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: Free-For-All Game Mode
So, you want riot to get in on the Battle royal fad?
Haze97 (EUW)
: Thank you.
I take it this was used to settle an argument?
Reksee (NA)
: Thank you for the advice. The reason I decided to keep the active far less powerful than {{item:3800}} is because I wanted it to be a heavy engage item while being less beneficial for long drawn fights. This is because the ap bruisers I thought of when making this item ({{champion:102}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:517}}) had good engage so I wanted to make an item that would be tempting for them.
A stat stick is not as tempting as an item with decent stats and a great active/passive. The price of your item warrants a better active. I know the idea was to make it not over powered, but in it's current state it is exceptionally weak. I would still purchase a righteous glory over your item if it still had that active.
Reksee (NA)
: AP Bruiser Item Idea
I think we need at least 2 items actually. One that has AP and MR like you're suggesting, and one that has AP and Armor. (maybe 1 if it gives both Armor and MR) There's only 1 "APC" item in each category. AP/MR = Banshees, AP/Armor = Hourglass. Currently there's very little variation in itemization for AP champions in general. Not just AP bruisers. Note: I dont count Athenes as it was semi-modified into a support item only used on a select few champions. As for the item you proposed, • It actually is not high cost. It is actually around 105% gold efficient with the price you put. (not including the active portion) It would actually be better if you put the cost at a total of 3200g going off of stats alone. • I think the stats are decent for an AP bruiser. • The active seems really underwhelming to be honest. The 10% boost is nice but it only lasting 3s is the part I feel is underwhelming, especially since it could take that long to get up to them anyway. There is a lot of potential in an active there though. Something fun could be adding a phage type passive mixed with an omen's active; > Unique Passive: While in combat, you gain 10 movement speed per second (halved for ranged champions), capped at + 40 movement speed (20 for ranged). Upon reaching the movement speed cap, gain 10% increased AP. (Bonus AP and movement speed fall off after leaving combat.) > Unique Active: Slows the movement speed of nearby enemies by 40% for 2s. There is a lot that could be thrown into an item like this. Maybe an AP/MR item that builds out of qss instead of the negatron.
Lovelle (NA)
: It's not so much her laning, but her design that is the issue. She needs another rework.
That's what I was getting at. Her kit is what's making her a "problem" in top lane. And, the only way to deal with that is to nerf everything in the kit, or like you said, rework it. Which is doubtful that it will happen since she's seeing a lot of play and has a good winrate.
Lovelle (NA)
: So basically, it's okay for her to counter pretty much every melee champion rather than become unplayable.
One of my examples was even melee... So no, I'm not "basically" saying it's ok for her to do that at all. I'm just saying the only way to make a ranged champion not bully a melee champ is to make the ranged champ exceptionally weak. Effectively making the ranged champion difficult to play in any role... It happened with lissandra, nidalee, and viktor. Now I'll admit, Viktor didnt get nerfed into oblivion, but that is because his problem was only one ability (which had an oblivion style nerf on the pbe for about 2 days). not the entire kit like lissandra, nid, and now karma. The other portion of what I said was try finding a counter measure before screaming for an obliteration style nerf. If you dont want to play vs karma top: • Swap to mid/jungle. • Ban it. • Pick it yourself. If you dont want to swap/ban/pick it yourself: • Play a hyper mobile champion. • Pick another lane bully. • Deal with it because her win rate is near 50% top. Meaning she still loses half her games.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Yep. I replied 2 times with that impacting my response. No harm and now foul thou mate accidents happen. Yea W/L raitos meh because its influenced heavily by # of games. im not scared about a 30% win rate on Player or champion out of 10 games. I would hate to see that on say... 400
Haha, if you see that, it would probably be in iron 4. :|
Kai Guy (NA)
: It does not take Players WR into account when it builds teams. So you don't see it try to place players per team by overall win %s to balance the team to 50%. (that would force 50% and punish good players. its a bad thing.) People confuse MM and MMR. A common player complaint is MY TEAM HAS X TRASH WITH X WIN %... unaware that a 30% win rate out of.. like 9 games is not really that big of a deal or accurate. Low games = high uncertainty. I can always be wrong thou. So please Feel free to link me to the quote. Going off Elo and MMR theory then The rating itself is generated by an accounts history of matches. Just the Results + what MMR range your in. Its also what Riot claims in their FAQ. [Your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a number that Riot uses to determine your skill, and when matchmaking, the skill of your opponents. Everyone’s MMR starts at the same point when playing a queue for the first time. It goes up when you win, and goes down when you lose. When looking for games to put you in, it will look for other players whose numbers are close to yours. You have a separate MMR in each queue, ](
I think I see where a misunderstanding could have occurred if that's what's going on here. When I said: > From my understanding, MMR is based on your ability to play and not based on current rank or win/loss. I originally meant: "not based on current rank or win/loss **ratio**." From what I put I think its pretty close to what you posted. (just obviously not as in depth and accurate) Sorry for the miss wording on my part if that's what's going on.
Kai Guy (NA)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} well.. at least im self aware of it right? > This is just my guesswork, I showed my logic in my usual way. The fucking why is there always a wall when this dude posts WTF KAI style.
