: Anyone has fun playing against master Yi?
I do , when i play fidd . Otherwise no lmao
KluPL (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Im Duke Nukem,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ImWRf31k,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-11-28T07:36:02.647+0000) > > Hey i never log in to comment but this really got me interested ! > > Started playing league mid season 1 and i miss these days of simplicity yet satisfying game . > > Could you add me on league so i can get updates since there is no website or forums for your game ? > > Thanks and good luck :) Thanks, yeah ill go ahead and add you. Im not on League as much as I used to be, feel free to offline message me tho.
> [{quoted}](name=KluPL,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ImWRf31k,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2018-11-28T07:48:08.281+0000) > > Thanks, yeah ill go ahead and add you. Im not on League as much as I used to be, feel free to offline message me tho. Great thanks ! will look forward to updates :)
KluPL (NA)
: A team of mine is making a new game based off League of Legends (MOBA)
Hey i never log in to comment but this really got me interested ! Started playing league mid season 1 and i miss these days of simplicity yet satisfying game . Could you add me on league so i can get updates since there is no website or forums for your game ? Thanks and good luck :)
: Still can't enter game
YAY CANT EVEN PLAY THANKS RIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! same just happened to me i cant do shit FFS
: Mandatory buffs to Garen
can't upvote this enough !!! also we need garen in the bush skin
: My biggest concern is that stun after the knock up, lasts 0.5sec and shouldn't be there. This is what makes him broken imo (setting-up his other E stun way too easily) And his cancerous R obviously.
that .5sec stun after knockup has been removed for that new E stun , read patch notes please
: (Long post) I just hope someone will listen
Okay look i'm going to be straight with you . First of all stop trying to victimize yourself by calling riot's ban system unfair and by saying your feelings are hurt . Just accept it like a grown up and mature human being . We all make stupid mistakes in life , i have also had accounts perma banned in mmorpg's where i had spent thousands of hours and $ in it . I know how shitty it feels to lose everything i built up in an instant , but hey i was toxic and immature as shit and it led me to get banned from these games . You have to learn to move on , accept the mistakes you've made and just make a new account and start it fresh , show riot with that new account that you are capable of never acting immaturely over a video game and show some control over yourself . It's your body , learn to deal with your temper . Then after you can prove on that new account that you are worthy of getting your main account back by never inting/trolling/raging/rage quitting/whatever , then send another ticket by showing your progress with the new account . It might not get your main account back but it might help as i did this to get back accounts in other games . So yeah , turn the page , show riot you reformed by using anew account and accept that you did stupid shit and you deserved that perma ban . I play since season 1 and never have i ever received a single chat restriction , if i can do it when i had the same problems then so can you . By the way if my english is bad , french is my native language . Peace <3
: Wow, this song is pretty goo.. *turns into dubstep*
Totally with you on that one , feels like most of the time when i hear a good melody it turns to this shitty robot fart music called dubstep
: Annie's W needs the chogath treatment
it's already been fixed to do just that in the mage update , just copy pasted instead of giving link . V6.9 P : Pyromania The current stacks are displayed beneath Annie's overhead health bar, similar to Jhin Jhin's ammunition. W : Incinerate Bug Fix: Annie should no longer damage enemies who escape the area during the cast time. Note that if you escape the area in the same instant the ability resolves - it will still damage you, as with all other abilities. Range increased to 625 from 560. E: Molten Shield Duration reduced to 2.5 seconds from 5. Damage return on being attacked increased to 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90 from 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60. Damage return ratio increased to (+ 30% AP) from (+ 20% AP). Removed: Movement speed on Tibbers. Removed: Armor and Magic resistance. New Effect: Now grants 16 / 22 / 28 / 34 / 40% damage reduction. Summon Tibbers Initial damage reduced to 150 / 275 / 400 from 175 / 300 / 425. Initial damage AP ratio reduced to 65% AP from 80% AP. Burn damage reduced to 10 / 15 / 20 from 20 / 30 / 40. Burn damage AP ratio reduced to 10% AP from 20% AP. Tibbers Tibbers' on-hit damage reduced to 50 / 75 / 100 from 80 / 105 / 130. Tibbers Tibbers' on-hit damage now scales with 15% AP. Tibbers Tibbers' attack range increased to 150 from 125. New Effect - Enrage: Tibbers gains 275% attack speed and 100% movement speed that decays over 3 seconds, as well as the ability to ignore unit collision, upon being summoned, when Annie dies and when she stuns a champion with Pyromania.png Pyromania. New Effect: Tibbers will now persist after Annie's death. Tibbers must remain within 1200 units of Annie's body and will first prioritize her killer, then low health enemies (champions over minions). New Effect: Tibbers will now regenerate 10% of his maximum health every second if he's been out of combat for at least 5 seconds. New Effect: Tibbers restores 50% of his missing health when Annie dies, but then loses health periodically. New Effect: Tibbers now utilizes the large monster health bar instead of a minion health bar. AI improvements: Target reacquisition after being disabled. Target prioritization Longer leash range Annie can target herself to have him return to following her.
: remove the double damage from ryze e q combo....
http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2392110203/39828485?tab=overview just look at this match he played vs ryze and see why he's crying like a crybaby lmao seriously your team comp was completely trash next to theirs get rekt 10/10 troll post of yours
ßoy (NA)
: Free Boards signatures for anyone who wants one :)
Logged in just because i wanna give it a try :o your work is really great !
