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: Never said you were previously banned for being toxic, merely using info i saw on the screenshot of your response from Riot that you shared, who stated you were banned for being toxic.
Again, that wasn't me. That was another poster. Read the name of the person who posted the screenshot mate.
: So instead of following the ban msg on your screen to contact support, you went to the boards complaining about it being unfair. When riot was protecting your account. good job
No, I first followed the instructions and contacted support, as I say in the OP. Then I went to the boards and asked for information about why this might have happened. I did not know until a couple of hours ago that it was even possible to lock your account to protect it from someone else trying to gain access. I never said it was unfair. I made this thread specifically to get help from others on what might possibly be the issue. But I guess interpret my actions to however suits your own narrative.
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: I believe the in-client notice and the email sent to the player both direct the player to contact player support for more details. Though it seems sometimes emails don't necessarily go through or get caught up by spam filters and such a lot. That said, I do wonder if there's a way they could make it more clear in the notice you get in the client. Like if they change the wording to say "Your account has been temporarily suspended. Please contact player support to resolve the issue and get your account back" and give a link to the page where they need to submit the ticket.
Agreed. I did not receive the email and all I knew was that when I tried to log in my account had been "permanently banned". Definitely scared me to say the least. Which is why I made this thread.
Zedex (NA)
: ***
Wow man. You obviously read a different thread from this one. I never said I was previously banned for being toxic (read the title of the thread even). Riot has even recently posted to say that it was a protective ban for a compromised account (see above). I think maybe you need to take a break from the forums and relax a bit mate. Not everyone on here is a liar and a cheat.
: It's a protective ban for a compromised account. You'll need to contact player support to resolve the matter.
Thank you for the response! I have contacted player support through a support ticket. However, I have not heard back yet (after aprox 30 hours since making the ticket). Is there anything else I need to do? Or do I have to just wait until I receive a response?
: Just curious, but what exactly does it say when you log in? Does it say "Permanently Banned" or "Permanently Suspended"? Sounds like it could have been a suspension instead of an actual ban. Riot will do that if they believe your account is at risk for compromise. If that's the case then Support can help you unlock your account once you prove that you're the true account owner.
I believe it first said permanently banned. As of an hour ago, however, it says permanently suspended. Maybe I'm going crazy, but I think it has been changed recently.
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: This might be obvious but: 1. Did you create your account yourself (IE, not bought from someone)? 2. Have you ever let someone else play on your account?
Yes and no respectively. I made the account years ago and no one else has been on it but me. All my friends have their own accounts.
: If what you say is true, then maybe it had something to do with money because that's all I can think of for a 1st offense permaban. Did anyone send you a bunch of mystery gifts from a smurf account or anything strange like RP card codes from some random streamer?
Nope, no random gifts or RP. Everything on the account (what little there is/was) is from me.
: Doxxing is finding and publishing the real world information of a person tied to an account. People can get fired from their jobs if, for example, a Twitter account filled with hate speech and calls for violence is publicly linked to them. For police officers, doxxing is a threat of bodily harm to them and their families. There is no way that someone threatening to dox you lead to the suspension. A support ticket is the way to go. If it says, "This account has been permanently suspended" then it's either that your account was compromised (and you need to go through account recovery) or there was a charge-back on a recent purchase (and you need to open a ticket for that too, but I don't know which one.) If there is a different message, you can either post it here for help understanding, or just go with the support ticket, since they'll be able to explain/help anyway.
Thanks for the info on doxxing. Glad to know that that is at least not the issue
: I'll upvote you, but I'm used to people like you not telling the entire truth. I hope for your sake I don't come back to a Tantrum {{summoner:11}}
That's fair. Like I said above, I have no way to prove what I say is true other than just my word. Thanks for upvoting it at least.
: Permanently banned for no reason (no previous warnings or suspensions)
Wow, thank you for all the quick comments guys/girls. Did not expect to see this many already. Just as an fyi, I have created a support ticket. That was the first thing I did. I am just worried because I have seen previous threads about people waiting weeks to hear back from Riot. @Kaioko: It's true that you all basically have to choose to take my word or not about how I'm presenting myself. I'm sure just as many rightfully banned players come on here and complain about Riot as players who actually need help. All I can say is that I stand by what I said in the OP. I don't believe that I have been using third party applications unwittingly. Really the only thing I use for League is looking up builds and play strategies on moabfire.com Could someone also explain what you mean by charge-back? My most recent purchase was about a month ago and it went through with no issues as I can see the charge on my bank account statement.
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