: Patch 6.3 notes
I don't understand this. There really is no question that {{champion:238}} (at the very least, possibly others like talon) is going to be blatantly and absurdly overpowered. Zed is, pre-duskblade, in a strong state. He fits the meta, works well in and out of lane and is generally very useful when in the right hands. I understand the advantage of giving assassins their own items, but not at the expense of the game's balance to such an extreme extent. I am not an expert, but I am 100% positive this is going to make zed too strong. I am not okay with the games balance being broken, temporarily or no, simply to test an item when even someone like me can tell you definitively that this will not be balanced. Just nerf zed more, its really not that hard. If you need the item down the road then buff zed back up.
: Duskblade, AD Assassins, and You
I love the idea of AD assassin specific items allowing for better assassin balance, but I don't think this item, at least in its current state, is a great solution. The thing is, it's blatantly very, very powerful. You're giving practically everything an assassin could want in terms of stats (AD, Armor pen(!), cdr, movespeed) and an extremely strong 25%(!!) of missing health execute). If you intend to balance assassins around an item which is this powerful, you're going to make them too weak in terms of their base kits, and they'll be strong only because of the powerful item they can build. This means as soon as the item gets changed or its usefulness is reduced for some reason, they'll be useless. On top of that, if you only nerf zed's ult by 5% like on the pbe, he's going to be overpowered. I'm not a balance expert but that seems pretty obvious to me, he synergizes amazingly with every single facet of the item, and is already in a very strong state in spite of not having any items that work that well with him. Zed's a great champion when he's balanced, but when he isn't it just becomes frustrating.
: I feel the same way i would like to see a new map and a new game type in general that can be matched with summoner's rift that has light in the professional scene because i don't know about you but league isn't the game i played a few years ago its been sitting out to long and it's going stale
I do agree, kind of, but that's not really what i'm talking about here. I think the reason there hasn't been another major new map or gamemode is dominion, which is fun but wasn't exactly a huge success. To have a new mode that fundamentally modifies gameplay is difficult at this point because of the ridiculous number of champions and items in the game making it extremely difficult to balance. Featured gamemodes, though, are really just for fun and their imbalance doesn't damage them particularly.
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