Arakadia (NA)
: Is it me or does the splash look kinda outdated?
My first reaction to that splash was how it looked like old chinese splash arts, blurry and looking like clay. I think they tried to give a turbid deep sea water feel, but didn't fully commit to it. Her face also kinda looks like a ball-jointed doll... and the fully human face with everything else fish reminded me of
: It seems like a cool name at first glance. But then you examine the name. Aurelion means one who is interested in butterflies. Which is related to Aurelia which is the chrysalis stage of a butterflies life cycle. And then Sol is Sun. After examining that, I can not discern and actual meaning from the name as a whole. It seems Riot didn't know what the hell they were doing with this name.
I thought Aurelion meant something related to "gold"? I don't really know if that exact word exists in latin as it is, but "auro" means gold, golden, so maybe it's closer to "Golden Sun" rather than something related to butterflies? That was my interpretation of the name
Reav3 (NA)
: All previously reworked champions are on the list. So yes, Renekton is on the list. I can't comment on which champions we will tackle next or when we will get to them.
Is Annie on the list? I don't mean to ask something that seemingly has already been answered, but her rework was quite a while ago and her splashes aren't thaaat bad, so I don't know what's you guys' stand on her. Most of her skins splashes are average looking, but then there's Annie in Wonderland... Also, I believe Goth Annie had its splash reworked in the past? So I don't know if it's already outdated.
: ***
> It's not viable late game but it sure as hell is for the first 35 minutes (hint: games normally don't last longer than 30-35 minutes). It annoys me when people say the reaction time when you see him on a pink ward is never enough. The whole point of it is to see him coming from a bush or area. Don't place a pink directly on yourself when you see the exclamation, you're setting yourself up for failure. Instead, place it in choke points before the fight so you know exactly where he is coming from and can predict/react accordingly with your team. Not really that viable in the first 35 minutes. As games became faster, Riot has also provided bigger recipes for items. There are also the new permanent refillable pots, making it less likely for people to sell that one potion to make space for the pink. But sure, very early game you do have space. It's just that Rengar isn't 100-0 people that early in the game. As you get closer to the 20 minutes mark, you can significantly see your slots gone. "place it in choke points before the fight" That's just... warding? Something everyone should always do? Supposing your entire team is willing to buy pinks (which they should), if Rengar isn't unskilled he will easily destroy many, if not all of them. That's gonna stop his ganks for as long as you have pink wards, but once you finish the laning phase you won't have many choke points to ward with pinks as you are not restricted to a specific area in the map anymore. Stuff like that makes Rengar unviable in LCS games where the team synergy easily shuts him down, now **the issue is how toxic he is to lower elo games. ** > Pair a support with good peel with that pink ward and you effectively have counterplay. If you see Rengar coming your support can easily CC him while he's invisible. Again, that is specific to early games laning phases, or when you're so snowballed that you have total and complete vision of the enemy's jungle. One way out would be to ward his jungle camps instead of bushes so he is not stealthed (like people do to Eve), but then you'd have the bush jump of death. > In no way is GA a bad investment simply because it doesn't bring damage. It gives you necessary tankiness and survivability as an ADC to survive pesky assassins. To say it is a bad investment and that carries are being hurt by buying this item is straight up ignorant. If a Rengar is diving in the middle of a team to kill the carry he's gonna die right after. If that carry has a GA the Rengar is now dead and the carry is alive to continue dealing damage. The GA is not a bad investment **SIMPLY ** because it doesn't bring damage. It is a bad investment because it has a **5 minutes passive cooldown** and allows the enemies to reposition themselves and kill you with your 30% HP, unless you are in a teamfight. With Zhonya's you at least get to keep your high HP if you manage to activate it just in time. And the 90s cooldown. > Another thing that I hate is when people create random terms to claim something truly is "counterplay". Hate to break it to you, but countermeasures are counterplay. If I put a pink ward in a bush to make sure Evelynn doesn't gank me it's a countermeasure, yes, but it's sure as hell counterplay as well. You sound like the people who claim that counter building someone is not a form of counterplay. Counterplay is the whole umbrella of how to counter a champion, which includes builds () , measures of prevention (wards), and gameplay methods (like CC). You seem to be missing the point. Every champion can be countermeasured to avoid letting them get close to you. But then, hate to break it to you, **they can also be counterplayed if they somehow manage to get to you, as they are not killing you in a 0.5 second timeframe after being stealthed. **