Kai Guy (NA)
: > From my understanding, MMR is based on your ability to play and not based on current rank or win/loss. Its pretty much just wins and losses in relation to where (who) your playing. Then applied to a probability theory so that the points assigned set accurate probability expectations and it moves your raiting in relation to that probability. If its wrong it adjusts to reflect that. It also... never 100% locks down and assumes its right becaue folks can improve or get worse. The score its self is ment to be the Mean average for you as a player off your entire Que history. Its not worth much at high uncertainty. Microsoft shares a lot of their details publicly, they do some stat accounting to lower the time to rate but the basics are pretty visible and given how many Devs keep their MMR system a black box proprietary system This has been what I Studied. For a publication on it. Personally. I own Arpad Elos book on his system because im a huge nerd who really likes the idea of self correcting systems. Basically the biggest gap between Elo 1v1 and Rng multiplayer MMR is that MMR tends to work better if its not made to be a Zero sum system.
I've read on other threads about MMR here that Riots MMR system actually doesnt take into account win/loss ratios. (Directly from Riot employees) But yeah, the current game's win vs loss is taken into account. I just meant the total out of say 200 games 43% win/loss ratio is not taken into account.
: I think Lp loss should be minimal when you are doing a great game
If I'm not wrong, you actually lose less MMR when you play well. So, if you consistently play well, you'll eventually start winning and climbing. You just need to figure out why the loss happened on your end. Yeah, trolls suck, but there's definitely something everyone can do better every game. win or lose, troll or no.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Positional MM is still in place for a majority of the ladder despite the removal of positional ques. That being said, its just my guess this impacts LP as I don't really know what this does because i don't know how Riot generates the We variable or what ever its equivalent is to their system. My assumption is that you now have hidden MMR for each role with a soft cap ( all values are tethered to each other to not let them exceed to many Tiers) and that then is applied to the context of your current Division and Que in relation to MMR value and changes your Gains. Unless Riot gives up their adjustment formula and what the variables represent and why I really am just taking a stab in the dark. I think its related to We or riots equivalent which is the gap between probability expectations which then modifies the # of points you can gain off a win and how much you lose off a loss. Rn=Ro+K(W-We). Elos adjustment formula, in english this reads : Your new raiting (RN) after a game is built by takeing your Old raiting (Ro) prior to the match. Looking at the result (W), which is a Win or Loss in the context of league for the match after calculating system probability expectations (We) that's then multiplied by system uncertainty(K). Also that's an aberrated formula, each variable has a lot more math behind it. I happen to think its gonna be fky until all of last seasons accounts have played the 100 or so games needed to adjust for new tiers. Pretty shure they just dropped the Value of Tiers for lower ladder. B5 to challenger was 27 Titles that represented all players. b5-b4-b3 etc etc to challenger. This year I4 is the bottom and.. thers… 27 titles that represent all players. i4-i3-i2 etc etc to challenger. Looks like this. 5+5+5+5+5+1+1 Old To 4+4+4+4+4+4+1+1+1 New. If they overlap the same with old and i4 is the same range as b5 then you end up with the titles becoming same value as old at plat but see GM eat into Diamond. Assuming Iron 4 = b5 and the MMR range each tier represented did not have its value changed or moved then Iron (4-1) is b5-b4-b3-b2. B(4-1) is b1-s5-s4-s3. S(4-1) is s2-s1-g5-g4. G(4-1) is g-3-g2-g1-p5. P 4-1) breaks even with last year and is p4-p3-p2-p1. Diamond drops down a division near the top and is d-5-d4-d3-d2. Gm is D1. M is M C is C. This probably was riots solution to stuck players not trying to play competitively. Make the lower ladder where folks get stuck fast and give up and become toxic for allies because they just wont try for a win as much as they should put in a bit more effort because their "Rank" Got worse. Gives the toxic stuck Diamond Players that you see Diamond boards users complaining about more incentive to make it to the top with a Fancy new title. that feels closers because its "4" divisions not 5. Frankly... I'm not as nice? Rather then change player perception Id just tell people to grow up and try or gtfo ranked ques because half assed attempts hurt teammates who want to be competitive. Then if they don't? Id run a system that aggressively removes players who don't try. Of course they could also shift the values as well and widen MMR ranges to better reflect what they would like to see as set skill expectations. Could easily downshift the ladder a bit, widen the MMR value for what when accurate gives you your title and see the player % Population breakdown shift to what every they desire. Its their system after all. This is just my guesswork, I showed my logic in my usual way. The fucking why is there always a wall when this dude posts WTF KAI style. I really wish riot just took the hit for player participation in ranked and made their Titles be locked behind system expectations for accuracy. People would bitch about it being grindy but they expect 0 to 50 games to accurately represent some ones skill? Stupid assumption if you ask me but player do this shit daily.Then again... there is a lot of folks who might just treat the system like a provisional system the entire time and just... add more noise and hurt the quality of the ladder. People suck sometimes and ruin a good bit of math because they just wont behave right. Any fool proof method underestimates the ingenuity of fools as Douglas Adams once said. Like... A Silver account with only 3 games is really not the best tool to gauge skill? Players also improve so some one who fixes their gameplay issues that dropped them into bronze Can become a better player. A one trick who can only play 1 thing well whos main gets reworked can become deadweight to their teammates overnight and deserve to sink. There's no magic ball to predict the skill of some one with low data... that's why MMR is self correcting. Folks forget that skill is an unknown variable that has to be tracked by proven impact, this is way harder then you think. You can sort Coins by size pretty easy by making a them roll down a slope with holes cut into it that correspond with their size. Ok.. that's easy. Smallest to largest coins. BOOM done. sorted by size. but if we want to sort them not by size but value thou. Know the values and you can add a few extra steps then sort them by value. It just takes a bit longer, might need to have a few extra slopes to sort them out to the right order. But... Try to do this with coins from a country you don't know the exact size and you just have a vauge sheet that tells you some random info like Coin A is smaller then coin B but valued higher then Coin E which is larger then B and D, also C is the highest value... eh... You get the point. You can use logic with some basic data. The basic data used for Elo and MMR is probability theory. Anything that does not match the theory is moved to a location where the results consistently match the theory. if % are not correct it changes till they are. And that % is simple. 50%50% when your playing some one with the same Rating, Different expectations off different probability models for every other impact of matchup off the ratings in relation to the distribution used. It works eventually, its impossible not to. Its never 100%. Its made for a range not an absolute value. MMR and ELO is just your mean average performance vs every player you vs and then reflects probability expectations from the result nudging you to the range your results match expectations and then the system is accurate in its grasp of your skill... till it changes.
