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Bârd (NA)
: The state of Crit in league is a big part of why item diversity sucks ass.
I had to log in just to respond to this. As someone that put thousands of hours into Dota 1, and have at least 5k hours in League, I wish I could up vote this thread 1000 times. This is EXACTLY what League needs the most at the moment, and it would make games so much more interesting when you actually have to think about the items you're building. To add onto to this, I think slowing the game down slightly and giving more space to farm and or take advantage of unique items and their effects would greatly improve the game as well. Certain items could skew more towards early game advantages, while other items would skew more towards mid or late game.
: What specifically can I do in this situation?
Probably not much. Even challenger smurfs can lose games in Gold. I would bet that your teammates were likely autofilled in multiple positions and/or first timing champs. You can't win every game, but you can minimize losses by dodging when you see bad team comps or when you have multiple auto fills on your team. It looks like you played well that game and you should be proud. Pat yourself on the back and just do it again next game. The key to climbing is consistency. Focus on the games where you perform poorly and look at what you could have done better, not the games where you played well and you simply lost b/c the odds were stacked against you. That's how you improve and climb.
TJFish (NA)
: More afks,trolls,INTers in ranked S8/preseason than ever before..
I'm in the same boat as you, having played off and on since closed beta, and I'm noticing the same patterns of behavior. I think it's a combination of the direction the game has gone in terms of design, as well as a lack of a real way to punish people for ruining games (inting is taken too lightly, and "harsh words" taken too seriously). In terms of design, games can be decided in the first 5-10 minutes (one kill in lane phase or before lane phase even begins can be enough of an advantage to snowball off of), and then drag on another 10-15 minutes while you wait to lose or your team to forfeit. This causes people to give up very early in the game, as once you've died once or twice in lane, depending on the matchup, you typically lose all agency both over the lane and the game, which is an extremely unfun experience. I think this frustration causes people to leave/afk/troll much more often. There needs to be a better system in place to punish people who afk/int games. I like the idea of a ranked ban vs. just a chat restriction; the biggest issue is, how does the system identify the difference between a player getting reported for inting vs. having a bad game, or streak of bad games from tilt etc.? I think this issue with identifying is why they haven't implemented harsher or more frequent punishments yet. That being said, I do think something needs to be done. The other major issue plaguing ranked is the number of bought accounts, smurfs (those that boost), boosted accounts, etc. I'd wager a guess it's a much larger problem than Riot will admit to. Restricting ranked to only be playable by verified SMS accounts (like they did with Clash) would certainly make it more competitive and reduce the number of bought/sold/boosted accounts and smurfs, and overall improve the quality of ranked outside of the highest tiers where queue times are (would be) a major issue. However, I think that by restricting the number of accounts, you'd see less dodged games, and the overall quality of games would improve greatly across all divisions.
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: P5 Top LF Team
p3 mid. added you for top
Zorvez (NA)
: Plat 5 support
added you for support. p3 mid
Sycamore (NA)
: P2 Support Looking for Clash Team
Apsalar (NA)
: Plat 2 ADC or Support Player LF Plat+ Clash Team
: P3 adc lf clash team
plat 3 mid. add me gn impekkable
: a lot can happen in 3 years though. and likely other great mobas will hit the scene. i don't think it will be a bad game I think itll just be because people will want to switch it up and try new things
> [{quoted}](name=LilxPaprika,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EX4L2JUu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-17T00:51:12.794+0000) > > a lot can happen in 3 years though. and likely other great mobas will hit the scene. > i don't think it will be a bad game I think itll just be because people will want to switch it up and try new things Wrong. No one is developing new mobas. League is here to stay as the top moba, followed by Dota 2. Will the player base slowly decline over time? Probably. It's been declining in NA, but league is a massive game with a huge global audience. The numbers in the east, especially in China, dwarf any of the numbers in the west. League is here to stay for a long, long time.
: lf3m for 5 Yas 4 augs
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: "jUsT DoDGe hEr AbILiTieS BrO"
She had ignite on her W and there was a redemption on the ground, but he stood and fought. He also missed his W. He has Tabi's, so he has no MR, and she has a level on him. I don't see an issue with Zoe here. It's more an issue that ADCs with one item are extremely weak.
: League is just disappointing now, win or lose it's not fulfilling or even remotely fun at all
This is just your salty after-loss post where you went 2/2/12 Karma and lost. You hardly play the game. You even list Quinn and Wukong as the first two champs you complain about---two champs you were playing against that game. "Not allowed to play anything non-meta". This statement doesn't apply to sub-Diamond 1. You could argue that at D1 and above you need to adhere to the meta in order to climb, but even that's debatable, especially on NA. If you're in Gold and unable to climb or win games, then you're just bad and need to get better at the game. There are so many little skill factors that go into your ability to influence the game that apply to ANY champion you play, meta or not: lane management, last hitting, denying CS by zoning, tracking the enemy jungler, proper warding, back timings, when to roam, when to rotate, playing too passive, playing too aggressive, tilting, etc. I'll bring up my first point again: you barely play. You don't know the game. Wins don't feel satisfying to you and losses feel numbing because chances are you have no clue why you're winning or losing, so you make the false causation and attribute it to the champ you picked/teammates to the champs the enemy team picked. That isn't why you lost your game at low gold MMR.
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Douggie (NA)
: I was S4 Diamond. I've got myself demoted to S3.
Bot lane carries hard now. So you can main Support and do cheesy stuff like harass with Aery on a Lulu maxing Q or Janna maxing W. If you're mid, look for any opportunity to roam bot. Jungle should focus bot. If you're playing Top, look for opportunities to TP bot. Basically it's all about bot lane in Solo Q. If you can get your bot lane fed, you win.
: This seems like a fair match. The people here are in silver 3-gold 5. Thats within 3 tiers, so i dont think this is unfair. The only unranked guy there was also silver last season, so i dont think this is unfair in any way.
Do you feel like tiers are that much of an indicator of fairness? Cause I don't. I think a players current ranked win ratio reveals a lot more about how that player is performing (current patch/meta etc.) and the likelihood of them doing well, and the Red Team all has ranked win ratios at 50% or above; 2 players with 60%. That means those players are climbing, and climbing fast. So either they're ranked lower than they should be (placed low from placements or smurfs), or on a win streak. Either way, this should be taken into consideration in matchmaking. And when you look at these two teams, and you see the Blue team has win rates all below 50%, with 2 of the players having below 40% win rate in ranked and one who isn't even placed, if you factor in the win rates of both teams, Red Team has a huge advantage.
Arammus (EUW)
: i expected this to be a normal with some silver vs some diamond dudes. what you got seems pretty fairly matched tbh.
I'm curious why you would judge this as fairly matched.
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