: Why is There No Report Function or Way to Look Up Matches?
As for reporting, I thought you can at the post game screen. Don't usually have too many issues so I can't remember. As for match history, probably haven't coded a recording base yet.
: Play 15 games of TFT to Stage 4-5
I won't unless working towards other missions.
MuklyFife (EUNE)
: I got unfairly banned
Check your match history if you haven't already.
: If you spend a lot of money? I am asking Riot Experts.
You need approximately however much it would cost to actually acquire the company.
: They will not call you if the store was robbed. Thats just trying to make a point but not really working. About the servers. I am sure there is already someone there fixing it and they call to ask if he can help. Not an emergency.
They will if you are the manager. Not if you are the first contact for tech emergencies.
: Oh sure. Moderation is necessary, but only for glorified janitor work. Mods should have no power beyond removing spam, off-topic posts, illegal activity, and perhaps maybe NSFW content. Anything beyond that is an abuse of power.
And this might be where we have to agree to disagree. Depending on how you want to flag spam, which to me is posting the same thing over and over (whether multiple times a day or once a day over multiple days), there are posts I think have absolute no place on the boards. Ones where the OP obviously has no desire to discuss things(such as one this morning hoping employees would be caught in a mass shooting). Others where people try to use level or rank to dismiss others callously; or calling a person stupid as oppose to calling a stance/argument stupid (I consider calling an argument stupid different from calling a person stupid). At the very least, I hope we understand each other a little bit better with our discussion.
: It's more than that. ResetEra came out of NeoGAF and there was a common phenomenon there where mods were facilitating true toxicity by banning anyone who would talk back to someone the mod knew or was friends with. Moreover, though, both ResetEra and NeoGAF had a reputation for being the most overpoliced forums on the internet where mods were just looking for an excuse to ban you for any reason they could going so far as to adopt social justice concepts to justify their abuses of power. Here's a video Mister Metokur made about ResetEra if you're still confused. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS_6bqNTgao
Let's go ahead and get this out. I have had moderation action taken against my account. Based off an offhand comment being taken as an insult; it wasn't but I understand why it was taken as implied. I only state this so there is no accusation (not necessarily by you) of " goody goody two shoes" or whatever. I want Mods to exist because I believe rules should be in place and also enforced for the chance of healthy discussions to exist. There will always be difference in opinions and interpretation though. As an example: > quit being a smartass. To some, that is an insult. To me, it is a compliment. Which is why I usually reply with. >I rather be a smartass, than a dumbass. It would be understandable to think I am calling whoever called me a smartass, a dumbass. Even though that isn't my intent, someone may see it as such. This is why people may ding something as "favortism". After reading x many posts from a person, one may start to get a general tone of voice for that person. Like Umbral Regent for some reason, I read his responses in a Morgan Freeman tone as he is usually calm in my opinion.
: See? These people want the forums to be ResetEra.
So what I'm gathering with a quick google search of ResetEra; is that you are either saying I hate Trump, or I want a "safe space". Let's go ahead and assume you mean the latter though. You say I want a safe space because I think people should be held accountable for breaking rules on a given platform/business. Am I following this right? If so, how is it different than social norms in real life? If you break the rules that a bar has, you get disciplined. Break the rules of the house? Disciplined. Etc etc. Yet, here you are, wanting a place you can freely be toxic or treat others improper without any reprecussions. You want a safe space to be toxic in.
: what I'm saying is you haven't seen the other half of this and if you did your opinion would be different. maybe riot should send the full-text log instead of your own, from this perspective I look like the bad person, but in reiltiy, I was being berated by the other people in the game because i had never played the champ before.
Two wrongs don't make a right. You don't get a free pass because "they started it" or "they were worse"
: Riot, you need to remove all these Mod accounts- return them to normal status
I want mods around. It helps make sure the boards aren't a cesspool of "low elo scrub. No one cares what you think", "Everyone at Riot deserves to die because snowflakes", etc etc.
Kei143 (NA)
: Ya. Clarity and transparency of the behavioral system sucks.
Which is simultaneously; understandable and frustrating at the same time. At least in my opinion.
: I'm pretty sure it's nigh impossible to get permabanned off of 1 game. So you probably had several other offenses before this particular game. It's just the reality of the situation that the current system punishes volume of toxicity more than severity. So if you've been reported several times over the past couple months for things like going afk when ur team falls behind, refusing to cooperate with team, light trolling.... You're just as likely to be permabanned as someone who is like chewing out their teamates with racial slurs mixed in over the past couple months. It's not like soccer where there are red cards and yellow cards to indicate severity and proximity to getting tossed out. It's more like strikes in baseball, after you hit that 3rd strike you're done, regardless of what led to that strike.
