SonicAF (EUW)
: Awesome! How do we check it?
I have returned! I accept virtual cookies as tip! Here is the response: >Hey there Imperial Pandaa, >SanguineDogma here with the Player Support Team, and it'd be my pleasure to help you out today! >This is a good question! Let's say that you're in game, and you don't all-chat at all. Now, let's also say that in that game, your teammates are being jerks, and they tell the enemy team to report you for being negative, even though you didn't say anything. Reports can only be issued on behavior that you saw, so if you didn't say anything negative, or display any negative behavior, and someone on the enemy team issues a report against you, there won't be any action taken from the system. >If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to let me know! I'm always here to help. >SanguineDogma Player Behavior Agent Zaun Alley-Dweller "I licked this bolt for you!" Why did they lick my bilt though... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=XZkwUf95,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-25T17:57:43.505+0000) > > What you saying isn't very clear, so let me ask a clarification question. > > You want people to not report others because there will always be someone else that is toxic out there? I want people who are sensitive to take the necessary measures to actually protect themselves, instead of pretending that it isn't their own responsibility to do so. It's tiring to see people act like every punishment is justified when there's a simple solution to remove all toxicity from the game yourself.
So, responsibility is solely on the person who doesn't want to deal with toxicity? Absolutely zero responsibility for the person causing the problem?
: Does anybody else
: you have summoned thee, what do you have to offer.
Asides from butt touches, nothing. Just found it weird Craving talked about you. Unless same pwrson difderent accounts.
: i had a guy say "i really wish i could kill toxicfatpleb right now" "i hope his parents die at my hands" no punishment was ever given to that guy lol.
Damn, where is the summon button to tag toxicfatpleb?
SonicAF (EUW)
: Awesome! How do we check it?
I really don't want to comb through Tantrams posts for the past 3 years. So probably easiest to ask in a support ticket. I'll send one in.
: > [{quoted}](name=Masked Lunatic,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=PxyVfRQ2,comment-id=000300010000,timestamp=2018-09-25T06:46:22.968+0000) > > The one problem with this analogy is that Odyssey has time limited missions which are bloody difficult unless you're all kinds of lucky and get a random group who know how to clear it. Normals have little to no actual consequence if you decide to have fun (as long as you play to win and not troll ofc). This is made worse due to the limited amount of time in pregame you have to actually formulate and execute a setup. > > Due to this one should expect to play this mode to at least cater for a mission, not go in with the 5 full augs (had someone do this in a zealous fashion) because they want to have fun (which they could do even with the minimum 2 augs - the 2 aug combos are still great fun to mess about with). > > This limited mission nature subsequently means winning is narrowed down to satisfy as many of the players' mission requirements instead of just finishing the mode. This means the priority of choice / need is of the many and people should be understanding when they're the odd one out with a mission choice. > > I've spent many games playing with no benefit to myself because of an influx of people who wanted to do 3/4 aug missions (while I required the 2 aug and all ziggs/sona missions) all because I am aware that this mode is difficult and people cant achieve this alone. > > I even finished Onslaught with 2 augs while I was on the 3 aug mission all because my team all needed 2 or 3 augs and 2 augs made sure that everyone got some benefit from playing. > > Now, abusing your team is always wrong, more so in this case as it is a pure waste of energy and time. In the case where someone in the team ruined the mission requirement that was discussed in pregame we usually just ff'd and went on with it (with the occasional sighing due to Odyssey fatigue). Problem with this is some people haven't even FINISHED Onslaught yet, I still have the 4 augment mission and I've tried it with people who were wanting to do the 3 augment, it's hard. I'm not gonna gimp myself to finish a mode that other people are like "2 augment or troll". Hell I don't even have all the augments to even formulate a good enough 2 augment build. I haven't even finished the mode because people are so stuck up on their 2 augment mission. Riot handled this wrong and should have made the augment choices individual(Hell they shouldn't have limited augments at all because that just makes it more boring as you get down to less augments, the mode already isn't that fun). I've pretty much given up even trying because people are so toxic in there.
