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Illiad (NA)
: Valentines day Xayah and Rakan skins
So a leak leads me to believe Heartseeker Xayah and Sweetheart Rakan are coming soon :D nothing to do with us but its exciting nonetheless! {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}}
eleven02 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Illiad,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=9NF7v8qd,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-10-14T01:28:01.449+0000) > > Thought about some more, their dance animation together could be a walts, Rakan could throw out a rose for his q, and have rose petals all around him when he uses abilities yeah, this is a great idea of the backing. i just came up with another backing idea that rakan is on a bed full of flowers and its yelling to xayah to come, if she comes they will just be hugging each other in the bed and then back. the solo rakan back will be the same but rakan will keep waiting for xayah and say something like "i miss her too much". but idk about xayah solo back. any idea? and ty for your comments :)
she could pop up a mirror and look at it briefly to see if her feathers are nice, and then if Rakan approaches she hides it really quickly so he doesnt think she cares about her appearence
eleven02 (NA)
Thought about some more, their dance animation together could be a walts, Rakan could throw out a rose for his q, and have rose petals all around him when he uses abilities
eleven02 (NA)
just dont take credit for it ;)
eleven02 (NA)
: i made a discussion about this with some ideas, check it out
could you send me a link id love to see it ^-^
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Arakadia (NA)
: Rito made it very fricken hard to find anything wrong with bard.
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Carthus (EUW)
: Probably, yeah, since it says "whenever an enemy dies" and those classify as enemies i believe
Thats a scary counter split push method then
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: Ok so what is the current lore?
Its pretty much stale atm, no factions are directly engaged with one another in open warfare. We get the odd Terror for Bilgewater annually, But nothing cataclysmic is going on, Less Malzahar is cracking open Icathia and the Mount Targon aspects are preparing.
: Welp, looks like Graves has his cigar
Its a piece of chocolate dont be fooled
: AFK BULL****
That sounds like a you problem, not Leagues. get a better computer, get more reliable power. But if you came here looking for a solution that was a silly decision.
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Beldair (NA)
: PSA: When Lanes Ping for Help
Im not a jungler, but unless im getting camped by the other jungler, if im losing lane alone im not gonna be petty and make someone else clean it up, if they come, great, convenient, but if they have better stuff to do like get ahead and produce results elsewhere, then i will accept that there is a larger picture than my own failure in lane.
: Great way to spice up the game-@riot Best Post NA come now
I enjoy your enthusiasm but i enjoy quality over quantity.
woobeee (NA)
: What champion(s) do you think need(s) a VU?
{{champion:20}} This guy feels super stale, i dont even care if his abilities are adjusted, he needs to look more like his splash art
: Kled's Ultimate Is Too Toxic.
A strong counter is Nami, as shown many times her ultimate cripples his speed buff to allies and separates them easily.
: Hah I had a 24 hour ban for the comment.
No way :( im sorry that happened to you
: Gj you feel smart?
Smarter than you trying to argue that you got banned for no reason
nep2une (NA)
: Not at all.
Any act should have their accounts permanently banned (killing the account) is not the same?
nep2une (NA)
: That's irrelevant. They should not have done it in the first place. They broke the rule, they deserve it. Also, it's selfish of them to be an ass and ruin it for 9 others.
Thats like saying every crime deserves the death penalty
: I never get key fragments anymore even though I do well on my games.
You are just unlucky, keys arent awarded for anything good you do they are just randomly given out. You can get a penta and the entire enemy team will get fragments and you wont, its all random
nep2une (NA)
: Nope. There is no excuse for trolling and feeding.
Varying mindsets would disagree, perhaps someone is simply in a bad mood, this does not mean they are a bad person the week later.
: yeah I was just poking a bees nest looking for a reaction, good job on the reply though.
<3 gotta stay strong in these hard times of Boards
: down votes say I shouldn't say anything remotely close to it again.
It didnt really have much feedback sorry to say lol
scazzman (NA)
: trolling/feeding should not be a 14 day ban
One act does not define a man. Yes, trolling and feeding should be dealt with properly, but if it is only a single session where the player chose to do this (keep in mind this is only for trolling and feeding, "Toxicity" is something entirely seperate that should be banned.) But if people are just being stupid for stupid's sake, just let it be a game (less ranked, where such behavior is due to said player being toxic) and think about how they wont be in your life 20 minutes from then
: Got chat banned for no reason??
Those first two lines are enough to know this Thread is a joke
: E+Q clears waves, It doesn't deletes champions uber quick like ap aatrox ult
No but his Sustained constant damage is one of the strongest, a drawn out fight against Ryze can be devastating
: > [{quoted}](name=Tetsu Juan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=42UxxX2H,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-06T20:03:09.754+0000) > > Mainly because he has a really high skill cap and everyone is trying to figure it out right now. those who understand it do really well, but the 90% just starting to get it wont have that much success Well kiting with his free ms is really easy. And QEWQ is really the only combo you'll need other than stacking e then proceed to q someone. His early before he gets tear is super annoynig though. I go oom because IT'S SO FUDGING HARD TO CS WITH HIM!
Many people find hi E wave clear to be very strong, Ryze actually counters my beloved Malzahar so hard with his E aoe clear
: Why does new ryze have a low winrate?
Mainly because he has a really high skill cap and everyone is trying to figure it out right now. those who understand it do really well, but the 90% just starting to get it wont have that much success
: What to do when bored -
Everyone go Zac rush mid and joke to be the dirty bubble
: Nami just recently got a skin. Cass, well, what's her tail/venom/everything? Orianna could work, though, she would just be a little unusual for the theme.
I first thought of Cass and Nami having a duo splash art where their tails are entwined in particles with the theme, i know Nami got a new skin and its awesome, but i really wanted to see the techno theme for her flushed, her ebb and flow could grow in sound waves and the passive i can only assume would look neat underneath people, the E would be like 3 cubes floating around someone that shatters into a whole bunch of cubes upon contact
: how do u fight a full ad shaco
a counter pick is more useful than trying to fight him with just anybody, some characters are just naturally better suited to handle such things (easier said than done since i havnt found the key) and building properly to handle it, in a 1v1 you can pretty much forget about it less you have good aim and hard CC, rely on overall Cc and utility from allies to take him down
: PROJECT: Orianna Skin Concept
I like it but i wanna flush out the Program skins :3 i want to see program Orianna, Cass, and Nami, each of their particle effects are astounding and the more digital techno over cybernetic enhancements aspect is alot cooler for them in my perspective
: The last one to damage it gets the dragon.
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nep2une (NA)
: Oh, my bad.
Thats even stronger lol
MrEnder (NA)
: MF in Champion Selection Search Not Found!
what? just search miss fortune. dont be lazy in a videogame
: As crazy as this sounds
People barely look at the item but its my main item for fighting Soraka lol
: Full AP Teemo vs Atk Speed/AP Teemo
do you want to auto attack or just use abilities. both are viable in their respective play-styles.
: Pissing a lot of people off just takes 3 words
Arakadia (NA)
: I don't know how Tera's kit works but I think its ok. Wukong and Sun Wukong are similar.
: LOL League could say the same thing about Scylla, Susano, and more.
its a back and forth system that we dont want attacking one another xD
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