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: Guy you don't get banned for toxic or afk for one game you have to do it many times for EVEN A CHAT BAN. Also contacting someone as a big streamer is good AGAIN THERE ARE 0 NEGATIVES. Again stop being biased.
A big time streamer should be treated the exact same as any of the rest of us. RIOT should not give special benefits to people who stream their game, especially in the tribunal. Come on. That's blatant discrimination.
: Ummm nightblue did nothing to get a ban I hate to break this to you but one game can't get you banned. At most he should get a chat restriction. Streamers should get special treatment EVERY GAME DOES IT FOR A REASON AND I POINTED IT OUT AS TO WHY THEY SHOULD. If you are pisssed that they get special treatment then you need help like seriously this is a nonissue and there is basically 0 negatives to making it easier for a steamer to get someone banned. Like stop being biased and think since I can give better reasons to why he should be banned then what you gave.
I spy a Nightblue fan... argue what you want, but yes. Going afk, raging, griefing, and personally contacting a friend from RIOT to get someone banned should be bannable.
: CheatSM! CheatSM! CheatSM!
I'm gonna need some video evidence of these things you're claiming. Death Timers are still a major problem in LCS, but that's about it. Also, always remember that C9 does not care about winning in NA. They only care about winning internationally. They are clearly trolling right now, but at least it's fun. TSM fosters a pretty nasty working environment with a pretty nasty leader in Bjergson who DEMANDS greatness in NA play because he suffers from an inferiority complex in international play. TSM is an embarrassment to the NA region and nothing will change that.
: I agree with most of this except that they should've stayed out of it. They provided NB3 with ammunition but also provided important context that Nubrac was the problem (too) not just the victim. That's important because some people don't have the mentality "boíth should be banned" but "Nubrac is victim". NB3 was displayed as "not the victim" in most popular threads, pros simply pointed out Nubrac isn't victim either. All in all, I mostly agree with it being "messy situation". Nubrac goes unpunished for several seasons (according to the pro players), Riot proves he picks this "strategy" to specifically troll streamers yet the action is done through NB3 having connection. Regardless of NB3 deserving ban too, regardless of Nubrac being justifiedly banned, that alone feels shitty. Majority of playerbase is in low elo, non-streamers, we get trolled all the time but don't get this treatment because we don't have the prestigue. The logic would be that there is less streamers, less people in high elo so it's easier to review them manually, but that point is compromised by Nubrac doing this for long time. Messy and shitty. Next thing is offmeta versus trolling. Riot pulls out vague "think of your team's need" but also "Is it meta" video promoting 6 Wit's End Diana. They wanted to be playful but it came across as pretense that this game actually supports such liberal playstyles while it doesn't, they don't do much for it to do, they probably even cannot do that without creating abuse strats and they ban margin cases. Honestly there is no good in this pit. None of us would want to have our promos ruined by faulty strategy, all of us would like to play game with many choices. Messy and shitty. Finally, it's streamers prohibiting behaviour which gets normal players punished while they go unpunished. If you called someone r-word because they genuinly troll and you get justifiedly frustrated, you get Riot Support and most of PB Boards riding on you with their high horse of "Someone doing bad thing doesn't justify you doing one too", but these things get ignored when done by high elo stramers. And If they strated actually banning such people that would be like 80% of popular streamer scene, a lot of lost viewers a lot of lost revenue. Messy and shitty. I just don't think there's any solution.
: I'd rather NB to be punished too, but this thread is slightly dishonest. Most of these people simply, without defending NB3, said that Nubrac deserved it because he ruined their games too and he has been allegedly doing this for longer time and he had it coming. DL simply said that If he was in his last promo game and someone did this strat (that basically allows majority of enemy team to get ahead in gold and exp for free) he'd report them too. ICU simply said NB3 did high elo community favor because Nubrac was just sabotaging games. I'd recommend people who actually care about non-biased opinions to look up twitter posts of people in the list, the twitter posts conviniently ommitted, the twitter posts providing context. Then decide If you think they actually defend toxic streamer or are just glad another troll streamer got finally punished or both.
