: Hey you actually put some forethought into a response unlike the rest of the sheep; seems odd that an expensive skin only shakes the user's screen though. And no I wasn't referring to using their terrible replay feature, because it should've been obvious I was talking about linking a youtube clip lol. Oh I do research, but as I said before, making the game harder to tell what's going on does NOT improve clarity, it's a backwards design decision; when isn't as important anyway, but it's not like most people read before throwing votes.
I think you may be thinking of screenshake in an exaggerated manner. Pulsefire ezreal is super noticeable only because you should be safe when you've returned to base (my assumption), and it's a pretty nifty feature. Otherwise adding the option to turn off screenshake may also indicate that Riot might be going more into it as a feature. For example, a small screenshake when you're hard CC'd or something, that way in an absolute mess of a teamfight, you'll know when you've been hard cc'd (like the new Teemo blind indicator) and can react a little faster on self cleansing items, or protective summoner spells. Note: small screenshake, not massive ones like in FPS, just a slight screenshake to be like "Hey! you're hard cc'd right now!"
: Pulsefire ezreal has a screen shake when he finishes recalling, so this is indeed an option to turn screenshake off. The option itself may be called enable screenshake, which is why its stated as such
And yes this was throughout several earlier patches that this was happening. Unfortunately replays through league client wont have screen shaking because it was designed for viewing, so i'm not going to waste my time downloading shit to record a single recall animation, however I'm sure you could go through patch notes and find when they added screenshake, and what champions have it simply by looking that up, but something tells me that you never even considered doing that.
: Rot has reverted so many reworks. Its kinda sad that they cant get like any of them right, even after extensive balancing.
Urgot is in a good spot, yorick isnt too shabby, Taric is pretty damn great, Graves was in a good spot, but not really in the meta at this point. Those were just four off the top of my head, its only because the reworks that dont succeed are absolute nightmares to balance (and that's normally because of really cool interactions and concepts Riot tried to implement) and become a focal point that you kinda forget the ones that have a smooth transition and do succeed
: Screen shake doesn't make it easier to see what's going on, that by design goes against clarity, nor does it improve accessibility. Also seen plenty of posts disliking and detailing what's wrong with the skins, I wouldn't get them anyway so I wasn't going to explain that.
Pulsefire ezreal has a screen shake when he finishes recalling, so this is indeed an option to turn screenshake off. The option itself may be called enable screenshake, which is why its stated as such
: Patch 9.16 notes
No one gonna point out that Riot fixed their mistake with the Honor 5 chromas?
IT me JT (NA)
: That is not a bug, that happens when the enemy placement does not allow melle to get into attack range. If the enemy back themselves into a corner with good tile placement and your front line consist of 2-3 big melle champs, if they cannot walk up and get into combat they just dont move, they will move again and start attacking once a clear path for them to attack opens up. Figured people realized this, its a counterplay strat vs someone going heavy melle and no ranged.
I think its still an issue, Ive had my melees freeze because there was no path originally for a short time, but when a path does open up and melee is still frozen. I think that's the situation hes talking about. Its when that path opens up, and they are still frozen, but I think that has to do with who the AI is targetting, for example if the AI is targetting a completely surrounded unit, then it should be able to retarget to a new one that isn't, but a lot of times that doesn't happen, so they kinda just sit there and die.
: Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass Update
I think I'd enjoy an icon/emote if it were extremely rare, meaning it would be hard to get (such as some of the star guardian icons). I'd actually want to show off that emote/icon then. Otherwise, it's just another aesthetic piece that you could get anywhere.
: We need more details. Any number of things could cause it. What loadout did you have? What were your runes, your masteries, your summoner spells? Even something like a skin has caused bugs. I tried to recreate it a few times both with and without SotA and the W passive was applying correctly, checking both Sion's health total and the passive's total on all jungle monsters (excluding Herald) and I was not able to get this bug. http://i.imgur.com/hgDRQrh.png For the pictured attempt, I ran Strength of the Ages to completion to see if it occurred after its cap. 1108 Health +300 SotA +436 Soul Furnace = 1844 Total Health. Which is what I did get as the total, so it's not something that occurs all the time. There must be some specific detail if it's still happening for you.
http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2331374752/35299706?tab=builds I just played Sion today, same skin, but different rune pages and different masteries, and everything was working fine. Above shows exactly what I had. I had the hextech skin used (only skin I have fore Sion)
: What sort of issue was it? I tried to replicate this myself and everything seems to be working correctly when I tried. What other circumstances were there that could have influenced this?
I simply played Sion with strength of ages and I never got the ten HP form killing large monsters before and after I maxed Strength of ages. It still doesn't work for me. It would happen every time I killed a large monster, I would only get the hp for Strength of ages, It seems like Strength of Ages would override my passive and the passive wouldn't apply. I had about 90 farm, of basically pure monsters, but I only had 170 on my passive which should've been more around 280.
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