> [{quoted}](name=Whisper87,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ocQXiEIh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-23T17:40:51.719+0000) > > I'm pretty sure it's nigh impossible to get permabanned off of 1 game. So you probably had several other offenses before this particular game. > It is possible, but not very likely. The fact their account is probably a confirmed smurf, a normal punishment may be punished more harshly. That is speculation, although there have been some more cases appearing that way. > > It's not like soccer where there are red cards and yellow cards to indicate severity and proximity to getting tossed out. It's more like strikes in baseball, after you hit that 3rd strike you're done, regardless of what led to that strike. Yes and no. Depends on how you look at it. In soccer 2 yellow cards nets you a red card; in league you get 2 chat restrictions (normally) before a 14 day ban.
: Every game has a nobles player in top 3
I got 8th with full noble buff. So... There is that as a counter point.
Careful (EUW)
: Reporting and muting someone in champ select
Because, pre game chat is a different system that requires coding for muting. As for reporting, what is reporting in pre game going to do that post game doesn't?
: Choosing who to ban
You are welcome to post your unedited chat logs if younwish to discuss why you were punished. However I can tell you right now; just because you deem someone deserved to be flame, doesn't make it so. Others behavior does not excuse your own. It also doesn't have to be a choice of who to ban. Report a player and game gets reviewed. Doesn't go "who was worse."
: So if you are a smurf you get a ban straight away?? Where is that rule written down? Well now I feel cheated, does it matter if you are level 30 or level 200? I thought that all players are equal. If Riot doesn't like what I'm saying I want a chat restrict first the same way all other players are treated.
It is speculation; however, if you are a smurf you should know the rules. Other players have skipped chat restrictions and stuff before too. Wanna dispute it? Submit a support ticket.
: Yuumi is not a solo laner
Not ideal for solo laning, sure. However, they can take Yummi to a solo lane so long as they play to win. I wouldn't personally take her solo lane though.
: Who deserves suspension here?
You can both deserve a punishment, it doesn't need to be an A or B decision. As for skipping Chat Restriction, as you are pre 30 and obviously a smurf, they may have escalated the punishment.
godyoonmin (EUNE)
: How is riot allowing this player to play the game?
Report them in the post game lobby. Unless they tell you "dude I got a chat restrictipn" you aren't going to actually know if they got punished. All you are doing is spamming support with a ticket about the same person when post game would work just fine.
Teh Song (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cind3rkick,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=P1RhOY9j,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-22T10:03:34.790+0000) > > Pirates, > > They give no actual combat bonuses > > > Or early hextech Synergy meaning buff combination, not just individual buff. But you still aren't wrong with your response, because... > [{quoted}](name=Εlin,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=P1RhOY9j,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-22T09:38:01.331+0000) > > title Pirate + Hextech. If your build revolves around getting those two buffs, you don't actually have any combat buffs. Now of course if you take Graves and Gangplank as 2 of your pirates, (instead of one of them and Pyke + TF) you can easily get Gunslingers as well, not to mention adding MF once late enough.
Jinx is a gunslinger too. So if things fall right, you can get the 4 GS trait. If you get lucky and get a spat + bow, you can also get Blademaster. Agreed to not sounding like a plausible comp. Unless right items are given.
JoelMord (NA)
: Anyone else here been unfairly banned?
To be honest the whole argument of "It's the internet" is a shit argument to try to excuse being an asshole. The main difference between the internet and real life is the extra anonymity that the internet can offer. The internet is what we decide to make it; and I think people have decided they want more guidelines/social norms in place. Internet is composed or various businesses and users; and each one has authority over the domain they control. If I host a server on a game, I am absolutely allowed to control what is allowed on that server. If I decide that flipping a coin with it landing on its side means you have to leave, then I can make you leave. If I decide that I don't want people joking about rape and somebody jokes about it, I can make them leave. "It is the Internet" is becoming less of a valid argument to be an ass. More and more places seem to be taking the route of "if you wouldn't do/say it to a stranger in front of a crowd; don't do it". The argument of "but this is a (competitive) game" is also not the greatest argument. It is one, but you can consider that there is always an official/ref to review the post game. Excessive unsportmanlike conduct will be penalized.
: first time i hear this. but its a good thing imo.
