: Hey! This is the team that I'm currently working on. If any of you have any questions about the position I'd love to provide you with some answers. :)
Can you give an idea of what you actually do? For instance, testing various features? Coming up with ways to collect data, or what data you're collecting, or what the measurement of success is? Catching all the bugs/issues before products go live? Sorry if this is totally off!
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: Riot Games Summer Intern Q&A
How involved are you guys with the rest of the company - with everyone else's work, like is it an open-office sort of style environment? Do you guys kind of know what's up just because everyone converses regularly and talk floats around? And how's the work-life balance, or does it kind of merge into one just by the nature of your jobs? Do you get to play games/hobbies/have free time for yourself as much as you'd like and/or is the company highly encouraging of breaks and downtime? I guess I'm curious how casual the workplace is, and if there's a lot of activity throughout the day. Seems like something fresh goes on everyday as I heard from some of my friends who interned at Riot in the past, and that must be cool! Thanks in advance, and good luck to each one of you guys. :)
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: The screenshots I linked are from the Red Tracker. Adding identity wouldn't change the Red Tracker in the sidebar and the clear in-context design.
Yeah, I wasn't disagreeing with you at all - I'd love to have the individual Rioter icons back! I was just trying to communicate that even without it, the new features have enough to tide me over that I'd be okay without the unique icons ;)
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: Rioter Titles in Boards
I agree to some extent, though these boards' features with the nice Red Tracker in the left sidebar and the clear in-context design (http://puu.sh/aluk1/f053357bc3.png) help me have less issues tracking down their posts. But yes, it was so cute being able to see the unique portraits that each Rioter picked for themselves!
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: Change Log - July 21, 2014
Thanks for keeping us updated! The new boards are fantastic.

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