: ***
Just gonna reply here to both you and the previous poster A pink is not viable past mid game as you won't have slots to hold one for the entire game. If you just drop it anywhere, you won't have a pink for when you see the "!", as the true vision sweeping lens and yellow trinket no longer work. "Bringing a peel champ with you" is also not viable counterplay, just a countermeasure. Even if you have Leona by your side, on the best possible situation she's gonna save you when your HP is down to 50, as her E and Q combo (or ultimate) cast time is long enough for Rengar to delete someone, literally. But yeah, let's force everyone in the game to have a point and click instant stun champion in their team, that's great for the game's fluidity and diversity. Zhonya is great, GA is not. Zhonya still provides damage, along with a reasonably low cooldown active. GA is 300 seconds, 5 minutes, 1/6 of an average 30 minutes game. So unless you're an AP based champion or a tank, you're being really hurt by being forced to buy GA, as you will respawn with low HP just to be killed again. Don't even use the "noob ADCs don't buy anything but damage, gg", as there are many other items that are much better defensive options to squishy adcs. As someone has already stated on another thread, the ''counterplay'' to Rengar is not really counterplay, just countermeasures. And it's not even a bandwagon, it's a recurring issue that's been around for so long that people have even resorted to buying Zhonyas as ADCs at some time. OH, before I forget, if you already finish your sentence with "who listens to me I'm a Silver scrub", that's not gonna help your case at all.
: Does Yasuo's Windwall mechanic block too many things?
In all fairness, his windwall should block everything. Even his teammates' abilities. Doesn't Riot like experimenting with champions/skills that can help either your allies or enemies (Bard, Anivia, Kindred)? Make Yasuo one of them.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheLegionofDark,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kE2ukLrH,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-12-23T17:50:29.600+0000) > > Wouldn't it be possible to just code abilities like the bubble to be ignored by the windwall? Riot doesn't want to do that. They want things to be clear to the Yasuo player, and don't want him to try and Wind Wall a skill he can't because it's not clear what is blocked and what isn't. To that end, meddler said he was going to change Nautilus's ultimate to not go through Wind Wall, because the boards said it was odd that it was an exception.
I understand and don't disagree with Riot on that matter, but isn't Fiora's riposte confusing like that? It blocks some things you wouldn't expect it to, yet doesn't block everything, even with perfect timing.
Snow Tea (NA)
: Yo someone please tell us all what is going on right now? Halloween best holiday of the year skipped like this? Might as well skip christmas and new years.
Halloween isn't being skipped, it's delayed and should be happening next week-ish, which means all the legacy stuff + new events will be around. People are upset because it didn't happen on October 31, but if you don't care about playing Haloween stuff on early November then it's still happening :)
Anloix (NA)
: It's not like I've been excited for months to finally get my hands on Zombie Brand and Frankentibbers. I think my summoner name sums up how I feel about this. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
You'll be able to get them. There will be a Halloween event pretty soon with a zombie apocalypse theme. Yeah, people are upset because the event didn't match with October 31 or because it won't be about the Shadow Isles, but the legacy Halloween skins will definitely be returning soon. Soon as in next week-ish, not december or anything.
gyntonic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=IiIiana,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=3TiX2iPz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-01T03:15:46.840+0000) > > There will be a halloween event his year, it just won't be about the shadow isles or the black harrowing mist. This year they're going with a zombie apocalypse sort of thing and it should kick off very soon. The legacy halloween skins will most likely be avaiable again by then, as they are legacy and should return to the shop seasonly. I dont care if it's kicked off really soon.. Halloween is over! This is stupid
Sorry that you feel that way. Just wanted to make sure people are aware of the event, as many are confused by Riot's note and believe there won't be a Halloween event at all.
