: Been playing Support since before Support was a role (Preseason 1/Beta). Simple answers for the above sections: **Gold Income as a Support** - Make it so support champs scale off something entirely different than AP/AD. Make their items stronger through tank stats for tank support items and cdr/movespeed/gold per 10/mana hp regen for the mage supports and heal/shield supports. As they scale they do not gain in damage but rather utility. This could be seen as a radical shake up, but it would make a huge impact to have insane supports providing longer cc, better shields/heals, but at the end of the day, still unable to 1v1 anybody. A support should always be rewarded for being one of the first to group up, and provide vision/utility. **Recognition** - I think everyone who mains support receives the recognition they always wanted. Ally recognition is all that matters. I don't need the "Pentakill Woman" telling me I made a "Penta Save" because that seems worthless and hard t judge. Only solution I see here is more stats in the post game. Shielding, Keystone numbers (how often did bond of stone or windspeakers negate dmg). **Itemization **- Feels good with 6.22 making items cheaper. Two quick fixes here and a control ward idea... Make Sightstone after a certain champion level gain another ward charge AND increase total green wards on map ex: At level 11 Sightstone has 5 wards and you can place a max of 4 on the map (scales with Ruby and Sightstone + Support item merged items). Maybe make the Merged item have an added benefit to the ward you've placed ex: I buy Eye of the Oasis typically an item for Soraka, maybe for X seconds my placed ward provides a heal. Maybe a Tank Support who scales buys Ruby or Equinox gains a reduced damage aura around his wards? This makes a supports wards truly the most impactful, and will incentivize purchasing wards. With more wards available for a support, he can still ward for vision but also have a few pocket wards for fights. Also maybe a control ward gains more gold per ward killed after being placed? 30 gold + 10 gold per additional wards killed. **Pre-Game** - This section sucks. I feel like gold per 10 runes blow, the xp runes do not even feel like they work, and there has never been utility style runes. Mastery side is decent but I was personally upset when they got rid of the xp per 10 seconds when underlevelled. I used to purposely let my ADC get level 2 so I could create a steady source of xp for lane phase, and reap free xp all game. I thought it was a clever use of the mastery. I have always felt that supports should get their own Tree on the mastery section. 3 Lines down to 3 keystones one for heal/shield, a mage support, and a tank support. The secondary 12 pt tree could still be unique as mages might go ferocity, tanks in resolve, and utility supports in cunning. If any of your above sections gets a radical shake up, please make it this section. Believe me. This one matters the most. 6 years of supporting. This. One. Matters. Most. **Laning Patterns** - I don't personally understand why this section is being questioned. This feels great. Very rock paper scissors. I main healers/shielders and I know I negate mages damage to allow my adc to out win trades, but I also know how I am weaker against the tanks or the hook champs. Lanes feel amazing. Do not change this. I recently hit 1 Million Soraka mastery, so please whatever you do... don't touch her. You cannot have her. ~Utility Backline I have all the answers, and I am big league smart.
I've also been a support main since I started to play the game 3 years back and from what I can tell there are a lot of problems with the role but there are also a lot of positives as well. Edit: Sorry there aren't a lot of positives at the moment. =P **Positives**: Current itemization and masteries are ideal for most common supports due to shields being insanely overpowering in 6.22 for utility and hard cc tank supports. The stacking of windspeakers with mikaels, redemption(insanely broken), locket and ardent censor can give up to 700-900 shields especially good on karma. Courage of the colossus(also broken) is very good on cc trains like alistar and leona who want to jump into a team and cc multiple targets and also gets 1-2k shields /w locket and redemption. **Negatives**: One of the problems people complain the most about is being dependent on the ADC role to do well in lane, I've personally experienced this many times and its possible to solve by adjusting the queue so support players are not the highest ranked player on the team. This won't fix the problem 100% but puts less stress on supports who feel this way. *A side note to this is that if your a support player your also in charge of supporting your whole team in the mid game and so you can always put more of your resources into a player you think can carry the game as this is the only way a support can truly "carry" a game. The itemization is extremely strong right now for supports and can be abused by the jungle because "any role" can purchase the item. We might be able to tempt fix this by making the sightstone a prerequisite to purchase certain items that are labeled as "support only". This would also make lots of supports happy since if people really want to abuse the item they would also have to purchase vision for the team and that is always a plus for supports. You can also do this and limit the sightstone purchase to one per team if it gets out of hand. *something that might be more fun to change is breaking the habit of buying a sightstone first and having more options for supports to itemize early game (maybe have 3 versions of the blue sighstone one