Escheton (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dabrick01,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=VbdNX1wg,comment-id=003c0000,timestamp=2016-12-05T14:24:44.257+0000) > > Not possible. You have to be LVL 30 to play ranked and you have to have at least 16 champs. You happen to have data on when they implemented this?
: dang, i'm boosted we fixed it :)
"There are a few some combos that'll require even more work to perfect." Found another. :P
Berodach (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=InsanitysTheName,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Rdqfw0p4,comment-id=000e000000000001,timestamp=2016-11-13T07:04:01.084+0000) > > The old vision ward cleared traps as well. Didn't disable them, you had to physically clear them yourself. They only revealed them, they were still volatile to the touch.
The new ward still takes a moment to activate its disabling effect, so if you throw a teemo shroom on some minions near a control ward it will still activate.
Berodach (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=S0BE,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Rdqfw0p4,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2016-11-09T21:24:00.869+0000) > > The new wards (control wards) do see through camouflage. As for revealing champions when they are close, this is how camouflage (Eve stealth) has always functioned. In testing camo was still very useful, but has obvious constraints that Invisibility does not. Again, camouflage is just Eve stealth, which is a very familiar mechanic. When releasing the control wards, did any of you take any mind to Teemo's ult? With this ward, us Teemo players have to play like zed vs. an adc with qss back when it cleared death mark. Any chance you could remedy the situation?
: {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
: The chat box covers way more than just the small blank area. I doubt there'd just be a blank space down there for no reason.
: [Draft Mode] Is something going in this blank space in champ select?
I believe that zone is blank because if you open the chat that area becomes filled. Assuming you have friends that is.
: how do you know all this? :D Oh, and something else, i had issues with the new client, and while those issues are now fixed when i updated my GPU's drivers, i went from 220+ fps all the way down to 60.... Any ideas of what could be the issue? Also, i made a support ticket for it but there is no answer yet.
I pull all my info from watching red posts very closely across reddit and the boards. Did your FPS drop in game? Check to see if your framerate is capped in game. Also could be in your graphics settings.
: By the way, have you seen [this?]( Is how draft works in your client? will this be a thing? i certainly hope so UPDATE: I just logged in and clubs are online
Just confirmed clubs are online. Yes, that will be how draft looks. Currently it is not enabled as they are still optimizing for performance.
: Can you expand on the idea of a "normal game?" I have experienced my problem ("Unable to pick champion") in a few other games, as well as in the new Ranked Flex on Twisted Treeline. I am pretty sure its not my computer or internet, but maybe the server. I do not receive lag whenever I play on the default launcher during the pick screen, but I get it really bad in the Alpha client.
I just said normal game because I didn't want you to attempt to reproduce this in ranked. It sounds like this is not a one time occurance so that would indicate reproducability. I would start with a full client repair which can be accessed in the settings menu. If that doesnt fix it report it on the official bug page [here]( and [contact player support](
: View All Owned Skins in Collections (Image concept available!)
: I ran a full repair but nothing changed... i don't know what is wrong. Also, if the client had missing files, should it be unable to start and give me error messages or automaticaly repair?
So I just loaded my client and Clubs are disabled for me as well. Possible they have taken them down for maintenance or something.
N Pelosi (NA)
: Water kind of is. It's like having warmoggs.
: I ran a full repair but nothing changed... i don't know what is wrong. Also, if the client had missing files, should it be unable to start and give me error messages or automaticaly repair?
It is possible for the client to function normally except for certain features. You are correct in that if major file damage is detected, the client will automatically repair. I would contact player support about this as I'm at a loss now as well.
: First and foremost, there is no link in your comment. The "Clubs" tag in my alpha client is greyed out and i can't click on it. And there are no clubs above my friends list. The only thing that exists take a look at [this]( and [this]( I can't click on the clubs tab and there is nothing on the "social" bar
I apologize I misformatted the link. It should be fixed now. From the look of your second image it looks like you have missing files. Try fully repairing your client. The client is also going to be going into beta in a few days so if that does not work consider waiting until then.
