: ¿ɐɯᴉɹnɥS {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
That image looks a lot like ‘Murica. The east edge has Maine at the top, followed by the Cape, and then Florida. To the interior of the combined pieces, we see the peaks of the Appalachians followed westward by the flat expanse of the Great Plains and Southwestern desert. The south edge has tiny versions of the Louisiana and Texas ‘boots,’ and the west edge resembles an inverted West Coast, complete with Rocky Mountains. Was this country’s geography an inspiration?
: > [{quoted}](name=Leyruh,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OlYNAudI,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-21T23:00:53.787+0000) > > > I'm preeetty sure that she isn't supposed to go inside terrain to hit me. I would have expected her to run close to the wall until my Shadow Step runs out, but nope, Akali doesn't care and kicks me while I'm inside the wall. Rude. Have you seen how Yasuo's ultimate interacts and positions around towers? That's exactly how the designer wants it to work. His champs are special and get to bend the rules when an interaction isn't favorable to them.
But Yasuo can’t control or predict his position when ulting, and it wouldn’t make sense for Yasuo himself to choose to position himself under the turret. This just removes a “feels bad man” moment from using the ultimate.
: Zoe shouldn't be able to reactivate Q if she gets CCed
There’s a lot of stuff like that in League. Camille and Jarvan IV, for example, can move even when rooted if they have their dashes prepared because those movements are forced. Fiddlesticks and Rumble can cast a spell through stasis.
: Sorry, part of my "rules to live by" guide involves not trusting people who nuke villages on a whim when it comes to social situations.
She’s obsessed with stealing Ezreal from Lux. It’s not just one line. She goes on and on about it. She hates Lux for having Ezreal, too.
: I did but more people are downvoting.
: Please, you say it yourself, you've never even talked to Ezreal. Go and pout with Zoe.
Ah, but that’s only on the enemy team, and Zoe says Lux is Ezreal’s “girlfriend”.
: Camille's grandniece is not Caitlyn because we know who Camille's grand niece is. It's mentioned in Camille's lore that, after killing her brother Stevan, she secretly put her favorite grand-niece in charge of Clan Ferros, despite the fact the she actually calls the shots from the shadows. The common theory is that Camille is C, but...*why* is she C? What purpose does she have having a criminal alter-ego like that?
Gotcha! Who says it’s her _criminal_ alter ego? Camille may go by “C” when doing covert missions for her clan. Her acts might be against Piltovian law, but they might be accepted as part of upper-class Piltovian life. In other words, wealthy Pilties may have their minions do stuff like that all the time. Yikes!
: Idk why someone downvoted you lol, its interesting.
Then upvote me, please? {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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Ulanopo (NA)
: You do realize that's after ~30 upvotes, right? That means about one person in three is upset by what I posted. _I'm okay with that._ In the end, my "job" isn't to be popular. It's to keep the boards from turning into an absolute dumpster fire. Part of that is doing things some people are going to dislike and rolling with the backlash. Winston Churchill famously said, "I welcome their hate" and while I wouldn't want things on the board to reach anywhere near that point, there's something to be said for running towards one's principles rather than away from them.
: Assasins dominating midlane. Things like Zoe game?(An idea to return viktor and azir)
Kings are kings because they beat and oppress everyone else. I’ve played against Victor and Azir in their nerfed states, and it’s obvious to me why they’re in it. Those champions don’t lane. They would just poke and farm from range while also bullying, snowball the mid-game, and scale into unstoppable monsters if their numbers weren’t deliberately gimped. Do not un-Azir either of them.
: I know. Still will build it because of the MR it gives me. Otherwise I will go for RoA if there are no magic dmg champs on the enemy team. {{champion:163}}
Your overall build sounds wrong. Taliyah wants to start Luden’s Echo, Sorcerer’s Shoes, and Morellonomicon. Then she wants to scale her damage with Liandry’s Torment and Void Staff, choosing Zhonya’s Hourglass to defend against comps with reliable backline access and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter to defend against ones without. Taliyah isn’t a Rod-and-Tear battlemage who wants to wade into the fray and sling spells like Vladimir, Swain, or Cassiopeia do. She’s a roaming, kiting pick mage who wants to ride her rock and find chances to blow up squishies and burn down everything else. Hence, she needs the 20% CDR from a Lost Chapter item, with Luden’s Echo being the best choice for its quick spike, extra waveclear and poke, and longer and wider reach due to the bolt travel distance. She also has huge base damage, which the flat Magic Penetration from Sorcerer’s Shoes and Morellonomicon helps get onto targets. However, this build leaves her squishy, and since she does deal DPS, opting into battle mage items afterward delivers sustained damage and anti-burst survivability. Hence the choice of Liandry’s Torment. Her AP scalings are so low, however, that Deathcap is good only for snowballing, leaving Void Staff as her damage-amp item. This choice also synergizes with her high base damages. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter continues the AP-Health-DPS approach, but it can be taken only against comps that lack reliable backline access. Against those comps, instead take Zhonya’s Hourglass for armor, CDR, and the active. Try this build out, play around your squishy-ness, and look for repeated Q burns on the frontline and devastating W-E combos on the backline.