I feel they just matched the missions up poorly. I get they aren't supposed to be super easy, but the augment restricted missions should probably be completable one difficulty less (captain mode?). Sure make it Captain or Higher, but that would probably help. Only a few missions forced Onslaught ro complete: Non specific 5 same champs Complete Onslaught Complete 4 augs.
: Considering people are trying to do the missions, you deserve it for entering a team game expecting the team to cater to you.
Then I suppose people who play off meta in normal games deserve abuse for not doing what their team wants?
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >no matter how strong your mentality is, if you repeatedly get hit by words that are offensive, you start to break down. Only if you pay atention to the chat box more than any other place on the screen, which, quite frankly, means this isn't the game for you.
Doesn't help if his friend created a smurf and inflated the mmr to be placed with either more smurfs or new accounts grom punished players.
: > [{quoted}](name=SonicAF,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gsRbsPIv,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-09-24T08:21:24.504+0000) > > It's a very important topic. Can you get banned for the f%%%%t-word or the n%%%%r-word if you use it in team chat, but get reported by the enemy team? Yes because the system will look at your whole chat from pre-game to post-game.
Actually, this needs double checked. I remember reading that it only looks at the chat that is visible to the reporter. E.g. if you use whatever in team chat, and no one on your team reports you; then no penalty even if an enemy reports you. Not sure if that was a Riot statement or player hypothesis.
: you notice that every young child plays video games
Aww. You called me young. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Just my 2 cents.
Let me lead by saying I'm just referring to the highlights you posted. My phone isn't good for zooming in to read images. > [{quoted}](name=You No Flame Me,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cccdpxE4,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-24T21:34:32.262+0000) > > The highlights: > - No incentive to "be good" punishment > reform in this system The incentive is access to free stuff such as hextech chests, key fragments, and most recently your ranked rewards > -fighting fire with fire "be good or we'll ban you" If you fight fire with fire, the game goes from having 1 toxic person (min) to having 2 toxic people (min). Like, if you really feel like saying something I recommend "Sorry, did you say something?" At worse it's passive aggressive, and at best it actually gets them to stop because they realize you don't care what they say. If they continue, mute. Don't risk your stuff. > -chat restriction is counter-active. people just save up messages to finish an argument or flame harder than normal in my experience. Which is why we don't have infinite scaling Chat Restrictions along with people changing to the more annoying to detect method of trolling. Flaming during a CR is likely to go ahead and get the next punishment too. > -temp bans are irrelevant. just play a different game for a week before coming back and getting right back into it. even if you come back with good intentions, other players can quickly light the fire. I shouldn't have to mute teammates in a team game. Temp bans are meant to be a warning. If people choose to ignore the warning, that can't really be the fault of the company. In this case, I suppose Riot could put bigger bolder letters that say "**YOUR NEXT PUNISHMENT WILL BE A PERMANENT BAN!**. It does say the next will be a perm though. You are right, we shouldn't have to mute team mates but that again is a person by person thing and not company. Outside of removing chat, what can they really do? Then we lose a fun tool that people can use without issue. > -the most obvious reform test (allowing a player to return to the account for a small amount of time) isn't even an option. The first one (reform test: Lvl 20 challenge) they did failed miserable. There is actually an experiment going on right now though. They gave some players back permed accounts to see if reformed. Still going on currently I believe. >GG Without the threat of potentially losing whatever investment someone put in, people wouldn't care. If people think they can do whatever without repercussions then people abuse that freedom. Whether you agree or not, rewards from the honor system as previously mentioned is the incentive. As well as keeping an account you invested time and maybe money into. Climbing out of dishonourable is different for each person. Some do it in a month or two, which is also a normal amount for non dishonorable to advance normally. Some even do it in about 2 weeks. We can't accurately determine the cost of giving the accounts back. Initially it wouldn't, but would it down the line? Same argument against people who say "Riot should just hire people to do manual reviews instead of IFS. They make x amount anyways." Initially it is affordable, but how long until it isn't? People have multiple chances to reform. Assuming they don't skip ajy tiers they have after the 10 game CR, the 25 game CR, and the 14 day ban. That is 3 chances right there.