Zenne (NA)
: No countdown sound in champ select?
I went through champ select to make sure and there is a countdown noise for last seconds of intent declaration, ban, and pick. There is no sound for the last 30 secs of trading. There is a sound in the last 15 in blind.
Souol (NA)
: Friends being shown at all times is pretty annoying.
: Champion Select Screen Issues
Have you been able to reproduce this in a normal game and if so please report this on the official bug report page. If not it's likely a computer or internet connection issue.
Mozhu (NA)
: New Client Marks "Support" as a Bad word.
: then why can't i open the club chats from the clubs i am in and why can't i see them in the profile "clubs" tab?
So let me walk you through this. To access your club menus, you need to go to the profile section of the client and look under the sub tab clubs. Here you can see what clubs your in as well as other members of the club and see the message of the week. You can also see what clubs you are in above your friends list on the side bar. Clicking on the clubs will open the chat menu of the club. Here's a link to a visual of it all. [Link]( If you are saying that you know these exist and you can not access them, I would recommend repairing your client through the settings menu. If that does not work contact Riot Support.
: 'Play Again'
When in a party the 2nd queue press acts as a ready check. Doubt this will get changed.
: Still no clubs on the LCU...
: Are we going to get a special icon for being alpha client testers? because i was one of those mac users with all the bugs lol. But seriously it would be cool if we had a nice icon to show it off {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Łulu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=InsanitysTheName,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uIE6iKMq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-05T20:58:41.560+0000) > > Last time they did this when they update the tibbers icon and the plant the community bitched for days They already did this? i didnt know o:
Here is the link to the old ones: [Old]( And the updated versions: [New](
Łulu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=InsanitysTheName,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uIE6iKMq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-05T20:58:41.560+0000) > > Last time they did this when they update the tibbers icon and the plant the community bitched for days They already did this? i didnt know o:
Yeah let me see if i can find the icons
Łulu (NA)
: Redesigning/Revamping
Last time they did this when they update the tibbers icon and the plant the community bitched for days
: > [{quoted}](name=TheBlackFaker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EAsmBMB7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-30T17:49:10.648+0000) > > Taliyah felt relatively simple True, but still not that appealing for me at least with that ult, again no dmg.
What about Arelion Sol {{champion:136}} ? Easy passive, easy Q and W. Medium difficulty E and easy damaging R.
Rcteg (NA)
: Is grove his main way to clear jg?
Yes, it appears so. I'm sure it's tuned to be a good clearing mechanism.
MidyBot (NA)
: If he was played as a support, I think he'd be a bit like Bard... His passive(? correct me if I'm wrong) is for farming the jungle, and thus far we don't know if it'll have any use in lane. But like how Bard occasionally leaves to collect chimes, perhaps Ivern could go and steal a camp from the enemy jungle and then return to lane, which I guess would still be "supporting" in that it helps put the jungler behind. Guess we'll just have to see.
Correct, but I would imagine that due to his extreme power on his Q and his W, he will likely be played in the JG. Does this mean we will see more mages in the bot lane like brand support? Who knows.
Zenvar (NA)
: What happens if he kills a jungle camp?
He can not attack or be attacked by jungle monsters except dragon and baron. Instead, he places a "grove" on them which after a short while he can click on to instantly gain the monster's XP and gold.
: So... uhhm, where's the page featuring all his abilities?
Reimυ (EUNE)
: >It's tempting to say that this increases a team's damage output by 8%, but this is evidently false. What about champions like Veigar, who rack up monstrous amounts of AP? How about Darius, who builds a little AD afterward but not a ton? Will an ADC benefit more or an AD Assassin? Technically their bonus damage output is increased by 8% regardless outside of interactions with Rabadons (they stack infinitely until the number is too small).
Not true. The buff does not buff straight damage. It buffs %AP and AD so if you have more AD like an ADC, you will receive a greater impact from the infernal drake than say a AD bruiser who builds mostly tank.
