie but didn't know their names and just made em up. That's how my smurf firecoon came to be literally an element of nature + cocoon shortened.
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