: Hope you don't me asking some Aphelios questions but sincce I have your ear, what were some of the narrative goals you had with Aphelios, how come you opted for Alune to be the primary voice of the champ (Tania did a great job on her), and whats Alune's life in the spirit realm like, does she need sustenance, does Yuumi actually visit her, is it boring there
Aphelios narrative goals: examine how faith could be required in a world with gods. Create a relationship between the player and Aphelios/Alune that's as deep as the night is dark, and as soft, as whispered as the moon is light. Aphelios feeling too much and protecting himself with numbness is something very personal to me; sometimes developing a character, you can find a truth in yourself. I needed to to reconcile and enrich everything we've said about the Lunari so far, develop their faith into a philosophy that's more than just "moon"... There were dozens of goals and it would be hard to list them all, really. Alune is the primary voice because "silent monk assassin" is a cool archetype, and silence reinforces many of Aphelios's themes. (Really glad you like Tania's performance by the way, she was AMAZING to work with.) Alune spends much of her time in the spirit realm meditating, glimpsing futures and truths that can only be seen there. Alune loves to explore, to see beauty and wonder. In a way, she can explore more now, the temple projecting her thoughts anywhere. But to truly see the world through two eyes, she needs the help of her brother. Alune and Yuumi meeting is canon (edit: my personal head canon at least, nothing is really canon until it's in a story). Sometimes her meditation is broken by small adventures like that. The temple has a garden, for food.
: Hey Interlocutioner this is unrelated but Aphelios' narrative is super cool, was it a lot of working pumping him, Senna and Pantheon back to back to back
Yeah, three champs in a row is tough to pull off. Jellbug did it as well this year with Kayle, Morgana, and Yuumi. Personally, I benefited a lot from Mary/a highwayman's help. She was editor on Senna and Aphelios for most of production. Senna was the hardest champ I ever had to write, until just days later it was Aphelios. For a few months I was working on all three at the same time.
: Does narrative writing work the same way? As in, can I work from home as a narrative writer or do I have to move to LA or whatever and chill at Riot HQ? I keep trying to figure out myself but I don't think you can check when they're not hiring for that position(and believe me I check frequently).
On League of Legends, we have worked with contract writers a tiny bit in the past. A lot of the skins in the Star Guardian Jinx/Elementalist Lux era were done by contractors. But in general, we found we got better results in house. The process at Riot is very collaborative, that's the nice way to put it (there are a lot of conversations, and pivots large and small, that writing needs to capture). Thermal Kitten ended up moving to skins to be their writer, and now, we all pledge allegiance to Carnival Knights, SkiptomyLuo, and Riot Pls. As the Universe platform ramps up, there may be more opportunities for prose (non-game) writing from contractors. I have less visibility there though!
Zasran (EUNE)
: Can I work for Riot Games as character artist remotely?
Yes. A lot of concept art and splash illustration is done by contractors. Often, the contractors post their League work to Artstation! (Does your gf have a page?) And not to be harsh. I'm at least half joking. Okay... maybe 45%. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Drawing professionally for a game is as much a craft as an art. We couldn't ship "Starry Night" as our next champion, though it's stunning AF, to create the most ridiculous example possible... If you said your gf has created concepts with great readability from in-game camera angles, clear thematic, etc., I think I would've spit out my Kool-aid, and then a bunch of $100 bills to hire her (and I'm just a writer, lol). There are very specific things we'd be looking for from concept artists in particular, skills that are sometimes as rare as broader artistic talent. Anyway, if your gf has a page or sample work online lemme know, I'll pass it on!
UnityOE (NA)
: Remember to change the Thresh lantern "Did you know"
: Lowest level of Zaun = The Sump Chem-mine prison that (once) held Urgot, below the Sump = The Dredge
: > [{quoted}](name=Manxxom,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=HEdr2803,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-09T20:54:31.928+0000) > > You know what would be very interesting to see in this show? > Urgot. I could see him as a very subtle cameo, working in the mines (whatever that lower level is called) and vaguely similar to the urgot he became.