Like I said, it is speculation. Sadly, I cannot remember the exact posts to find; but there had been some pre-30 accounts that got a first offense 14 day for logs you would expect a chat restriction if truly first offense.
thundy (NA)
: Chat restrictions and Punishments
If you reported them, they may get punished. You are not guaranteed to get a report stating so. Being bad isn't against rhe rules; so unless they intentionally fed, which unless they said as much, is harder to prove.
Achad44 (NA)
: can't you ban only my chatbox? just let me play
You can disable your ally chat in the options. You be responsible for it.
Achad44 (NA)
: Game 1 In-Game Achad44: good ? Achad44: b Achad44: u ask us ? Achad44: lol Achad44: ok Achad44: fuck you Achad44: ok fuck off noobs Achad44: u are so bad Achad44: FF Achad44: brain Achad44: srsly you are stupid as d1ck Achad44: fuck you all Achad44: just 500 dmg on hit ? Achad44: why moron ? Achad44: lol Achad44: fuck off Achad44: win my a55 Achad44: i said fuck off Achad44: you can't win Achad44: bcz you are too stupid Achad44: FF pls Achad44: you will be bronze 4ever Achad44: why don't you go all 5 mid and finish this bullshit ? Achad44: fuck off kid Achad44: i don't have to for this Achad44: we can lose in 15 minutes and in 40 minutes Achad44: you fucking waste of time Achad44: says who Achad44: thatnks to r%%%%%s like you i never win Achad44: stupid kidz Game 2 In-Game Achad44: i give up Achad44: surrender pls Achad44: we just lost Achad44: just wait 5 more minutes to surrender Achad44: look it's 3v12 Achad44: FF Achad44: dude calm dawn Achad44: can't you see we can't win Achad44: just go 5 mid and finish this pls Achad44: chill man i am only lvl 4 Achad44: lol i yi q and i am dead Achad44: and you keep feeding Achad44: pls guys go all mid and finish this bullzh1t Achad44: this bronze is worse then blind pick Achad44: no Achad44: i am here Achad44: i just give up Achad44: lol i am 4 lvl Achad44: waiting 15 for surrender Achad44: whateva Achad44: lol funny kidz Achad44: can't you finish us pls ? Achad44: told ya Post-Game Achad44: report lux for leaving Game 3 Pre-Game Achad44: we are losing this In-Game Achad44: surrender at 15 ? Achad44: see Achad44: we are losing Achad44: so stupid move Achad44: lol look at our cs Achad44: nice ? Achad44: just surrender Achad44: no need Achad44: i am bad player Achad44: and i am here to lose Achad44: going to bronze 4 Achad44: shut up Achad44: vote yes Achad44: lol Achad44: fuck off Achad44: waste of time Achad44: FF Achad44: no Achad44: np, thanks for wining, i wanna go bronze 4 Achad44: ok go baron then finish us Achad44: gg ez . this happen almost every single match if some1 doesn't like to read what i write he can simply mute/ignore me it's just a text p.s. you can't prevent ppl being toxic and raged by simply baning them LOOOOL
And if you act this way almost every single match, I'm going to assume you have had chat restrictions before.
timmy1691 (EUW)
: how to report
Gameplay offenses can typically fall under int feeding as it includes griefing. Verbal offenses fall under harrassment, hate speech, and/or giving up.
: 1-13-7 https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3129085369/2266980639909152?tab=overview If posting a link is wrong im sorry not sure the rules on this.
It would be slightly better if it was linked to your accounts match history (whatever one you used). I appreciate it though. Assists matter slightly for quick glances, otherwise a support that is 0/8 is accused of int feeding when their score is actually 0/8/24. Had the Jinx started {{item:3303}} instead of D.ring; that would have been slightly better. Seems her idea for a kill lane failed. It isn't the first time we have seen Marksmen in the support position though. Not particularly a tactic I agree with but; to each their own.
: Don’t worry someone will be like that’s the rivens choice to build ap as long as she’s playing to help the team win it doesn’t matter what she builds.
The real question becomes is there a scaling for it? If Riven has any ability that uses AP, then it is fine. If Riven has no AP scaling then it might be troll.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: X for doubt You can never get insta perma banned for toxicity. There is always at least 1 punishment before that (14 day ban) The punishment system goes like this: 10 game chat restriction -> 25 game chat restriction -> 14 day ban -> perma ban If you're completely 100% sure that you've never had a 14 day ban before on your account, i recommend you to contact riot support
There is speculation that confirmed smurfs may recieve harsher punishment than normal. Seeing as this OP account is level 23 and this probably isn't their first account, I would say it is plausible it was a flat perma.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xphineas,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=82buZizT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-21T05:21:05.039+0000) > > Police is a bit of an over kill for a few reasons. > 1) The police wont do anything > 2) They dont have the players IP, and Riot wont give it out without a warrant forcing it, for getting the warrant refer to 1) you do realize that several people have been sent to jail over death threats made through this game? they have also raided a few streamers houses... so pull your head out and take a breathe of fresh air every now and then
I would love to see those articles/videos. The raid were probably a result of SWATing. You know, that stupid trend where people were calling police reporting things like Weapon Deals and what not. Not because someone was being a twat on stream.
