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: Yuumi is fantastic. It literally is the ADC's fault if they choose not to coordinate with her or learn her abilities. Yuumi has a pretty strong damage Q with a slow letting you run down people, a 2 charge heal/speed boost that again help you survive all ins and run it down, a passive shield recharged by a quick leap off and reattach, high skill, and the ult is wonderful as long as your adc isn't stupid and walks away after you meticulously targeted it exactly where your adc should have been.
Ya but her winrate would disagree. Shes really bad in every rating. So I think people are way overestimating her.
: yuumi is broken my friend
Her winrate in every rating would disagree xD 45% is really really low. If in plat or higher she had better than that I'd believe you. But as it stands even in masters shes at 46%. Its just not good.
: Bro just had a game where this yuumi just stayed on GP and he couldnt be killed. Yuumi is fucking aids to play against. Like how the hell do you deal with whats basically a set of extra spells for a champion. All she does once late enough into the game is make sure the adc is unkillable. God i hate that fucking champion so much.
You just kill the adc. Theres really nothing she can do about it. If you pick thresh your basilcy getting a 2 for 1 every hook.
: So you are saying the Queen of Poke is bad.
I mean her winrate agrees. Shes at a 45% across all ratings. She can be the queen of poke but shes still really bad statistically.
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Chermorg (NA)
: its almost like this is a meme without its corresponding picture. oh wait i found it
> [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mYGne7Mj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-10T01:23:45.740+0000) > > its almost like this is a meme without its corresponding picture. > > oh wait i found it > > Hadn't seen that before I posted but nice. Fun meme.
Warios (NA)
: Then the OP wonders after a post like this why he only matches golds and plats for his promos :)
> [{quoted}](name=Warios,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mYGne7Mj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-10T01:52:19.986+0000) > > Then the OP wonders after a post like this why he only matches golds and plats for his promos :) I mean even diamonds will admit Camille is the only real fighter viable option. And it is stupid they make an exact hard counter to fighters when they are already bad.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Icefoxemily,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=obFEYowK,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-14T01:15:32.519+0000) > > as an ahri main Ah that makes sense then, Ekko is one of the few champs who can stick to Ahri with her 3 dash ult. Good Luck on the rift.
I don't think you listen. I've had no issues with him personally. Its the issue that he kills my team and his hp is so high as well as his sustain by just mashing R I can' burst him out before he kills the adc or escapes. And I can't just dash in kill their adc and get out with a free heal.
: Sounds like you're wasting your cc (should be saved for when he is at half health or below so he cannot ult), using your cc far too early, have no grievous wounds (noticeably hurts his healing), or are not paying attention to where his ult is. If you're beating him in late there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't be able to kill him in teamfights. He needs items just like any other champ to do damage, and if he gets his items he WILL do damage regardless of how well you did in lane. Of course that's applicable to any champion in the game, more so for champs who scale decently. Also Ekko is not the only assassin/mage with an invulnerability frame ultimate that can save him as well as mobility {{champion:127}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:141}}{{champion:105}} (his being on his E which is spammable). There is a hefty list of champions that are more problematic to deal with before Ekko is worth a thread. Sorry.
Ya but heres the big difference with most of those characters. Their save doesn't also heal them and have as much versatility. Fizz generaly only e to get away. Kayn's ult is honestly terrible and everyone knows it. Zed is bs and liss is just bad. Ekkos can be used as an escape and a heal then can also be used as an engage. Even then the heal lets him rengage. Also I can't really waiste cc as an ahri main. I eitehr catch him out to start when he tries to kill the adc or he kills the adc ults back and they win for free. Remove his ult or remove the 3 hit passive. Together they are just to busted.
: ~~Get good scrub.~~ His kit can be pretty hard to deal with if you haven't memorized it. He does have many windows of opportunity for you to destroy him. Good luck on the rift friend!
Again the issue is I completely obliterate him. He stands 0 chance in lane agaisnt me but the issue comes from teamplay when he deals so much damage with his mobility then when he gets in danger unless you hard cc lock him for 5 seconds he can just press r and be completely safe and his team generally wins the fight. They need to take away his ult and give him something else that isn't a fee pass on any death he would get.