Kaioko (NA)
: I tried going outside once. I have to say the graphics are amazing but the gameplay and story were very subpar. I give it a 4/10 personally.
I had two big problems with it personally. The download took months to finish and then the tutorial took even longer. Otherwise, some prick already posted how it ends, apparently the choices you make don't change the ending.
: sorry this post i posted earlier but my internet glitched. a loading circle for my browser on this one and just now it was posted
Weird. You might be able to delete your own post. Might want to for this one.
: intentional afkers
Why are you spamming the forums with this?
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
Arammus (EUW)
: why is the vision score something we are able to see?
To probably reduce the instances of "omg you don't do anything support/jungle" and make others self aware that they aren't warding ridding wards. Maybe
: Reporting Player
If your friends reported them, don't worry about it. 1 report does the same as 5. If you really want to, you can submit a support ticket.
SonicAF (EUW)
: Oh, silly me. I am really sorry. You see, you are living in one of very few industrialised countries where cheating is considered a crime. Which adds a charming cherry on top to our disconnect: I don't see it as a crime at all and all consequences are purely social. Suggesting that average skill in normals is higher than in ranked is ambitious. But that is not the point. The point is that chat sucks as a communication tool. It's a very delicate one - it can only be used on top of game knowledge and mechanical skill. Your orders/suggestions in chat can be dismissed, they can be executed with mistakes, they can be plain wrong and that will require you to adapt on the fly, without developing a new plan. And chat will not help you there. It is too slow to make a quick call. In any situation where you urgently need communication, chat is going to fail you. This is why it's such an insignificant tool.
I never said cheating was a crime though? I appreciate the discussion with you though. We seem to be at the agree to disagree stage. Have a good one. ^^
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Kt2rgAiV,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-23T16:10:46.045+0000) > > Blind has no lane assignments, so he didn't steal anything. As for the build, the build is acceptable. As all champions can scale with AD thanks to AA. i've carried games with ap zed before. ad carry maokai is a normal thing to play in normals anyway
Admittedly, I wpuld consider ap Zed troll. Because to my knowledge; none of his skills have any ap scaling. I know his passive does magic damage, guess pen could help with that?
: Leaverbuster because of internet problems
Then investigate what might be causing the issue with your internet.
SonicAF (EUW)
: > Disagree. Had the one not been a dick, then the other wouldn't be spiteful. "If she didn't cheat on me, I wouldn't murder her" isn't going to work in court. This stuff is not comparable. > You can ignore it, but it stands. The ones you refer to are probably able to read the map well and make good judgement. Too bad that probably isn't the majority of the community. The majority of the community is silver and below. Those are people struggling with connection issues and fps drops, people too lazy to read lol wiki or watch streams, people too lazy to use minimap, active items, wards and keyboard while playing and people who got here by accident and were not going to install and play league at all. Your theory that communication tool, as clunky and soft as chat, affects their winrates in a significant way, is probably too optimistic. > Nope, doesn't prevent use from playing. It might make things more difficult and then I won't want to play with that person. And someone like me would want it, because I have more chances to lose a game due to my teammate getting murdered while playing league.
Ahh, there is the where we aren't seeing eye to eye; leading to our disagreement. I'm not comparing and deciding which one is worse. In your latest example the cheating (chat?) would have consequence normally anyways. Usually it would be break up/ divorce/ lost of trust (chat restrict). I think murder is a bit far (to use as a troll/inter), but very well. Murder has its own consequence; prison (ban). I don't the cheating excuses the murder, but I also know the murder wouldn't have happened without the cheating (in your example). Both deserve repercussions for the behaviour, not being killed though. Yes, a majority of the community is silver (for now, who knows what the new divisions will change) and as such may not be as educated in terms of good play/judgement. We also can't just consider ranked, which means even more are unlikely to watch the latest streams/videos foe the game. Some can communicate perfectly with pings and some cannot.
