: Noone is talking about how broken Evelynn is
Remember why Riot buffed her Because she was not weak but they felt like buffing her LOL Balance {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Kazekiba (NA)
: Riven buff in 9.19
Riven skin is for the win!!!!
: they learned which skins are most profitable. need more legendary Kaisa skins. everything else is irrelevant
: Aurelion Sol rework feedback
A Sol sucks now All his identity is gone. he is merely a weaker control mage in every aspect. The idea of making a champ more accessible is not always a good idea as is the case here.
: League is Trash. But it's the best Trash we have.
First of all League of Legends is free to play Second its not the #1 played game around the world anymore. I remember reading that a few weeks ago unless thats changed in the last few weeks which it could have i dont have any citations but if you do please provide thanks.
Nrsh (EUNE)
: How People Feel About Playing as Mordekaiser - Survey Results
Good data Now do one for Asol LOL I would love to see that graph and reaction
: That's why people complain about the LOL report system...
Riots game is working as intended Everyone thinks Riot doesn't want toxicity but the opposite is true. In fact after the latest string of lawsuits they are just running full speed with their own toxic culture. I mean look at them as a company and their own stances. They just want money at this point no matter what. So choose if you want to wallow in the toxic sludge or get out and leave.
: State of the game
You mean 10% WR bronze vs 80% WR golds aren’t working as intended in ranked games? I agree with everything you said, the toxicity seems to only be increasing too. The amount of afk and inters seems to be increasing in ranked games. It also doesn’t help that games are decided in the first 10 minutes either but here we are.
puśsý (NA)
: Season 10 makes or breaks it.
I mean nothing will change as long as jungle still sucks and 10% WR players are being matched with 80+% WR players 2 tiers higher then them in a ranked game Riot so far has acknowledged the poor state of jungle (it’s actually #1 autofilled role now) but nothing in regards to the terrible degradation of the matchmaking system.
Xavace (NA)
: Why Ranked Is Causing Problems
Matching Gold 4 players with bronze players makes perfect sense. I mean how else are you going to climb unless you beat players almost 2 tiers in rank higher than you Quick Edit, Im sure the terrible matchmaking as of late has nothing to do with the failed positional matchmaking code implemented. August 16 Thats when Riot made a matchmaking change and strangely thats when things suddenly got worse. Working as intended. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: How many games can you intentionally ruin before being banned?
You get banned for chatting Ruining a game by being a toxic support and trolling your team does absolutely nothing even when all 4 other players report you Working as intended. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I have a hard time to bring myself to play this game anymore due to the balance team
The team that keeps trying to buff Yas The team that buffs riven The team that buffs Eve with the reasoning that shes not weak but we want to buff her. i dont see anything wrong with this team at all. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Tahm is getting nerfed again....
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: TF Blade and the Problem with Riot
Ummmm Dont flame, dont say anything in chat ever. You wont get banned for chat things. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: TFT - New Item Distribution System
Oh so your adding just more RNG
: “We found that Jax is doing really well after we buffed his Q, so now we are nerfing ‘X’”
Its not like he was a late game powerhouse carry that could 1v9 whos only weakness was his early game. Oh wait {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
FAFade (NA)
: This is the worst community I've ever seen
I mean if their automated reporting system is as broken as their matchmaking system I can see the problem. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Nah not really. You can still pick tanks and zone them or you could just not feed them. Most assassins are shit after mid game Playing as an assassin, there’s is little you can do if the enemy team makes sure you don’t get one shot out of control and start grouping up. Assassins take away a lot of team gold for themselves and have little objective pressure/power. Well rounded comps and not aimlessly splitpushing away from your team hard counters assassins.
ooshawn (NA)
: As a guy that loves warwick, please stop buffing him.
SWOlowe (NA)
: Nerfed Akali into the Ground
Riot balancing team has no idea what they are doing. At this point why is anyone surprised with nonsense like this. Look at Sylas LOL
yukumari (NA)
: Riot is sending mixed messages with Janna.
Because the Riot balance team has been mandated to balance based on popularity and some metric that outside of Riot anyone has any clue about because their balance team makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean WW was in a good spot and didnt need that buff at all but hey I bet there is a skin coming out in a few weeks. LOL Their own recent video even says they were doing a poor job at balancing LOL Surprise surprise {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I want a discussion sorry if I came across as not wanting one but you did not give me much to work with. Ok so akali has a much higher playrate, a much higher banrate and a much lower winrate. Ok idk what you want me to get from that other then she is being played more and is actually good, like are you trying to say she is more annoying??? I also don't care about people disagreeing with me I just need something to do well in a queue.
You asked to name a champ that had an unnecessary rework and I did. Akali.
: So a champion that has caused a shit load of balance problems and her only skill was press r on a champion don't need a rework got it.
My mistake I thought you wanted a discussion, I answered your question, her stats now vs her stats before rework. look at before and after rework then come back here. But by your tone you are not interested in any sort of discussion. You seem vehemently upset people disagree with you. Thats rough man.
cabbysb (NA)
: League is evolving into garbage
This is what happened to Starcraft 2 Take a fun and already fast paced realtime strategy game and turn it into a silly who can kill all resource workers with cheese first game. The koreans loved it. The rest of the world not so much. Blizzard is so big though they can do crap like that and stay sustained due to their other IPs. Maybe Riot is simply catering to the audience it wants I completely agree with how bad matchmaking is right now. Something is definitely broken since they reverted positional matchmaking. But Iron players vs Platinum and gold is maybe another thing Riot somehow wants to make happen. For fun you know {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: FUN FACT THERE WAS MORE FUCKING DAMAGE IN THE LAST SYSTEM VS RUNE REFORGED!! there are reasons to hate it why being up something clearly wrong. Mobility creep is fucking just bs since your mad you can't kit a skill shot. Pyke is fine he has less in his kit then thresh or sona wtf is your problem? Zoe is a burst mage so yeah her doing a lot of damage is fine it's the same as an other burst mage. There basically just assassins with more range and utility. Name me one unnecessary rework? Since you probably can't or you have a really stupid reason.
> Name me one unnecessary rework? Since you probably can't or you have a really stupid reason. Akali
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