Valrun (NA)
: It's not the System, it's you.
To be fair you were wasting his and probably people on the other team's time screwing around instead of just ending the game, just because it's a normal doesn't mean you need to dance in baron for 30 minutes when the other team has no chance of winning and waste everyone's time
: > [{quoted}](name=outliving38,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BUqzEzBl,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-23T01:34:32.437+0000) > > meanwhile.. Quinn.... ...... gets her bird ass dunked by MF-Mumu WOMBO PARTY??? You kinda left us hanging here
: Just tried out a normal match with Ahri. Could only get 60 CS by 10 minutes. :( And I was REALLY trying my best to concentrate solely on farming for the first 10 minutes, too. And at the end of the match I only had 105 CS. =/
you dont do it in normal matches u practice in custom
: At that moment, I was already in champ select so I couldn't do a custom match. I don't think it's possible to get that much CS with Ahri in 10 minutes.
It's very possible just watch a high elo player play ahri on youtube and copy what they do. I used to get 100 cs a game when I was level 15 then I watched a high elo Annie player on youtube (only 1 video) and easily have that by 12 minutes.
Conlang (NA)
: To the people posting about people posting
To the people posting about people posting about people posting Stop posting about people posting about people posting. You can't tell us what we can and can't post about.
: Okay, than don't make a team builder just go into team builder where you can leave the team if you want. For the record, I really don't beleive you. You sound like a stereotypical "MY SUPPORT TOOK 1 CS AND DIED ONCE WHILE PEELING FOR ME PLZ REPORT NOOB" adc. I might also be salty because you said Nidalee Support is useless when shes my 3rd most played champ and I pretty much only play her in that role.
im sure you can look up the games in lolking or w/e if you want again i play support probably more than adc so im not whining about 1 cs im talking about taking waves of 20-30 cs (the mundo) or literally try to last hit every single one these people say in chat they're trolling as well
Ralanr (NA)
: Sounds like you need a {{champion:14}} support. Or just someone who wants to play support.
the last sion support i got took every single cs (or attempted to) and said he was trolling because he didnt know how to play support... i would have supported if he said something in champ select i enjoy it.... the ppl i played with all went on to counter strike and smite....
: 60% of games? Maybe just because I main support I don't have enough experience but I'm calling bullshit. If you're really having these issues, only play teambuilder and only accept supports like {{champion:37}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} ect. These guys build a sightstone pretty much always unless AFK or trolling.
no one wants to spend 10 minutes in team builder trying to get a team together, especially if you aren't accepting troll supports like yasuo, darius, etc it'll take even longer & a lot of the ppl who pick non troll supports stlil dont ward buy sight stone my last 11 games as adc i got (this isnt skipping any and i havent played in like 2-3 weeks cause i got very frustrated with the game after this run so i might misremember the games but) {{champion:25}} - warded but also decided it was her job to take all kills she could in lane, now i do take kills on accident when i play support so i dont say anythign and understand when it happens but she was going out of her way to get fed to try and carry like she was playing mid lane {{champion:40}} - suicided into the other team's tower about 3 minutes and put us way back in but other than that played very well {{champion:90}} - i dont think i need to say antyhing about how dumb this was dude suicided several times to make it even worse {{champion:18}} {{champion:157}} - a double top lane so no support {{champion:36}} didnt ward and took half the cs and several kills cause he wanted to carry, cost us the game because the other adc was same level build/higher than mine by the end of game even though i outplayed them all game long {{champion:157}} "i need to get creeps too" and took as many kills as they could {{champion:54}} built full ap and no sightstone or wards {{champion:76}} built full ap and was about as useless as you'd expect a nid support to be, also got us killed several times {{champion:37}} bought no wards or sighstone and suicide into the other team several times {{champion:267}} had never played nami before and didnt ward {{champion:35}} about as dumb as you'd expect Now we won some of these games but i had 0 fun and outside of literall 1 game was not even able to play adc how i liked or it is supposed to be played just felt completely useless.... out of the 11 supports only 1 actually played the role it's supposed to be played... and i play a lot of support (i have max level lux, blitz, and almost leona all as support exclusively) so i know some of the issues facing the class and how it's supposed to be played and **they were just trolling and wrote as such in chat** because they didnt want to play support... funny thing is that if they had said that in champ select i would have supported no issue as for warding u can look in any of my recent adc games and see im always one of the top warders (this is before preseason) i always bought the yellow upgrade asap because i knew my supports wouldnt ward because they dont want to support or play it correctly - the ward score thing ppl are throwing around prove it (and this is despite marksman score is lower than it should be because when i first started playing adc i bought blue trinket and didnt know what pinks were)
KatCraft (OCE)
: Try playing ADC with a brand, Vel Koz, Lux, or Zyra support. in those games either I buy the sightstone or no one does -_-
i think when people hate on adcs and their attitudes they forget that in about 60% of games ADCs end up with a "support" that refuses to buy a sightstone or ward and takes half the cs and tries to steal all the kills (btw yasuo support was a very popular troll support pick even before the pre-season), then get whined at by the rest of the team for not being able to do damage past 20 mins cause they were never allowed to get money i play mid adc and support equally and adc is by far the most frustrating role in the game because everyone wants to get high kills and dont want to play support properly / at all
: personal experience getting out of b5
so you got carried by someone else much better than the rest of your division?
