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: It would be really cool if they made him more of a "Learn my enemies weaknesses," like maybe the more times he kills an enemy, he will do X more damage to them. That could actually be really oppressive, however.
This could HYPOTHETICALLY work, but they'd have to gut early game for balance reasons.
DrNova (NA)
: PSA: There is no champ you can't learn to deal with by playing AS them.
Playing AS Yasuo made me realize his laning is horribly oppressive, but his teamfights aren't half-bad. Playing AS Ekko allowed me to appreciate the skill that goes into a good Ekko. Playing AS Riven left me feeling brain dead, due to the simplicity. Playing AS Darius made be question my sanity, because I was always countered somehow. You theory works for me 50% of the time.
Kosty23 (NA)
: Has 5.22 broken League?
I think the crit system, overall, is _way_ too powerful, but I like the new ADC items and updates. If crit was scrapped, then it would have been really interesting, but as-is, it's just a rush to 70%-100% crit-chance.
: The New Champ Select is Sexy
Also, when you select a Summoner Spell, it makes that noise. It will play the {{summoner:11}} activation when you select it, for example.
: Tank Mains and AP/Mage Mains Need to Unite Against AD Oppressors
As someone who has played on the PBE AND is a mid main ({{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:127}} ), AP is just fine. Sure, AD is a bit strong, but the CC a mage offers can't be topped. Anyone else notice how tenacity was lowered?
InchZer0 (NA)
: AP on PBE
Ok, I want to note: I played a single game as Lux, and due to the reduced price on Forbidden Idol, I rushed Morellos, and it worked pretty fine. I don't remember exactly what I built, but I remember building Mejai's (Which is just good on Lux) which now gives 200 mana, so that helped. Additionally, Llandry's and Rylia's are options I remember considering to help survive the meta. I want to start testing RoA on various AP mages. Also, from my first time graves being like 7/3 at some point, He's OP AF.
Llanite (NA)
: You've already been told, just poor reading. Global gold increases from 18.4 to 20.4, hence, everything got more expensive to offset, besides those they wanted to buff.
Funny how everyone keeps missing that... even I did. lol Now, I'm not _that_ familiar with the global gold, so is that 20.4 gold per half minute, or full minute?
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Zedex (NA)
: Yeah, I know the matchup. AAi Yasuo with Lux's longer range. Then i'm gonna poke him with E, so that when hes forced to wall or take too much damage, its wasted and I can combo him for 20-25s before the wall is back up. And thats without jungles. But naaah, you're right. Its impossible for Yasuo to lose any lane matchup because hes so broken, am I right?
> [{quoted}](name=JetstreamSetsuna,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HE7UsEM1,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2015-10-17T15:58:55.286+0000) > > Yeah, I know the matchup. AAi Yasuo with Lux's longer range. Then i'm gonna poke him with E, so that when hes forced to wall or take too much damage, its wasted and I can combo him for 20-25s before the wall is back up. > > And thats without jungles. > > > > But naaah, you're right. Its impossible for Yasuo to lose any lane matchup because hes so broken, am I right? As a Lux semi-main, I can confirm that it usually goes like this.
: Seriously, if you're going to complain about Garen, please complain about the Villain passive
Can I say the Villain idea was an interesting one? Granted, I feel that it's a little strong, but it was neat concept.
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: I want Announcer packs
Riot could do voice-overs with popular voice actors, like Ellen McLain (GLaDOS, _Portal_ and _Portal 2_) and Mark Hamil (The Joker, various batman properties; Luke Skywalker, _Star Wars_) or famous celebrities like Gordon Ramsey (You have been slain, you f*cking jack wagon) and Morgan Freeman. It could totally work.
9001 (NA)
: Who Do You Main And Why?
I main {{champion:99}} because she offers a GIATN FREAKING LASER BEAM HOLY SH- I main {{champion:61}} because I feel like a Chessmaster playing her. I main {{champion:161}} because HOLY FREAKING SH!T A GIANT LASER BEAM OH MY MOTHER F-
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: Poll "Whats your main?"
Mid. I like the variety of champions I play there, including Lux, Orianna, Viktor, Vel'Koz, and Lissandra.
: Can we stop with this idea that the only champions you can play are "in the meta" champions?
