: Yes post how you hate League on League boards. This game is doing well. People are playing great new content keeps coming and even new skins and champs based on people's ideas.
If there was nothing bad to write about then the game would be perfect, please tell me where I can find the perfect game.
: Lol that happened to me last night. It was 15-1 at one point, all lanes losing, but yeah blame the yi jungle because jungle is supposed to win every lane for you. I dont get all pissy and start arguing with people though, thats a waste of time, and only opens your account to punishment. Since you cant argue, just ignore them and report after. If i could just talk shit back i wouldnt report, but since I dont want my account banned, I'm forced to bite my lip and reporting is the only satisfaction I can get. If i talked shit back, they would just report me, so be smart and dont type, and report them. Gotta expect games like that in a PvP game. Pretty easy to just shake it off and accept reality and move on.
Thanks for understanding where I'm coming from. I am glad someone else out there knows what I went through and how frustrating it was.
Tyránt (NA)
: To you it may seem like trash, but for me I log on everyday and enjoy myself. I don't let the bullshit get to me. It's part of the game that we gotta accept and if we don't like it, there's other games. I just got used to it tbh.
uNhoLeee (OCE)
: yep, this seasons changes are the worst state its ever been in. wonder if it has anything to do with the popularity of tencents mobile LoL game. (hint its casual crap that appeals to 10yr olds)
I am glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.
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