: Get Karma the fuck out of top lane already
I honestly hate fighting Karma top as much as you but if they nerf her, she will get the lissandra treatment. Where she will literally become unplayable. As much as I hate karma top, I dont hate the champion and I'd hate to see another champion become unplayable. I feel a better option than nerfing her to lissandra levels is finding a counter to it. Bring a new champ into the meta. Like Leblanc or kat top when you see the karma get picked.
: Curious as to how exactly Rank/MMR works now. (Not a complaint thread.)
From my understanding, MMR is based on your ability to play and not based on current rank or win/loss. (MMR is not based on Rank but Rank is highly based on MMR) MMR is a personal "score" of sorts that the automated match making service places your play level. I dont know what it uses to find the numbers though. Maybe in game stats? (not just KDA but cs/min, income/min, damage to champs per gold, etc) I'm not sure. Here's a really really crude depiction of the average MMR system. If the ranks were all given points based on their step on the ladder, (Iron 4 = 1 point, Bronze 4 = 5 points, Silver 4 = 9 points, Gold 4 = 13 points) then your game would look like: > Your Team: > • S3 = 10, S2 = 11, G4 = 13, G2 = 15, S3 = 10. > So, 10 + 11 + 13 + 15 + 10 = 59 > > Their Team: > • S2 = 11, S1 = 12, S2 = 11, G4 = 13, Unr = X. > So, 11 + 12 + 11 + 13 + X = 47 + X > > In the end it ends up being: > 59 = 47 + X, X = 12. > So, the unranked player had the unofficial rank of S1. As for why that game was a "free win", It could be due to a lot of things. Riot's autofill system putting the unranked player in an off role, the unranked player not having enough ranked stats to determine a correct MMR, players on the enemy team having a bad day, etc. I hope this all makes sense. I could also be extremely wrong.
Sukishoo (NA)
: No. Her winrate with Electrocute and Dark Harvest is 50% or higher. So if people were using those more she'd be in a better space.
Those runes have a 5% use rate... that "50%" win rate has very little gameplay data to back it up. It could swing lower than her aftershock winrate if the use rate of those runes jumped to what aftershock is at. Also, a single rune shouldn't make or break a champion no matter what rune it is. Riot nerfed aftershock AS WELL AS Lissandra. They need to put more power back into her kit so no matter what rune you take, you would be at around a 50% win rate.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Aftershock was nerfed, and when she has a 46-49% winrate with it, you can see it's bad on her.
The 46-49% winrate on her is due to aftershock. If she didnt have it, her winrate would probably be around release taliyah levels. What's lowering her win rate so much is there's nothing to back up the aftershock.
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: So close to Bronze 1 I can practically smell Silver tier!!!
nasu010 (NA)
: Sigh dude your a kill joy (but the fact that you stated this throws off the point of change) think it this way what if i do have copyright or since its still being processed whats the point of him then placing his concepts on a public forum ? That said my objective was to deter the likely chances of this/my concepts being stolen even though they were disclosed on a public space owned by said company/faction. While still being able to share them with the/other members of said forum and its community members. Further more am well aware of the boards polices and conditions, thus the reason am even reiterating the copyright (also copy write came out as a typo ended upnhitting space and never bothered to change it.. meh) plus it would only apply ifnthey actually take any of her abilities, as it stands the gender of the concept had changed as well as the addition of elements but like i stated > the new champion looks cool and am waiting to see what she brings to the table. So ill drop the formalities and say that my copyrights are being processed because am listing these ideas for a project that am currently working on and i wanted to share them with my fellow designers from leauge to get constructive criticism and feed back to better balance/tweak their possible flaws based on leauge logic.
There is so much wrong with your logic it's astounding, and in all honesty it's exhausting to just read your comments with all of the grammatical mistakes and syntax errors. I'm torn between 13-18 year old who failed English class, and English not being your primary language. (Blatant lie of "accidentally hitting space" by the way.) To be honest, I don't know why you are putting in copyright registrations for a champion concept. In all realism, you are probably just blowing smoke. If they are in fact in the process of registration or are actually registered as copyright, then please take it up with RIOT's legal team with the copyright registration numbers in hand. Also, from the sounds of it, they took a potential concept you have and modified it substantially enough to no longer be your idea. AKA your copyright does not hold up. In regards to: > what if i do have copyright or since its still being processed whats the point of him then placing his concepts on a public forum ? As for what the point is pertaining to you posting your concepts on a public forum if the concept is copyrighted. There is none. If it is a copyrighted concept, then it is in fact finished and is no longer able to be changed in the first place without being different than your original copyrighted material. If you truly wanted to deter others from stealing your concepts, you should not have posted them in the first place. That's putting the cart before the horse and putting the material out there before any legal preceding. I would not want you to work in a game development office on any game I was working on if this is how you view intellectual property. On a side note, this type of post is meant for the Gameplay board. I have no reason to argue any more with you after this comment. Please remove this post and resubmit it in the Gameplay board if you still feel you have the grounds to do so. And, have fun on the Summoner's Rift!