Kat Head (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=IiIiana,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=ztIHpRFt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-01T02:37:45.285+0000) > > This year's Halloween event **will** be happening! > > The whole Harrowing-not-Halloween-anymore controversy was blown out of proportions, all Riot wanted to say with the note was that they will no longer be using the Shadow Isles (Harrowing Mist) as the theme for every Halloween event from now on. This year, the Halloween event is Zombie Apocalypse themed and should be coming extremely soon (would say early next week). The legacy halloween skins will most likely also be returning then. > > Quote from RIOT KateyKhaos: You realize Halloween is today dont you ? Zombies on thanksgiving do not make sense.
I'm sorry that having the Halloween event a few days later throws you off. But as you can see I'm not from Riot and don't have any inside information about why it is happening that way, only speculations. However, we know for sure that the event is happening (because it's been confirmed) and that's all. Some people are upset because they think there won't be an event. Others are upset because it didn't match with October 31. I'm just making sure people know there **will** be an event.
: I'm fine with the Shadow Isles now becoming a year round thing (like Demacia), but the Halloween event didn't even happen on Halloween. "We've got a lot of awesome stuff planned. Since it's going to be a bit different than other years, I'd love to hear your thoughts after the event ends!" All this implies is that they are still in the planning process before they can release it. Which I also understand (Worlds) but it feels like the casual players that weren't in Worlds got the slops this year (even the patch updates this month were a little off and bizarre).
The Patch cotaining the Halloween content (aka slayer jinx, pantheon, zombie nunu) has already been shipped to live and is just waiting for the event to start. They are not still in the process of planning it, they usually have events (skins, lores, etc) planned for months before they actually ship it. (I should have mentioned that this quote is a bit old, ~12 days ago, when the Halloween patch was still on PBE.) The departments that make events, skins and everything are separate from the ones responsible for LCS and Worlds, so there's no reason why one would stop the other from happening. However, they probably wouldn't like to overlap two big events as it would become messy, so the Halloween event is most likely starting next week. Everything's planned and ready, it's just a matter of when they activate it. I'm also upset it didn't start on October 31, Halloween day, but even if it did, it would last at least a week and we would be playing Halloween stuff out of Halloween, so I don't see that big of a problem in making it a few days late.
: Wheres Harrowing??
The Halloween event is happening, it wasn't today most likely because it would overlap Worlds and there would be too much going on. Also, it's a saturday and Riot doesn't release new content on weekends. It will be a zombie themed event rather than shadow isles ghost stuff, and it should start next week. The legacy halloween skins will definitely be avaiable again when it starts.
: Calm down about the harrowing already
Don't know why you're being downvoted. The Halloween event is happening, I know it "doesn't feel the same" after Halloween but it doesn't stop it from being a cool event. It won't even be like, November 20 or something, when we are getting ready for christmas. It's happening next week, if not monday, tuesday.
Laz1973 (NA)
: Riot made my daughter cry.
I'm sorry that she feels that way. However, a Halloween event will be happening soon. It didn't match with the October 31 date, but it will definitely happen soon. The only difference from last year is that we're getting a zombie apocalypse theme rather than shadow isles ghost stuff. The legacy halloween skins will most definitely be avaiable when the event kicks off. Riot didn't end the Halloween events, they just changed the theme. Shadow Isles --> Zombies --> Who knows what's next year
: @RIOT TEAM , Halloween/Harrowing question
I'm obviously not a rioter, but Legacy skins are supposed to be released seasonly. They are not limited. When the Halloween event starts, I'm sure the Legacy Halloween skins will be avaiable for purchase again, most likely with some nice bundles just like the past years. We just had the Legacy Championship skins released along with the new CS Kalista, there's no reason why Halloween wouldn't be the same.
: Where Is The Harrowing? Seriously Riot.