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: So typically, aside the HP requirements, almost the same as Syndra, but somehow she's a different story? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Well heres something pretty important also. Veigs ult doesnt proc thunderlords instantly. Her ult hits you so many times she gets even more bonus damage form thunderlords popping from it. Dealing an aditional 5% usually. Veig ult i just 1 hit. It wont solo proc thunderlords.
: I don't like Syndra's R but Annie's passive is annoying too because combined with her q it's an automatic stun bear w and you're dead.
Trust me I fully agree on that too but since the new skins I'm seeing way more syndra right now and Annie isn't ever going to be changed I don't think. Hell when they did the mage update and she was already really good. They just made her even better.
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: Runes Reforged: World Around Runes
I would rather runes just be deleted entirely. Its just bs tbh. Just a sink for your points to force you to buy them if you want to be most effective at your champion.
: I can't take it anymore!!!
I think your actually an idiot. Balance can never be found without complaints. If you no one said anything and just "Quit whining" we would still have releases lee sin. Complaints push forward progress. Also this preseason is trash and will kill the game because the game is to fast. No one watches SC2 anymore because its gg when you lose 3 units and your enemy loses 0. Snowball isn't how you make a fun or competitive game. Its been tested time and again its wrong and if riot keeps this they will just be bringing about an early death.
: You seriously think that people would still be playing if it was still exactly the same as season 2? I'd be searching for a game that does what Riot is doing now. Change is good, otherwise, as I said, the game would get stale and eventually, Riot would go out of business as they'd lose too many players. Now for the PBE. Riot has in many cases outright said that it's not for testing balance but for testing for bugs. That's it's primary purose. The server is WAY too small to support a player base big enough to test balance. Riot is looking at all the new items just as they would with any normal patch. They will probably modify some of them and balance others. Give them time for goodness sake this was a HUGE patch, arguably one of the biggest they've ever released and people still expect them to keep working on more new content at the same time. Balancing isn't going to happen immediately. Wait til a set of fixes or two get released before condemning them.
I am giving them time I said till the start of next season. But that doesn't excuse clear signs of something that is completely OP making it through. They have to have some understand of what will break a game environment. They aren't probably total idiots they just ignore it because they want it in the game at any cost to the integrity of the game. Also your wrong about people leaving the game TF2 is still pretty much the same game just new maps and a few new guns. No overhauls or big massive over the top changes to the main gameplay just a new co-op mode really and its kept its players for far longer than LoL and most are just within the last year getting tired of the game after playing it for so long without any changes. I think riot need to just stop for a few months and look at everything. No new champs or items or crazy shit. Just take a look and balance. Get the game as close to perfectly balanced as possible and then bring in new champions that are along that balance lines. No more yasou's or release ekkos or lee sins. That is why everytime they break the game I will condemn them till its fixed and then a new leak breaks out because they wanted to mess with something they shouldn't have. They don't think before they make changes they just do and we all live with the fail of the aftermath till they figure out what went wrong and listen on how it should be fixed.
: Yea, gonna go ahead and point out that you have no basis to comment on 'how Riot is.' Neither do I mind you, but I can say that they're trying to make the game better and this is a test for the changes. Most people can't see it and are just crying about it bease they don't get that. It's sad really, Riot gets such an excessive flak for trying to improve the game. This current problem is the marksman rework and the preseason. It was JUST released. It's a big patch, it's going to take time for then to get the balancing done, ya know, the purpose of the preseason? Would you rather them never change anything and leave us with a stale game, the same champs being strong and the same champs being not viable forever?
