Velasan (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Keep Zz'rot Portal
I love Zz’rot! It’s a strategic item that I almost always want on my tank characters for the utility (not to mention the helpful magic resist and armor boost). Also I adore the voidlings, and it would be sad to see them go...
: Does anyone remember or miss the good old days when people played offmeta stuff in normals?
I wish I was around for those days... I have only seen League as it is today...
: How do i make it so i don't hate this game
I am in your same situation, and I can say it is difficult to League when you have played it a lot for some time. Look for another game you can get yourself into, try some new stuff inside of the game, or just take a break in general. It will be difficult but worthwhile, League is not bad, but like nearly everything too much is not good.
: What do you want out of league in 2019?
I would like to see rune and item balance, as well as the fixing of problematic champions as well. I would also like to see burst toned down heavily and towers strengthened quite a bit (which they are already working on). I also would have a few more, but I forgot...
: What are your favourite skin splasharts?
I have too many favorites to list!
: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
True, cc has been my savior this meta, but half my team is usually dead by the time we see the assassin... No matter how much vision we have, we usually get bambozzled (if I spelled that right) and all end up dying. That is also why towers (even if they are ineffective in this meta) are very important, and I play very cautious as well.
: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
I have a certain disposition against assassins. I think they make the game overall less fun for many players. Over the past few months into this meta, my unrest about the game has grown more and more, because of this one class of champions. I am tired of seeing champions like a Zed, Leblanc, Katrina, Yi, etc. They are in nearly every game I play (with by far Zed being the worst offender). I want to play Nexus Blitz (a decent game mode by the way) one day... Oh, it seems now I have to deal with an Ekko, Zed, and Rengar on the enemy team, and my team is mostly squishy... Fun... Currently, where the game is at assassins are low risk, high reward. They just get some early kills on the weakest link on your team and snowball out of control. Even worse is the fact they can still 100 to 0 you in seconds without a kill, and escape easily with their absurd mobility... Enough ranting, here is my main point: Assassins are anti-fun for everyone except the player playing the assassin. Does it feel good getting one shot? Of course it doesn’t. I play mainly mages, and I shouldn’t be required to buy a {{item:3157}} Zhonyas in order to survive, and even then the assassin will usually wait until I am out of stasis and kill me anyway (Zhonyas only really works well under tower or in a team fight for me, though it works different for every champion/player). To all Assassin mains out there, does it feel good, knowing the players on the other side are suffering? It is very unsatisfying to die instantly, and it is downright frustrating. I think overall assassins fundamentally break the game and make it not fun for the players on the receiving end. Most assassins have a low skill floor (like Zed) and a high cap to reward experienced players (I still don’t like Zed though, coming from a mage player the skill shot is very easy and the free last hit is not necessary). Though experience can mean little. A new assassin is no fun to fight, while an experienced one is torture. To conclude, burst should be definitely toned down in the next season (which looks good so far), I should be able to react and try to save myself before my death. Also generally playing assassins shouldn’t result in an easy lane. Sorry for the long post, hopefully I wasn’t dragging on too much, and apologies to assassin mains. You guys are not mean people for playing assassins, hopefully my argument didn’t push that point across (if it did that wasn’t my intention)!
: Fantastic Karthus Characterization
Karthus has always been one of my favorite champions, and this story definitely represents him well! The demon being afraid of him was a good touch, makes me wonder...