Lowest level of Zaun = The Sump Chem-mine prison that (once) held Urgot, below the Sump = The Dredge
: Hey Slagle could I ask how you would feel a mortal man, a girl who escaped from a lantern, a boy and his yeti and a grand general would feel about each other{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Trick question. Urgot is also there, and they meet in his belly grinder.
: i know its probably not your department but youre one of the Rioters who is engaging with the community,we just want someone who is handling the server issues side of things to give us some information i know its not youre department but it would mean a lot for riot to tell us whats happening
There is a website where you can check server status, and there are a few messages there about what's going on now: https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_US#na Edit: I think the second issue means the game doesn't work even though servers are online. Hang in there, I'm trying to play too!
DalekZec (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cairo King,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=KstRvlww,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-11-06T23:17:31.017+0000) > > From Egypt, we also have our own dialect and yes it does mean tooth lol. Morrocan arabic is barely arabic, maybe senna comes from their dialect? Saraha khaye, ma ba3ref shi 3an Morrocan Arabic. Eno my best guest bikoun eno min el traditional Arabic. ehtimal et koun min ay Arabic la2ano el legha kbeer.
Baddeus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Interlocutioner,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=snEQTH3E,comment-id=000800000001,timestamp=2019-11-06T23:15:19.952+0000) > > Update, I found a bunch of out of date info and provided the Universe team with a list. Lemme know if there's anything I missed. I'm still waiting for these changes (and Senna's island!) to show up on the map. > > **Demacia**: Kayle and Morgana icons outdated (pre-VGU) > **Targon**: Pantheon icon outdated (pre-VGU) > **Shurima**: Neeko is listed both here and Ixtal (Ixtal is more accurate) > **Shadow Isles**: Mordekaiser icon outdated (pre-VGU); should be added to Noxus > **Bandle City**: Consider adding Yuumi (from there, even if now she's travelling the world) can you reach out to someone and get the servers back online
I'll write a strongly worded email to the server itself
Dormammu (NA)
: Thanks for the clarifications. He is also still listed under champions of the Shadow Isles in the Map of Runeterra page so might wanna fix that too
Update, I found a bunch of out of date info and provided the Universe team with a list. Lemme know if there's anything I missed. I'm still waiting for these changes (and Senna's island!) to show up on the map. **Demacia**: Kayle and Morgana icons outdated (pre-VGU) **Targon**: Pantheon icon outdated (pre-VGU) **Shurima**: Neeko is listed both here and Ixtal (Ixtal is more accurate) **Shadow Isles**: Mordekaiser icon outdated (pre-VGU); should be added to Noxus **Bandle City**: Consider adding Yuumi (from there, even if now she's travelling the world)
DalekZec (EUNE)
: One thing I noticed about Senna...
Hey DalekZec, whoever named her probably saw [this](https://nameberry.com/babyname/Senna). At least according to non-Arabic speakers on the internet, it's supposed to mean bright? Urban Dictionary further claims that the word "senna" was used in the Koran to mean blinding holy light. It would be hilarious if none of this is true, so the only possible origin for her name that remains is the plant that's used as a laxative... Actually, since both Lucian and Senna are potentially light-themed names, I kept it going when I named Urias (Lucian's dad), if you want some trivia. [Uriah](https://www.behindthename.com/name/uriah) means "god is my light." Urias is just a version of that name that sounds more like someone who'd use a gun.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} And is a bit grizzled, gruff... man I want to write Urias one day.
Dormammu (NA)
: Thanks for the clarifications. He is also still listed under champions of the Shadow Isles in the Map of Runeterra page so might wanna fix that too
Thanks for the heads up, I'll reach out to the Universe team.
Dormammu (NA)
: So is Morde a shadow isles champ or noxus?