: Oh I get that alot. I had an adc ashe who was getting chunked to bits by an enemy vayne. and complaining to no end I make a suggestion "you know if we build thornmail it will make it easier, it will do damage back to her" and suddenly before I realise it, My adc goes completely NUCLEAR on me. Not just toxic but chernobyl radioactive!" "I KNOW" "STFU AND DONT TELL ME HOW TO PLAY!" "MUTED" She then proceeds to flame me while telling everyone over /All chat to Report me for "offensive language" No. I didnt tell her How to play. She vocalized a problem, I merely offered a possible solution. But I have brought up my ideas and they get shot down and I get flamed, usually along the lines of "STFU your 0/X/X" So...because I dont have any kills, My points are moot/invalid? Hows that for respect. and yet trying to get any kills, even if you ACCIDENTALLY get a kill, you are immediately labeled a trash killstealer, a crap support, and are reported for "Trolling" So yeah, I know how that feels. My face hurts from being thrown under the bus so many times. But Its just the support, no one of any importance to the team.
thats an awful suggestion dude why would you tell an adc to buy thornmail especially against vayne, comes off trollish
: Getting sick of the support bashing.
sometimes i feel you guys (aka ppl whining on here) get bashed for a reason? I rarely see anyone bash supports in my games even if they go full troll build with troll champs (which is probably over 40% of the time I play adc) or they die a ton and play like it's midlane feeding the other team
: To some degree, you are absolutely correct. I could and should play better if I want to get out. The problem is, no matter how skilled I am (and, like I said, I'm ok, not amazing) I have 4 other teammates. All it takes is one of them to not play well, or flame, or feed, or troll, or do 1000 other things that ruins the games for everyone, not just myself. And it happens on a more consistent basis in lower elos, so the odds for an ok player to be able to play at a level that is respective of their ability shrinks significantly
And? I used to blame my rank in Counter Strike on the same thing and then I realized that it was because I was bad and focused on getting better and went from (rank relative to league) bronze 3 to plat 3 in like 1 month. Keep blaming your teams and you'll never get out of it, the other team has just as many trolls and flamers as yours does.
: Elo Hell at its finest
If you're in silver or bronze it's because you belong there. You're never going to get better if you blame it on everyone else and don't try to improve.
: Weirdest Bot Lane You've Seen?
{{champion:82}} x {{champion:122}} actually seen it a couple times sadly for them they didnt buy {{item:3302}} and i was playing {{champion:51}} the first time and {{champion:22}} the second time the second time i was heavily titled and gave them a few kills for no reason bit but still ended like 15/10 .... really dont know how they expected to win lane lol
Nekusen (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ser Garland,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wiqJAfgv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-30T13:12:52.768+0000) > > Teleport is damn obnoxious and you know it. > > Free map control on a game revolving around careful rotations and map control? > > It should downright be removed IMO. > > And before you say "Same with flash", there are so many champions {{champion:59}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:59}} That would absolutely DOMINATE the meta if that happened. > > And there would be so many immobile champions that would cease to exist. > > TP being removed destroys no one. They could make {{summoner:4}} into a short lived {{summoner:6}} that gives you some speed, makes you untargetable (and unable to attack/cast) for 1.5 seconds, and allows you to ignore terrain transformations like Anivia's wall and such. There, you have your new {{summoner:4}}
thats more obnoxious than current flash.... no one like untargetability
Kritya (NA)
: thats because both of those events had live entertainment and serious effort put in to build hype over the competition AND both of those are single elimination, not series. Riot has a long way to go if they want to keep viewers. Everybody wants a close game. But if we can't get that, then at least give us something shiny to distract us. Otherwise, I got better shit to do with my day. Like watch teletubbies, since ill get more entertainment value.
no one watches sports championsihps for halftime shows and there have been plenty of blowout finals in the nba/mlb which btw are 7 game series
: My CS is lame and I dont know why....
you're not last hitting correctly? you're not paying attention to the map and where large minion waves are about to impact a tower?