: 3 Favorite Champions vs 3 Most Hated Champion
I would do a paragraph for each champion, but I will keep it simple: Top: Like:{{champion:31}}{{champion:83}}{{champion:6}} Dislike:{{champion:23}}{{champion:157}}{{champion:86}} Jungle: Like:{{champion:421}}{{champion:427}}{{champion:19}}{{champion:28}} Dislike: {{champion:11}}{{champion:107}}{{champion:64}} Middle: Like:{{champion:161}}{{champion:90}}{{champion:50}}{{champion:30}} Dislike{{champion:238}}{{champion:103}}{{champion:245}}{{champion:55}} (Used to be a primarily mid lane player, damage/assassin meta ruined that...) Bottom: Like:{{champion:45}}{{champion:96}} (Insert other mages, I don’t play ADC a whole lot) Dislike:{{champion:222}}{{champion:18}}{{champion:15}}{{champion:21}} Support: Like:{{champion:44}}{{champion:99}}{{champion:432}} Dislike:{{champion:16}}{{champion:63}}{{champion:53}} And yes I do play support Lux, please don’t hurt me... I also play a little Swain and Vel’koz support too As you can see I like Mages a lot and greatly dislike assassins
: Your highest mastery champion is now your stand
: Ivern Concepts 🌳
I hope Ivern gets a skin soon... These are some good ideas to start from!
: Riots takes on Lore is extremly fascinating and amazing. Well done
Riot has been doing fantastic with their lore for the most part, and I greatly enjoy the world they have created. I am excited to see what comes next!
: The Watchers finally make the Void feel like a real threat (And vice-versa)
I love the Void, and these past few lore updates have indeed made me happy! Runeterra stands little chance against the power of the Void.
: if u could start a cult
So many possibilities...
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Can we get more alternate titles for champions?
I would like to see more of this in the new lore!
: So Vel'Koz is essentially a scout for The Watchers
To me he is more than just a scout. He is more of a herald, a bringer of doom. He scouts out Runeterra similar to how the Nazgul search for the One Ring in the Lord of the Rings. Like the Nazgul, Vel’koz enforces his master’s will and prepares for the time when his masters will rise to power in Runeterra! He hastens that rise by searching for ways to weaken Runeterra. Basically a very powerful, highly intelligent, and quite ancient lovecraftian terror of a scout...
: LOL I don't think they'd go that hard on Targon. They're only going so hard on the Void because the Void is the Big Bad of the setting, which sadly means that other (more interesting) villains like Mordekaiser are cast aside.
> [{quoted}](name=Helixarrow,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Qk8fLxHH,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-20T17:37:10.298+0000) > > LOL I don't think they'd go that hard on Targon. They're only going so hard on the Void because the Void is the Big Bad of the setting, which sadly means that other (more interesting) villains like Mordekaiser are cast aside. The Void is the superior organism, and all will fall before it! In all seriousness I kind of agree. The Void is my favorite faction in the game, but I would like to see some other villains get to be as big of a threat as the Void currently is. By the way if a Shadow Isles lore update is soon, the Isles may very well be a challenge for even the Void...
: Lore Update Opinions: Vel'Koz and Lissandra
As a Vel’koz main and a Void enthusiast, a new glimpse of how the Void works was very interesting! The new story was a good read as well, at times it gave me chills! The Void is truly very advanced, and extremely powerful... If there is a Void invasion on a large scale...
: Universe Update - Vel'Koz & Lissandra
I honestly liked this new lore update. The Frostguard story was a good read and Lissandra’s new lore is refreshing for the most part. Vel’koz is my main, and saying that I am satisfied with his new lore. However I am a little sad he is more akin to a pawn though, but for those who think the same, keep in mind Vel’koz is basically one of the oldest (if not the oldest) Voidborn. To me it seems like Vel’koz is a Witch King like figure where the Watchers are Sauron (Lord of the Rings reference). Vel’koz is the herald of the invasion and might be a commander of sorts for the lesser Voidborn when the time comes for an invasion. Vel’koz is in control, he just serves a higher power. Thanks Riot for the new lore! The Void is just so interesting of a place, and ever since I started playing League I have been curious about it.
: Ivern's last skin was 682 days ago
I would like to see an Ivern get some attention. There are so many possibilities for skins, and he is such a good champion lore and aesthetic wise! Riot, make Treebeard proud and give Ivern a new skin! Also a shout out to other neglected champions who are in need of skins too (I think we all know who).