If only my teammates let me show them my Lux play before they raged me. :(
: Would you prefer to use it sarcastically? Or, if you're as helpful as you say you are, would you be using it far more often to actually let people know they did well? There's nothing wrong with using it sarcastically once or twice in every ten uses. But saving it JUST to be an asshole isn't Riot's problem, or the problem of the ping itself, it's YOURS.
I'm pointing this out solely because I'm not going to be the only one to do it. Considering how toxic the community can be, this spells disaster.
: What champion would you delete from the game.
I personally don't like the idea of deleting champions. If they're gone, then that means someone just lost their favorite champion forever. I do agree, however, that many champs listed in this thread need fixing and rebalancing, but I don't think any of them deserve a full deletion.
: @Riot: Can we have a "Good job!" ping?
I'm sorry, but while I do my best to be as helpful as possible If you give me something THIS EASY to be sarcastic with I'm gonna be so stupidly sarcastic with it, I'd be radioactive.
: Let's have a good, CLEAN fight. (Janitor Skin Line)
I had an idea like this called the "Clean-Up Crew", a series of champions who come in after the teamfight and just mop up. These would include Master Yi and Zed.
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Arsames (EUW)
: Do you want to know why this is happening? Take a look at what happened to all the female champions recently and those that have been released. Wonder why we haven't had a feminine female champion for a long time now? It is because of the SJW and Feminist cancer that has invaded League of Legends and Riot Games. They are removing sexy, feminine and cute female champions and turning them in to the shit you see now. Rek'Sai, non human bulldyke, Kalista, necrophilic corpse, now they ruin this Fiora skin, from hot naughty teacher to fat nerdy ugly shit. Mark my words, this trend will continue :)
Rek'Sai is simply the "female" Cho'Gath. Kallista isn't really a coprse, per say, she's more like a spirit. Kind of. (What is she, a lich?) I don't really see how Fiora is "fat" now. You face was butchered, yes, but Riot has responded on this one. Check s@20, the faces have been fixed, more or less.
: IronStylus Says: Deal With It. - I Say: Give us our money back or never get any more from us.
Original Model: In this case, I honestly prefer the new one. The old leg armor, while important for a duelist, looked bad and boring. I prefer the new one because it feels like a cleaner model. Royal Guard: What's to cry about here? Rito just cleaned this one up. This skin makes her a lot brighter (which can be good or bad). She lost some detail, sure, but her new model doesn't seem as "busy" and isn't quite the eyesore (then again, I like bright and colorful) Nightraven: Here is where my complaints begin. Stylized, sure. The body, again, looks a lot more polished, and Riot made her entire outfit look... not bleak. It's the eyes that strike me, in a bad way. This isn't waifu simulator 2000. This isn't an anime game. So why are here eyes anime-proportioned? It clashes with not only the rest of the game, but also the rest of the outfit. Headmistress: Oh, boy. This is where Riot screwed up the most. While the new body and clothes are an improvement, the face was butchered. The whole motiff of the skin was "sexy teacher". So why do her eyes look all jacked up? I may not like the skin, but she lost part of her sex appeal, making her eyes as large as they are. In short, Original and Royal guard seem better overall, while the faces on Nightraven and Headmistress need work. My only question is, how often are you going to see her face in close detail? It's not like this is Smite or something.
: Thank You Riot
I personally got Nottingham Ezreal. I like how Riot is doing stuff like this. Maybe they could do a few smaller ones like this ever month or so? Like, "Hey! You have been a good sport this month! Here's a two-win IP boost". Or something like that.
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: What if I told you that every time you ask when URF is coming back, they delay it another month?
The time is January, 2050. Urf is about to be released. That one guy asks "When will it come out?" Everyone groans as Urf is delayed until February.
: *attack on titan theme song starts*
*On that day, humanity received a grim reminder that they lived in fear of the Doom Bots.*
: Embrace the darkness with Night Hunter Rengar
There are going to be people who buy this skin only for its wicked splash art.
Thales (NA)
: [Skins] Ultimate Skins?
I think a female mage (So, {{champion:99}}, {{champion:61}}, etc) or support ({{champion:89}}, {{champion:117}}, {{champion:16}}, etc) should get one, because we've had ADC and a Jungler guy skinss
: Next Winter Skins!
I'd think it would be cool if {{champion:154}} got one.


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