To be completely honest yes. If the left it alone back in season 2 nearly everything was playable to a certain level. Karma was the only champion thought of as a joke and even then she was still good. They haven't been improving they have been changing. Trying to stay up to date with the champions they release with more and more power put into them. The problem is why have a beta or testing in house when all patches even if they are clearly broken even come to the live version. The juggernauts were clearly broken and almost anyone could see that before the patch even went live. They receive flak because they don't test or do theory crafting properly. Usually anything on beta will come to the live version unaltered unless its bug fixes and the only give changes less than a month to settle down there usually. They also make so many changes at once that they are unable to pin down the real cause of all the problems. Put the rift monster in top lane and don't change the turrets just wait to see how the game goes first. Why fling multiple things at us that push to a certain gameplay style to hard. They need to test more and be more efficient at it. Less changes at once so the problems can be pinned down and fixed. And ya its pre season but that's how they normally do it in most patches. Again the jug update was clearly to much at once and could have been prevented from driving the game into a high state of panic before worlds. If they properly tested we wouldn't have had the insane pick/ban rate on those champions for so long. I like the marksman updates I really do. I think its really cool to have unique marksmans but the items along side them put the game into a really bad place. Then you add on top of that champs like jinx and trist took towers way to quickly to begin with and now they have an even easier time of it and better items for teamfights. Its insane and should have never hit the live version once they looked at it. I swear they do almost no inhouse testing besides making sure it wont crash the game. I know they could do better and that's what upsets me. There are so many ways to improve how they do it but they have always done it this way and it just kills the live version when they do.
: It would also make split pushing a much more viable strategy rather than this "death ball" mentality.
It would make the game far more interesting and diverse.
CatSith (NA)
: If you want to quit the game then get off their forums. Its cute you think most of the forums are on your side.
19 upvotes so ya they are. Or can you not even read that? Again you add nothing and probably haven't even read what I said. I will quit the game if they don't change the direction of the game by seasons start. I'm not unreasonable or raging. People like you who just to be all over Riot's ass are just sad. They don't love you and they don't value you anyways. Think your gunna get a reward for sticking up to the big mean forum posters who want to say something could possible be wrong with the game?
: I'd prefer towers be EXTREMELY difficult to get but provide a greater reward. That would really encourage cooperation, rotations, and ward coverage. The game in its current state really doesn't reward tactics, its all push all the time and group as early as possible.
Agreed I would much prefer that. it enables good comeback mechanics as well and would give some relevance to an objective on the top side. Instead we just have this thing siting there that doesn't help you push because if you can get it you probably can already get the tower without it.
CatSith (NA)
: You need to learn how to comprehend what you read, because it seems like you aren't understanding anything anyone is telling you. The only stupidity and ignorance i see is coming from you. I'm done talking to someone who has no reasoning. Hope the best for you and thank you for quitting the game. Good Riddance.
Man you've given no reasons or supportive claims this whole time. Also most of this forum thread is on my side or are you just blind? No wonder you side with riot with how blindly ignorant you are. Riots a big boy that can defend themselves they don't need you trying to kiss their ass every 3 seconds. If you want to sit idly by and let them do whatever fine get off the forums. No one wants 0 input which is all you bring. Come back when your done with highschool and can actually debate.
Beuhlakor (EUW)
: LOL. Silver scrub who played 2 seasons thinking that he is smart. You are trash. Utter trash. You don't understand what pre-season is. Riot is always throwing random stuff, barely balanced during pre-season. Then, during pre-season, they start balancing the whole thing. Yes, the game is incredibly unbalanced right now : Turrets, Guinsoo + Hextech, Masteries etc. Like every pre-season. Nothing new. During pre-season 3 it was also a clusterfuck with League of Black Cleaver. Hell, pre-season 6 is 5 days old. What you need to understand is that your post is not useful at all. You can quit. Nobody gives a * about you. And saying it on the official forum is useless too. Just quit. This kind of rage threads are always a joke because they are fucking useless. You want to be useful ? Create a discussion and explain what you don't like, why and how it should be changed.
I don't know I don't think its that much rage. I talked how to change it. Also rating has nothing to do trash who reduce to insulting someones rating are the scum of this game. I've beaten plats and diamonds in 3v3 with another silver and bronze. Climbing is luck and that's it really. Also I've given many reason why the game should be changed and what the probable future for it is. Riot tends to stand by their preseason changes not deflecting away from what they have done but only minor changes. I think the game would need a complete change to get on track and save itself. I've also said if they change it I will come back to the game. Its really no rage at all your just seeing it as that since you have your head so far up riots ass you don't really see whats going on and that speaking out is the only way riot will know people don't l like it. Also riot is a big boy they don't need you sticking up for them. They will either take these ideas and understand what the community want or we could all sit silently by and let riot do whatever they want with no feedback. If that's what you want you probably shouldn't be on the forum.
Beuhlakor (EUW)
: Yes it is. Nobody gives a *** about you.