: Interesting ideas. Scapel seems like a cool idea, though I'd remove the life steal on active with a ms steal. I like the idea of another item that also applies grievous wounds that's not mortal reminder. I feel most of the items might be exploited by adc or bruisers Anyway, I guess to prevent an infinite siege situation with this support OW and a waveclear mage like ziggs and anivia, the opposing team could too buy OW and hard engage while the turret is down for 1.5s+. Alternatively, the team could set up a split push to spread the siege machine apart, which I'm fine with. Smart team macro and mechanics should rewarded.
With just under half of the roster having some sort of self healing or outgoing healing, more grievous wounds items are desperately needed is what I feel. Especially with most of those champs being now almost overwhelmingly placing in the top performing spots in every position. And as the past few nerf/buffs in the latest patches have shown, just changing their amount of healing puts those champs at either too good in any position or abysmal everywhere. I definitely see what you're saying about the items being exploited by bruisers and marksmen. They were made for bruisers/tanks after all. I just wanted more unique active items that weren't just "run really fast at a guy". (ghostblade, shurelya's, glory...) There are definitely team comps that would benefit too much from a new ohmwrecker as well as team comps that lack wave clear that would be devastated by it.
nasu010 (NA)
: {Qiyana} the ... looks interesting
I know it may just be you saying you posted a concept "similar" to Qiyana and want recognition, but unfortunately you do not have copyright status on anything you posted to the league of legends forums. Just because it has been posted to the league of legends forums does not automatically put the idea into your ownership. In fact it actually puts it out as open source for everyone to draw off of without regard to your well being. So please, stop saying you have copyright unless you can provide the copyright registration number. What you have is the knowledge that you posted intellectual property to a public forum, no longer making it your intellectual property. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the last bit of your post, but I don't like seeing things like this. Also, it is **copyright**.
: I think we just need to let {{item:3056}} go. The problem with that jungle item is that you can use that jungle item for the first 10-15 minutes of the game and build your second item and boots while abusing it. Afterwards you can pay the 125 to swap it out then upgrade to a better smite. This item also makes champions like Nasus unplayable.
Unfortunately, Ohmwrecker cannot be removed from the game. The item was put in as a prize of sorts because the player "ohmwrecker" managed to claim 1000 referrals while the game was still semi infantile. I believe it is still in the game as an homage to the player for helping make league of legends what it is today. On another note, I don't think it should be removed but changed just as StJohnSavage suggested. In fact, I posted a while ago how I think it should be turned into a ground target hextech item that has a special effect if used near a turret. I really like the idea of it shielding the turret if it is allied though. It would give it a lot more use. But, at the same time making pushing in exceptionally difficult with a wave clear team also having an ohmwrecker that shields both you and the nearby turret. Here's a link to my hextech items post if you're interested. Link:
: Your Most Hated Champs
I see you have some strong feelings towards these champions, however this post may be more appropriate in the Gameplay or General Discussion boards. Concepts & Creations is for art and concepts/designs for champions, items, game modes, etc.
: Ohmwrecker
Personally I think the item should be reworked into something a little more viable. Although Riot is obligated to keep the name Ohmwrecker and the active of disabling turrets. I actually suggested a rework to the item in a post on the Concepts and Creations board. Here's the link if you're interested:
Jonners (NA)
: What's going on with Lissandra?
This is so... vague. What would you recommend doing to her kit? Also, I could be wrong but I think this should go into the Gameplay board.
: [Champion Idea] Qatik, The Plaguebearer
Kit wise, I love the ideas but the abilities don't feel **_fleshed_** out. XD This would be a kit like zoe's where the second they start testing it, you have to flash away at level 2 or you're dead. Like @TRUCBIZZARD said, I'm not here to criticize you in any way. This is purely about your design and making it fun/enjoyable to play as well as to play **against**. Lore wise: Guy who died **well** before shurima's fall somehow revives when azir revives. - Is what i'm reading. It's a good theme but the story might need more to it. It's a good premise though and paints the picture well enough to announce your kit. On to the kit: My main problem is I dont like the Passive, W, and the ult. * Passive: Again, I love the idea of infecting enemies but I don't like the perma-slow, and I dislike "stealing" movement speed (personal preference). I was very happy when they removed it from Malphite. * W: Just like @TRUCBIZZARD said, that passive on the W is very VERY difficult to balance as well as just not liked. As for the active, I like the idea of a shield that gets bigger with nearby infected, but as the ability stands, it is a lifeline ability that cant be used as a lifeline due to it needing to be set up. (Even if setup is easy) * Ult: Again, just like @TRUCBIZZARD said, inverting healing is definitely a bad idea. The ult also feels lackluster and definitely feels like a fire and forget in hopes the enemy stands in the area for 10s. (this type of ult is almost completely negated by dorans shield and adaptive helm btw.) The kit is very inspiring as it is though. If I were to make a kit based on this one, it would probably be something along the lines of: Passive: Diseased Vessel > Innate: Qatik's basic attacks and abilities apply a stack of **Infection** up to a cap of N (Max) on champions and large/epic monsters. (stack duration refreshes when new stacks are applied and basic attacks apply multiple stacks) Qatik gains % bonus movement speed increased for every nearby enemy champion affected by **Infection**. (so if all 5 enemies are affected, he gains 5x the speed buff) >Innate: Qatik's basic abilities are granted new effects when hitting enemy champions with N **Infection** stacks. Additionally, Qatik's basic attacks deal bonus physical damage to enemies with N **infection** stacks and continuously refresh the duration of **Infection**. Q: Rotted Whiplash > Active: Qatik lashes in a target direction dealing physical damage in a long line. Enemies near the end of the lash are dealt bonus damage and slowed along with inflicting multiple stacks of **Infection**. > If Qatik hits an enemy with N stacks of **Infection**, Qatik is healed for a % of the damage dealt. > Additionally, This ability's CD is reduced by moving. W: Carrion Expulsion > Active: Qatik shields himself for an amount. After a delay, Qatik is able to recast Carrion Expulsion to remove the shield and deal magic damage in a 360° circle around Qatik. > If Qatik hits an enemy with N stacks of **Infection**, Qatik regains the initial shield. > Additionally, This ability's CD is reduced while out of combat. E: Chained Flesh > Active: Qatik stabs at a target enemy unit dealing physical damage and rooting the target. > The range of this ability is increased when near an enemy with N stacks and will pull the unit to Qatik dealing physical damage and stunning them for a short duration upon reaching qatik. R: Caustic Threshold > Passive: Qatik charges **Infection** while out of combat. His first basic attack against a champion or large/epic monster will deal bonus magic damage and apply extra stacks of **Infection**. >Active: Qatik leaps to a ground target area dealing magic damage, slowing all enemies hit, and creating a plagued grounds that slowly increases in size. Enemies standing on the plague grounds are inflicted with grievous wounds. Qatik gains a large bonus in attack speed while on the plagued grounds.