After his VGU, Mordekaiser no longer has ties to the Shadow Isles. If you have a moment, you can check out his new bio [here](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/mordekaiser/)! I've updated his VO tags so Shadow Isles lines will no longer play for him, as a bug fix for Senna (thanks, Skin Spotlights {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} ). As for Noxus, his empire was there _before_ Noxus. So a lot of lines about modern Noxus/Noxians wouldn't really make sense for him. To make it easier to write Noxus lines in the future, he'll have to go without that tag for VO, though I will note he _ is_ labeled as a Noxian champ on Universe. Hope that all makes sense! Sorry we keep accidentally shipping old canon. Correcting VO tags is on our pre-launch checklist moving forward.
: Related to this topic: Why didn't you guys give us a new VO for Caitlyn back when you made her legendary Pulsefire skin? Hers is pretty outdated too, yet nothing happened as far as we know while you put the effort into Lux and Ashe....
There was a time where we weren't sure how to best do these updates... To be honest, we're still not sure. There are some characters where, who they are in the lore, vs. what they sound like in game, has drifted for years and outside of a VGU where we definitively say "this is who the character is"... it's really hard to communicate and negotiate those differences. This is what killed the Miss Fortune VO update (not sure if you've seen that come up on the boards). Everyone at Riot is passionate about characters and their VO, though, which is why we keep finding opportunities even though we're not quite sure what best practices should be yet. I hope you enjoyed the Ashe update, even if it's not Cait.
: Thanks Interlocutioner. Also, I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say she's from one of these islands. https://i.imgur.com/XBooaqZ.png[]
Wild. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
GreenLore (EUW)
: Honestly it's likely that he simply repaired his damaged gun. After all his guns are basically just magic rocks that are placed in handles, so its not like they are super complicated to make.
Pretty much. It's just the handle that broke, as can be seen in the CG. The part that could never be repaired, the relic stone, still works fine (judging by the explosion, eat it Thresh!)
: Just had an idea. I seriously doubt that Riot is getting better about VO, hate to doubt them, but besides Ashe and Lee Sin (which they did by "necessity") they aren't known for bringing in voice actors to update unless they need them for something else, usually a Legendary skin. Now we know that they probably only got Lucian updated because he's also a champion in Legends of Runeterra. Does this mean that: Garen, Elise, Zed, Shen, Karma, Braum, Darius, Draven, Katarina, Jinx (Also in Arcane!), Tryndamere and Fiora could be getting voice updates maybe?
Yeah, that's how we did the base Lux update in the past! But I do want to warn people on the boards (since there are a lot of posts about LoR VO). Legends of Runeterra recording sessions can't be used for League of Legends content. Separate contracts and signatories. To work with the best talent we have to respect these limits. The new VO Lucian is getting is because Champions team thought it was important, and we carved out the resources and time necessary in this case. From the beginning, when Reav3 was pitching Senna, part of the pitch was a Lucian update. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Senna Shouldn't be Listed as Demacian
I can confirm, neither Senna nor the Sentinels of Light are Demacian. Senna is from an island near-but-not Demacia. The Sentinels were formed on the Blessed Isles, and exist as individuals, handing down the tradition and relic weapons across the world. I'm sorry whoever created her page on Universe re-shipped old canon. I'll see if I can get it fixed.
