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: How is Kleptomancy on Camille?
It's a decent situational summoner. See, the reason why its not taken on Camille exacerbates her already bad early game. It doesn't give any combat stats, unlike Electrocute or Comet, the two other commonly taken keystones. Comet is the most general-purpose keystone and is what I would stick with for blind picks. It gives good poke combined with scorch and the Sorcery tree has really good lesser runes like transcendence and nullifying orb. Electrocute gives more burst for Camille, especially if you max E and the lane is favorable. Cheap shot helps in trades and the burst helps with diving the enemy ADC. Now Kleptomancy is by no means bad, it's just extremely situational. You don't want to bring it against champions that already bully you hard, like Renekton or Pantheon, because chances are, they will kill or severely wound you when you go in for Klepto procs, on top os losing a combat keystone. What it is good for is against tanks that don't have much kill pressure on you like Maokai , Tahm Kench, or Malphite. These lane you would already be maxing Q, and it allows you to hit your powerspikes as you say much faster.
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: Can we get a ping for blitz's passive?
Not neccesarily a CD ping, rather the opposite. On the new Rek'Sai, if your ult is on CD, you can ping the CD. But if its up but there aren't any targets to ult to, you cannot ping that you have ult up. Not really gamebreaking, jsut a bit annoying.
: Ramp-up dmg: A replacement for crit
How would this affect Master Yi? See, there is a decision to be made in the game, to sacrifice survivability for the potential "sustained burst" that crit has, or actually become non bursty, slightly tanky DPS. Right now there is a trade off. If crit becomes a ramp-up effect, why would any people build crit on Yi when they could have the same ramp-up happen with a Guinsoo's on onhit Yi, while at the same time being better able to deal with tanks and be tankier? Why should Riot essentially say, "This is the most optimal build path, crit Yi is now not viable"
: > [{quoted}](name=breathingweapon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7kE7oaTG,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-04-26T03:30:01.666+0000) > > Don't forget her abysmally low range at 525. {{champion:15}} can you say, "500 attack range"?
{{champion:236}} says hi
: Just want to say, I love this, a neat way to make the community collaborate on how to deal with certain Champs without the usual 5 paragraph rant. Also, three requests {{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} and {{champion:23}}
{{champion:11}} + {{champion:23}} Buy Thornmail Buy Frozen Heart Hard CC them Stun+Burst Tyrnd Burst Yi For {{champion:24}} I don't know :/
: No, you completely messed up your math. -40 + -16 = -56. You always use addition when adding numbers (duh), if the number being added is positive, the total goes up, if it is negative, it does what you would expect (goes down).. Effects that reduce armor/mr by a percent likely do nothing under 0 MR, or, they are reversed and use division instead of multiplicatio(?) Incidentally, the calculation for damage is different under 0 MR/armor, the wiki has details on the armor page. Reducing armor below 0 has less effect on damage than an equal increase above 0 does (but it is still significant, as Lolethality showed)
Well, it says reduced by X amount, so fin it is reduced by 40%, 40% of that armor is removed. However, that second but does seem really interesting. Thanks for the info.
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: isn't it fun when you use herald to take baron too? Or can yorick not do that anymore?
I think you're thinking of Mordekaiser? Yorick's ult summons the maiden. Mordekaiser gives you a "ghost" of the champion that you kill under the ult's duration. It works on dragons, not sure about Herald.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ahri Carries U,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=00nFPZ9b,comment-id=0003000000010000000100000000,timestamp=2017-03-12T22:25:54.641+0000) > > Doesn't it trigger his traps so he has to set up new traps for his jungle clear? > > If not then my bad. Not anymore. Red trinket as of this or last patch no longer disables traps. This includes Shaco boxes, Teemo shrooms, Jhin traps, etc.
Correct. It does not disable the trap. It triggers them. So they sit there doing nothing, then poof out of existence, leaving Shaco with a much more painful clear. That still doesn't fix the fact that his invis and ult can still get totally cancer.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nostormo,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qYnEUuz6,comment-id=000600020000,timestamp=2017-03-12T14:59:42.641+0000) > > Most AD-based champs (Skirmishers, Divers, Assasins) have easy way onto you and those who have it more telegraphed have decent defensive options. No, the range safety isn't really that relevant when someone uses one braincell to click on you and uncounterably kills you before delays on your abilities even go off. > Most ranged Mages pay with the range by having delayed unreliable aimed abilities that cost tons of mana and have large CDs. Meanwhile Kha'Zix, for example, jumps on you and spams Q on low CD, low Mana cost while dealing tons of damage via point-click. Much skillz. No no no, you don't get it. You're ranged. Who's in front of you? The Nautilus with his hook Who's behind you? The Raka with her AOE Silence Who's next to you? The Jhin ready to fourth shot bitches. Assassin's literally need to 1v5 to get to their target if the enemy team plays well.
And thus leaves poor {{champion:38}} even more screwed, cause he needs to 1v5 and doesn't have the benefit of {{item:3139}} or {{item:3156}} to help him, nor does he have range.
: How to be a LoL youtuber:
BoxBox: Step 1: Play Riven, Lee Sin, anyone with $LCSBIGPLAYS$ Step 2: Actually make plays Step 3: Play shitty nightcore Step 4: Profit.
: this is good progress
Pussy. You don't go balls-deep enough. Play someone like Kled, then you can talk. /s But seriously Kled is crazy fun.
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: You have to take your main on a date. How wrong can it go?
{{champion:236}} Lucian Me: Ok, I'll have the Fettucine Alfre- Lucian: *starts sobbing* That was Senna's fvorite dish! *continues sobbing* Similar awkwardness ensues. Also I'm a dude. Who's not gay. And neither is he. Closest female based on Mastery: {{champion:92}} (Not a Riven main, just spent way to long trying and failing to learn her) IDK, but she's probably that type of person that has extreme trust issues, so that'll be fun. /s
: Grasp isn't that bad if you proc it often.
Especially Garen with constant damage ticks from his spin.
Eedat (NA)
: 73 CS in a 36 minute game as a solo laners is ***really*** bad
I do realize that, and that was in part due to me just being bad at League, getting zoned by Rengar because Kindred made me tank her blue, and having to go mid after Rengar otherwise fizz would have died. I guess part of my confusion is that I ended up with 16.2k gold, more than Ori who had 140 CS, and only 1k less than Kindred, while still remaining far above the other players on both teams, with the exception of Kindred. If I still manage to get gold without CS by getting kills, pushing towers, getting dragon and baron, etc. And these are just numerical stats, that doesn't even take into account ulting my team into fights or objectives and initiating teamfights (I admit these are probably impossible to quantify).
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: Why? I use every legal tools to win the game. Something that happens in every competitive sport. Only league seems to be stuck in the kindergarden. Just look how pathetic LCS sometimes is when you aren't even allowed to shittalk someone and everyone loves and respects each other. Don't want to know what some pros think of others but oh well league will be that fancy sugarcoated safespace.
See this is the problem. You hate these toxic assholes in chat, but when they're a toxic asshole purposely tilting another player its fine. It just does not make any sense at all.
: doesnt matter why you're toxic, if you're toxic, you deserve to be banned. people need to take responsibillity on their actions and stol blaming others. and using a feature riot implemented to help you win isnt wrong either.
Ah, but if you are the cause of toxicity, doesn't that make you toxic as well? Secondly, I doubt Riot intended the Mastery emote to be used to tilt other players. I will concede that it is not wrong, but purposely tilting someone else is distasteful and is really a douchey thing to do.


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