: Happy Birthday Mordekaiser!
Quepha (NA)
: Why did they rework ryze to make his damage a skillshot but his snare still targeted and unavoidable?
because league of mobility ? it needs counters like this snare or maokai's or even taric stun they are needed to stop these annoying stupid dashes
Ascilith (NA)
: Malphite size scaling with armor
would be perfect since malph looks wayyyyy too small compared to his splash arts anyways . +1
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: Remember when people said, "Oh, I was out of position as a squishy, I deserved to get melted,"? I sure do. Now it's all, "If I can't dodge it in some way, shape or form, it's OP as shit and needs to go." This is what's ruining League.
this is so season one you hipster . (league community 2015)
Divewing (OCE)
this 1000 times , people only wants stupid flashy plays nowadays -_- counterplay is not mobility but being smart .
: Zhonyas should be a Summoner Spell.
: I love it when they walk out and then walk back into it and take no damage at all
this happened to me many times when i played cho last time really stupid and annoying
: Cho doesnt make flashy e$ports play therefore he is low priority
then we need a firework cho gath skin . he will be flashy and played at e$port$
Ø Flex (NA)
: Considering currently there are several items that are 1 shotting anybody in the game, I think Cho will have to wait.
i just want a little fix to play cho properly ....
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: [Gameplay] Heimerdinger's turrets don't always target propely.
its really annoying the way they made turrets dumb after one patch , they don't target what you do anymore -_- like seriously rito ?
: > bring back boobgot or we riot We will Riot against Riot for our third nipple love. {{champion:6}}
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: Bilgewater or Bust!
I vote that Gangplank's father gets resurrected and we can now play a real and awesome ghost pirate !
: Infernal Alistar's Q
Riot : sorry particles are now only for 1350 RP skins as we have new standards for skins .
Epic Lad (NA)
: Bring Urgot's Nipple Back!
bring back boobgot or we riot
: After reading a few things. First, if this were to go through, people's buttholes would clinched up because his E, damage ratio changes and passive makes him viable in the jungle again which would more then likely make him op again, not as much as season 2 but still. Second, most people miss that Alistar's current passive allows him to ignore unit collision which makes him a menace in lane and is almost like an MS buff because he doesn't have to travel around that minion wall after he casts his current E. It also allows him to have a scary initiation with talisman late game even when minions are around. I would like to see him keep this ignoring unit collision. Finally, I don't really understand what you mean by "Alistar is now able to move during puvlerize". Does this mean that he effectively has a longer range because during the 1 second cast time(or however long it is) he can move closer to his target? Seems weird to have this on an almost instant spell. I would like to add that I DO actually like this, just needs a little bit of changing to keep the oppressive power of alistar out of the jungle.
first gotta say thanks for your opinion ! So if i understand right , giving alistar back his ignoring unit collision would be needed . Will add it .As for the AD ratios i could change them to Bonus AD instead .For his E , it has really low range at low levels so i wouldnt think its that op out of teamfights . Now could you help me with a new passive ? dont have any idea right now . thanks !
: So this rework is a alistar top buff umm no Ty
they are IDEAS , just give me yours -_- , also he dont have a heal and auto targeted headbutt , so no its not only buffs . ult is weaker level 1 also
: gotta say i love it get my upvote !
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: I don't like either the PBE change or your suggested change. I see no problems with tristana. She was fine before itemization changes and didn't receive a buff that suddenly made her the best, it was itemization changes. so to fix her, fix items! Give other adcs an AD heavy item at lower cost than infinite edge so that they regain that period where they have their first item which scales really well on them and tristana doesn't have IE yet and they can wreck her then... I played tristana both before and after 4.10 when she became meta and felt nothing changed on her, it was only my opposition which got weaker. If the answer riot continually makes to the OP adc is to nerf it, eventually the role as a whole will be much weaker than mid/top (and early/mid game adcs are already considerably weaker, a roaming mid laner at level 7 wrecks the level 5 adc..). eh, just my view. I see nothing wrong with her kit as it hasn't changed and nothing was wrong with it before. The only "nerf" I wouldn't be completely against is reducing base range and increasing how it scales. The AS scaling nerf is garbage, weakening her late game (offsetting with a shortened temporary ability) is NOT COOL on a late game hypercarry.
This i completely agree on but as we know it riot only loves to give nerfs so at least we should give riot better ideas than what they want to do right now . But a new heavy AD item for early/mid game adcs would be awesome to make her stop stomping everybody .
12tales (NA)
: >Now seriously , what are these changes that does literally Nothing to her early/mid game at all ?!? They should nerf her early/mid game only not late game because hey , she is a late game hyper carry ! Disagree. The changes restrict her access to multiplicative stats at one completed item/pre-level 13, and give longer windows of vulnerability after using Q in lane. Once she's gotten max rank Q, however, the attack speed changes are very close to balancing each other out. Essentially, Tristana will be even more reliant on completing multiple items and gaining levels than she is now, reinforcing the weak early and mid game that nominally balanced her late game dominance.
Really smart what you just said but i feel like that she deserves the same power that she have right not but at lvl 18 only and that change wont help that in my opinion . I felt like putting more to her passive would balance that early/mid game by making her definitely weaker at these moments during the game . But thats just me . Thanks for the reply !
: @Riot how to actually balance tristana the right way .
Will be really happy to respond to feedback !
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