Nettioma (EUNE)
: Hey, I would have question about Urgot if you can (and I am not late) answers a question about Urgot. - Did Urgot knew LB was corrupting Darkwill or was he corrupted too by LB - Does he believe in God or does it see religion as a weakness? - Does Piltover police think him a major threat and trying to hunt him down or they think him as beeing pitty criminal And finally - What situation Urgot has with Singed? Q gas makes me think Singeds Q! So are these reusing particles or are they allies? Sorry for late asking :(
Urgot was a Darkwill loyalist. For all the faults in Darkwill that Swain saw and that were revealed in Swain's lore... let's not forget. Darkwill rose to power in _Noxus_. He had to prove his strength, brutally, every day. Tldr, I think it's possible to be a Darkwill loyalist without being corrupted by LeBlanc. Urgot was loyal to Darkwill because of what he saw in him. Urgot is somewhat blind to the kind of strength Swain has, so Swain knew he had to be dealt with. I don't think Urgot thinks about religion too often. He has devoted his life to strength and battle. It could be he meets someone, someday, who shows him a kind of religious strength. If Riot ever decided to make a character like that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Piltover doesn't care about anything that happens in Zaun until it affects them. I think his actions have reached the point that someone like Camille would start to take a closer look. Ultimately, Piltover relies on Zaun. It can't let the under-city burn. I didn't have any plans for Urgot and Singed. The chemicals in his kit could easily be tied to the Dredge, and the machines used there (what I was imagining). But you never know!
: I'm interested in that last point of yours- how do you try to get a job writing for games? Things like character and story design? What are the best ways to prepare? What do people look for, and what are some of the prerequisites? Follow-up question... anything on Vel'Koz {{champion:161}} ? Anything at all? Just askin'.
The most common path is to study screenwriting. A few reasons: 1) Screenwriting is a freelance/generally unstable work ecosystem. Writers with a lot of experience will often be between jobs. It's an easy way for studios that don't have full time writers to parachute someone in. 2) Screenwriting is among the most craft (rather than art) focused forms of writing. There is a way things are done, rules that are understood. It's easier to commit and spend millions of dollars (if you're a CEO, and not on your yacht at the time) when this is in place. But here's the secret. The best way to get a job writing for or making games, is to write for/make games. Companies will rarely have an entry level position. If you don't get opportunities, you have to make your own to learn and show that you have what it takes. My specific path was to study game design and creative writing (rather than screenwriting) in college. Connections I made there got me my first job. Ten years later... I'm still doing it and I'm still grateful, because if you follow the advice I gave above, you're probably a better writer/job candidate than I was.
: Does Nunu have a crush on Annie? One of his interactions seems to suggest so. Please clarify! Thanks
They've never met, in-canon. But I've seen the fan art. :D New http://pm1.narvii.com/6930/58bda2a5314e2c49ea1f830671aa506fa48f4242r1-640-640v2_uhq.jpg https://66.media.tumblr.com/495d0219f8374b64205b81023dbd365b/tumblr_pdjy1csii61vcr7seo1_1280.png https://img00.deviantart.net/a1e8/i/2018/227/d/4/nunu_doodle_by_gora_tendo-dck8arj.png?1 And old http://i.imgur.com/lr4WObj.png If they did meet, I think we already know what Nunu would say. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: If Garen is part of the most highly trained “strongest” army, and of that army there’s the strongest that are in the Dauntless Vanguard, and Garen is arguably the “best” “strongest “ of them.... how strong is Garen??!!?
I've never had a chance to write for Garen. But IMHO, the dude never skips leg day. Because he's always carrying around the weight of being a symbol, a role model. That's strong.
: Let me guess... Gonna learn more about him in the Zed comic, yeah? Or are you guys planning something else for Shen?
Whoever has plans for him, it isn't me, is what I'm trying to say. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} But I can speak to Senna.
: > [{quoted}](name=Interlocutioner,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=swcst77p,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-16T18:02:18.980+0000) > > Senna's gun has two barrels, one light, one dark. The light Senna fires can heal, thanks in part to her curse (which ironically is life, spoilers for the bio). Lucian can't heal with his guns. Shen can't heal with his blade. So... Shen does not shield himself and other by stabbing them with his blade? .... Headcanon deconfirmed
Uh, I actually shouldn't speak about Shen too much, just trying to clarify why Senna can heal! Head canon away (that actually sounds cool.)
: Shens spiritual blade and Sennas magical BFG
Senna's gun has two barrels, one light, one dark. The light Senna fires can heal, thanks in part to her curse (which ironically is life, spoilers for the bio). Lucian can't heal with his guns. Shen can't heal with his blade.