: Let's all take a moment to appreciate Nunu's VGU
I have to say, I wasn’t very hyped when a Nunu rework was announced (I had never played the original) but this rework has been amazing! I am very excited at the prospect of testing the dynamic duo on PBE!
MarcReady (EUW)
: Concept of a "monstrous" champion - Folk: the corpse gatherer
This is a brilliant idea! I personally enjoy monster opus champions, and this Champion gives off a Magic the Gathering Innistrad sort of vibe. With a little tuning here and there this idea could make a lot of ground. Really like the lore too!
: I have a wish regarding Nunu and Willump.
The satisfying sound of Swain’s theme at the beginning of each game I play as him is incredibly satisfying! It makes me feel as if I have a glorious purpose to accomplish, and that I will lead my comrades to victory! It would be pretty neat to see this kind of musical in-game depth with other champions as well. I can somewhat understand Nunu and Willump not being ideal candidates (sadly), but maybe it would fit better for another champion?
: The biggest thing holding League back is....League.
You are all going to think I am bloody mad, but I played exclusively bots for the most part until about around level twenty. Bots are much more relaxing for both me and most of my close comrades. If they fixed the current state of the bots (broken in the sense they barely work) and maybe put in a hard difficulty, I would be thrilled! I think fixing the current state of the game probably comes first though honestly.
: New Syndra Lore: Conclusions
You have very valid points here, and I too was left a little off after I read her new lore. I don’t really like that she has been painted as a true villain, one of the things that drew me to her in the first place was her not so black and white struggle against oppression. I also like your take on what her lore could be, very interesting. Honestly her old lore felt more true to me, but some will not like it, others will.
: Give Battle Mages a Keystone Already
I agree to most of this, a battle mage focused keystone would be appreciated. I basically play all mages, so a battle mage keystone would be good new way to spice things up!
: The Hidden, Colorful New Mage - Theories?
To the best of my knowledge Demacia, Bandle City, and the Shadow Isles are in need of lore updates. I doubt this new champion is Shadow Isles or Demacia (the other teased Champion seems Demacian), and it could likely be Bandle City (who is very overdue for a lore update). Then again, this new champion could have no faction... All we can do is keep theorizing.
: Is Demacia the longest nation to go without new champ?
As far as I know Demacia, Bandle City, and the Shadow Isles are probably next in line for a new champion or a lore update. Hopefully each will get their chance in the spotlight soon.
Ludicol0 (NA)
: quinn is busted
Quinn is absolutely both horrible and hilarious to play against, especially when you are me (more than half of my most played champions are immobile mages). Basically you could be in mid lane, doing your own thing. Then, suddenly a bird shaped missile comes flying at you faster than you can run. A few seconds and a blind later you are hopelessly dead... However, she is no problem when I play Veigar. I just pop my cage and beeline in the other direction as fast as my tiny yordle legs can carry me, or if she gets caught I get to hear the satisfying sound of: “An enemy has been slain.” In sort, she is decently busted in my opinion...
: Rebuilt Shurima vs unified Freljord
Recognize your emperor! To me it is little contest, Shurima is superior in most cases, though with proper tactics Freljord could triumph... On a side note, I have been playing Azir lately, and man is it fun!
Salson (EUNE)
: Original 40 and Legendary skins.
I like the idea of Karthus getting a new legendary skin, and an Evelynn one sounds nice too. On a side note, hopefully there will be a day where every champion has a legendary skin. Man would that be a project though...
: What Would Demacia Imprison?
Well I am not too sure as to what this is... Ever since I saw this teaser I have been perplexed. Compiling Theories and Observations: As you guys have noted, to me it looks mostly Demacian, but it could also be another nation. Bandle City, The Shadow Isles, and Demacia are probably next in line for lore updates. The large influx of mages in recent times may lead to this being an AD champion (though who knows)? We already have a chain warden (thresh) so that small niche is taken up, though a prisoner would be neat. Could possibly be a vastaya or a beast of some sorts, or even someone wearing an odd form of clothing for being imprisoned. Speculation aside, part of me hopes this Champion is connected to the Shadow Isles in a way, since I am a big fan of that region. However, most of the information we know points to Demacia. Anyways, we will need to just keep an eye out for more information, and keep theorizing!
