: You missed a part of the question. Does having your honor locked prevents you from receiving rewards?
if your honor is locked you are at honor 0. since you need to be honor 2 or higher then if you end with your honor locked, no you don't have rewards
: That's called surrendering tho.
the point of an open mid is to do it before surrender votes can be called to save time if the team determines a game is no longer worth playing. so pre 15 min or pre 20 if it's done because one person is holding the team hostage and being a troll.
: Minimap movement
I'm having the same issue. You have to fix it in settings at the beginning of every game allow movement, save settings, disallow, save again. It's very annoying and it took me several games to notice it was happening. Hopefully, it gets patched in 8.7
BroLane (NA)
: What sort of person goes into ranked without mastery 5+ on a single champ?
could be a secondary account
: i reposted this thread in th support forum. Seriously, i know i've made mistakes but this last game wasn't one of them. I look at the one sided chat logs riot gives you and it looks bad but i was responding to people messaging me this isn't fair on any level.....
The point of the one sided logs is that YOUR behaviour is what gets you punished. What others do in-game is irrelevant, because you have tools to stop their words (muting). "Two wrongs don't make a right"
: You can report it, and the IFS reads pregame chat.
the point is you have to sit through a 20-40 min game to do that and some people make it clear in pre-game they will do everything in their power to make you lose. Who wants to intentionally waste that much of their time on a game weighted against them before it even starts?
: Do you have literally any suggestions? Do you expect them to demand a birth certificate to make an account or something? Because anyone can make as many email accounts as they want, change their IP address, and download an app for a new phone number that receive calls and texts.
CS:GO requires a phone number with your steam account and they can tell if it's like a google voice number so why couldn't league implement something like that.
vArgyrus (NA)
: Just report them trust me the system does get them punished. I always get the very often message saying that they were punished.
You can't report if you dodge the game to save yourself 20+ minutes of being trolled and possibly losing MMR and LP. If it's clear that two people aren't going to truly try to win and you want to win why would you put yourself through that? It's bad enough it one person is acting ridiculous but if it's two your odds of winning are pretty bad. I think there should be an option to report people you've been in champ select with recently because it's awful to have to take a dodge timer to save yourself 10x the amount of annoyance and time because someone wants to make someone else's day shitty (I can't think of another reason to do that stuff in champ select).
Chermorg (NA)
: You could say the same about fingerprints I guess... Except you can't. Biometric data is literally that - uniquely identifying to one individual. People don't just magically completely change their keystroke patterns overnight.
I don't disagree that account sharing/boosting is bad, but to say there couldn't be a significant change in keystroke/click patterns is a little disingenuous. I normally play on a desktop with a razor keypad and a mouse with 12 side buttons but when I travel I use a macbook and a normal mouse. my keystrokes/clicks between those would be vastly different because they're not set up the same.
: idk how people have these problems with keys. I have tons of key fragments, I am sick of getting them.
do you only own/play a handful of champs? I own all and play a pretty big variety for fun with friends and it seems a lot of times when I'm on a new champ someone in my premade can make an s and earn me a box. I'm ~~4 or 5~~ (just kidding just checked) 6 keys down from being able to open all my boxes. I also only allow myself to open a few boxes at a time so I don't run myself out.
Yässüø (EUNE)
: Can't agree with you in the requesting the report part. Asking from the enemy team to report the toxic people in your team is quite reasonable in my opinion, cause some day they might get in the same team with the guys i request a report for, and they might get the same experience as i did. So asking for a report for people that are clearly toxic is not bullying, not even in a slightest. It's a request so the community can get rid of these players and hopefully never see them again.
It doesn't actually matter that you don't agree with them. They're telling you how Riot views calling for/announcing reports in chat. Since you are using their game, they make the rules. If you're going to report someone just report them, no need to announce or ask for additional reports. If they get just one report it triggers a review just the same as if 9 people report.
: I am so SICK
: I know you posted this a few days ago, but was wondering if this has been happening to you consistently. If so I have some follow up questions I would like to ask to hopefully figure out what is going wrong
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Afic,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=OPluI5az,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-02-01T00:01:02.771+0000) > > I know you posted this a few days ago, but was wondering if this has been happening to you consistently. If so I have some follow up questions I would like to ask to hopefully figure out what is going wrong Not OP, but what they are describing sounds similar to what happens sometimes to me. Sometimes when I tab out of load screen I get a bug splat and attempting to reconnect gets me an error saying there's an error in my "network connection" (can't remember the specific error text but network is working in every other way) and I've discovered in games I play with premade that when that happens I'll get the error while everyone else is loading but if someone lets me know that they've gotten into game I stop getting that error. I just have to keep trying if I'm playing solo.


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