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: Post your chat logs.
I can't because I didn't receive an email about the ban.
: Why are you pleading your case to the enemy team? I get the feeling they flamed you and you "defended" yourself by telling everyone to report them and spending a lot of time talking about how toxic they are, and how they deserve to be reported. That goes against the summoners code. There's no need to plead your case to anyone. Next time just mute sooner, report them, and move on to the next game. No one wants someone with a victim mentality in their game who is gonna go off the second someone insults them. And by go off I mean, spend time chatting about yourself or other players. Use chat for calls and strategy, not pleading a case to get someone reported.
I didn't spend much time typing. After the game was over, I told the people who couldn't see our team chat "our thresh and lee kept on flaming me for my cs when I was unable to cs being left alone as a behind vayne, kindly report the two of them". That's it, and I don't find that a reportable offense whatsoever. At first in team chat I did attempt to defend myself but it became clear that it wasn't going to help anything and I just muted. I didn't engage in any toxicity.
: It looks like a lot of people are getting a 14 day ban with this ban wave. Scripting and cheating usually results in a perma ban and toxic behaviour often results in chat restrictions first., a 2 week suspention however is most common on accounts that were caught Boosting. So im going to take a guess and say the current ban wave targeted players who paid to have their account boosted.
Boosted? The account in question is only level 13 and I'm the only one that uses it.
: 14 day ban out of nowhere?
I just want a redpost so I know what the hell is going on. Even if they don't do anything about it, I want to know how they justify my punishment. What did I do??
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