: You know, I was trying to make a good joke here. You have good tips of playing Taliyah vs Ad Midlaners, I appreciate it. I was saying that if people give Taliyah more armor in the next patch I will be building tank like crazy and I wouldn't be even be building standard mage builds anymore, because she is not that way anymore. I just wouldn't put it under the table. My usual tank set for mages involves {{item:3001}} and {{item:3742}}, two of my favorite items because of her movement speed and her spells being close-range. the rest is up to whatever team it happens to be and then I can stop them just by building tankier. No need for such AP items for her. If she gets more armor I am ibclined to build health with it and (some form of mana) and possibly warmogs. {{champion:163}}
Abyssal Mask no longer works for mages with range. The aura isn’t long enough. DMP, however, is interesting, to be sure. It’s probably not optimal, though.
: Yes yes, Taliyah wants more armor so she can be the unstoppable tank champion and no one can stop her, not even Zed. {{champion:163}}
Taliyah main here. Versus AD midlaners, here’s the strategy and build. 1) Spam your Q at Level 1 to push the wave and reach Level 2 first. Look for a little cheesey E poke. 2) Let the wave crash and bounce back, saving your spells except for keeping it outside your tower. 3) Farm. There’s nothing else to do now. 4) When a cannon wave is coming, let the wave crash against your turret and then push it back to your opponent’s turret with spells. 5) Recall and buy Doran’s Ring and as much Cloth Armor and as many Potions as you can afford. You need up-front Mana and Health sustain. 6) Repeat this process until, as a cannon wave approaches you’re low or will be low on Mana or Health. Recall and buy another Cloth Armor and more Potions. 7) Repeat again to finish Seeker’s Armguard. After obtaining Seeker’s Armguard, you will need The Lost Chapter for its Mana, AP, and CDR. Then buy yourself a Stopwatch if you won’t receive one from Perfect Timing. Finish Luden’s Echo if you don’t use the Stopwatch. Finish Zhonya’s if you do. Overall, this strategy and build use Taliyah’s waveclear to minimize interaction with the enemy laner while buying starting and defensive items as necessary provide her enough resistance and sustain to survive the early game. It costs 1,500 gold with Perfect Timing and no Potions, delaying her build but not by so much that her natural scaling won’t begin to surpass the AD laner by the mid-game.
Aptest (EUW)
: in this case, a large part of your role as a jungler is to contain your opponent and prevent successful ganks. just as it is the job of the mid laner to contain his opponent. the mid laner is in a sense competing against his opponent: "who can get the most / best roams ?" and in that same sens, you are competing against your jungler opponent, for the most / best ganks.
He _did_ defeat and contain his opponent. Having enough jungle control to place deep wards, the map awareness to track Rengar and ping his presence, and positioning and tempo to punish every gank is essentially a perfect game of Jungle. It only takes one repeatedly overextended laner to feed an assassin the kills needed to start forcing plays against otherwise-safe opponents. If those plays succeed, then the assassin starts snowballing and can run away with the game.
Verxint (NA)
: You're forgetting his base damage, his AD from killing ult targets, and his %missing hp passive. Zed with full build and full spells up can hit absurd numbers if he's allowed to attack for the entire 4 seconds of his ult.
5 ~60 AD items is 300 Bonus AD. Level 18 Zed has ~100 Base AD. Hence 400 Total AD. I didn’t include the Ult and passive because the claim was “one combo”. Tests showed that, indeed, basic attacks plus Ult amp his damage like crazy. That said, it’s a 3 second Ult now.
