Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: What about a beasthunter/prehistoric Kled?
That was already an inspiration for his base! It would be tough to make him more dinosaur-y enough to feel distinct and cool enough to warrant a skin, though I think it can be done.
bravagor (NA)
: im sure this has already been asked but when will kled be realeased?
Shortly after patch 6.16 goes live!
: Which champions will have a back history or special relationship with Kled/Skaarl?
No spoilers but you should definitely check out Kled's info page on the website when it's up so you can check out his rich relationships with other characters.
Adauchi (NA)
: Just as Taliyah, will he be released together with his skin, and bundle?
Yep! As the other commenter mentioned - we always release new champs with their skin in a bundle for a limited time after launch.
: If Kled played Hearthstone do you think he would enjoy face hunter since he enjoys CHHHAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGEEEE
I don't think Kled would know how to play any deck that wasn't straight to the face.
: Will Kled get a Dragon Trainer skin maybe a Tristana level skin sometime in the future?
Seems like a cool idea for the future! But there are no Kled skins in development right now so we'll all have to wait and see what the Skins team comes up with.
: What is Kled's opinion on Demacia? Does he despise it like most Noxians, or view it more as neutral?
Kled would definitely think Demacia's got its values all mucked up. The only honor is in combat and the only justice is in victory.
: May I lead with a very pressing inquiry regarding this new champion that I believe everybody would like to ascertain if you, the Riot team would be so indulgent. Who dat boiiiiiiee?
More like who dat grrrrrrrrrrrrrl? {{champion:223}}
: When is she releasing? i want her :D
: is Taliyah wearing pants or tights?
Nilrem84 (NA)
: are taliyahs power still growing
Taliyah is still growing and learning to harness her power. As she gets older and learns more she'll be able to even further refine her control, allowing bigger and smaller stone manipulation and even more beautiful creations.
Arcyyy (NA)
: I know this isn't directly related to Taliyah, but when will you release another straight up AD Assassin? The last one was Zed (Yasuo I don't count since he usually just goes 2 damage items and full tank, and relies on his team too much). I wouldn't even consider Ekko an assassin either since he has had more success as a full tank / off tank. It just seems like you only release tanks / adcs / mages anymore, why nothing else? Do you consider assassins unhealthy now?
We will definitely make more assassins. Even if you think Ekko doesn't fulfill the role, that was his intended place and the players he was meant to be played by (assassin players). At our current pace of champion development it does take a long time to get back to serving the same role again (except for anomalies like Aurelion Sol & Taliyah) so it can be a long time between new champs of the same role, but you can be certain that another new assassin will arrive one day.
: what does she think about Annie {{champion:1}} being able to control her fire magic despite her age? she wants to learn and Illaoi likes to teach..., would {{champion:420}} be a good teacher for her?
Taliyah would be disappointed in Annie for her reckless attitude towards using and controlling her magic, but perhaps also impressed at the power she wields for her age. I don't think they would get along very well. Illaoi might be a bit of a harsh teacher for Taliyah - she's not quite as rough & tumble as the Kraken Priestess. Though the Stoneweaver definitely enjoys staying in motion as both a nomad and a rock-surfer, so maybe Illaoi would think that she's already on the right path!
: When did you decide to give her a Freljord skin?
Every champion hits a point when their details lock down enough that we're able to noodle on skin ideas for them. Usually there is a spread of several ideas, and the Skins team will narrow down to the best ones until we select one. Sometimes it's really tough! Freljord Taliyah was selected out of several ideas (including a painting and Noxus themed skin) several months ago.
: Why did you release another mage right after Aurelion Sol was released? Also why did you make the patches to her Q, why not just keep the five rocks at all times?
When we were working on Aurelion Sol, we were looking at an opportunity to fulfill an archetype - that is, making an awesome dragon in League of Legends and the world of Runeterra instead of filling a specific gameplay need. At the time, we weren't sure what role he would fill (though we assumed mage or tank were highly likely). Additionally, Aurelion Sol was originally slated to come out before Jhin, in late 2015. Due to complications during production, he was delayed in order to make sure he was up to snuff and ended up landing next to Taliyah, who we had specifically intended to be a mage from the get-go (when we planned that, there hadn't been a pure mid mage in a long time). In the end I think their playstyles are wildly different and their fantasies appeal to different people and don't mind them being neighbors so much. But you're right - typically we like to give a high level of variety in the roles that we release!
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Sir Nope (NA)
: Was Kindred counting to five on her Mounting Dread? Someone remind them that three is the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Disregarding that, thank you for not only fixing that in the way you are, but also for letting us know :)
Haha yes, we had to take them back for special tutoring with GypsyLord :)
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: [Champion Concept] DhaMa, The Force of Balance
Hey folks (and Rakoon Jesus in particular)! I wanted to jump in here and drop a quick note now that we're headed full steam into the new champ hype train (yes, these mask assets on the PBE are teasing a new champ, confirmed!). Dha and Ma is a super cool concept, with a lot of compelling elements. The yin & yang, dark & light dual nature has a lot of very novel thematic and visual flair that hasn't been explored in League yet. I wanted to quickly dispel the notion that this was a direct inspiration, however - in fact, the first concept for our next champion was created January 26 of this year. Champion ideation draws inspiration from many places, and often incorporates common and uncommon themes, concepts, and archetypes. There are thousands of champion concepts out there and it's common that we can find one or many that mirror some of the themes that end up making it into a released champion. Innovating in the space via art, gameplay and theme can be a real challenge, and it's common to be able to point to another character from other games, comics, movies or other media and be able to say that there are similarities. In the end, though, we strive very hard to create something truly unique to our game and universe, and I hope that of all the things you can call new League champions, "derivative" is not one of them. We love that players are passionate and engaged enough with League to come up with super cool concepts like these, so don't stop! I look forward to getting all the juicy details into your hands so you guys can learn all about how we came up with and delivered the champion concept and who it turned out to be (I think you're gonna dig it). In the mean time.. they are coming...
: Is the enemy team able to see Ekko's ghost following him around?
Yes they are - it's an important part of his counter-play, similar to being aware of where Orianna's ball is at any moment (since it can be potentially dangerous!).
: ***
Ekko would respect Rumble for his ingenuity in building something awesome out of many parts.
: What was the reason you chose Antony Del Rio as the voice actor for Ekko? Was he fun to work with, and how many kid icarus uprising fans are at riot because i assume you found out about him like i did from his voice work as Pit/Dark Pit, (i think ekko sounds more like Dark Pit :P )
When choosing a voice actor, their history is less important than their performance in the audition. Since the character isn't in the game yet, actors have to use a picture and description of their personality to nail the tone we're looking for. In Ekko's case, actors had a hard time navigating the "angsty teenager" line without coming off as arrogant, petulant, or other undesirable qualities. We wanted someone who could nail the youthful confidence and determination that defines Ekko, and I think he did a pretty great job.
: Who was the main artist behind Ekko's design and and his skin?
The talented Edmundo Sanchez (aka Dr. Mundo!) was the concept artist for Ekko, but as with all our champions, many artists contribute to the final result, and a whole 'nother team of artists contribute to his skin concept and execution. It's a serious team effort!
Melkie (NA)
: Is Ekko single? Can I date him? My insane crush on Ekko aside, is the marking on his face significant in some way? Or is it just a design in his concept that looked nice?
Ekko is totally single. Which is odd, given he can use his time powers to hit on someone multiple times. His face paint is an expression of his personality - it's his personal symbol.


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