: POLL, first time -X- champion in ranked should be punishable
The problem with your poll is it wants 2 different things. If they are first time and if they are any good at it. I've 1st timed champs in ranked before and done perfectly fine. Does that mean I should be penalized because I 1st timed them or is it fine because I did well?
: Why do mods delete comments that aren't even toxic?
While I don't know exactly how the boards system works, I picture it like a line queue. When something is reported it is added to the queue. The content reported comes up while they check, just the comment, not the entire thread. So in this case, your post came up and they may have brought the thread up because of the quoted text to manually remove if no one reported it. After removing yours, they continued through the queue. Eventually they either came across it or manually went back to the thread. Tldr: gotta give stuff time.
þeta (NA)
: The problem was it was the system that reported me. I will admit it was immature and technically unnecessary to say, but like come on. lol
The system doesn't check your communication unless someone reported you for verbal problems.
: What if they lashed out at you because you were still trying to play the game while they just stand around?
Mute them and play on. If you feel they went too far, report after the game.
: 2 time offender does not equal perma ban
You only skip chat restrictions for certian things: like Zero Tolerance phrases (hate speech and encouraging self harm). After that, the reform card says the next punishment will be a perm.
SonicAF (EUW)
: I. Wrong answer. Only the person being spiteful. II. I am actually going to ignore this one, because it has too minor impact in soloqueue to care. People get very high ratings with /mute all. Insulting and mocking your opponent in the game of chess is mean and you might not want to play with that person, but it doesn't hinder the ability to play chess. Pocketing enemy pawns when he turns around or shitting on the board actually prevents you from playing chess.
Disagree. Had the one not been a dick, then the other wouldn't be spiteful. You can ignore it, but it stands. The ones you refer to are probably able to read the map well and make good judgement. Too bad that probably isn't the majority of the community. Nope, doesn't prevent use from playing. It might make things more difficult and then I won't want to play with that person.
: Are you that guy i called a dumbass for playing heimer jungle and went 13/0?
If it was this season, probably not. He can be a tricky jg because need to balance aggro with turrets to get full use, but dueling Donger in the jungle is dangerous.
: Is it wrong to feel frustrated?
You can feel frustrated, but that doesn't mean you get to lash out.
: i'm not convinced that the ability to ban teammate picks is a good idea. HOWEVER i do like the idea of a re-work champion or new champion to be not available in ranked for 2weeks. almost every other game requires you to have reached some certain skill level with a champion or time delays them before ranked we could also look at cs:go waiting on the new mp5 weapon balancing before letting players play with it in competitive. i understand where you're coming from with bullet point number 3 but it still doesn't make it okay in my book to ban someone's champ. you have denied them the joy of how they want to play the game. you've literally commandeered the ship saying you're the captain now, you've opted to not work with your teammates and say my way is the only way.
How are you going to prevent the banning then? Inability to select the champ an ally has hovered? That may actually lead to worse problems. *hovers op pick for patch* *enemy team gets it first* Or *even though first pick decides to pick something else* *enemy team gets it* Is it a great system? No, but it is probably the least evil out of those available. If only because hovering is optional. Time delay would be the only option if they did that. Could be m5 on the old version and trash on new (or could be trash on old just played them a lot). Bullet 3 is a trickery slope. You can't simply measure one's joy against another. Taking away the champ may reduce their joy, but that champ being in the game reduces my joy. It isn't about taking control and saying "my way or high way".
SonicAF (EUW)
: Well, it would be correct if it was a sandbox, but it's a game. Games have rules. Those are not arbitrary rules like "don't be mean". Those are the rules defining the game. When somebody cheats or feeds intentionally, he violates those rules, so there is no game anymore. Nobody can play it, not just a cheater/feeder. Violating arbitrary chat rules, on the other hand, doesn't even hinder anyone's ability to chat, let alone play.