> [{quoted}](name=Velzard of Koz,realm=EUNE,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=h2KI7iu9,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-16T13:11:24.980+0000) > the twitter posts conviniently committed, Sorry, not trying to personally omit the tweets, I just genuinely don't know how to share them on here XD
Kanzler (NA)
: For one game worth of chat?
Toxic, grieving, and afk... and I think the biggest problem is that Nubrac never would have been banned had Nightblue3 not personally seen to it himself by contacting a friend from RIOT personally, who apologized to him for the delay in the ban... it's just so out of whack that RIOT would cater to this kid and it most certainly isn't fair. Nighblue3 should get a ban and that RIOT employee should get fired.
: I'd rather NB to be punished too, but this thread is slightly dishonest. Most of these people simply, without defending NB3, said that Nubrac deserved it because he ruined their games too and he has been allegedly doing this for longer time and he had it coming. DL simply said that If he was in his last promo game and someone did this strat (that basically allows majority of enemy team to get ahead in gold and exp for free) he'd report them too. ICU simply said NB3 did high elo community favor because Nubrac was just sabotaging games. I'd recommend people who actually care about non-biased opinions to look up twitter posts of people in the list, the twitter posts conviniently ommitted, the twitter posts providing context. Then decide If you think they actually defend toxic streamer or are just glad another troll streamer got finally punished or both.
I think your statement is fair, as neither player acknowledged Nightblue3 in their post. What they did do was condemn the roaming Teemo support strat, say that Nubrac SHOULD have been banned, and then conveniently left Nightblue3 out of the discussion. All I'm saying is this: Doublelift and Jensen (who both have a reputation for being incredibly toxic in the past themselves... just saying) specifically went out of their way to call out Nubrac and say the ban was justified (I don't care if it was or it wasn't, personally. My problem isn't with that), while not having any opinion on Nightblue3 himself and wether or not what he did was wrong. Nightblue3 SHARED both of these tweets to defend himself and his actions as a specific way to show that he had pro player support to do what he did. Wether Jensen or Doublelift meant it to be support for Nightblue3 or not is really no longer relevant, as Nighblue3 has now used them both to justify his actions. It's a messy situation. The pro players should have just stayed out of it... but alas, here we are. I think that's why i haven't been able to find any other pro players who have come out in support of Nightblue3, because most of them genuinely feel what we all feel: You either ban them both, or let them both go.
: What? Are you trolling? Like WHY WOULD RIOT NOT LISTEN TO THEM. One: high elo and pros know the rules and there is no insensitive to banned the wrong people since it would just hurt them. Two: riot can seen the game live meaning it is easier to ban. Three: banning people like this is good both for the people playing and the people watching since it shows that trolls do get punished. Four: BASICALLY EVERY GAME DOES THIS like almost every game does this. Five: most popular steamers and pros are in high elo meaning banning has more impact since there is less people and it's easier to find out if someone is trolling. Like if you actually think is a problem you need to get off your fucking high horse then THINK AND STOP TALKING ABOUT IT SINCE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Like doing this is perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with it.
You only further prove the point. Nightblue3 raged, went afk, and griefed. As you state, he is a high profile streamer and the whole thing was caught on camera. No room for players like him in high ELO. The proof is there. This should be a no brainer ban. Your idea that streamers systematically get special treatment because they are popular streamers is the entire problem. Thank you for pointing it out, as that’s why we’re all pissed in the first place.
: 3 teammates agreed on opening, it was 2:9 with huge gold lead, smartest thing to do, fck of with NA never surr mentality. Besides calling him trash, bisch and telling him that he will get banned for trolling he said nothing bad. I would personally pick on his fat body, how he has christmas tree still up, while exposing how he aims for streamers to leech of them, he is same if not worse than NB3, NB3 is at least open and talks what he thinks(probably), Noobrat is just fake trying to get attention. Never thought I would stand up for NB3, but I'm glad he helped to get rid of this trash. Pros said that they agree on banning that trashcan player, not that they agree with NB3 behaviour.
