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: Under the tree: What teams want for Christmas
: IEM Cologne’s Fierce Lineup
lol Gambit's last two major events were huge victories, with impressive performances by Diamond, and P1noy showed great carry potential during the elimination/promotion tournament. They should never be counted out, IEM is always gambit territory.
: What's the future of Team Curse?
It's settled, curse forever 4th, now not curse = first :)
: pls go to curse
Quas is a solid monster already, but for midlane I can definitely see that working, as long as language barriers aren't too OP
: EU LCS dream team Top - Darien Jungle - Diamondprox Mid - Alex Ich ADC - Genja Sup - Edward
No edward, bring in the gosu peppers
: Shaking up the Competition: Alliance's Shook
Shook kinda looks like Tabzz lol
: Gambit at All-Star 2014
Though Gambit's had not a domineering run in the EU LCS so far, I believe they (and Fnatic I guess) are the optimal choice for going into All-Stars when competing against international teams. Let's not forget that Gambit was the only team that could have drawn blood against KTB during IEM Katowice if it were not for the ingenious backdoor. Gambit's unity throughout the years of team experience, their consistency with comfort champions, and their occasional innovative picks (like Alex's Lulu pick) will be key assets for Europe leading into the All-star competition.


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