I disagree. Violating arbirtrary chat rules can hinder communication and play. "They can just mute me then." And boom! Hindering communication and play. Does more than just that too. I. Humans tend to be pretty spiteful at times. Not always, but if you are verbally a dick to someone; they tend to not want to help you anymore. They will ecen sacrifice the 3 other people who have done nothing wrong to make sure you lose. Whose fault is it? Both the flamer and the person being spiteful. II. You were being an ass, so I mute you. Later you actually are trying to make a good call. "Hey Pandaa, since your gold worth is about a minion. Split and pull one of their players." Welp, you are muted and I never see it. Instead I stay grouped with the team. Whose fault? The one who broke Arbitrary Chat rules. But hey, if you want to ignore those I'll go ahead and say that trolling and cheating doesn't impede anyone's ability to play or chat. Unless I'm doxxing or doing something like the Xerath Q glitch in spawn. Everyone still has the ability to play.
: wow, thats umm..tons of deaths :) feeling allowed to troll/grief let me take a minute to think on that....1:50pm 1:53pm yeah i would 100% agree with that statement. just like how you're allowed to ban teammate champions why does riot allow us to do that when we can totally ban them with malicious intent to cause spiteful attitudes and get others all riled up. it doesn't make sense.
Because either picks or bans have to come first. Which makes the most sense for that to be bans. There are plenty of acceptable reasons to ban a champ. .1. New/reworked champ. Ban because don't trust myself to be able to deal with it or a team mate to play it. .2. Pick or Ban Champ. There are times when certain things need pucked or banned. If we can't secure first or there are multiple for a patch, one or more get banned. Also may not trust team mate with it just because it was labeled "Freelo/S tier" on a list. .3. Fuck that Champ. There are just champs you absolutely hate and never want to see in a match. For me those include Nasus, Darius, and Blitz to just name 3. Depends which position I am playing, but safe to say one of those is gone. Also can apply to FOTM champs. .4. Horrible Win rate. I bothered to check and you have a 30% wr on a specific champ in ranked. Nah, that one is gone. Maybe you will discover a pocket pick now. Sure, there are cases where people will do it in hopes of you giving up the lane or dodging; but doesn't mean should lose the ability to ban for others.
abca98 (EUW)
: ***
No, I'm one of those people who like to give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm a guy who has played AD Heimer bottom and Heimer Jungle and won in both cases. Both also carrying my own weight, pushing objectives, and out dueling. I'm one of those who goes bot with a friend to play the "Butt Touch Combo" of AD Blitz with a Leona. What? Not gonna complain about the AD Amumu?
abca98 (EUW)
: Lmaooooo off meta builds so funny bruh amirite???????
Blind has no lane assignments, so he didn't steal anything. As for the build, the build is acceptable. As all champions can scale with AD thanks to AA.
SonicAF (EUW)
: There is no reason to ban for hate speech, because it's not a thing, and there is no reason to ban for death threats, as long as cops are able to track the player.
Then there is no reason for banning trolls because they are just trying to have fun in their own way. No reason to ban cheaters because Riot is letting foreign code influence their game.
: Got perma banned because my vayne went afk and my team shit talks me :)
> [{quoted}](name=HL Rektile,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ox7Q1ERn,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-23T14:43:43.143+0000) > > Ok so the fucking league system is so biased towards anyone who just starts flaming you, like they provoke you to flame them, and when you actually do you get banned. Okay, so you don't like being flamed, which is why you flame back. Then you go on to say. > if you dont like being flamed then just mute everyone it's there for a reason. So either you do like being flamed, or seem to be under the impression that retaliating is defending yourself.