: Am i the only one who thinks taric talks 5% gems and 95% about a mountain
: Idk. Humans are dumb.
: Does he still laugh when he flings someone?
Dude why would anyone remove that. Also what if there was a global laugh when he activates his ult.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Oh duh, I was overlooking the major change you did to his poison when you moved it to be his passive, you removed the mana cost, and thus the need to need excessive mana. Though I was being ridiculous with my comment about bonus health, I agree it should be for a primary tank, lol. And yes it did!
: Yea exactly. And I have 4 chests available because I took a break, and every champ select I'm wanting to get chests but I can't ever remember what champions I already have chests on..
: Little interactivity? It means he can build utility and usually not get instakilled in fights, that's pretty interactive. Most mages rely entirely on managing mana, anivia & swain being very obvious examples; if they run out they're useless. Both things can be said with half the champions in the league, some are new ones! Taliyah gets movement speed on her worked ground, aurelionsol's stars execute minions when they're low, jihn gains attack damage based on attack speed, kindred gains a scaling botrk effect with each bagged mark, tahm's shield is only as effective as his health is; and so on. Stat checking and self synergy has always been some kind of mechanic, some more abusive than others, but that's ingrained everywhere in the game. Singed is front liner, and you want to remove some of his survivability? I appreciate keeping the double dip kind of mentality on him; but something like 'gains an extra +5% Max health from items' would incentivize tanky-ness better. Most people build ability power as an afterthought already; but I doubt either of our ideas would make him being played like a mage, viable.
I couldn't type a longer reply at the time but the real answer to your above question about why taking away the mana to health passive is not about it being interactive. I'll try to be more clear. I'm going to remain firm on my aurguement that mana management should not be a CENTRAL gameplay element because it is not very interactive. Mage's mana management is defintely a core part of their class, but if mana management is the only gameplay element anivia focuses on, she will lose out on what I believe are the high moments of her gameplay - Critting with her E or stunning a high priority target and one shotting them. However, I totally agree with you that the self synergizing passives are essential to many character's success. When creating a self synergizing stat buff there are a few things to consider: 1. What build do you want to incentivize. 2. What build do you want to deinsentivize. 3. Either - what do you want the characted to recieve from buying the incentivized stat or what stat do you want the character to buy in order to recieve the incentivized stat. For this Singed rework we agree on numbers 1 and 2. We want Singed to buy health and not to buy AP. Number 3 however is the tricky one. Currently Singed uses a mana to health system. I would argue this works on his current character because he wan'ts to purchase mana to extend his Q's maximum duration. If I added the same passive to the reworked Singed however, he would not have much to do with all the mana. This led me to a stat he WOULD like regardless of the stat passive, AP. That's the reasoning for why I originally chose that passive but I want to talk about why avoiding something like a %hp boost is a good idea. First, yes, that would incentivize tankyness a WHOLE lot more. There are some downsides however. First, if super tanky is the only optimized build, then Singed's base damages need to be high to make him impactful. This can be scary because it can lead to an extremely strong early to mid game as well as a stagnant late game. Second, if the base damages are very high, the AP ratios need to be lower to halt any potentially strong off meta mage Singed build. The Health to AP allows for a linear progression of damage in relation to health, which allows for his enemies to feel comftorble with the amount of damage Singed is doing. I would argue that a passive like %hp boost from items is cool and should definetly be used on a future champion. It work great on a Tahm Kench or Mundo like character who wants health and only health because he scales off only his health. However, I don't think its right for Singed with these reworked abilities specifically. I hope that answers your questions!
: Well... that's not his only problem.
I agree. I hoped giving him a Q would give him a more interactive laning phase. Even if Singed ran at you at level 2 with Q and E with this kit he probably wouldn't kill you. Would agree that against tankier opponents without much CC ({{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} ) he would recieve a significant laning buff to his early game and mid game.
: Makes sense. Now that I look at it again I'll ask, why did you remove his synergy of gaining health from mana?