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: Ok u made some strong points here with practical examples that can't be overlooked. Numbers / balancing can be changed, thats no problem. Beyond numbers its where it gets difficult... I will change the passive magic resistance into either something more active (like moving it to one of the abilities) or remove it completely. His W doesnt necesarily need to do guaranteed damage. It was meant to be protection / counter spell. Other spellshields dont do dmg either do they? (sivir just restores mana and morgana's give cc imunity but nothing else) but If I remove the spell rebound it will become generic spellshield which I dont want. I will try to change it tho. Ult - this is the most pain causing ability of the kit and I have changed it numerous times. And this was the variant I am most satisfied with so far. If I was to rework it - I would like to keep the idea of catching the mages into custody wth antimagic chains. Some1 sugested making it work with tether instead making it skillshot or just simple point and click.
I believe Nocturnes gives attack speed if he blocks an ability. It doesnt necessarily have to be a spell shield but thematically a spell shield would fit the lore. Depending on how "witch hunting" you want to go with the design, he could even cloak himself in anti-magic fire granting resistances and causing his Q and basic attacks to burn enemies while the fire persists. As for the Ult, I really really like the idea that this guy is the one who captured and imprisoned sylas. I gave an example of what it could be in a previous comment.
: > [{quoted}](name=Immaterial,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=A6ZsIilq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-09T22:15:22.321+0000) > > Haha, out of curiosity, I calculated out the gold efficiency of just the stats alone. The item is worth (4144g) with 45ad, 60ap, 400hp, and 5% ms. nonono it's 3 seperate items
Also, the AD grievous wounds item is 800g, the AP grievous wound item is 3000g, and the tank (armor) grievous wound item is 1000g I would welcome a not so expensive AP grievous wound item but I think the other 2 are fine. Any thoughts on what your items go into?
: > [{quoted}](name=Immaterial,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=A6ZsIilq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-09T22:15:22.321+0000) > > Haha, out of curiosity, I calculated out the gold efficiency of just the stats alone. The item is worth (4144g) with 45ad, 60ap, 400hp, and 5% ms. nonono it's 3 seperate items
Ah, In which case its: (assuming the MS% is on all of them) - AD item: 1,772.5g - AP item: 1,502.5g - HP item: 1,264g
: Idea for new grievous wound items
Haha, out of curiosity, I calculated out the gold efficiency of just the stats alone. The item is worth (4144g) with 45ad, 60ap, 400hp, and 5% ms.
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: ooof... You somehow managed to make a reply to older version of kit from yesterday just as I changed it to the newer one from today. (probably due to sheer amount of text in your response). I apreciate the feedback but some points are no longer valid as I just updated the post with third iteration i did today which changes lot of stuff and adds quite a bit of damage. I took some notes on passive and W from what you wrote which I might iterate on in next iteration. This one will be probably for some time the "final" one - while its fun to play designer it takes really lot of time.
Haha, I see you did add to it. However, most (if not all) of the points I made still stand as almost nothing changed (all you did was add numbers)... The only thing that changed was the Ult. In fact the ultimate got even more bogged up with things that make it work against itself. Not trying to insult the idea or anything, it just wouldn't work 90% of the time. Or it would deal so much damage that they would kill themselves with 2 casts. (sorry 1k ap karthus using just Q...) There are 3 situations with this ult in his kit. - Situation 1: You somehow get your ult on the enemy Veigar with 1.2k AP BEFORE they get branded a heretic and you throw up your W. Outcome: Veigar then deals ~1500 damage to himself in 1 Q in your direction killing himself instantly. (1/4th of the damage being true for some reason) AKA: 0 counter play along with them dealing no damage to you because you still have inherent 10-30% reduced magic damage on top of most likely going tank... - Situation 2: You somehow get your ult on the enemy zed BEFORE they get branded a heretic and you throw up your W. Outcome: Deals no damage because zed is physical damage... AKA: This kit still does no damage except with Q to physical damage champs. "underperforming" is an understatement. - Situation 3: You get your ult on an enemy Veigar with 1.2k AP while they are branded a heretic. Outcome: Veigar walks away after you stun him for half a second because he cant send out spells in this effective 10-15s long silence... AKA: The ult does no damage and the W also does no damage because BOTH are based on the enemy using an ability... I STRONGLY suggest reworking his Passive, W, and R. The new E is fine. The Q is fine (still wish it didnt have mana burn as it's impossible to balance but w/e).