: Basically AFK, while matching the best kill participation %, and being third in damage dealt with a support's income and support's build, if more people AFKed like that it'd be a pretty nice world. He also had the best KDA, so yeah. Saying that you're going to int/grief is flagged as negative by the IFS, and it contributes to punishments for verbal toxicity. He may have said those things. I have no information other than your story. But he did not commit any gameplay trolling actions. Being selected as top by the matchmaker means that they had no need to ask for a lane swap. They were assigned toplane. Bringing Glacial Augment sounds like a decent choice for top Ezreal. He'd have additional kiting ability, ~~and he probably planned on getting IBG for the proc.~~ Being forced out of his role does make his rune choice sub-optimal, but I would blame the lane-thief for that. Building spellthief is the proper starting item for support Ezreal.
I might be wrong, isn't IBG considered passive? Glacial works on only active item slows. However, his Q should still trigger it.
: you bumped you own rage thread 4 times in an hour... > [{quoted}](name=Stark916,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=K2vschj3,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-22T12:42:54.638+0000) > > im not the bad guy maybe you are lol
I might be a bad guy, but that does not mean I am a bad guy. (Really hope someone gets the ref.)
: wdym arcade lulu
The reply button may help alert peoplr you responded to them. Lulu was wanting you to post the chat logs on the reform card. When you try to log in you should have some.
Phridolin (EUW)
: So i got recently a warning/ report here cause of ... ? WHAT?!
If you want non mods to weigh in, you can always post the comment that was removed. It should have been included in the removal message.
Stark916 (NA)
: and i gave this scum player my role in pre game and he trolls and feeds and i get banned disghusting report system disghuting players i hate you so much riot games
Then stop bumping your thread and leave? If they banned you (and the ban wasn't a mistakr), they really don't care.
Saloz Mat (EUW)
: we need new Ranked Positive\Toxic System.
: I'm assuming you meant "wont'" but we know that's not true. If you tell people they are wrong even (ie type anything in reply) you will be reported, especially if you use the words "whut" "fuck" "shit" etc... the 7 words +1
Fun fucking fact. You can actually cuss all you want and Riot will only give a shit if you are using it as a harassing measure. "Fuck that hurts" is different tha. "You are fucking useless". Hell, you can even let people know they were wrong. The secret is not being a dick about it. "That was a mistake." Is different than "omg ypu have no idea what you are talking about. Just follow my orders".
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8WakIKtA,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2018-09-21T20:00:07.746+0000) > > I wouldn't say that you haven't gotten a Rioter response yet. wheres the proof tho
Won't disclose to me. Could try commenting again saying you give permission to disclose everything behavior related to your account on your board post.
Saezio (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Imperial Pandaa,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9GJEEEEL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-21T19:54:57.649+0000) > > I'd be fine with it as long as it didn't actually affect honor progression. What do you mean? Why would it not count towards your honor progression?
Because unless you only get to honor 1 enemy, I feel like it will jist turn into a honor farming tool. Also pessimestic about how often actual honorable opponents would get their recognition. Just yesterday had a match where my team Teemo afked. You know how that goes, 1 person decided to go /all "report Teemo for afk." The enemy Darius who had lanned and lost to him went "thank god." Followed by "I would honor him if I could". If you really want it to count, you only get to honor 1 person in the entire match. Friendly or enemy.
: I'm not going to supply specifics of this player's penalty, but the system was not experiencing any issues.
: still no rioter response :S
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xAAcRMo4,comment-id=0007000400000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-21T18:55:54.059+0000) > > You were correctly banned, it was reviewed by multiple Player Support agents. I wouldn't say that you haven't gotten a Rioter response yet.
: Can we please have honorable opponent back?
I'd be fine with it as long as it didn't actually affect honor progression.
: You were correctly banned, it was reviewed by multiple Player Support agents.
For curiosity sake, may I inquire why they weren't provided chat logs in the reform card? Was the system just down for retrieving? Did it involve DMs and the reform cards aren't programmed to fetch those yet? Did they simply edit the picture?
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