I don’t fully have a problem with Nubrac getting punished, but Nightblue3 should be punished as well. Plain and simple.
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: > [{quoted}](name=IncrediPhiLL,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=fsTHI7av,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-09T13:19:45.880+0000) > > NA and EU are the two best regions. It’s not biased commentary if it is fact. Wait until there is a history to back it up, or else it's just a fluke and you know that. Sorry to break it to you but if you do well in a competition 1 time out of 10 tries, it doesn't make you the best.
Stop living in the past. The present is now. When any other region makes it to an international final in 2019, come and talk to me.
: Could there be a no-caster section to watch games?
NA and EU are the two best regions. It’s not biased commentary if it is fact.
: i sent em an email and now im waiting
Keep us updated on how this pans out. It seems like we're all in agreement that not only is this NOT ban worthy, but also discrimination on RIOT's part against you for being a good old fashioned southern english speaker. Not only should the ban be lifted, but they should probably compensate you for their error, as discrimination based on any kind of race or cultural part is forbidden by law to companies that deal with consumers. Don't let them tell you the good old fashioned, "Because you play our game, we reserve the right to ban any action we sit fit," yada yada yada. That doesn't apply if the company is discriminating against you because of race.
: > [{quoted}](name=IncrediPhiLL,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=tUdgW1PR,comment-id=000000030000,timestamp=2019-05-19T10:30:20.040+0000) > > NA is the second best region right now. When China and Korea make it to an international final in 2019, come talk to me bb. Popping off like you are something after making it to the MSI finals for the second time and both times only to get boat raced 0-3 -- cute. Since making it to the international finals mean so much to you, first match LCK's 13 appearances in both MSI and World Championship finals then talk shit. Since NA can't seem to win a single match in the finals, combined 25 match wins in the finals by LCK with 7 titles is something NA fan boys can only dream of. But hey, congrats for beating LPL's IG but then again TL consists of three former LCK players and a coach on the team. What can NA do without Koreans? At least LPL's IG won the World Championship with three Koreans on the team.
Sounds like someone is living in the past, bud. LCK used to be the best and they have the stats to show for it no doubt, but they’ve been outplayed by NA and EU in the last 2 international tournaments. I’m not saying they won’t get on our level in the future, they just aren’t on our level now. If it means so much to you, go watch some 2-3 year old VODS of Korea doing well internationally so you can enjoy the stats you’re bragging about.
: Would IG have beaten G2 today?
Considering IG couldn’t even beat Liquid in a B05, I’d say no. The two best teams in the tourney played today, one of them was simply more prepared.
: Korean reaction to SKT losing to G2
> - It's a team vs team matchup thingy. If IG chose G2, SKT got to play against TL, it would have been IG vs SKT. You could have stopped right there. You shouldn’t assume anything.
: > [{quoted}](name=IncrediPhiLL,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=tUdgW1PR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-17T13:50:19.992+0000) > > I think Korea is a bottom of the barrel region now. Id say NA, EU, and China are the top 3... in that order. We give Korea a pass for continually being trash for a year and a half because it's Korea. China has always been full of a bunch of chokers. Never able to perform when it matters the most. If Fnatic didn't fluke their way into the finals last year, IG would have choked there too. Win 5 LoL World Championships then talk shit. Only region without a title from the big 4. Oh wait, NA isn't part of big 4 as it consists of LCK, EU, LMS and LPL. Git gud.
NA is the second best region right now. When China and Korea make it to an international final in 2019, come talk to me bb.
: Anybody know what happened to TL?
DL and CoreJJ got focused. It’s like G2 knew they were the weak links. Every advantage G2 GoT was early and in the bot lane. I think it’s a further testament that DL can’t compete internationally when it matters most. G2 exposes him and he was irrelevant the entire series. I feel like the others played well, but Jankos kept getting advantages in the bot and then carried this advantages to the other lanes.
: TL >> rest of NA trash.