There will be a halloween event his year, it just won't be about the shadow isles or the black harrowing mist. This year they're going with a zombie apocalypse sort of thing and it should kick off very soon. The legacy halloween skins will most likely be avaiable again by then, as they are legacy and should return to the shop seasonly.
: Thanks IIIlana while it still will be cool .. even though most of us are grown adults (which actually makes it worse) But it's going to seem more like a after Christmas day sell. I agree that they should have at the very least opened up the store have Halloween skins selling. I mean that should have been covered in the 1st week of How to Profit 101. If they have skins for sale I will probably still pick a few up but its just not the "same", its going to seem more like an after thought. :(
Yeah, some people had this weekend off to celebrate halloween and it would've been nice to use it for league as well. I don't know Riot's reasoning for making this schedule. Hopefully it still feels like Halloween, or at least like a cool event either way!
: R.I.P. Harrowing
This year's Halloween event **will** be happening! The whole Harrowing-not-Halloween-anymore controversy was blown out of proportions, all Riot wanted to say with the note was that they will no longer be using the Shadow Isles (Harrowing Mist) as the theme for every Halloween event from now on. This year, the Halloween event is Zombie Apocalypse themed and should be coming extremely soon (would say early next week). The legacy halloween skins will most likely also be returning then. Quote from RIOT KateyKhaos: > We've got a lot of awesome stuff planned. Since it's going to be a bit different than other years, I'd love to hear your thoughts after the event ends!
: This Year Are All The Halloween Skins Coming Out Again???
Yup, should expect to see them avaiable again next week, most likely along with the zombie Halloween event
: The harrowing skins this patch actually resemble more those older skins, not underworld..I think they should've still been released today, they were already in the patch all Riot had to do was open the store. I think people would've waited on an event better if they'd have just given us our Halloween fix. But, thanks for the info. :)
I also expected it to be out today, but I guess they have something big planned for next week. Not a long wait I guess You're welcome :[)
: Not the first time they've released zombie skins though, why are they talking about the shadow isles connection? Is Bewitching Nidalee supposed to be Shadow Isles? Or Franken Annie? As far as i've always seen harrowing skins they meant halloween. Now the lore has involved shadow isles, but I don't read the lore, so..I don't know why RIOT thinks we're concerned about that connection. Not everyone reads the lore, and it's obvious that all of the harrowing skins had something to do with Halloween, shadow isles? not so much.
I don't know about the older Halloween skins, but when they introduced the Harrowing Mist to the Halloween event, people understood that it was a specific characteristic of the Halloween events, but Riot decided to make it clear they will no longer repeat the Harrowing for every Halloween. When they announced that change, many people were upset because they were really fond of the Harrowing, underworld, bluegreen ghost stuff for Hallowen and thought it was something unique to Halloween in league of legends. Now it is part of the Shadow Isles lore and will be coming around any time of the year, the same way we have ''random'' Bilgewater, Shurima events without a specific time frame.
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: Why Kalista Can attack during suppression?
Somewhat related, I noticed that when I was playing Lulu against a Kalista, my polymorph wouldn't stop her hopping. I don't remember if she kept dealing damage to me while polymorphed, but her little white seal jumped for the entire length of my W. Shouldn't happen, right?
: Why aren't new skins released the day of patches?
There isn't an official answer to why they do it that way, but people assume it is so you can have exciting stuff happening throughout the entire patch. Not only as a business but as an entertainment source, it wouldn't be a good idea to release everything in the first day and have the hype end there. The rest of the patch (2 weeks) would be mostly dull. They gotta keep people hyped for something the entire patch or they might just lose interest. Hope that helps! edit: about championship kalista specifically, it's likely that they are holding it so they can release closer to the World's Championship, presumably with the championship skins from the past years except riven. As the Worlds starts october 1, anytime next week (most likely tuesday) would be good to go.