Other than a stat buff it provided little interactive gameplay. Mana management cant exactly be a key element to a kit unless the whole kit revolves around it. The Health to AP passive I added incentives a tanky build over an AP heavy build while keeping items like Rod of Ages good on him.
: Ah ok, I wondered if it was a bit slower since the splash damage increases in size, if it hits an enemy champion.
Was really trying to add some meaningful lane interaction as well as waveclear into his kit. Seemed like a thematically relevant way to do it without making him a poke mage.
: The main thing that keeps it alright in live is that Singed is forced to build mana (Tear) to use it often, and even then it never quite gets to the point of 'always on.' So this would be a gigantic buff to his early game and a moderate buff to his mid and late game.
I was thinking along the lines of: 1. I see a Singed once in 500 games 2. He probably needs a buff
: Agreed; though I like how you kept his synergy to add a root on his fling, but the corrosive flask seems like it could easily be dodged for having such a high mana cost. Unless it's a quickly traveling projectile such as ziggs bombs?
Was thinking Zilean bomb speed. It has a longer range so a little slower though.
: Nice forethought preventing the crystal scepter from working on his passive, then buffing his ultimate; but his poison trail always on without limitation? I'd suggest some kind of inhibitor, like he only benefits half of max mana on items or something, to give him some kind of meaningful penalty.
Thats a good idea. Kind of like Yasuo's double passive but with an upside and a downside. Would work thematically too because he's a mad chemist
Bârd (NA)
: Passive: His old main damage source, but permanently on at no cost. Not broken at all. Yes, the damage is lower, but you put enough damage elsewhere in his kit that it doesn't even matter. Q: One of Singed's core weaknesses is his lack of a ranged skill. This blows that away, with a massive nuke, but the tiny radius (even when you hit a champion it is small) makes it bad for pushing, which is the only thing Singed ever does. Adds too much damage, as well as a ranged farming tool, to Singed's kit. W: You get literally nothing for more than 1 point in it. Also, this allows Singed to hit 300 AP with a full tank setup. Too powerful of a passive. Also, don't give Singed a stun. That is just asking for trouble. E: An argument could be made for his E scaling off of Singed's HP instead of the target's, but that root is out of the question. Singed's current root is balanced because it is damn near impossible to pull off; this is basically guarunteed. R: Singed's current ultimate grants him 25 seconds of a moderate increase to his speed, AP, regen, and defenses. This makes it incredible for doing what Singed does best; running around wasting the time of enemies. This ultimate is a massive increase to his speed, damage, and utility, but with a short duration. This would turn Singed into a champion who wants to engage instead of a champion mean to apply permanent pressure, and I don't like that. tl;dr Too powerful, and doesn't maintain Singed's playstyle.
I always imagined Singed's playstyle as more of an engage tank with fling. However, after that ability is down he just runs around causing havok. Singed's core weakness right now in my opinion right now it that similar to a juggernaut he has trouble getting you you. If he does he gets to use all his damage. I was really trying to give Singed more depth to his kit because right now he can ONLY apply pressure. I wanted him to continue that but also have something to do in teamfights. Good feedback though.
: Difficult for me to judge in my tired state, but right now, the W seems to have just 1 rank to it.
Forgot about that thanks
: im sure i see ur point however u could make his ult give him a bonus to damage equal to percent health instead of the heal and movements speed as i see its not as good as when he was released
Yeah i shifted most of his ults power into his new Q. I was hoping that he would still be a fairly binary laner but his ult would give him something to do in teamfights. 2x speed is fairly powerful.
: i like the idea but not sure on giving singed any more hard cc. he's more about being obnoxious and making the enemy want to chase him then wanting them to stop.
: Neat concept but poison trail being on all the time would make csing the easiest thing in the world. Still a cool concept and worth an upvote. (also q at max rank costs more than ult)
I wanted to preserve the braindead Singed gameplay.
: Wait a second--under what conditions does his passive activate? Hold on. It's always on. Ow.
Yeah its weaker than live but your correct. Ow.
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