Xonra (NA)
: Viewers For #Worlds Already Dropping Like Flies
What's your point? It's a sport if one team is that much better than the other stomps will happen. No one wanted to watch an NotreDame-Alabama championship either and the Seahawks-Broncos superbowl was an absolute massacre, fans didn't whine that the NCAA/NFL had to do soemthing about it because those teams earned their place no different than SKT & KOO earned theirs. It's up to KOO & the other teams that played SKT to make sure its competitive not Riot.
Atuko (NA)
: Sona really needs help.
sona does need help but no one builds full support on mages anyways
: Worst penta in history?
nah once i was tilted af on jinx and my teammates basically chunked everyone for me and all i did was right click a couple of times on 10% hp ppl and got the penta.... got me right back in teh game
: Riot, Can We Actually Get A Comprehensive List Of 3rd Party Apps That Are Taboo And Why They Are?
: Next Champion: Marksman?
: > [{quoted}](name=alasarcher,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RphjlEM8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-24T15:26:17.969+0000) > > Why tristana? are people serious with this? she is literally the strongest ADC right now due to having both strong auto attacks and casting damage shes lucian and jinx combined, she gets the best of both worlds in terms of ADC damage while also having peel and escapes w/ resets.
oh for god sakes after literally every worlds match whoever did even mediocre immediately has the entire board calling for nerfs
: GIFting You For the Best GIF
: Why do Jinx's rockets do 110% damage?
You can tell most of the people in this thread have never played Jinx and are basing their whining on a specific LCS game
: Why do Jinx's rockets do 110% damage?
Because they have a much lower fire rate than her minigun
: Why do people like playing Vayne Jinx and Kalista but not the others?
Because they can snowball faster and carry games quicker and people don't trust their team enough in soloQ to play ADCs with more utility like Ashe or Sivir even though their late game is just as good because they dont think they'll be able to get to the late game on those If you get 2 early kills on Vayne the other team is basically done because of how quickly she ramps up just from the building blocks to BORK
: filling sup? please note these things
i'm happy when my support wards anything 90% of them dont buy a sighstone
Grift98 (NA)
you die way too much, i'm guessing you stay in lane past when you should and end up getting ganked? (ex. you get a kill and are at half hp and attack turret instead of B when the minions reach it)
: Nerf Ahri ffs!!
RussoRed (NA)
: {{champion:267}} u better be able to kite and land bubble she is supper squishy dificulty-hard {{champion:44}} stun and ult befor ingaging in a teamfight dificulty-easy {{champion:201}} just tank and position yourself for a huge knockup on ult dificulty-medium {{champion:223}} he just needs good timing of ult and dont eat a tank if u are making a pick dificulty-hard also some champs that can sup but arent the best picks but if u have your heart set on mid or top these can still go bot {{champion:134}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:99}} lastly one more good sumoner spell is {{summoner:13}} if u have a varus,mf or cait adc must have items {{item:3069}} or {{item:3098}}or {{item:3401}} and must have{{item:2049}}
dont upgrade to frostqueen's claim
: Agreed, specifically the annie thing, it is just bullshit that they can literally bumrush the inhib post-6 because all they need is to make sure they have tibbers, and a stun primed, and they WILL be uncontested in the lane, 5 annies is scarier than anything else in this game, OP burst with a stun has no place in LoL in my opinion. She NEEDS a rework and soon.
lol champ needs a rework because its op in a joke game mode nerf ziggs too cause hes op in aram
: Personally I'm having a hard time enjoying it as well because everyone just wants to play the unfun and uncreative champions that everyone knows is broken in this mode like {{champion:53}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:157}} Like seriously almost every game I play one side is one of these. I've been trying to play different champions in this mode like {{champion:34}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:254}} and it always gets out-voted by people picking one of the boring op champions. Maybe I just need to find a group of people to play with in this mode. Anyone wanna just mess around and play some one for all with some different champions for once? My ign is Dark Nephthys
kindred is a cancer champ in 1 for all too
: Was playing a mage support, so I didn't really have much use for the stat - 800g is much for a support after all. Early I just got wards manually and asked my adc to get a few too and we got our lane covered until we both could upgrade the trinket. After that I constantly had three active wards and a pink out. No need to buy sightstone then...