Mimaropa (NA)
: You're right but thresh i think is in a good spot right now. he does have an overloaded kit however they are relatively long cooldowns. He also requires skill and great prediction that's why people cheer if someone in Lcs hits a hook since it has a casting time and thin size. lantern saves requires distance and awareness and flay disrupting jumps requires Timing. His ult is decent for zone control and more cc. I have seen first time threshes and Bronze-gold threshes that do horribly. missing everything and not using his utilities well. It just depends on type of thresh youre playing
His hook hitbox is quite tricky, it's not that thin but gives a false idea of width because everything but the tip is narrow Thresh could use less damage, as his kit is overloaded with utility and that's what people play him for. The thing is, when comparing Thresh to the other supports, even if he is balanced, he will seem overpowered as his class buddies are in a bad/boring/binary/neglected state. Basically the entire support role is right now. The balance team needs to look into the other supports and how to make them better with well thought buffs/changes that will not simply make them become mid/top laners instead. And make some damn changes to support itemizations
: Lol yeah, Janna could really use some buffs to be honest. She's not the game changer she once was now that tank supports and champions with grabs/hooks/stuns can outplay her just because of their kits. She would be a much better AP mid laner than support now in my opinion.
Now you can do a better engage and disengage job with support cho gath than janna and pretty much everything else with every other support/mage support in the game "You can't be good at everything, Janna"
: One thing really disappointed me about the new champion.....
Even after they hit PBE, we probably won't have a close idea to what they really are in game until they hit the live servers. The PBE community is just too small for all the possibilities, issues and strenghts of new champions. Also let's not forget that even after Bard hit live, for months he was considered pure garbage until pros started making good plays with him. Some champions just have a big skill cap and aren't soloq friendly, and that's okay.
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
: They dont care about the champion enough for them to "love" 'em per se. More like popularity. If the champion happens to be pretty popular then expect them to have special treatment. This is because this is a business and if certain champions are the key of usage traffic within their game then they cant really mess with them without risking of losing a significant ammount of consumers in the process. My opinion of course. But if you think about it then it makes a little sense.
I understand that, but it's still weird to me why Vayne would be considered a "popular champion" by the players' choice (even though she's actually popular. just confuses me). To me it's more like she became popular because she is too strong and reliable. Since I joined the game Vayne players have been considered try hards, with a shit ton of memes and jokes about them going for solo pentas and getting deleted, feeding etc. If they had to pick a favorite based on its popularity, hell, it'd be Jinx by far
: > [{quoted}](name=IiIiana,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8jnAQp8m,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-12T01:20:33.734+0000) > > I don't think there'd be a way for them to fairly distribute project yasuo borders, as they probably don't have records of who bought him on the first week (even then, the buyers had it for 975 rather than 1350 so already unfair) and they can't just disregard everyone who bought in the past years and just give out to who bought this week. > > Also if they were to keep the quality of every skin line the same, people would ask for 2015 quality BM Shen and Akali as well > Cards TF seems to be an exception though. For the limited edition skins, they gave everyone who already owned skins like Zombie Ryze and Definately Not Blitzcrank a watermark, so they definitely do have a way to tell who had the skin originally. With that being said, it shouldn't be too hard to sell Project Yasuo for the full price and offer the border with it. Then for those who already bought the skin, just give them the border. They've proven that they could do things like this before. Not sure why they can't now.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the watermarks on the Halloween legacy skins added when they returned to the store? That way I don't think they had records of who bought in an exact span of time, it was more like "everyone who owns it in the entire game gets a watermark, who buys from now on gets no watermark" so that'd seem easier to execute. If they follow that procedure and give the border to everyone who owns Yasuo until next tuesday, the special borders wouldn't be as exclusive as they want it to be because, let's be real, this is their idea of "collectors special". People can only get it in a specific week and then it's over. I'd be all up for Yasuo borders, but from my understanding they would be going against their own purposes. The borders are just an add-on, Project Fioras bought after next tuesday won't have borders and won't be set apart from their fellow border-wearing teammates.