YourSh4dow (EUNE)
: [Champion concept] Rhovan, Captain of the Mageseekers
I like the theme and some of the ideas behind it, but going too hard into a niche hurts a champion's design more often that in helps. My main concern is the magic damage focus as well as the mana burn. Focusing on magic damage is fine as galio does it but inherent magic damage reduction is probably not a good idea. As for mana burn. I'm fine with it as a concept. But, the issue with mana burn, is it is overly oppressive and cannot be balanced because even the target has to be taken into account when coming up with numbers. (burning mana on Ryze vs burning mana on Zed/Riven. And yes, I saw the "Underperform vs everyone else" bit) If I may give my thoughts on the kit. P: The Mageseeker > I really like the idea of showing someone performing a spell, but I feel it should be more along the lines of rek-sai passive. Where if the mageseeker is within a range of an enemy using an ability in the fog of war, their location is pinged. (like rek-sai's tremor sense.) > Outside of the location gather effect, I really really dislike just a passive damage mitigation. Passive damage mitigation allows for a champion to be both tanky as well as deal massive amounts of damage. I would recommend keeping just the first passive then moving the damage mitigation to another ACTIVE ability, while adding a new secondary passive that gives him the CDR (that you have on your Q). Maybe something along the lines of Yasuo Q where its CD is based on his attack speed. Or give him some sort of extra damage on autos as his kit is blow the load then sit there and auto. Q: Antimagic Bash > Here is a perfect example of difficulties balancing mana burn. If this ability requires mana to burn to be able to deal damage then its base damage makes his q literally useless outside of against mana users. If it was balanced to be useful against all enemy types, then it would be excessively over the top damage vs a mana user. > I really like the ability though. Maybe make it silence instead of mana burn. Or maybe a double or triple cast like riven/aatrox would be cool too with a stun on the 3rd cast. But the base ability is fine too. I just don't like mana burn as the core of any champ. W: Raise Shield > This ability is where I feel the "underperforming" truly comes to light. As others have said, It lacks any sort of ability to deal damage against physical damage. You literally would only have your Q against physical damage at this point seeing as it requires magic damage input to get any sort of output. It is a situational Leona W and Q at this point. (only with true damage based on how fed the enemy got.) > I recommend reworking this ability as a spell shield ability that grants him armor and mr or the damage mitigation that I talked about before. If damage is what you're going for with this ability, then you could do a recast ability or just do non-situational damage with it in the first place. Maybe make him throw down a grounding/dispel field (cassiopeia miasma) at a ground target location that deals damage as enemies stand in it. Either way, This ability is where I feel his "underperforming" comes through. Not the fact his Q does less damage vs non-mana based champs. E: For Demacia! > This sounds like Garen W but dash form, I like this ability. (numbers aside) R: Glory in Purity! > I love the idea of anti magic shackles like what sylas had on. I feel instead of a debuff though, it should be something like a suppression that pulls enemies hit towards you. That way you effectively put all of their cds on cooldown without actually messing with their cds. (which is overly oppressive in the first place. 120s cd ult used while the shackles are on puts it on a 180s cd (3 minutes!!)... > Again I love the idea of magic shackles. Personally I just don't think what you have here works. Maybe go with a 2 part ability. A passive and an active. something like: > - Passive: While this ability is off cooldown basic attacks slow the target and attach chains (tethers) that deal damage over time. > - Active: Pull all enemies that have chains attached to them to Rhovan stunning them and dealing damage. Sorry for the wall. I like the theme and the idea behind his kit, but putting someone into such a harsh niche begs for them to have an abysmal time in anything but the optimal matchup. (in which case, even in the optimal matchup, he can only do what any other champ can do.)
Ech0e (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ShirleyfG,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Eak7Kd7P,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-05T15:45:51.984+0000) > > Please remove me from elo hell. > I know you don't like your players ranking up and stuff but please i beg you just give me a chance. > I want to be a better player and improve but i cant do that if you push me down and don't let me get back up. > > I've been playing against plats since my rank was silver 2. > I've proved myself to be a great player, i'm not even smurfing either. > My peak was silver 1 100lp last season, > Now this season i'm gold 2 with 75% wr > and you decide to put me down again like you did when i was on my silver account. > > You really don't care about your players happiness at all do you? > Please riot give me a chance i can beat plat players so let me prove to you i can beat diamonds. > I dont get the point in proving to you i can beat the ODDS and beat my own team. > > Just give me a even game please. i beg you. > >[] Riot games aren't in control of what happens to you in a game. They pre program a matchmaking system along with a ranking system and hope that they work well together. If you want to climb elo don't play the game to climb play it to improve and surely enough you will. I know I don't have too much experience with LOL but I do with other games. Just stop bitching at riot for something out of their control. -Ech0e
Although I agree with playing to improve, the MMR system is acting a little wonky. I go to before every match and I do in fact get placed in near a tier level below my rank when I'm in promos, near promos, or at 0LP. After a 3 game win streak I do get placed into teams that are on heavy loss streak almost without fail. At first I was inclined to believe it was just poor luck, but it's gotten to the point where the "I just can't be this unlucky" starts coming out... My point is, sometimes it ISN'T your fault. Especially since it is semi within Riot's control seeing as it's their mmr system. (which may have gotten a slight tweak for positional mmr, and then not tweaked back after positional ranks were removed.)