Great contribution to the conversation. I'm glad riot has clearly intellectual players like you trying to add to the conversation and improve the game.
CatSith (NA)
: Only fool here is you. Its Preseason, there are always huge changes at this time that people aren't going to like. Let me break it down for you to understand. - Riot updates the game with a huge overhaul in changes, may it be balanced or not. - Players play the content over a course of two weeks or more. - They change and assess parts of the content. - By the end of preseason it should be balanced out before the ACTUAL season starts. If you are gonna quit because of preseason and not fully understand what it is. I say this once again, You won't be missed.
I've probably been around for more preseasons than trash like you. Ya they change the game but I would rather see it for the better. You can keep defending this company but when the game dies and you've sank more money into it you'll see. You can get upset and stupid crap but I've seen the rise and fall of esports. Riot is going down a bad road and I'm here to tell how they could fix it. If you want to urge Riot to send this game to an early grave that's fine. I love the marksman changes and the top side monster. It's not like I'm hating on the entire change. I'm hating on a legitimate problem that the game state is in. You do not fully understand anything apparently. What is the point of the top side objective to help take towers when you already take them without a problem! Its counterproductive and a flaw. The best way to make the top side matter is to make towers tankier and leave that buff there. Not change it into an insane snowball game. You can white knight for riot all you want and defend poor changes. But one day the game will die do to its own stupidity and ignorance. Then what are you going to have to defend?
GreenLore (EUW)
: Most people don't even bother with playing other modes,since those require you to learn their new metas. Also think about the loosing side in a game?What is more fun?A game where you are constantly loosing for 45 minutes or a game where you loose for 25 minutes? Also if you can play more games then it is easier to earn the win of the day(not everyone wants to earn it through botgames) I mean if the game would still play pretty much the same just faster?then where would be the big difference for you,except for the fact that you'd save some time that you can use for other stuff?
You are looking at this from the extreme casual side. Log in for 1 time a day to get your win and get off. I'm looking at it as far as a rank player who plays hours a day. You know the people who are more likely to spend money on skins and stuff not someone who doesn't care so they very rarely buy anything. Also no losing games fast doesn't help. It puts most player on tilt where they will lose other players games. This is what led to SC2 death in the US. Its not fun to watch because the matches are decided within the first 5 mins. And generally a pro will just FF the second he loses 3 of the 5 troops hes made and the enemy lost 1 because at that point hes to far behind to even give a shit. So no this is the worst thing that can happen to LoL.
Skias (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VMTwX75q,comment-id=000d000000010000000000000001,timestamp=2015-11-15T11:54:30.157+0000) > > Most people don't even bother with playing other modes,since those require you to learn their new metas. > Also think about the loosing side in a game?What is more fun?A game where you are constantly loosing for 45 minutes or a game where you loose for 25 minutes? > > Also if you can play more games then it is easier to earn the win of the day(not everyone wants to earn it through botgames) > > I mean if the game would still play pretty much the same just faster?then where would be the big difference for you,except for the fact that you'd save some time that you can use for other stuff? Faster repeated stomp games are not better then 2 longer close games.
Is it not? I'd rather play a game where I felt like it was a legitimate wp game. Not just get crushed for no reason and get no data about how I could have done better as a player because 1 enemy was fed and rolled me. That's stupid and is not what this game is about. If riot wants to kill the game and fools want to defend it that's fine.
GreenLore (EUW)
: And one long stomped game is less fun than a short one. Before you misunderstand me here: I'm not saying the current state of the balance is ok,or that even the current average game lenght is ok. I am just saying that making the game a bit faster has indeed some very good sides(games don't feel so drawn out,which is especially good if the whole game is just one big down-spiral for your team,there is less time where personal or internet issues can interefere with the game,games can be played at more points of the day,etc.)
Again that's why we have aram and crystal scar and 3s. If you want a fast game you can play at anytime and just spend about 20 mins on it those are your modes. Not 5s we don't need another one doing the same thing the other maps already do. There is no positives to increasing game speed because we already have that in other game mode forms. The crystal scar isn't played by many for a reason. The fast gameplay is bad and doesn't lend itself to the game very well. 3s isn't played much for about the same reason but it still is closer to the original formula and thus more popular. And aram is all about stupid fun so it gets a good amount of people to play it. If you guys really want to defend riots idea to shorten the game then go ahead. It will just die off that much faster. I can't wait to see another SC2 all over again. Fast games that snowball out of control so the second your opponent gets an advantage you just ff and move on. That's what killed SC2 and that is what at the current rate LoL will die to.
