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: Team recruiting adc and top [gold/plat]
IGN: im Genie Champ: Every ADC Exp: my elo is from Gold to Plat Cuz the work so i can play aroud after 8 EST Saturday Sunday
: This Community will be the reason the game dies, not Riot
"Intending feeding is fine, toxic gets banned" - Riot said lol
: If the other team has an actual Intentional Feeder......don't kill the feeder.
they intending feeding early game and after that they got some kill from ks. DONE! Riot didn't punish them because they contributed for the game, that is stupid. I checked history the guy who attended on my ranked game 2 times on a round, and keep doing that until now. Sad for Riot punish system
Velgam (NA)
: An easy way to deal with trolls/inters
Anyone has a Topic talk about how to punish troller and afks, they get "-" its kind funny in this NA server. Riot knows who is cheating but they just leave them until they got at least 1000 reports. They fail your game several time for no banned but u just talk to them for 3 games u get "Shut the mouth" and get banned. Such Riot, cuz they know if they do tough way those Shiiter NA won't play this game and give them money. Riot is Chinese company, you should accept it, they just want money. Dealt !
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Nowe (NA)
: Low FPS
1. Wrong driver 2. Didn't update dxdiag 3. CPU overheat or VGA
Kürama (NA)
: Did you earn 4 chests for the month already? If yes, that's probably why you haven't received a chest. Also, an S doesn't guarantee a Key, Key drops are random.
nah i still have 4 chests
Aeszarck (NA)
: Do you own Ashe?
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: How do I stop becoming angry?
I know your feeding bruh, i used to be nice guy, but this game is making me angry every single game. You just wanna play game and win with ppl, but they are not smart enough to understand that this game requires IQ to play. They said "it's just a game, have fun". WTF, you troll in ppl game and only you have fun because you are laughing everytime u fed them, you fail somebody game and said it's just a game. go fuk yourself. Just imaging, you are in a meal and somebody just come and shiit on your table, they have fun so how about you? I think it's time to stop playing this game
: Based on what I've seen, Bronze players have a better mentality than Silver players
Under Plat V, TRASH ppl everywhere. silver, bronze, gold they are same. no different
: Toxic Play Is At An All Time High
i don't know exactly why they toxic, but it always has a reason why they do that. Troll pick, feeding, ks, boosted,... it depends on how you control your toxic. if somebody toxic you, just mute them. that's it. If someone troll in your game, what should u do? ---> Toxic
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: FPS problems ONLY in mid-late game? Help please?
i have no idea the game work perfectly before Riot update new client, it mess up everything. i don't understand why server is not working fine but they didn't fix it from patch 6.23 until now
: Patch 6.24 notes
FIX YOUR SERVER FIRST PLZ, i can't even play with dropping fps from 200 to under 10.
: Very low frames i need some urgent help thx!
same. they will ask you to submit ticket and download hextech fix and send them file, disable DVR in Xbox app. but it doenst work, they will keep telling you turn it off and send file, i did it 3 times no work. im DONE
: Riot, can you please crack down on toxicity?
how long have you played LoL? this is NA, buch of shiiter play it, its free. and Riot is so lazy to strong punish them. i think the reason they toxic cuz they played troller and boosted lost their game. But riot is just punish someone rage but not bad player. that's reason, no option to report troller. cuz Riot know how bad NA players, if they strong punish them they wont have money. So, if you accept to play this game, you have to accept them too. Good luck, but i quit this game
Brytah (NA)
: Just because you didn't get your role due to Autofill, doesn't mean you have to troll
First i wanna say that everything is from Riot. If they didn't make the bullshiit dynamic queue, it wont have boosted animal for next season. They remove dynamic queue and make another bullshiit autofill, why do you want someone to pick their role and give them another one what they dont want. Second from the way we report, it has no option for trollling or fail game. what do we suppose to report? Unsupport or inten feeding while they just did nothing but open the lane for enemy push. I stop playing this game from last season cuz this shiit Riot keep making bullshiit deadbrain system
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jamiezyx (NA)
: Feeder,scripters,Hackers,toxicplayers
Im Genie (NA)
: FPS extremely dropping
Sorry but i used AMD Video Card, it work perfect until Patch 6.23 updated and new client crash my FPS even i changed my setting All Low CPU : i7-3770K RAM : 8 GB VGA : RX 390 I re-intall my window, update new driver from amd, reintall LoL. Disable DVR on Xbox app. disable G-syn, even sent the support ticket and hextech log. I did everything but It's not fixed
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: Auto-filled players should lose less LP in losses and gain more in wins
i main adc and mid, they autofill me to jungle, ok im fine im not good but i can play safe, but why the fuk they gave it to someone else who sucks adc, i have no fuking idea. I dont understand why they make ppl pick the role while they cant play what they chose? Fuk this "improvement"
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NiP Adept (EUW)
: No Chests for weeks and getting S
i even got S for my champ but didnt get any chests or key
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: I need some help with lag.
