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: son... when ever riot nerfs a champion theres always 2 diffrent people those who love the nerf and those mains that go WTF
But the thing is she has been the same for so long now. Why change what was already perfect. It's not like she was ever broken like some new champs. She has had the same feel for a long time and now it is lost.
: LOL it shows a Stix pic rip. Yeah I'm glad they saw how big of a change it was for actual Anivia players. She does feel a TON better on Pbe right now, I can vouch.
Okay well I guess I just have to wait and see what happens then.
: that's because they intended her to be a control mage after rework, hence the REWORK
That's ok that they want to make her embody more what they originally intended but this change has hurt her instead of help her. Her winrate has dropped since this patch and those of us who love the way the champ was before are hurt by these changes.
: No, OP is correct. It's a feel thing. She was still a control mage before the rework. Stuff you expect to happen as Anivia that was consistent before 6.9 is borderline impossible to do right now (like E-->R combo). An E you expect to 100% be frosted usually isn't by the time it reaches them, effectively halving her damage in lane and in fights.
It is incredibly hard to land the e->r combo now! It's good to mix in after you have been laning for a while and the other laner did not expect it. Now you have to land the q every time unless they are dumb enough to stand in the growing ult.
: New changelist, not sure how much will go through. On pbe right now (with the ult changes) I checked and you can actually get E-->R combo off like before 6.9.
That's a good reddit post. I am glad that they are at least doing something in order to make her seem a little better. (AKA as she was before the rework)
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