: PROJECT : Yasuo - No project minions and no triangle in splash art
I don't think there'd be a way for them to fairly distribute project yasuo borders, as they probably don't have records of who bought him on the first week (even then, the buyers had it for 975 rather than 1350 so already unfair) and they can't just disregard everyone who bought in the past years and just give out to who bought this week. Also if they were to keep the quality of every skin line the same, people would ask for 2015 quality BM Shen and Akali as well Cards TF seems to be an exception though.
: At first I was on the fence about the {{champion:40}} Q nerf (a range drop of 250 units- 1100 -> 850) when i first read about it, then I actually took her into a game. That huge range nerf basically shuts down any potential engage she had (unless you charge it, but that makes it so easy to predict). Not only that, {{champion:40}} now has no quick-reaction peel vs. a {{champion:412}} hook (which has a range of 1100) or a {{champion:53}} grab unless she's close enough to either to be in range. But it's risky to get too close, considering {{champion:40}} has terrible stats during laning. The one thing the nerf hasn't affected is peel for {{champion:89}}, since her engage pulls her within tornado range. I'm a supp main, and Janna is one of my best supports. I am thoroughly upset; least benefited doesn't even begin to describe her this patch.
I completely understand and second all your frustration over Janna's nerf. I was flabbergasted to see the minimum range being reduced to 850 from 1100 as it is a **huge** nerf on what makes big part of her identity and gameplay. And it all was sneaked into the official patch notes, no PBE prior testing or warning. Her Q is mostly used as a responsive disengage tool, I understand why they'd not want her to use it as a reliable engage but now she can't even disengage properly as it stops right in front of a jungler heading towards you lane. I'm also a Janna/support main myself and I really hope the balance team does a double take on that nerf, Janna is not and will never be good at everything as she has no reliable sustain or significant damage to serve any purpose without an ally, other than being a running ward. "Least benefited" was my attempt on bringing attention to Janna's case, as I've seen nothing on the forums about her past the first day of the 5.17 patch. {{item:3070}} {{champion:40}}
: Community Patch Recap - 5.17
Skarner is probably still the strongest in there, but in this patch specifically I'd say the changes benefited {{champion:99}} Lux or {{champion:56}} Nocturne the most. The least benefited I'd say... {{champion:40}} Janna. Yeah
Azteryz (NA)
: i remember there being a lot of complaints with the old harrowing skin it being too dark and the winter one being way too bright so i feel like the answer is... maybe we arent sure what they could do with this new map but they also have past reasons on why they shouldnt make map skins
Riot now has a whole process to keep the Rift timeless and harmonious so I guess they would have lots and lots of options of softer/lighter/darker colors to make a map pleasant for both clarity and viewing pleasure. The biggest problem would be all the effort it would take but yeah if they had time/people/funding to do seasonal map skins they'd ace it
Dr Poro (EUW)
: I think that Janna's Q was too easily used as an engage. Lowering the initial range will significantly reduce her engage power, but will remain kinda the same for disengage as you don't need as much range for this (they already jumped towards your team). I think this is a pretty good change that tunnels her more into a disengage support rather than an all round support.
I agree with it being an easy engage tool and totally makes sense to reduce her minimum range, but I wonder at which point it is too much. To use Howling Gale as a disengage effectively 850 seems too much of an exaggerated nerf, as it would very easily stop right in front of a jungler walking towards your lane with a ganking intention. The width of the hitbox was nerfed earlier this year, which would add up to the situation even though it's not a critical change. Missing Howling Gale because it is a few dozens of range away from the target and not having it for another 10+ seconds is a deadly situation imo. Nerfing the minimum range to ~950 would be more reasonable as a dinsegage tool and still wouldn't allow an easy engage as 1100 would.
: I was expecting a cooldown increase on her W because her permaslow with good CDR is what is crazy. The ult nerf was needed, it doesnt need that much healing with all of the utility it provides
A nerf on her W, whether it is on damage, slow or CD, would be another good example of a nerf that affects her excessive power, but does not affect her identity itself. At this point I believe Riot's main problem is with Howling Gale's effectiveness, but I doubt a balanced fix to it was presented in the last patch.