Beason (EUW)
: Yep i did now, but it feels also bad, many times you meet good mates in soloq. But since that experience i rather play without allychat coz what i get from that coversation with riot is, you dont need to toxic or vulgar if you are sarcastic and other 4 teammates of you dont like it they can report you and you are punished for that instatly.
4 reports does not instantly punish someone. Otherwise I would have been punished so many times for some of the weird shit I do.
Era Teemo (EUW)
: >Great, does it also undo all their previous actions? Who talked about undo? >Do I suddenly get all that lp back? If you manage do perform each lost game to make S+ with 100% KP, then you get 95% back LP. That is kinda impossible to do. 1) Also their you need perform well. 2) If you perform well, then you will troll / afk less and will try each game to give your best even if you are losing. 3) No more toxic affect to others when you get run down in next x games. >No. Same reason there isn't lp refunded because someone trolled/afk. When you perform S+ then is not refunded but deserved.
And I stand by my opinion of: >No, fuck that shit. Because the only factor that should influence LP gains/losses is MMR, and winning/losing. Other players should not be able to add or subtract 2 because they liked or disliked someone.
Beason (EUW)
: I used chat in 8 years without punishment too, but was i rly toxic in this game ?
There is a reply button somewhere in the response of the person you want to respond to.. The system works om severity x consistency. This may just be an example of most recent issues. 10 game chat restrict is the first stwp in the punishment system. Lets you know something is wrong. You can disable ally chat now though.
Era Teemo (EUW)
: Some facts why
Because someones LP gains and losses should only be based on their wins or losses. In your explanation, if my math follows correctly, my 20 lp gain can potentially be knocked down to a 2 lp gain just because some people decided to for the lulz. "Then they lose the ability to add or subtract." Great, does it also undo all their previous actions? Do I suddenly get all that lp back? No. Same reason there isn't lp refunded because someone trolled/afk.
Beason (EUW)
: Dont use chat guys, you can be banned for anything
Weird, I use chat and don't get punished. So I think your theory of "anything" is wrong.
Era Teemo (EUW)
: I just said punish and I should explain in little more details. Player could not ban others that is just too much power gained and would not work either. So, you can punish your game-mates (in ranked only), by playing bad and take their LP. Or you can reward game-mates by gaining them LP. game-mates: I have in mind teammates and opponents. For example: You win game and player 1 get 20LP. Player 2,3,4 thinks he performed bad and they take away 6LP. Players 5,6 thinks he performed good and give him /her 4LP. Player 7,8,9 did nothing. So player 1 gets: 20LP - 6LP + 4LP = 18LP
No, fuck that shit.
I don't cheat and I can usually maintain high gold throughout the game while also maintaining levels. Streaks, interest, and pirates can do a lot.
: Why aren't people muted in post game client when you block them in game or in general
: is 1-13 considered okay to you? Im sorry to tell you this but this is a team game if you wanna do something to be funny dont ruin the game for the other 4 players on your team especially when riot doesnt allow us to afk.
What was the assist score? I would check myself, but I can't seem to find it on this account. Unless it was a win.
: I mean... if we're banning Teemo supports, we might as well ban the Jinx supports, too.
There is a difference between the cases. One is simply picking a champ and playing it in the assigned position. The other was picking a champ and then forcing your team into discomfort by not playing the assigned position. Many also didn't consider the Teemo sitting stealth mid since beginning to be roaming.
: Ah. That's some investigative detective work right there XD I still don't think any of the above is ban-worthy. I can understand the ban if the previous chat logs from the previous bans features some horrendous chat and what not, but this chat log here is actually pretty tame compared to what I see and read in most games. I hardly ever agree with posts like this, but this one I do agree with. I'd submit a ticket to support just to second check it. RIOTer may have been having a bad day and a second opinion would probably help. We all make mistakes and lash out, even those who hold the "ban hammer." This should be reverted.