: > To be clear, Zed keeps the highest of the AD’s. It does not stack. He would become AD Veigar otherwise. Gotcha. 40% and not 100%. My bad. Also mb in not making the specifics clear, as 2 other factors do indeed change the dmg output significantly. AA's are weaved in and ignite was used. (as that is what would occur in a fight) Did re do the fight with just enough lethality to bring it down to about 80 (82 technically so a bit more than naut post armor reduction). And 387 AD (the original amount was 386 with armor pen build). Damage was indeed lower, but still added to 5059 on average (did it 5 times), which would be approx 80% of my HP (bringing naut down to 1/4 HP based on 6K ish total health with W and actives). highest dmg I dealt was just shy of 5900 dmg Build on zed this time was {{item:3142}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3072}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} {{item:1053}}. No elixir Just being picky with this next bit. "Zed was basically doing true damage to the dummy. Hence the massive numbers." only magic dmg is capable of dealing true dmg due to magic pen/shred
Wow! Thanks for being so clear and careful! :) So, just to be clear again, Zed all-in’s with Death Mark, Ignite, and basic attacks. Let’s say Zed has 1.0 AS. That’s three basic attacks, for 300% AD plus 10% Max Health as magic damage. He also Shadow Slashes twice, for 340 + 160% Bonus AD. He also throws three Shurikens, for 660 + 270% Bonus AD. That’s a total 1,000 damage plus 730% Bonus Attack Damage as physical damage plus 10% Max Health magic. At 6,000 HP, that’s 600 magic damage. At 300 bonus AD, that totals to 1,000 Base plus 2700 scaling, or about 3,700 damage. Death Mark deals 100% Total AD plus 55% of all pre-mitigation damage dealt, or about 400 + 1,900 or 2,300 damage. That’s 7,000 total damage. Ignite does 500, bringing the total to 7,500. That is... tons of damage. Even with 100 effective armor, that would do over half your health. That said, Nautilus also has hidden durability from his crowd control. He can wait for Zed to leave his Ult, basic attack him, and then walk or even hook away. The Mark pops harmlessly a few seconds later, and Naut could re-engage.
: Mine
Tell Rito to fix their darn forum.
: > Zed has 400 Total AD Actually no. GS only does 6K cause I not around 3 people, and zed gains AD every time he kills someone " Scoring a takedown on a marked target or with the detonation of the mark permanently grants Zed bonus attack damage. " Then add in the ult mark proc "100% AD (+ 25 / 40 / 55% of damage dealt)" So a fed lategame zed, vs a farmed late game naut. got about 225 armor from items and levels. Reduce that instantly to about 180 then by another 60% and my armor drops to 75 > **Edit: just tested in practice range. 100 armor dummy with 10000 health, only rule was only allowed to aa as long as my mark hadn't proced, also no elixir ** https://imgur.com/a/HGatNg4 final dmg dealt: see the dummy This dummy has more effective armor than me and more health than my total pool, W and stoneplate provides in a 1v1. No elixir, no additional AD from kills.
To be clear, Zed keeps the highest of the AD’s. It does not stack. He would become AD Veigar otherwise. Gotcha. 40% and not 100%. Wait, you said one “Zed combo”. I thought you meant W-E-Q, not Zed all-inning while you just stood there. That’s harder to measure. The dummy does not have more armor than you did. It has 100 armor. You had 225 armor. Zed was basically doing true damage to the dummy. Hence the massive numbers. Zed must have done more than use his abilities in that fight.
: there's champs like voli and nunu but they rework akali? amazing dev team
: Full build zed, with all his armor pen vs {{champion:111}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3193}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3065}} {{item:2138}} bought me down to under 1/4 HP with 1 combo. That;s through stoneplate and my W Was the build optimal full anti zed? No, needed some MR for the other 4 members of his team But is there such a thing? {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3111}} and maybe an elixir was his build. Burst vs tank. No true damage vs tank. And yet he almost popped me as if I were a squishy. And he pops everyone else with even less effort
That didn’t happen because it couldn’t have happened. Edit: TESTS SHOW IT COULD HAVE BEEN CLOSE IN CERTAIN OTHER SITUATIONS, SEE BELOW. Zed has 400 Total AD, 54 Lethality, 24% Armor Shred, and 35% Total Armor Penetration. Let’s be generous and assume that the penetration and shred stack, letting Zed ignore 60% of your armor. Let’s assume you have 100 base plus 200 from items, for a total of 300 armor. The scaling penetration reduces that to 120 armor. 54 flat penetration reduces that to 66 armor, or about a 1/2 reduction of damage. To bring a full-build Nautilus to 1/4 HP through Gargoyle Stoneplate, Zed would need to do 3/4 of twice Naut’s HP, which we will also generously round to 4,000. GS raises that to 8,000 HP. 3/4 of that is 6,000. Since Naut has a 1/2 damage reduction due to armor, that would require 12,000 pre-mitigation damage. That’s 30 times Zed’s total full-build attack damage. I’m not even going to check his combo’s AD ratio—it’s not 3,000%.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ifneth,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LPTb2Eia,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-19T23:23:05.938+0000) > > How about _yes_. Shen is usually not allowed to have a decent solo-queue winrate because of the utility his ultimate provides to competitive play. Removing some of that utility would enable him to perform reasonably well in both environments. It would destroy him because he would lose the ability to effectively turn around fights on the other side of the map. Its rank 1 use would mean constantly watching other lanes then having to stand still to apply a shield, because a free global shield is actually broken so he's keeping the channel, and then watch it be useless because he can't follow up to protect his team. So again, hows about no
But if Shen weren’t nerfed, then he wouldn’t have to turn a fight across the map. He could turn one in the topside jungle, roam mid, or even win his lane. Those patterns are healthier and richer playstyle than struggling to gracefully lose almost every lane just for the chance to make a play or two.
