: Can Preseason introduce the removal of Mage supports bot lane?
this post is an example of a bronzie who doesn't know the game or how to balance a game. you see from your point of view but don't see the others the champs you play may get countered by those mages so you have come to believe that they are broken but if you look at an assassins perspective they think they're useless because they can delete them. mages like those are designed to blow you up, outrange you, and have big cc. but they also have clear weaknesses such as if you dodge their abilities they're autos deal little damage and mobility will counter most of them because they have little of that
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: How People Feel About Playing as Mordekaiser - Survey Results
I really like that you properly gathered data. most players come on here and flame riot's balancing team which personally annoys me that they don't look at the other side but this post shows riot what players are dissatisfied with and what they like and it give helpful tips.
: Recri,the steel engineer.
just quickly looking at the pic didn't read it yet but it reminds me a lot of blitzcrank especaly in the hands


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