Saezio (EUNE)
: Trynda is trash what u guys talking about? Name one matchup top where he doesn't die 2-3 times pre lvl 6.
Name one match-up where he doesn't just do exactly what I said once he gets 6?
: PSA: Teemo Shrooms do not proc dark harvest!
Yes they do? I've been playing a bunch of games using Harvest on Teemo and it procs off his poison.
: The problem is **nobody in the world can reasonably kite him except Jhin pre-HoB bugfix nerf**, and nobody can stall out his R except Nasus and Kayle.
: You just need to kite him or stall his r. trydnamere has a 47% winrate bro.
Yes kite the guy with a self-lowing CD dash and an AOE slow with 0 wind-up. And stop trying to use this 47% win-rate bullshit excuse to justify not touching him. {{champion:113}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:268}} Fuck outta here with that stupid nonsense when Riot continuously guts champions even worse off than this living tumor.
: Runes? They bringing back runes?
They added "Rune Shards" to the system allowing you to choose your bonus stats instead of being forced into getting AS for picking Precision or just AD/AP for picking Sorcery. The only problem is they made these scaling rune stats utter shit.
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: Wait wait wair Riot thinks Akali needs buffs?
They're giving her an entire Doran's worth of base HP? WTF Riot...


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