: Yes, make Shen have one of the most useless ults in the game and also the most inconsistent... You do not get to talk about balance
Don’t be rude. The competitive nerfs leave Shen’s ultimate with so much of his power budget that he must land good ones to be useful, forcing him to rely on his teammates to make plays around it. The Ult of even a good Shen without cooperative teammates is inconsistent and even useless, and since so much of Shen is his lane-phase ult, so can Shen be in solo-queue. A thick, global shield, on the other hand, is not. The ultimate would be as it was after Level 9, when Shen would put a second point into R, but the nerf-reverts permitted by this change would enable him to do well by himself both when he would have had the built-in Teleport and later in the game.
: How's about no
How about _yes_. Shen is usually not allowed to have a decent solo-queue winrate because of the utility his ultimate provides to competitive play. Removing some of that utility would enable him to perform reasonably well in both environments.
Just Mo (EUNE)
: Lets take a moment to appreciate Pool Party Zoe's broken arms
: Can Zed's second shuriken not proc Electrocute please?
Good idea. W-Q-E is too easy to land and already too damaging to be rewarded with an Electrocute proc. After level 3, if Zed can land Q and has enough energy, then he can just click on you and land all his spells.
Rioter Comments
: If you're the kind of person who says, "So what you're saying is..." to get someone to backpedal,
So, what you’re saying is that showing someone the implications of their statements is strawmanning.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ezreal Support,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Jl0Q3pYP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-19T14:40:45.265+0000) > > He literally has nobody to ult to now Imagine Shen meditating in front of a gallery of portraits, that of his late father's, Kennen's (if Riot actually makes him leave), Akali's, Zed's, the "family photo" with everybody from the order, and all of the photos back when things were normal and everyone was getting along. There, Shen meditates in complete silence, entirely alone, and in an utterly empty, run-down, and abandoned hall.
: Yeah same thing happened to me too
When you clicked on yours, or mine?
: The Mischievous Adventures part 360
Bum bum buuuuuum! Also, I clicked on your name to ensure I hadn’t missed any previous posts and got a 404 error. I tried on two other names in other threads, on Rioter and one non-Rioter, and did not get one on either.
: Playing immobile champions is starting to feel somewhat depressing
Virtually every non-juggernaut melee champion in the game must have a dash, or at least a haste, to reach their opponents. Top and Jungle champions are usually melee, and half of Mid and Support champs are, too. Therefore, whenever Riot releases a new champion that isn’t an immobile Mage, immobile Marksman, or Juggernaut, ‘mobility’ is added to the game. There’s nothing to complain about.
: I am NOT going to let this go Riot, GIVE ME MY KARTHUS EMOTE PLEASE
Danjeng (NA)
: It's true women have less bulkier builds than men. But athletic women still are more muscular than Akali is shown to be. She looks more like a model posing for a shoot than an actual assassin. This can be seen by female MMA fighters. And being muscular and pretty aren't mutually exclusive.
Not by much, as far as I can tell. Look up pictures of female athletes and even strongwoman competitors. They could bench you and me put together but just aren’t very big.
Eternäl (NA)
: Riot, please let your female champs be muscular
Women don’t build as much muscle mass as men of similar training do. Therefore, female champions without imaginary bodies like Illaoi’s should have as much bulk as Akali and Irelia have.
: Well, she did learn alot from the little guy, it's in her bio. She has a soft spot for him. There's a line for that. She likes him. There were more lines, but in fitting with a stealthy assassin, we went with a smaller VO script to align with that. Check her out in game, where the lines are meant to be heard. Akali has reverence for the Kinkou, (how could she not?), but she gotta do her thing. Cheers!