No. TL Bank Account >>>>>>>>>>> Rest of NA Bank account.
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: The biggest difference was between CoreJJ and MikyX honestly. Miky played out of his mind. And Jankos ganked bot in all 3 games early, while Xmithie wasn't there for the counterganks. TL needs a new jungler, one that can actually coordinate with the team and make proactive plays.
Facts! Though I don’t fault Xmithie. The bot lane was a clown fiesta. DL and JJ got completely exposed.
: You sound really professional to make it look like it was DL only fault and not like the whole of TL being unable to do anything for 2 matches and a half.
This is an NA thing, not just today’s game. You don’t understand.
: Thank you G2 for putting Doublelift right where he deserves.
This!!!! Foreal though. Dude has never been good. Never been able to compete internationally. He got clapped 3 times in a row today. Incredibly satisfying to watch.
: G2 Paying off teams to win for EU?
TL played like trash. Simply outplayed. Never a contest. Don’t take that away from them. G2 took advantage of a team that clearly wasn’t ready for them.
Krayzie (EUNE)
: Its not just that - its straight trash talk that would prolly get banned if you say those things in game
Maybe... I don’t know... don’t watch American Streamers? Watch EU Streamers. Everyone’s happy.
Krayzie (EUNE)
: Like every major streamer been trash talking about EU whole their life and now finally their mouth are shut with 3-0. Can't wait for response from t1 and tfblade XD
*Watches American Streamer* *Gets surprised when American Streamer endorses America*
: GG, gratz on your 3-0 MSI win G2.
I think Doublelift is just a liability. You can’t claim to be building your team for international success and have an ADC that’s never had international success.
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: Maybe its just me who likes to form my opinions AFTER I have seen all the facts. Maybe I'm just not as much of a conspiracy theorist as some people here just hoping more than anything to find someone to hate.
Maybe you’re right, but I still stand by the fact that publicly humiliating kids for the sake of public humiliation will always be wrong. If I posted a video of me whooping my kid and sending him to bed with no dinner, I hope you know that would be wrong... no matter what peachy interview was spoonfed to the public later.
: You seem to be failing to get this simple concept. Just because Jensen disagreed with the team does NOT mean he was treated poorly or disrespected. It IS intact possible, as hard as it may be for you to believe, that a simple disagreement does not make someone your enemy. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe what jensen steve and jack are saying might be true? Or are you too focused on your own narrative that you are blinding yourself to what those that actually went through the situation are saying happened.
You seem to be failing to understand that peachy interviews months after the fact is not a reliable source as to what actually happened. ESPECIALLY when there is a trade of goods. If we are to believe these peachy interviews, then there would have been no reason for Jensen and Sneaky to be forced into silence when it first happened... because they would have nothing bad to say. I'm not saying they beat them with baseball bats and marched them naked through Kings Landing, I'm just saying that there was an abuse of power and public humiliation of kids that should have never happened and I would leave that organization too if it happened to me.
Vneb (NA)
: Can we not have the Knockout Stage schedule spoiled in the client?
This has been an ongoing issue for just about every competitive event. There really needs to be a solution by this point. I know it isn't practical, but i've found 2 options to work. Option 1: Get up at 2AM and watch MSI Live. Forget your life and your job and school or whatever your responsibilities are. Option 2: Stay away from anything League related until you have the chance to sit down and watch it on your own time. I, personally, just avoid league altogether until I can get to EpicSkillShot's vods.
: Go NA and Go EU!
I honestly don't care who wins tomorrow. I don't particularly like Liquid, but they are NA, so they have my support. G2 is my favorite EU team. I just want to see a really good 5 game series.
: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, go watch all the interviews on the subject they do an amazing job of telling the entire story that you seem to be missing. You will come from such a better position of authority if you do your research.