CatSith (NA)
: If you are gonna quit don't post a thread on a forum of the game you are quitting, its redundant.
Is it? It shows a flaw in the current state of the game if a player that's been around for 4 years is going to leave. And I said I will leave if they don't fix what they are doing. Its more for the company than fools like you.
: You shouldnt talk about the community becouse i like short snowballing games.
Then you have aram, crystal scar and 3v3s do we need another game mode that is the same exact thing? Also stats prove that people don't. The games been losing popularity the faster the game gets. From a business side riot is making a huge mistake and a large portion of the community that is 5v5 summoner rift players don't like short games that get out of hand due to 1 player being fed. If we liked that we would go play DOTA 2 because that is what DOTA is about and always has been. That was the main dif everyone pointed out when DOTA 2 came out. Its a snowball game where a comeback is almost impossible and 1 player could carry no prob. LoL was a more team game where the team had to be doing ok just not 1 player. LoL champs are like a 5/10 or 6/10 in power. DOTA champs are like 9 and 8s. But that was before we had echo yas and champions with huge kits making the power level of LoL champs have to rise. If I wanted to play DOTA I'd just play DOTA. I don't that's why I chose LoL. But it has been slowly become what DOTA is and this recent patch pushes it even faster and farther to that gameplay style. LoL is slowly losing what it did to be unique and draw its fanbase. It will just become another game that shot itself in the foot by poor design. Just like SC2 in more recent memory. Most games ending in an FF after you lose a few units so your going to get oustcaled so why not just quit and save yourself the time. Fast snowbally games are not what an Esport makes. Those aren't fun to watch or fun to play.
Stacona (NA)
: season 5 was insanely team orientated, season 6 you can actually solo carry your team to victory; so solo queue will be a lot less luck and actual skill based this year (they need to not implement stupid dynamic queues) But this season has been super fun so far, and the least broken pre-season (remember league of black warmogs and relic shields?) - sure there is yasuo and tryndamere with bloodlust keystone exploits but that is a problem with the champions and not the keystone (they should have nerfed the champions and not the keystone)
I preferred season 5 preseason to this. I can deal with op items and champs. I can't deal with my turret going down. You say you can carry alone but can you really? If you leave lane to help anyone your turret is gone. That was already a big problem before if your out of lane for about 30sec its gone. Now its just even shorter. And if you get shut down the whole enemy team gets gold so they have a way better chance of coming back from just 1 fed player carrying.
: You realize that the minion changes aren't even on live yet, right? Additionally I believe Meddler said that they're still looking at turrets to see if the change is going to work or not. Recognize that this is around where turrets were around season 2. Just let them try to see how this new stuff works out for more than like, 4 days. If you're really dead set on leaving though, no one is stopping you.
Turrets back in season 2 did not die this quickly. The game has gotten a lot higher damage values and more effects. Even if this is about the same numbers on towers its not the same in correlation with power. And no I said I would wait to see if they fix it by the start of the season. I'm just guessing they wont because riot is very trash about these things and tend to stick by horrible choices without reversing them. Opting to tweak numbers rather than admit they made a mistake. They will change the whole game rather than revert a change. That's proof by champions with insane kits and the recent heavy reworks. If they ruin the game they will change everything but what the messed up to fix it. That's just how riot is.
CatSith (NA)
: You won't be missed, if that is your point of view of this patch. If you want to quit, quit. Don't post a useless thread on the board for gameplay. stop being so dramatic.
I like how you give no counter points or how it is balanced. In fact no one here does. You have fanboys who say gtfo or people who think it through and agree. No one has giving me legit reasons for why this patch is good for the game.
GreenLore (EUW)
: I don't mean shorter as in "only half as long" and more like "~5 mins earlier". The advantage of a faster game is that it isn't that time consuming for the players,you earn ip faster,you can play more games everyday,etc. But they just overdid it with the current changes.