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: That is not the reason why her win-rate is high. The real reason is Zeke's Harbringer, which makes her shadowing playstyle and AP ratios even more beneficial without having to buy an expensive Rabadon's.
The only visible benefit from Zeke's Harbinger on Soraka is the increased crit chance on the adc, which is good, but the same as every other support building Zeke.
: the time is almost upon us fellow soraka mains when soraka gets nerfed to the ground again
It seems Riot is trying to nerf most, if not all passive supports. Janna received the crazy big misplaced nerf on her Q, Braum had his small buff reverted after a few LCS picks and now I fear Soraka will follow the same path. People have been saying it's because they don't make "lcs big plays" as they mostly aid the ADC and even though I strongly disagree with all these "Riot $ellout" memes, I see why they'd rather nerf a passive support than one that makes plays. I don't like that, most of my supports are passive, but what can we do when people think being passive means being "safe and easy"?
: Daily Reminder That ARAM Is Not Actually Random
I've noticed this possible issue but I'd really like to know how it actually works. If that's the case, why is the pool not in its entirety? Are there forbidden champions on Aram? Is the enemy team's pool always forcing your pool to be the same?
: When a team looks like this: Top: {{champion:150}} /{{champion:39}} /{{champion:122}} /{{champion:114}}/{{champion:92}}/{{champion:86}} Jungle: {{champion:102}} /{{champion:5}}/{{champion:254}}/{{champion:10}} Mid: {{champion:112}} /{{champion:105}} /{{champion:103}} /{{champion:268}} Adc: {{champion:67}}/{{champion:18}} / Support: {{champion:412}} /{{champion:40}} /{{champion:12}}/{{champion:201}}/{{champion:53}} Weirdo: {{champion:82}} And you manage to beat them, you feel like 1000x that image, because you know you only managed to beat them because you and your team simply played BETTER!
: The maximum distance for charging it is the same though, and is much farther than the rest. You can't just leave out the max and somehow act like it's irrelevant to your comparisons. None of them can charge theirs for more range.
> [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bnH5dzxE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-02T21:46:32.795+0000) > > The maximum distance for charging it is the same though. Actually someone on the home of the forums noted that the new max range is 1741, down from 1760. That's just assuming everyone can let her tornado** wind **up for 2 seconds in literally every situation of the game, including chases and ganks. pun Edit: answering your edit, the comparisons were made with the sole purpose to understand Janna's new instant cast Range, as specified in the post above. Also, these champions cannot charge theirs for more range and they most likely would not land them if they could, as most of them are skillshots that can not have their directions changed while charging up in the same way as Varus' Q.
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Rayvn (OCE)
: It seems that Riot Games could be doing a good vs evil idea with 'Boss' vs 'Arcade' This could be one of those Arcade skins as the arcade just need a middle laner :D
Yes, I was very excited when I saw that there might be a full "Boss" team and would love to see Lissandra in it! :[) While Arcade Lissandra would've been a nice contrast with a colorful/happy skin for a dark/"evil" champion, a Boss skin would still capture Lissandra's personality and make the best of it!
Derenik (NA)
: Add a Thresh lantern click icon on Bard's portal.
Yes, the click cursor would be amazing! Another thing they could add is a quickcast mode like Varus' q for Bard's portals. The first "E" would make the range and aiming bar appear, while the second "E" materializes the portal. The current quickcast feels like creating a portal into the dark, not knowing where it's gonna lead because of the irregular walls of the jungle.
: I don't main Udyr, or even play him...
at first I had only seen the bear form and I thought it was the creepiest skin udyr could receive. Then I saw the bird and the turtle forms and I'm loving it
: Has anyone else been glitching bad?
I've been having delayed clicks, even though my fps and ping seem to be normal. It's not a big deal, but it's kinda noticeable early game.
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Wullf (EUNE)
: Extension to beard theory
when he dies, his body (clothes, beard, hands and everything) deflates, with tiny sparkles leaving his face. Bard is a hoard of meeps controlling him as one and the tiny sparkles are just meeps screaming "abort!"
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