I don't understand. You admit that Jensen claims in these said interviews that he didn't like the way the situation was handled and the way the team was run. He didn't like being benched, but then claim that Jensen never felt like he was being treated disrespectfully. I think you're being a little naive. I don't care how many interviews they did in the public eye for the C9 organization to save face. Executing interviews to gain positive publicity is a common practice in the entertainment industry after being subject to bad publicity. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a trading condition in Jensen's contract to Liquid that stated Jensen had to appear in interviews and claim he was treated well by the organization so Jack didn't look like a complete tool more than he already did. Again, when time has passed and a large amount of money is involved and swapping hands, a player will say anything to move along and find the next pot of gold. This isn't anything new. What matters are the facts. Fact 1: Jack and Reapered benched their two star players without any kind of explanation or example of poor play outside of saying, "We think this is what is best for the team" and "We need our players to be more serious." Fact 2: Jensen and Sneaky (very) briefly tweeted and stated on stream their raw feelings... which weren't good and that they "weren't allowed to talk about it." (Which is still a POS move by the organization. Basically "We're gonna bench you guys without an explanation and under the contract we have, you're not allowed to talk about it and share your feelings." Fact 3: Jack and Reapered went on to post a video of their brave decision... in which they bench their 2 star players... as the two of them are clearly blind sided and in disbelief about the entire situation. The video receives major dislikes on youtube, as well enrages the fan base for its insensitivity and proof of mistreatment. Fact 4: Jensen and Sneaky went on to dominate in the Challenger scene... further creating a rift between the organization and fans... as their play was superb compared to the play of their subs... which further proves that the decision in question was simply dumb. Fact 5: Jensen and Sneaky weeks after the split has started are STILL "Not allowed to talk about it." Fact 6: Reapered reverts his decision to bench them after massive failure in the LCS and the team immediately begins winning... in which Reapered takes full credit for his shady decision. Fact 7: After the success of the split and worlds, no one talks about the situation at all, outside of stating the fact that C9 started the split losing almost every game in the first half of the season, and then winning almost every game in the second half... never mentioning the benching of 2 star players of no explainable reason. Repered gets all the credit for "Turning it all around." Fact 8: Once the season is over, Jensen almost immediately leaves the organization. Fact 9: Suddenly, Jensen (not Sneaky still... he still is part of the organization) is allowed to talk about it... and he has no hard feelings all of the sudden. He just wants to leave the organization that he has spent years being a part of... but no hard feelings... no disrespect. It's all good Travis. They were good to me. I would have told everyone it was all good back when it first happened... but i didn't... because they wanted me to keep my mouth shut about it... even though I only had good things to say about the treatment. That video that was posted in which I was clearly surprised, upset, blindsided, and humiliated... yeah that was all good. That was definitely okay, Travis. I hope all of the fans out there know that. I was treated A+ top notch. I'm not being condescending at all. Nope.
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Ulanopo (NA)
: I personally don't have anything to add to either thread. Do I think Rujitra expressed strong opinions in a tart way? Absolutely, but I don't think they crossed the line into requiring moderation. I also think the OP of that thread is probably disinclined to listen to anything that doesn't support their feeling the ban was unjustified. I read the logs they posted and don't quite understand the ban, but that's something the OP needs to take back to Support, as this is one of those circumstances where we can't really provide clarity. As for addressing Rujitra's statements, you're always welcome to come to the Discord (link on the left) and make your case. You can also report specific posts you find problematic. Those are probably your best avenues, as we're not especially likely to do a public dressing down of anyone.
I appreciate your response and it’s pretty much what I expected. I’ll leave the matter behind me. Let’s put this to bed.
rujitra (NA)
: Excuse me, but no, there was no discrimination from me. I did not even bring up the "southernness" of their words. I brought up their word choice and their tone.
I’m your own words, “it doesn’t matter the intent of what you said, it matters how it was received.”
: Ah yes, accuse me of ulterior motives. I don't want to be board staff in any capacity. You're pretty sad, dude.
You won’t get Specialist with personal attacks like that...