And you are welcome to that opinion. I just wanted to help clear things up with what has been explained to us about the system before; that a specialist does not work for Riot; and how it was most likely determined that the OP had at least a previous 14 day ban. Good day.
: That's a fair point, but I would argue that these logs shouldn't result in a punishment in general... I mean this is VERY minimal stuff. If the previous ban (barring there is one, again, this "Specialist's" word is the only thing i'm going on) had much harsher language, then maybe it changes things, but with this as the only evidence... this shouldn't have resulted in punishment. And the OP says that he/she has never posted to these boards before... so I was just curious how the "Specialist" knew that there was a previous ban. If they aren't supposed to have access, then something smells fishy.
He probably infered it based on the OPs match history. 7/31/19 (31/7/19) the OP played, then nothing again until 8/14/19 (14/8/19). Then considering the amount of games the OP seemingly plays, that is odd. It is also unlikely that OP decided to take 14 days exactly off the game. Otherwise to reach the permaban level, players have either had multiple punishment before; 10 game CR (chat restrict), 25 game CR, 14 day ban (can skip directly to if use of ZT [zero tolerance - hate speech/kys]), and finally the perma. Side note: gameplay follows a different tract: 14 day then perm (possible to skip to perm).
: While i don't have access to any former chat logs from the previous 14 day suspension or have knowledge on how bad they were (nor does the OP seem to provide that there ever was a previous 14 day ban. I'm assuming as a specialist that you have access to this information?), does the above chat logs really scream anything that "should" result in the permanent banning of an account? I see nothing in those chat logs that are offensive, discriminatory, or really even too bad... this is a nitpicky ban... and nitpicky shouldn't get a perma.
Specialist is just a community member that has shown good knowledge in a sub board. So, no, he doesn't have access to priot logs unless OP has posts with them. You aren't looking at it the correct way. You are asking if these logs deserve a permaban. Instead the question is "do these logs deserve a punishment?" If you have a record and haven't shown sufficient reform, then you get a harsher penalty.
Cörnifer (EUW)
: well whatever and that changed what ? we all toxic in this game but there are some different kinda of toxicity THE ONE that need to get banned ur family need to dies cancer and shet like that and the other one just mute their chat thats not hard to do fuckin big company and cant do basic things like maybe block his chat for a year or things like that do u know how much we spend for ur game? and we random get banned for saying kid nice. Im not even mad for losing my acc at this moment i just make another one so well u changed the community banning 1 acc when they make another one sadly thats the same person was better mute him instead of lettin him make another acc cya!
Consider doing yourself a favor, disable Ally Chat. Then you won't have to worry about lashing out like you did.
: bump still looking for a riot response its been 2 years but im still honor level 2
Could be that you are demonstrating a negative enough attitude to slow progression but not be punished. A support ticket would be the best way to ask Riot.
: > going around bullying people If there were any true instances of bullying, Heralds would take care of it very quickly. Just because you think something is bullying doesn't make it true. > abusing his rank Specialists have no rank. They've been tagged as knowledgeable in the topic. They cannot moderate your comments, ban you, or do anything. > I’m sorry but they are not a good person Nobody here is required to be a good person. They're required to follow the board's rules, which he does. You aren't going to gain any traction with this, I'm afraid. You should discuss this with the staff in their discord.
Just to tack on, the mods/heralds do also keep watch the specialists. After the tag came about, Rujitra was a bit more aggressive in his responses but the mod/herald tapped them for a quick discussion about it. Well, I assume that's what happened since he did dial it back after that.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ETlEBRfU,comment-id=00000003000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-20T13:50:47.476+0000) > > By your interpretation of the Summoner's Code. Depending on how you interpret some things, they may not match. By the standard definition of an insult, 'idiot' qualifies. And one category of reportable offences explicitly mentions insults. Also, trust me, I could dig up screenshots of extreme toxicity and show you on op.gg that those guys haven't been banned yet.
They may not have been permed. That does not mean they habe not been punished though.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: At least half my game have people doing something reportable, per the summoner's code. I almost always report them. How many times do you think I've gotten the IFS?
By your interpretation of the Summoner's Code. Depending on how you interpret some things, they may not match. The instand feedback reports are inconsistent by design. You aren't guaranteed to get one, but rhat doesn't mean there is no punishment.
carotSLO (EUNE)
: Account susspension
Chat logs if you would like help identifying what caused the restriction.
: Does the report and ban system actually work, or is it just there to trick players?
It works, but the gameplay detection aspect isn't as efficient as the verbal part. This is because gameplay is harder to determine alone and many people "Reee! Troll/Inter" about the smallest thing.
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