same, after the path and some small update my game can't work as before, the spike lag and disconnect happen so often
: Ranked is horrible: A story
the funny thing is Riot create this board is just for everyone release stress, and Riot doesnt care at all, what they care is how to get more money from us. Ranked game? they will think that you quit, they still have bunch of shiit is ready spend money for them
Dyve (EUNE)
: Feeders and leavers everywhere in ranked..
i dont know how many time i saw this kind of post form last 3 years and until now Riot didnt nothing, they are playing as deaf and blind ppl. i can see that trash appear more day by day. but what Riot is doing now is create a new skin to get money, that's it. They just saw us as trashers is crying. Never hear anything about they will make game play better. This game is bunch of shiit players who just wanna have fun and troll in other's game.
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: 4 man premade hold hostage
1. You shouldn't practice champ in ranked game 2. Premade is shiit, even 4 of them is worse than BOT game
: > [{quoted}](name=Cpt Genie,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=wwfV3MlU,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-02T17:54:24.330+0000) > > so you think u have to send this to Riot? im talking to player behavior Report him after the game.
i did, and i get punished 5 mins queue cuz 4 of us stay in base for end game but that guy didnt get banned somehow.
: Calling remake stupid because it doesn't solve something it isn't meant to solve is like calling a traffic cop stupid because he isn't solving murders. Remake addresses people not ever connecting, that's it. It isn't some blanket system for AFKs. Report him for afk and leaverbuster will do its job.
the funny thing that i just get banned 5 mins queue cuz all of us stay in base for end game but the afk didnt get banned somehow. that's how i called Riot's system is stupid
: Wrong board
so you think u have to send this to Riot? im talking to player behavior
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: I Cried While Playing League
this game is making me bored, im sick with how riot does to these crazy summer kids. as everyone said this game will be die asap after 5 years. im playing another game now, it's much better than you have to suffer these idiots every single game. good luck
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: Will the Tribunal ever come back?
nah its not. if they really care how to punish someone they did better and that's when we dont need Tribunal system, but they didn't, they care about how to get more money, 1 or 2 ppl quit game it doesnt matter
: Trolls,afk's and feeders
I only see Riot bans toxic players but not troller or feeder. cuz after that game they got win and nothing happen. Riot should add kick button when someone in team troll or feeding.
ruthern2 (NA)
: account suspended 3rd party programs
Same here, i get banned my account for no reason and proof. i never used what they call is 3rd party programs.
: Thank You Riot.
i think he posts it after uninstall LoL and move to Overwatch. Good job bruh
LaurentiuSs (EUNE)
: My account has been permanently suspended for using 3rd party program. I haven't used them.
same, i have another account and i don't know who did it, RIot banned it and send me email that i used 3rd party program while i never use it in my account. i send them email and they said that's my bussiness cuz i didnt protect my account. FUK that
: If league is "not that important to me" and you"dont really" care...DONT PLAY RANKED
i know your feeling bruh. Every single game in ranked. They really dont care about their elo and others. "It's just a game" yeh it's game when u play it alone or with your friends who accept your work. They fail others game and said that, what should we do ? punch to their face and said GET THE FUK OUT. Riot created AI game for those guys shiit in their and they keep playing ranked as nothing happens, and i see Riot didn't care about it too.
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Quector (NA)
: Should Riot punish afk in ranked more severly?
Good luck hopefully someone will read this topic and Riot will care us problem. We keep thinking that post in this Boards Riot will know what we feel. Nah, they care about our money
: What i hate the most about League players [A must read]
now i become toxic player cuz i saw a ton of shiity player toxic, feeding, troll pick and fail game every day but riot did nothing on them. i never seen any good thing for them but taking money and doing worse. It used to be a nice game from beginning, after they took alot of money from us they didn't care how people plays now. Fuking sad, and they never reply any complain on here, no punish those trashers. nothing and no more.
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