: I looked through the thread. Rujitra is always to the point - but he never goes into insult territory. Just because you disagree with what someone says or if they don't sugarcoat their words, it doesn't mean that they've broken any board rules. The reason the specialists on PB have those tags is because they've proven themselves to be knowledgeable about player behavior and are respectful to boards members. They've been **appointed** by the boards staff. It's not up to you to publicly hold another boards member accountable - and again, specialists are boards members, not staff. Again - just because you don't like what you hear from someone, doesn't mean they've done something wrong. If you have an issue, take it to the boards Discord and moderator will speak to you personally.
I respect your opinion, but you’re in the minority here. He crossed a line. He discriminated against the OP... and he got kind of weird and nonsensical. If I were taking a guess, I’d say you’re probably trying to become a “Specialist” yourself with your response in his/her favor. And yes, it is up to us to publicly hold board members responsible if they represent the RIOT brand, as stated in the very rules at the top of this forum. If the member in question wasn’t labeled by RIOT as a “Specialist” then it wouldn’t matter. But because the member is a “Specialist” they should be held to a higher standard. I don’t think that’s out of line. This is a completely relevant thread questioning possible abuse by a RIOT representative.
: Moderators are going to weigh in when there's something to moderate. Nobody in this thread is breaking any forum rules. One of the primary roles of a moderator is to enforce the board rules, not interject their personal opinions into discussions. They have the right to do so, of course, but I like that the moderators on these boards don't interject themselves into every conversation. Too many moderators of other boards let their egos get the better of them.
I get that, but the primary purpose of this thread is to hold the "Specialist" accountable for his/her behavior... which is something I think needs a moderator's or herald's attention. I don't really care what their opinions are. I'm just curious if this particular person has crossed a line. I know there won't be a ban or anything, I just think the "Specialist" tag should be removed as the behavior _shouldn't_ be in line with RIOT's standards.
rujitra (NA)
: So, someone being discriminatory should be allowed to do it because it's just what they do "everyday"?
It's not a discriminatory phrase. That's the whole point XD ... I don't even know how you're still trying to push this.
rujitra (NA)
: Except I wasn't saying "you don't understand". I was saying "I am failing to make myself clear". I am saying it is my fault. I am not sure where you got from that sentence anything about you being involved in it. The sentence is clear - it says "I am not making myself clear, and that's my fault." It says nothing about you.
Man... still talking down to all of us like we're not on your level or something. I'm done discussing that with you. Id rather focus on the subject of this post regarding your inappropriate and offensive behavior in the post in question. I don't expect action against you to be taken, but that's all I care about at this point. I'll just have to do my best to avoid you and your offensive generalizations and stereotypes in the future.
rujitra (NA)
: If you had read my post, I didn't say anything about the use of the word "y'all". It had nothing to do with that word. It had to do with the tone of the message. You cannot say it is the victim's fault for not interpreting it correctly, especially when it seems the people these things were said to have a limited English proficiency. They interpreted it differently. That is on the player for not making sure they were using words and phrases that could be understood. If they didn't want to seem like they were belittling, demanding, or being a jerk about it, they should've considered their words and tone.
Nah. You're still blaming a person using their everyday dialect. Imagine a scenario when a game starts and someone says "GLHF guys," but then there is a girl in the game who says, "Wow... really? That's sexist." That's not anyone's fault. That's not worthy of a ban or punishment. That's just simply causally talking in everyday dialect... again... this entire thing is nitpicky and you shouldn't defend it.
rujitra (NA)
: Well, first, there's no "accent". This is text communication. Second, the intent does not matter so much as the result. As an example, if I tell you "kys", but say nothing else, and you interpret that as "kill yourself", it doesn't matter if I meant "knit your sweater". You interpreted it as something else, and that's my fault for not using words, phrases, and tone that is agreed upon. Maybe I am not making this clear.
> Maybe I am not making this clear. Offensive way to word that statement. You could have asked "Could I make this easier for you to understand?" ... do you see what we're mad about here... this is nitpicky...
rujitra (NA)
: Well, first, there's no "accent". This is text communication. Second, the intent does not matter so much as the result. As an example, if I tell you "kys", but say nothing else, and you interpret that as "kill yourself", it doesn't matter if I meant "knit your sweater". You interpreted it as something else, and that's my fault for not using words, phrases, and tone that is agreed upon. Maybe I am not making this clear.