with 5% CDR, 10 AP, 50 more HP) NOT THE FULLY UPGRADED VERSION. I feel like some of the support items should be reworked or removed like ancient coin which feels very useless compared to the other two options. The meta requires us to win lane as so getting more stats allows us to fight, however the ancient coin is a passive support item that does its job well however, you lose quite a lot in terms of gold per second using an item that isn't even useful in this meta. I think having the gold per second restored on to the tier 2 version would at least make this item useful so supports don't lose too much gold when walking around the map with no income. A problem that some supports have in pregame lobbies is the fact that a team of players want the support player to play a certain champion and don't even consider the fact if the player is even skilled or knows how to play the champion, let alone owns it. I feel this is a big negative for support players as they shouldn't have to pick something they aren't comfortable with in the first place. I'm not sure if there is a way to solve these issues but personally I've felt the pain of being the only guy on the team stuck at playing a tank support, then getting killed instantly because I don't have gold income for real tank items. Because supports must get vision and that normally leaves us with flat hp over armor and magic resist making us very squishy compared to a tank with actual gold income and itemization it is hard to play the frontline when your team is behind and their damage greatly outclasses our "support" tank items. The runes are in a very hard place for supports, especially buying those flat hp yellows. Those are 820 ip each and I've spent so long getting those runes that are pretty much a requirement for tanky supports as well as those armor quins at 1k ip a piece. The other runes that are optional like hybrid pen reds for range vs melee support battles are also expensive and it feels like the role isn't worth the amount of ip needed just to buy these runes and play a non rewarding role. This also goes into the runes that aren't useful such as gold per second and experience, which really should be looked at as I use to run gold per second in certain match ups in season 5 because it really worked well with ancient coin janna, however now the runes are useless as lane dominance has become a must. I believe a small buff to ancient coin will also make gold per second runes viable again and changing experience runes to work better when behind exp in your team (from roaming&warding) can help make these things at least somewhat viable. **More Supports**: If you want more support players then the simple answer to this is just make more support champions as there is always a flood of support players when a new support champion is released. The more options people have in the support role, the better it is for the actual player just like in every other role. Lots of people complain about the champs being played in select roles during pregame (support mf) and because support doesn't have many options compared to something like mid, top and jungle, people just simply turn away from the role overall. Better items or new summoner spell (support focused) can lead to more people playing the role because these items or spells are only usable in the support role. Even if diversity is a good thing in itemization and spells, people tend to cling more towards things that make them unique when they are the only ones in the game that can do certain things. Things like buying special items or using summoners spells can influence some players to play the role. The most obvious change you can do is just give supports one of the three final lots of the draft pick and let them always have one ban since it gives a small incentive to always get one of the last picks for yourself.
: Own The Rift For Your Region
Well I don't have any friends since I'm a junk player so that party ip boost doesn't sound too good for me to use that icon, I think I'll just stick to the very beautiful tree icon.
: Poppy’s Delivery Service
My favorite is {{champion:29}} adc and {{champion:61}} support for the invisible ori ulti
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: Drill 1: play DotA 2 for a week done
Agreed this will definitely make you better at csing for sure. Unless your fine with not getting any gold or experience via deny.
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: Support mains can't last hit
They can if your playing a support with relic shield, especially thresh where it really counts.
: Improve your last hitting
This video does give some nice tips to last hitting, however I think the real problem people have is understanding the match ups in lane more than anything else. Especially when they are put into a match up that requires being aggressive like against a Soraka & Vayne for example where both want to play passive and farm so the answer to that would be to zone them out and cs in front of the minions instead of the back. There is also the problem of how well you can trade with your lane opponent and this is very important because if they can out trade & zone you then it is more effective to farm with skills than taking the risk of going up for auto attacks on minions. I think you should make a video on lane match ups so people can get a better understanding of how certain champions work against others and what would be the best methods of dealing with them in lane when trying to cs. Also make a video that helps people understand how to farm effectively under towers and the use of skills to secure cs.

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