: What champion has the most satisfying wave clear?
Vel’koz {{champion:161}} for me. All I do is just use a combo of E and W through the minion waves, and clean up the rest with Q. The way his tentacles move around after an E and W combo is really well done too, and to add to that the true damage procs are beautiful. I sometimes nickname him my minion lawnmower he gets rid of waves so fast!
Pyrosan (NA)
: What was the first champion you picked up and why?
I looked at the Champion roster when I first started and was drawn almost immediately to Vel’koz {{champion:161}}. He looked very interesting to me and I found his true damage passive unique. After I read all the Void lore he truly became my favorite, and he still is to this day. I weirdly am drawn to eye characters like Bill Cipher and Sauron too for some reason... Also I enjoy Lovecraftian fiction as well. Probably explains a lot...
: What's A Fun Champ To Play Even When Losing?
Bard {{champion:432}} Run around and basically be a pain to deal with, all the while distracting the enemy team and helping yours. As far as I know one can’t feel any negative emotion playing Bard? He is very fun to play, that is for sure!
: Stats Tab
I was really looking forward to the stats tab...
: State of Mid lane
I basically play all immobile mages, and I can say for sure the mage update really hurt my performance. I love the new Twin Shadows, but the rest of the AP items I have small problems with. You outlined most of them well.
: Speaking of future Lore events...
I would like a lore event soon, but for now it seems like Riot prefers to keep things still (present wise) until all the lore updates are complete. Even then, I highly doubt there will be any deaths or massive shifts in territory, that being said in the future lore it is fully possible Mordekaiser could attack, but the chances of Riot having him win are slim. To add to this post, in future after the updates are finished, we can possibly look towards the Void invasion, the Noxian attack on Piltover, Demacia vs Noxus (maybe), Azir vs Xerath and the fractioned state of Shurima, Urgot’s uprising, and maybe an Ionian civil war of Shen (Traditional Values) vs Zed (New Values). There are heaps more, but those are just examples. As a personal note, I don’t want two of my three favorite factions to fight one another, but that is just my opinion. Most of my previous argument is based off general lore trends I have observed. Also good ideas too! I liked your take on this prophesied lore event.
Uriel (EUW)
: Why is Veigar so unloved?
I recently got into Veigar, and let’s just say I have found one of my all time favorite champions (he is high on the list). I actually consider him my secret weapon against the meta... Yasuo finished with your team and hungry for more? Just pop your cage cleverly and he will get stuck. Either run or pop him like a balloon! Rengar wanting another trinket for his necklace? Pop the glorious cage and watch him jump into it like an idiot! They should fear the tiny master of evil! In all seriousness though, Veigar counters this horrid assassin meta for the most part (I probably sound absolutely mad for saying an immobile mage counters assassins). Sure he is very slow, but it all comes down to playing it safe and positioning right. Most of my games with Veigar usually result in zero deaths and a decent grade. I always have a horrible first ten minutes though (I feel you comrade). I would try Twin Shadows {{item:3905}} (know where your dangers lie, after all is very important, and it is a great escape tool), Shurelya’s Reviere {{item:2065}} (escape tool), or Rylai’s {{item:3116}} (to throw random Dark Matters and Baneful Syrikes to escape). Stacking is a relic of a bygone age... Maybe there is a way to make it more effective? Late game Veigar and Nasus are still powerful (if they can get to that point intact) I do agree he needs a small update though, mainly more voice lines and lore to flesh out his personality.
: Where's my Bandle City Icon??
Hopefully a lore revamp will be coming soon, and with it a new icon. I think Yordles haven’t been forgotten, Riot has a lot on their plate after all. Either the Shadow Isles or Bandle City will be next hopefully after the Freljord update coming with the Nunu rework. Just keep an eye out for rumors and hints!