That’s not how she comes off at _all_, and if you want her to sound reverent, then she needs new voicelines to reflect that. Akali sounds bitter and resentful of the Kinkou, and especially of Shen, now finally having been freed. For example, she says to Master Yi, “Another Master no-one needs!” To Zed she says, “No more masters!” Akali sounds like she’s against the whole master-student relationship. It’s a huge theme in her lines. To revere the Kinkou would go against all that.
Chiakis (NA)
: Memotions contest entry!
AHHHHH IT’S SCARY! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: I honestly wouldn't consider Pyke edgy. He's honestly just genuinely terrifying if were gonna be real here.
He’s terrifying, but his motivation is revenge, which at least sounds edgy at first. >_>
: Welp! It seems that the edge basket has just gotten fuller: {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:55}}
Also {{champion:555}} You could have a Team Edge. {{champion:266}} Top {{champion:141}} Jungle {{champion:84}} Mid {{champion:498}} Bottom {{champion:555}} Support
: > [{quoted}](name=Hexs Fortune,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=om5qG2ew,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-07-17T20:41:04.636+0000) > > annnnnd Akali x Kayn was born Too bad the Zoe x Kayn ship already exi-...ezaeretryrtytryu
: The Juggernaut Club: Part 57
: Your analogy kinda falls flat, to a father your daughter is always beautiful
Ehhhhh... I feel like not all dads think their daughters are beautiful.
Terozu (NA)
: Ok so now we have a problem. It was a tv show about the history of ninjas. I have no idea how I can source it since i dont remember the show name and it was over 5 years ago. I distinctly remember female offensive ninja being rare, very rare. Similarly to Onna-bugeisha they only really popped up when there were no men to do the job. Some of them also didnt go topless but would instead allow themself to be captured and they were then released because killing a woman was dishonorable. Basically topless was the rarest type but they did exist. I cannot directly source it, so I can understand if you don't believe me. I wouldn't believe me either. So sorry, you can choose whether you believe it or not.
I don’t believe you, especially since that sounds like an anime.
CJXander (EUNE)
: One of my most ambitious fanmade animations. Shyvana!
Wow, nicely done, though the whole body needs to move through the stride.
Ahpe (NA)
: Ay bro just remember that have to be used in game as reactions. AKA this isn't BM worthy
Not all emotes are for BM. Consider A-Doe-Able or Good Fortune.
Nerdee (EUW)
: Failed Gank /Yorick Memotion Contest Entry
Aw, poor Yorick. :( I think an exaggerated version of his splash frown might have been better, though.
Terozu (NA)
: Theres more than one type of female ninja. Akali is not the put on a pretty dress and serve tea kind. Shes a fighting one. And those ones would go topless to distract the enemy soldiers.
Do you have a source for that? I really doubt this.
02202002 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Terozu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QQMEan9Q,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-07-16T21:14:25.121+0000) > > Annie has Tibbers and W. > > She should have minimum trouble. have to admit though, going next to the shroud that has an assassin in it using annie's w that isnt even guaranteed to hit it if no vision is a bit too yikes for my taste{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} also i wouldnt really feel comfortable with randomly placing tibbers with no vision
Just don’t walk inside the shroud. If you wind up inside it anyway, then get your stun up and use E to hit Akali through the smoke if she jumps on you. If she leaves the smoke to follow, then ask Akali if she wants to play with Tibbers.
Terozu (NA)
: Yeah but shes a ninja. Were being realistic here, and in real life female ninjas were topless. She has plenty of training and discipline, she isnt going to trip and fall and she isnt going to be bothered by the cold.
Err... what? In real life, a _kunoichi_ imitated a woman in a role seen by samurai as ‘harmless’. She pretended to be a maid or entertainer, gaining a warlord’s trust and then assasinating him or just passing his secrets to her master. Her beauty could help her gain access, but it was usually the beauty of her face, since she would be wearing a kimono like the other members of the warlord’s court.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: yea i don't get all this talk about "good" and "bad" fanservice, or why she's wearing or not clothes i just like this idea of making her covered by Yakuza kind of tattoos because we didn't have female champions like that until now and you can't show her tattoos and muscles without uncovering her top part of her body, looking at her in game model she still wears something to cover her legs so i don't see how "she's fighting in bikini" i think her appearance was very well made period. PS: i hope her tattoos will have a rebellious meaning too
Having seen the in-game model now, I’m less upset. She is _ripped_ and wants to show it because she’s tough, like Lee Sin or Tryndamere do. I’m all for alternate body types. That said, the splash is still basically fanservice.
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