Well your wrong because stat wise quickest way to get ip is actually longer games by the formula riot uses. Also against arams and 3s are for people who want quick games. Remember the crystal scar? Fast game mode close to 5v5. You want the whole game going down that path? Long well played games are what makes the game and community thrive. Fast quick games will kill this game and that's all riot has been doing to it for years now.
Stacona (NA)
: there is no 18k gold lead- and comebacks happen a lot more often this pre-season~ 2016 is looking up to be a great year for games and league - cause 2015 was a sht show; even world's finals had no viewers, the year before had over 13million for the english streams alone without factoring places like china that grants an insane amount of viewers
Its because the game wasn't very good with the changes its been having. And they continue to push the game in the direction they have been which will continue to lose more viewers and players. The logic isn't here for this patch its trash.
GreenLore (EUW)
: While I also doubt they will outright change the things how they are now,I doubt they will leave them in the current state. If tanks have it so bad currently,then they'll probably buff them/nerf the adc-stuff again. They even talked about the possibility of nerfing/buffing certain masteries(specifically they said they might have to nerf warlords blood lust if the mastery itself proves too powerful) I think shorter games are something that they are indeed aiming for,but I agree that they kind of went over the top.
I don't like shorter games. That's why we have aram and 3s and stuff is for short quick I just want to mess around games. But if I want to que up I want to play the game not just end it in 20 mins and that's it.
Azteryz (NA)
: meddler specifically said the point of preseason is to add big changes and add follow up patches to tweak them just be patient please
They don't need tweaked they need full on changes again really.
: The People That Complain About Change Are Here. And They Are Being Too Loud.
Change is fine. The HUD update was great and I agree and disagree with changes riot make. The game is terrible now though. With the nerfing of towers and yet more objectives on the map its all so counterproductive. The only reason why people choke down so many of riots poor gameplay choices is because riot will never change them. We got juggernaut update and things spiraled out of control for a while. I was even saying it was to much before it ever came out. Then those champs started getting perma baned because they were insane. People still don't complain about it because while minor nerfs have happened you just still ban them. That is the problem with the LoL community. They speak up and then stop because they get complacent with it. People need to take a stand against riot for once and not move an inch with a larger community. I stood against the 3v3 map changes for months to no good changes because the new map is terrible and the old one was far better. But here we are still having a terrible 3v3 map. Riot is a fail and if it doesn't have to do with the esports scenen generally we don't get the changes we deserve.
Ralanr (NA)
: What's wrong with changing things up? If you don't want to play, don't play. I can understand leaving because the community is toxic, but why make a big deal about leaving over the change in how the game is played?
I don't hate change. In fact I was really looking forward to marksman changes to make them more interesting and cool. I love the idea of a topside objective early. But with nerfing towers and buffing minions on wining sides ruins that a lot more. It shoots down a lot of objective control and skill along with reducing map vision. You can't leave lane without your tower getting obliterated now. Which isn't very good for gameplay. Like why do I care if you do drag or the top buff? I can just take your tower for it and pretty much nullify any effect you just got. It just in generally is poor and reduces the choices made in game or any real skill.
: Everything you said is true pretty much, and that's all the stuff Riot wanted to happen. They want to push this more into a team game rather than 5 people laning against each other and then converging at the end for a couple end game fights. And yes I was around for season 1 and 2, but the meta was also not as defined as it is now. Riot will have to tweak some stuff and I think they know that. The power shit from APC or ADC was too much, that will have to be toned down some. Dunno how the minion thing will work out, supposedly it could actually help the losing team by preventing lane freezes. The new masteries will be tweaked. But as for the pace of the game, it's much faster now, and I like it (though I suck at it right now, but we'll all adjust).
It was already about the team before. Even back in season 2 it was all bout 5v5 team fights into objectives. Now its a team game just as far as rotate between lanes and the low hp towers just ruins the game because there is no safety. A team will never come back in how it is now because you can't sit under tower and farm or be safe. You will get assaulted and lose your tower to quickly. In theory you the minion thing could help but in practice its very clearly wrong and should have been caught early. Baron is useless with how weak towers is. Just 5 man hit tower and it dies instantly. It has actually taken away more of the objectives in the game because who cares. I only need 1 stack of drag since towers die quickly. Second stack is basically nothing. Baron buff is almost useless. There was already 3 man tower attacks where they kill the tower super early. So I don't see why we need even weaker towers early. It seems ridiculous and like riot doesn't even know whats going on in the game anymore.