The words chosen by the original OP are words inherently used by people in the southern United States community. You are claiming those words to be racist because of the phrasing, which, in turn, offends every person living in the Southern United States who speak that way naturally. And I don't like your comparison, as it further pushes your racist stereotypes of the southern dialect. "KYS" has a very clear context amongst the online community... an inexcusable use of letters to any party. You are implying that "Ya'll speak English," has the same negative connotation to all parties involved... when there are countless people in the previous post claiming that it doesn't.
Takaray (NA)
: I hate TL and I hate Steve but...
I'll never liked Doublelift. He is a trash ADC who continually gets carried by the team built around him, but i'll always support NA no matter the team at international competitions and I was incredibly excited when Liquid won... and as a (no longer) die hard C9 fan myself, i'm also a big fan of Jensen... so yeah, that's a bonus.
rujitra (NA)
: Given that the people responding in the thread seem to think that words mean one and only one thing (and that's what **they** think they mean), it seemed very necessary to explain to them how it doesn't matter what you think you said, it matters what was heard. The phrases that the player used in game were negatively toned and had a negative connotation, whether that was the intent or not.
While I don't want to carry the argument from the previous thread over to this one, I would just like to say that judging intent based on text is not fair to any party involved. Just because one party is offended doesn't mean the other party did anything wrong. For example: Your justification of this ban while claiming the southern accent of the OP is inherently rude is terribly offensive to others with a southern accent... maybe one might call you a racist.
: Is this... Is this normal moderator behavior?
Here is a problem I have. This thread has been active for 6 hours, has gotten some attention, but still no moderator addressing the behavior in a positive or negative way. We are encouraged to address problems with moderators, heralds, specialists, and all of those other responsibilities here, but we don't seem to be getting anywhere. There is also zero moderator activity on the post that I linked above, which is actually a relatively controversial post of wrongful player banning and questionable behavior by an appointed "specialist"... and the moderators just sit it out. I think we deserve some moderator comments and activity to get to the bottom of all this... as I understand that is the purpose of these boards. Maybe I'm not being patient enough and they need more time. I'm just genuinely curious about this whole situation. It's a mess.
: Is this... Is this normal moderator behavior?
I mainly refer to this bizarre explanation of how the op’s primary complaint could have been said better... “Words themselves have no meaning. Words are merely collections of shapes (letters) that convey meaning only because we give them meaning. However, communication would not work if we just threw words together. We have invented classes of words that have different uses - verbs communicate actions, nouns communicate things, adjectives describe features of a particular "thing", etc. We've gone even further, however, and come to a mutual understanding as society over thousands of years that words are not just used to define their definition, but that words convey tone as well. As an example, the two following messages convey a very different tone, even though the message is the same: Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. versus You're hot and pretty, but tempered and enjoyable. One sounds very eloquent, very "flowing", and very complimentary. The other, while conveying the same message, sounds businesslike, cold, and forced. Likewise, while the words were "do yall speak any english", there are multiple things that cause it to have a negative, racist tone. The use of the word "any" here is unnecessary. The use of that word implies two things - that they do not speak any english (else it would be unnecessary to put that in), as well as that the fact they don't speak it is bad. Think of it like this - when someone in real life says "could you be ANY more annoying", they're not really asking you could you be annoying - they're telling you that you're being annoying. That is the tone of that message. If that was not the intended tone, then the OP should choose their words more carefully next time. The other message which says "if only... actually spoke..." is two more phrases with a very negative connotation. Even the phrase you "literally" translated it into (hint: you misused the word literally there) is negative - "i wish i could" in this instance is a defeatist, negative, and frankly "calling out" type phrase. If the OP had said "I can't understand what you're saying" there would be no problem. The OP did so by belittling the language they were speaking at multiple instances, then getting into an argument the entire game over it. Not acceptable, period.”
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