: Spectator Option for Taking Over for a Disconnect
it shouldn't work at all in ranked but honestly i dont see why fun game modes shouldnt let replacements come in for dcs
: But what if there's 5 weakened enemy that you could one shot all of them with one ability? "The enemy team has slain the dragon" could be a sign for a free penta!
lol i did that once on {{champion:1}}
: How does no one see a problem with Lux
if your whole team gets hit by a lux ult you deserve to lose... the width of the ult is not very wide
Rebonack (NA)
: As I've suggested before, replace Crit in item builds with longswords or pickaxes as needed. Then remake the various ADCs into AD Casters or Mages as their kits dictate. The only systematic change the game would need from here is a boost to Whisper to deal with Tanks or a widened selection of anti-tank items.
the problem with this is if you've ever played someone like graves for example who does a huge chunk of damage through abilities compared to other adcs is that after a certain point in the game adc's castable abilities do almost no damage due to armor/health values and such... for example by late game graves' ult probably doesn't even do 5% of a tank's damage and maybe 15-20% of a squishy's health.... you would have to completely overhaul not just adc's kits but how defenses especially tank's defenses work or they would be borderline unkillable even if adcs could do annie or veigar level bursts and even if you did that all you really did was make adcs into carbon copy mages except that they do physical damage instead of magic
: The OP never said people were lying. They said that everyone had to start this game at a skill level comparable to that of a bronze player at some and that people need to get off their high horse because we all sucked at the game and had a lot to learn when we started playing.
There's a difference between being a Bronze level player when you're level 15 and have less than 150 games played then gradually getting to gold level by the time you're 30 and being a Bronze level player with 1000s of games played across multiple seasons. If you're new and you're taking the adc's cs as a support cause you don't know what you're doing that's okay but if you have thousands of hours of experience and still do it it's because you're bad. I see a lot of people complaining that they're low ranked because of afks and luck but when you go into match history they don't buy sightstones on support, have awful cs when they play other lanes/awful last hitting, and feed hard early instead of letting the other lanes that are doing well snowball. I especially see when I'm matched with Bronze players in normals taht they will sit in the base until 30 seconds, can't last hit at all, and don't know how to gank while jungling/gank at awful times and give away doubles, pull drag or baron with 5 up on other team, etc. When I was the lowest rank in CSGO I also thought it was because I had bad luck but I eventually realized that no it was because I made bad decisions and had some poor aim/mechical issues so I went out of my way to practice and fix them and within a few weeks I went from silver 4 to mg2 which is probably like going from bronze 4 to gold 2 or plat 5.
Roodrak (NA)
: What weakness does that mechanic hold? Is she paying for it with anything besides 20 mana?
jinx has no escape or mobility unless she gets a kill
: Make it So Sightstone Allows You To Have 1 Extra Ward on the Map at a Time
Just let the sightstone regen a ward every minute or 1 min 30 secs
Lugg (NA)
: The Ultimate Troll team
i once had to go against ziggs x gankplank x jinx in ARAM {{item:3070}}
Catrah (NA)
: So you picked an off meta support
: Lolipop Annie or Candyland Annie?
i like jawbreaker for q for w maybe it can be like pixie stick dust
: And the winners of Laughing Fish's 40k lifetime upvote spectacular are:
Sweetiex (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=luck5962,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AykGxFeQ,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-05T21:20:17.573+0000) > > you realize tons of damage is not an issue right? i'm not sure why people think a champion having loads of damage is a problem. OMG THIS CHAMP DID LOTZ OF DAMEGE TO ME RITO PLS NURF GG OP You realize there are 4 more champions in veigar's team? It's not just Veigar vs 5? When 1 champion can press 1 button to delete an AD carry, there is something wrong. That's an ad carry. I played a game today, where the enemy veigar got fed(ofc he did it's veigar) and his Q did 850+ dmg to me as the ADC. His R just straight up killed me. Veigar has: Too much damage. Too much utility to go with that damage. Extremely safe laning. Veigar doesn't have: None of the weaknesses he used to have. Release Xin did "tons of damage" too. Was he not an issue?
mages are supposed to delete adc's... annie would delete you too.... as would ahri.... as would zyra... as would lux.... etc {{item:3102}}
: Laughing Fish's 40k lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
: Her Q mid game still makes her lose DPS. The animation is so slow that even canceling the previous AA still lowers her DPS. If Q scaled with attack speed so it could be used as an AA cancel without losing DPS and her W allowed her passive to resist minions at least for a few seconds that'd be all she needs. Her ult still feels terrible though. I find it hilarious someone pointed out her win rate and said it's one of the highest in the game when it's 5th even among ADCs. Anbd as if it isn't skewed by the fact that most people playing MF know what they're doing.
caitlyn's q is also a dps loss after 2 items
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