: Professor Vel'Koz.
I would enjoy seeing this become a skin, that is for sure!
: Bard is What CertainlyT's Champions Should Strive to Be
Whenever I play {{champion:432}} I feel satisfied for some reason. Maybe it is quirky personality or his fun kit (portal shenanigans are the best). Though it is also probably because when I play Bard I feel as if I am not abusing the system either. No absurd damage or mechanics needed. He is pretty balanced for the most part and really fun to play. In conclusion, a well designed champion!
: The Blessed Isles has to be one of the most fascinating places on Runeterra
I hope a new Shadow Isles Champion will be released soon (should be next in line with Bandle City) and when that happens hopefully more lore will accompany it.
: Who are your favorite champs what do you think they would do if they found a world rune?
{{champion:161}}: Would study it and try to find ways the void could use its power. {{champion:50}}: Would hide it away so none could use it. {{champion:30}}: Would use it to spread the song of the Shadow Isles and the gift of undeath. {{champion:427}}: Would hide it in the most unusual spot so nobody could ever find it. {{champion:90}}: Icathia beckons! Just to list a few
: The Value of Lore
I love the lore and without it I probably wouldn’t have picked up League in the first place. I remember when I first got into League, a friend of mine referenced me to it. At first I was not too hyped about it. Then I saw Universe. I spent a good four hours alone reading through all the lore I could get my hands on. What is the Void? What is the harrowing? Where is Icathia? These where a few of my first questions. I soon became immersed into the game. With each and every champion I play feeling like an extension of myself. I connected with the characters and when I play them, I in a sense become them. For instance, when I play Vel’koz I become cold and calculating (and with a level head I do much better). When I play Swain I am a proud leader, helping my team towards victory. When I play Ivern I am a happy tree man, protecting his friends from danger, laughing all the way. So on an so forth To summarize, the lore adds a great depth to the game which makes more than just game for me. I can even explain how much I enjoy Runeterra in just a small post... Thanks again Riot for your hard work!
: Where would YOU choose to live in Runeterra?
I like the Shadow Isles and the Void both because they give great benefits if you submit to them, but realistically I probably wouldn’t be able to live there. On the other hand, Noxus is the easy choice for me. A nation that strives for unity and greatness among all peoples, seeking to include everyone in their proud empire. Unlike other nations, you can be free to find our own path in service of a greater ideal. Glory for Noxus!
: IT'S HERE - Map of Runeterra
Riot, you guys have outdone yourselves! As a lore fanatic, this map was a great boost to my knowledge of Runeterra as a whole. I really like all the new concepts and art you guys added to each region and it added greatly to the depth. My favorite addition was probably the art tied to the history of the Shadow Isles (Blessed Isles). Already two of my favorite factions (Noxus and the Void) have gotten lore updates, and now the Shadow Isles has gotten a decent sized one too. I am exited to see what will be added to the map next, great job!
: please bring back dominion
I started at the end of season seven and never got to play Dominion or Ascension... They sound very fun though and I would like to give them a try!
: Name your most hated toxic champ to go up against on enemy team
{{champion:23}}: As a squishy mage player, someone who ignores all your dps and cc is kind of scary... {{champion:103}}: Charms me and I die. {{champion:157}}: Blocks my skillshots, otherwise somewhat manageable (still very scary). {{champion:15}}: High damage, free spellshield, and annoying poke. {{champion:238}}: “I guess I’ll die...” The list goes on... Also electrocute is the scariest champion of them all. With ignite and conquer being second and third.
: I feel like so many champions are being left out skin-wise.
Well in good news {{champion:6}} and {{champion:136}} are due for skins soon (though their nature is questionable). I really want a new {{champion:427}} skin, he is my favorite jungler after all! On a side note, maybe if they release a nice new skin for the neglected champs, possibly more people will want to play them? Just a probably unsuccessful thought...
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