: No one gonna miss you.
Me leaving really isn't the main point here. Its more about the fact the game keeps changing in a way to repulse older players and that's why it keeps losing more and more of them.
GreenLore (EUW)
: It's the preseason,they are doing some more risky stuff balance-wise,they'll probably try to fix it before the next season actually starts,I doubt(or at least hope) they themselves are happy about the outcome.
Yes but riot has historically stuck by their guns. If they make a change it will usually never go back to what it was. They will change it more or change numbers. They very rarely revert something when it really screws things up.
: Slow skillful play is not what this game is built around at all. It's about milliseconds and quick decision making.
Um did you ever play during season 1 and 2? Farm was insane back then. The game was slow paced and was a laning skill matchup and any champion could have a chance to beat any other champion. Now countpicking and stuff is huge. Its how well you play a lane not how well you play a champion because its no longer about how good you are. Its about how good is your team and if they can work together. Choices have always been present and I would say were better in the past. The game feels like a checklist now. If conditions are met go for drag. If this happens go baron. Its really not quick decisions anymore. The cause and effect are extremely clear. Your no longer making choices your just going down your list to see what should be done next. I felt like the top lane big monster would change that but then they made towers so squishy its not a choice. If you leave lane and your opponent is up your tower will die. End of story. You could stay and pressure second tower but your probably just going to get ganked doing that. If you leave your tower to help another lane then your tower is dead too now. Its a really pointless system now of just push to win and do nothing else because anything else will make you lose.
: Really doubt they're losing customers, everyone just complains on the forums, so... doesn't really matter.
Ya that's why you have pros and older players leaving the game pretty commonly now. Most of the people I see playing LoL anymore didn't even play in season 1 or 2 most of the started in 3 or 4. The games been slowly going in a negative direction from the older playerbase. I feel like this patch though was a huge spike downward to those who still feel that the earlier years of the game were better because of how the playstyle was back then. So this patch I think will probably turn off even more of those players from the game. Myself included and a few of my friends who have agreed that this patch has really ruined the game for them and all of us have been playing since at least early season 2 and the oldest of us from mid season 1. So ya its there that people will probably start leaving the game to play other games that still hold the old essence of what LoL was about.
: > [{quoted}](name=Berz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VMTwX75q,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2015-11-12T11:52:29.522+0000) > > God forbid this game reward team coordination or let a clearly better team close it out quickly. If the teams aren't comparable, then it should be decided fast. But Yasuo is still able to 2v5 the entire enemy team with anyone that has aoe cc. Doesn't even have to be a knockup. Hell, it only has to hit like 2 people.
Yas has always been amazing in low and mid elo games with no way to really outplay him for those players. Riot is more about putting on a show at the pro level than making its fans and every day players happy.
: > [{quoted}](name=BluePolarizer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VMTwX75q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-12T05:56:09.225+0000) > > Turrets are big pink wards that if killed, give alot of gold. > > Who cares if you are ahead or behind? A team that's behind with a Tristana = lol your turret's gone. Where's the skillful play in that? Where's your "if I win lane, I should win game" now? If you die even once to a team with Trist or Jinx = gg all non-inhib turrets in a lane. Well you can look at it in the opposite way too. The team beating the Trist/Jinx, regardless of who they have, will probably have their outer turrets taken before 10 minutes. Inners at 15. Even "I forced this person out of lane twice" can lead to a tower kill early game, so being ahead in lane is a huge deal.
I think they tried to much at once is the prob. I love the idea of a big monster on the top side. But why have it when the turret already dies with 0 effort? Just kill them and take it you don't need a buff. If turrets will still how they were before I think this would have been a great mechanic now its just pathetic and riots balance team should reconsider what they are even doing anymore.
: the new item change. crit for day. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I LIKE IT. i love it but i quit it anyway.
I have no idea why the put so much crit in the game. Before it was a build you had to go around to get a good amount of crit which was very good vs tanks with pen. Now you just naturally get it. Seems to restrict builds even more.
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