: Given {{champion:427}}'s recent skin I don't know if I believe that they currently choose skins that way xD There were a bazillion skin ideas out there, and NOBODY thought about him possibly receiving Dunkmaster, it wasn't even a thought... That shocked everybody.
I can't say I saw it coming either, but that doesn't mean it wasn't chosen via that method. I'm just saying there's a pattern to what they do, and it works for getting content out. Whether its content that a million people like or 200 people like. It's still content.
: Well it's not that any champion should stop receiving skins, but proportional skins would be nice. Champs should get 1 new skin every 1-2 years. not 2 skins in 1 year, or no skins in 3-4 years. So how long a champ has been out and their play-rate should both tie into how many skins they have. Ez has more skins than years League has been around, coming out in 2010 he should at most have 9 alternate skins in total. 10 alternate skins max for the OG champs like Alistar. This would help distribute skins more evenly, and give players hope that their main champ WILL get a skin eventually. 144 champs / 2 / 12 = 6 skins every month if each champ got 1 skin every 2 years, or 3 skins every 2 weeks. Pretty darn possible with a company the size of Rito.
I remember a while ago, Riot gave a statement that they choose champions based on whether they'll fit the theme rather than if they have less skins than others. Due to artist restraints they dont just pick a champ with little skins and give them a skin because SKINS!! That would take time in both design and art trying to figure out which skin line would they fit best, do we make a new skin line, how much detail should we put in, are they a transformer, etc. Seeing as their art team doesn't make up 20% of their work force, making 6 unique skins a month is asking a LOT. Keep in mind their art team that does skins is also the art team for reworks, tweaks, vfx updates, new champs, and sometimes music videos. Due to Yuumi's release skin being an academy skin, they wanted to "hype up" (advertise in a way) Yuumi. So they chose champions in each position that fit the theme. It's unfortunate but peppy champs like Ez, Kat, and Lux fit a lot of themes that people seem to like.
Oxodia (EUW)
: yea that actually sounds great too especially the Q passive ,someone told me that he might have too much crowd control with the kit I gave him. However I am pretty adamant on the Ultimate ability being sort of like when sion dies and he has 100% lifesteal ,only in this case Ysbryd would either leave his body and use mana for health ,maybe have no abilities like sion (only 1 buff ability) and then rely on stealing mana from enemies to sustain the ult form... Or I had another idea where his Ultimate Would swop bodies with the target champion (s skillshot)when its health is low enough, he then swops bodies with an enemy champion and becomes hostile to the enemy team ,allowing him to use their body (stats included, but not abilities) for about 7s duration and reducing his own bodies damage by 50%. If he dies in their body or gets any kills ,it counts to him. but towers and fountain will not target him . I think the second puppeteer one could make one really fun ult because if he takes someone who is fed on their team ,the enemy team has a choice to kill the team members body for him or try run away and possibly give him more kills but saving. but yes he is supposed to be anti magic ,however there are alot more champs that use mana other than mages ,theres really only a select few that he would seem useless to ,so he would be a incredibly strong counter pick to mana hungry champs ,but also very easy to counter with a energy champ({{champion:238}} {{champion:85}} ) or just a cd champ({{champion:86}} {{champion:157}} ). I wanted him to be melee with this blinking ability to close the gap in the case of a long range mage. (Never played or seen DOTA btw xD)
I have read quite a few champion concepts, and a number of them had some sort of body swap mechanics in them. The most common argument with that mechanic (which makes a lot of sense) is that there's no counter play and it forces you to choose between losing the fight or losing the teammate. Which losing the teammate will more often than not also lose the fight. Its a lose lose lose situation on the enemy side vs a win win win situation on your side. It makes for some really really unhealthy game play. However I like the concept. It sounds like you want him to be a transformer and have a shyvanna style ultimate where he is required to basic attack champions to maintain his form. (much like shyvanna requires continuous basic attacks to maintain dragon form) If that is the case, I suggest changing his W and E in both original form as well as his ulted form. I also recommend buffing his Q in ulted form. His Q works like poke and makes sense to have both forms but there's no reason to use his ult form Q as his base form Q does more damage and has more utility. Why I say change the W and E is due to his combo being relatively underwhelming. It sounds like you just want to Q - basic attack - W - then sit there for 3.5s (very very long duration) holding E in an attempt to knock the target up. Afterwards you sit there just basic attacking with minimal damage as he is AP. That's assuming the enemy doesn't just walk away. If you're going to make his passive basic attack or ability based, I recommend having abilities that are able to be cast repeatedly or augment his basic attacks in some way. I can see this guy just sitting on the side of a fight just throwing a Q and dying while trying to knock everyone up before hes even able to ult. Even in Ult form, it's q - start a situational and temporary sunfire cap - then sit there suppressing an enemy for 1-?s. All of which cannot be used in tangent with his base form unless you land the 3.5s channel knockup and they dont walk away first. So all in all, I strongly suggest making his base abilities as well as his ult abilities based around basic attacks, or make him a basic attack champion while not ulted, then an artillery champion while ulted. I know its something you really want, but I would suggest not going with a sion passive type ult where you just become a basic attack only champion tied to a location. It's like camille ulting yourself.
