: how do you have 4k games on a champ and not know all the matchups?
Because I main top and not mid, no mid laners are viable top except like 2.
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: What do you do when your ADC doesn't trade in lane?
What do you do when your support afks in brush/behind you? Serious question, I stopped playing adc because id be 1v2ing bot while my tank support wouldnt tank, my mage support would harass, and my heal supports would just heal and not engage (nami. raka.Janna)
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: @Riot, I'm almost crying
The item is literally made for Jayce and for some reason made it so he cant use it...
: second wind is kinda busted but jayce needs a better niche than just the champ you pick if you want to play for lane and almost nothing else, honestly would be better for him if they buffed his mid to late while nerfing his early (while nerfing second wind so he will still be a bully) so that he doesn't need to remove the other toplaner from the game to be valuable.
The point of jayce is to be strong early game (like riven) then use that to powerspike into his midgame which he dominates. If he doesnt end before 25 minutes he usually cant carry.
: nerf what in resolve? the 15 hp you get at lvl 1? the no armor or mr you get til 10 mins or the mid game stat of overgrowth? what exactly do you want nerfed in resolve?
What needs nerfs: Base hp, Bone Platting, Grasp Heal. No reason you should have all this healing in one tree. 4% health heal from Second Wind, 2% heal from Grasp, 5-10% stronger heals from Revitalize, then the heals from Dorans Shield, thats so much healing just from level 1 alone. Just a few games ago i played against Cho top. Poke him the whole time level 1-5 used my abilities, autod, all that. Dude is still at full health without 1 pot used and im oom. It needs nerfs.
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: I knew it! jayce mains are so dumb they can't spell "I'm done with league until it's fixed" correctly! << salty shen main
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: His visible ranking is G1. His MMR is Plat 2. He likely decayed to G1. So this is just a normal ranked game where you happen to have a feeder.
His mmr wasnt Plat2, that was my accounts mmr. The gold 1 had gold 1 mmr. 0 reason he should be playing with me.
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: Bruisers in the top lane /will/ need drastic nerfs
: When you check how many pentas you got in your "Year in review"
zk0x (NA)
: Really riot? lol Riot is trying to make 1 trick players feel so unwelcome X_x
Riot players are legit noobs themselves. If you play with one you most likely will lose because the Rioter never groups or wards. One trick players also are better than a Jack of all trades player. So Riot clearly does not know what theyre talking about.
: If there was an league of legends ability that you could have in real life, what would it be?
Nasus's Q *grabs a Cane* *Kills bug* *+3* *Taps human, one shots them* *+6*
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: PBE Players: Y'all Need to Stop Dodging, For Real.
Dodging is a part of ranking up. Got autofilled? Dodge, or youll lose. Youre a one trick and the champ got banned? Dodge, or youll lose. Team mate going Lee Sin ADC? Dodge, or youll lose.
: Year End Reviews are up on your home page.
: Why so many accounts? I'm willing to bet if you focused on one, you'd probably be masters +
Negativity = Perma-banned. Nothing I can do to stop it. One of my pet peeves is, if I can predict something and it happens, then I get annoyed.
: Why do you like the suffering of others? :o
Because its fun to see their reaction in all chat
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: And hates Assassins? I guess that goes hand in hand.
Kha still kills you with one hop and one q. So I think rito is fine with assassins.
Taeseuk (NA)
: Because nobody should be saying kys as it promotes self harm, nobody should be using racial nor homophobic terms such as what you described above as it downgrading, highly offensive and extremely inappropriate in a ~~game~~ life. It's also a form of toxicity and allows league to see those that are being toxic and deal with them, people know these words should not be said but yet continue to say it that's on them.
>Because nobody should be saying kys as it promotes self harm Thats why I said to block it...???
: It's because this is the new America/World. People's feelings matter more than anything else. They forgot the memo. Facts don't care about your feelings. Ha. If people are that sensitive they shouldn't be playing in a crude environment like league. People try to blame people for saying kys that leads to suicide. Honestly suicide is the most selfish things you can ever do. If you kys over a game you obviously have some serious problems and need to stop playing and go see a psychologist to discuss some issues.
I agree with you, and most people dont even kill themselves because people tell them to. Its mostly because of family/school problems.
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P n x (EUNE)
: People take Ranked too seriously.
>Flaming is one thing but when you wish someone's death because he did badly in a GAME, well then you seriously need some help. People take competitive sports seriously (ranked league), and will swear at the rival team. People take practice games (Normal League Games) as a way to just have fun or practice. >I got it, you want to rank and all but sometimes I got the feeling that you forget about the most important thing. This just a game, not your life nor your job, just a game nothing more. You forget that people play ranked TO rank up. They want to play competitive, they want to get to high elo, they want to make a job out of this game and possibly become an LCS player. Thats why most people are toxic and negative. But for wishing someone else death, idk why Riot just doesnt block those messages. If you say KYS or %%%got/%%% in game you get an insta ban. So why not just block it? Legit makes 0 sense. Edit: I like how Riot holds Feggit at such a high standard to block it on the forums, but not KYS. lol
: If your top three champions could use the force which code would they follow?
{{champion:126}} - Jedi {{champion:101}} - Grey or Sith? {{champion:10}} - Jedi
Kuponya (NA)
: Would you shoot said dog?
Id kill it with my bare hands like a man.
: Which tanks and which fighters
Tanks: Ornn, Shen, Mao, Malph, Cho, Gragas Fighters: Jayce, Quinn, Aatrox, Riven, Wukong, Renekton, Rumble, Morde
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Weedbro (NA)
: Yeah the rest of this thread i agree with, but I hope you lose your temper so you can actually receive a punishment. Banning a champ so your team can't play them is honestly a shitty move.
I dont ban Zoe when my team pre selects her. Its only before that. I have only won 3 games out of 11 with a Zoe on my team. And ive only lost to 1 out of 6 Zoes on the enemy team.
Sparkle (NA)
: Just because we don't reply to every topic doesn't mean we're not listening. I can tell you that there are Rioters watching and listening (*waves*) on Boards, the League subreddit and beyond. And yes, Boards or the League subreddit IS only part of the greater community and also IS diverse in its type of players too. Just because you're a part (everyone is only a part, right?) doesn't mean we ignore your opinions - that wouldn't make any sense. We have to listen to all the different parts if we want to understand the whole. I know sometimes it may feel like we're ignoring, but I can at least say that I'm personally here reading every day even though I'm mostly listening instead of talking.
If Riot listens, then how come we see now changes? Damage is too high, Ezreal/Kha/Ornn/Malz/J4/Twitch/Trist/Shen/Mao/Xin need to be gutted. Runes need to be changed. Top lane is useless. Its all about who wins bot lane. Duskblade is broken. Maw is broken. Crit items are too cheap for a class that gets double the kills in lane and deals the most damage in game. If you listen, then why arent you doing anything about this? And dont tell me that pathetic Ezreal nerf next patch is actually going to help.
: Who has faith that I can get a girlfriend before the end of next semester
Girls are toxic, dont date them. Once you do, you wont have time, money, or energy for anything. Your life will be stressful.
: Which supports are pure evil ?
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: No. You didn't say ggez in the game you were penalized for at all. You called people idiots, autistic, and feeders along with telling people to kill themselves and to fuck themselves. Additionally you've already been warned numerous times. You have an intentional feeder ban and a chat restriction before this.
Whats wrong with telling people to kill themselves? People do it on the daily... /s

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