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: Character concept: Ysbryd, The Spirit's Refuge
He appears to be severely niche mechanic wise. As a mana burn champion, like anti-mage in dota, he would only be useful against mages. A select few mages to be exact as he is melee(?). As for lore, he sounds like someone turned themselves into a galio type existence. If I may, I would like to offer a secondary kit as I really like the concept: Passive: Severed soul >Innate: Ysbryd's basic attacks attach part of his soul into the enemy granting him true sight of the enemy for a short duration. Q: Arc Ride (low mana cost) (low CD) > Passive: Ysbryd's basic attack range is increased (total range: 800) against enemy champions effected by Mana Flare. Basic attacking an enemy affected by Mana Flare expunges the Mana Flare mark and blinks Ysbryd to the target before the basic attack applies. > Active: Ysbryd launches a thin bolt of condensed lightning like mana in a target direction (range: 1000) dealing a small amount of magic damage in the line that ignores some of the targets MR. Enemy champions hit by this ability are marked by Mana Flare. W: Earth Cloak (medium mana cost) (medium CD) > Active: Ysbryd violently rips up the earth around him and draws it to himself, dealing physical damage and slowing nearby (range: 500) enemies caught in the upheaval. > If Ysbryd damages at least one enemy champion with this ability he is granted % damage mitigation for a short duration. At the end of the duration the earth violently lashes outwards stunning nearby (range: 500) enemies for a duration and dealing the same damage again. E: Arc Surge (medium mana cost) (long CD) > Passive: Arc Line: Every third basic attack will deal bonus magic damage (based on ap and maximum mana) to the target and in a line behind the target (range behind target: 200-500 increased based on ability level). Every time Arc Line occurs, the cooldown of Arc Surge is decreased by a %. > Active: Ysbryd charges himself resetting his basic attack animation and gaining greatly increased attack speed for a medium duration. If Ysbryd kills an enemy champion during Arc Surge, he gains a moderate shield. R: Final Act (low initial mana cost) (long CD) > Active: Ysbryd roots himself in place and becomes untargetable launching his spirit to a ground target location (cast range: 1200). Upon his spirit reaching the targeted area, he begins channeling for 3s. Every .25s costs an amount of mana. After the 3s or upon ending the channel early, Ysbryd deals magic damage based on channel length in a radius (range: 500) around the ground target location.
: How about we get into a spiritual character similar to kayle and morgana only with a twist inversion
I'm saving this to try to work it into another concept that another user posted. I will link this in the post I make when I do.
: Baby Tear of the Goddess Rune
This sounds like mana flow band without the stipulation of hitting an enemy with the ability.
: I like it honestly, the only thing is the champion feels more Shuriman than Darkin. but that's just the lore, the champion's kit i actually like. Seems like a fun support
Haha, so I guess I did it slight justice! XD Darkin are originally Shuriman ascended who turned violent after azir died. I really wish I were better at drawing human form so I could do an illustration at least. Or, at least a few concept sketches.
: Actually that sounds thematically better. Since it comes from the shields
Alright, I tied it to Venom Overflow. Thanks for the ideas. It's always helpful to hear what others have to say.
: I still feel it should be a natural slow built inside the fact it's a shield storm is reason enough to slow them. Even if it's a weak slow
How about, tying it to Venom Overflow like I did with her E?
: If you mean unstoppable yet can be damaged sure.
Alright, I like that idea. I added damage into it as well. As for the slow, maybe a raylai's would be a good item to build on her.
: It's not the "omg too much damage" thing it's more of if you dive us your gonna be in a disadvantage zone so damage/slow plus shielding your ally while you can't be targeted since you basically turn into (high ground) terrain mode for however you put your duration.
Hmm. I'm still on the fence about her being unable to be targeted, due to things like channeling this ult under the opponents tower makes the ult a bit too good at diving. I like the idea behind being unable to stop the ult though. What about something like she gains cc immunity while channeling?
: It's more like the champ you suggest is weak vs hard fighter types like Jax nothing stops him from your ult suggestion now if it was protective to allies yet has a slow/damage inside while also being untargetable (yes fizz styled untargetable) during the channel now we are getting somewhere. It offers offense defense with a threat being in that zone.
OH, I misread your comment. I'm sorry. I thought it was all pertaining to her w being like a low cooldown galio ult. XD I see where you're coming from with her ult being underwhelming though. I wanted to add something to it but I didn't know if going the damage route would be good. I thought about making her go into an hourglass style stasis while ulting but an uninterruptible aoe shield generator felt hard to play against. Now that i look back at the math though, her level 6 ult with no health items would only be a 200 shield that generates over 3s. That is severely underwhelming.
: W sounds very op like a Gallo ult. On a low cooldown ult seems underwhelming
See, while I was thinking up that W I actually thought it was more like an A Sol (E). I had a few ideas to make it less underwhelming but I didnt want to clutter up her W. I might add it now that you say this. Thank you for the feedback! :D
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: Can we PLEASE get Silver Kayle and Judgement Kayle Back into the item shop.
There was a thread a LOOOOONG time ago asking about this very thing when they locked out promo card skins. (Pax jax/tf, championship riven, etc) They commented that "at the time" there was no plans to release any of these skins again at a later date. Again, it was "at the time", so maybe they will. Who knows. Link: Personally, I think maybe putting it behind the gems wall or some sort of legacy vault re-opening event like they've done in the past would be a good way to go about it. But, at the same time they would have to reimburse players who purchased these skins before. Maybe granting them a border, icon, and RP would work again but I doubt it. (Maybe give players with the skins that were relaunched a token redeemable for a free non-random legacy skin. That would be cool.)
: I take it this was a MISS in the books? I really do want feedback from those who don't like parts of it. (or even all of it)
I made some edits after reading through the abilities. I figured maybe adding AP ratios to everything might have been going too far. I still wanted to keep the AP ratios on his E's subsequent strikes however as it may open up new build paths and not limit player creativity.
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