: I know illaoi wasn’t one of the listed champs but I was wondering if you say if there might be any new lore for her this year or 2020?
Not sure, since those decisions are made by another team (I know all of the secrets kept by Reav3 and Champs!)
Pale Mask (EUW)
: Hello. I have two questions I would like to ask: * How knowledgeable is Swain about the history of the Noxian empire; specifically, how informed is he about the threat of Mordekaiser that looms from within Mitna Rachnun, and the members of the Black Rose cabal? Does he know how Noxus was originally begot by them? * How aware is Willump of the threat that the Watchers pose, i.e. that they are trapped within the Howling Abyss, but slowly awakening? What does he think of Lissandra's intentions? And also, what is his opinion on the various Freljordian demigods that the tribespeople worship?
Swain is among the most knowledgeable about Mordekaiser, since he is knowledgeable about the Black Rose. This is the level of knowledge I'd leave it at, and let future stories decide more from there. Willump knows a lot about the Watchers (his people sacrificed everything to lock them away), but I don't think he has thoughts about any of the demigods other than Anivia. They are very humanity focused. The yetis are older, more magical, less tied to the gods. Oh, and as for Lissandra. _ willump noises_ = GROWL (_Willump noises_ is how I wrote all of his VO in the script, with a column to the side with a translation for the actor; it's kind of dumb now that I think about it)
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: Can you give us any hints about Beatrice? Will we ever learn how Swain managed to overtake her? Also why did you decide to take her out of Swain's kit when redesigning him?
I can't answer the first thing, since that's a good story we can tell one day. But a big reason we went with many ravens, and not a pet named Beatrice, is that Swain's power became more specific in a way that tied into his thematic as Grand General. A flock of eldritch ravens, spreading across Runeterra, consuming the secrets of the dead. He is also an example of the Faustian bargain, where the demon lost. Or did it?
Sileηce (EUW)
: On behalf of the seven Viktor mains that still decide to lock him in game after game; I think its important to ask if he'll be getting a skin in the near future? I feel as if there's been many opportunities for him to get a great skin (arclight, arcade, battle academia, praetorian etc.) and just wanted to know if he's been forgotten, or there's something already in the works. Thanks! Ps. Been loving the changes he had last patch; the champ feels much more reliable and fun to play.
Viktor hasn't been forgotten, in narrative we've noticed how much people love [the story Jellbug wrote](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/viktor-color-story/) (in particular).
Tudes (EUW)
: > Nunu&Willump b o i I've been playing these qts ever since they got reworked. I have several questions about them. 1. How are Nunu&Willump able to communicate and understand each other? 2. Are there any limits to what Nunu can do with his power? 3. If Nunu finally gets to meet his mother again, how is she going to react when she will see Willump? 4. How do they interact if they happen to meet other champs? I think that's all for now. Thanks for the AMA and thanks for making the lore for this wholesome duo. <3
1. Willump has been reshaped by Nunu's heart. Nunu probably couldn't have understood him before, but this furrier, fluffier Willump is his best friend and understanding each other is part of that magic. Of friendship. 2. Nunu's current limitation is that he doesn't understand he can do more, his pure heart leads him to play where others would conquer. 3. Where those driven by greed and hate see a monster, I think Layka would see the same thing as Nunu. 4. That would really depend on the champion. They haven't met one (as a duo) quite yet!
Yxion95 (EUW)
: **Questions:** • How come that {{champion:80}}'s rework made his W — _Shield Vault_ — deal physical damage, hence killing off any magic penetration build for him? • And also, why does his R — _Grand Starfall_ — have the exact same amount of Ability Power scaling as _Shield Vault_ (_100%_)? Meanwhile, {{champion:58}} has a total of _300%_ Ability Power on his R — _Dominus_ — where he surpasses _100%_ just by simply standing beside an enemy for more than 5 seconds. **Small tweaks** could make {{champion:80}} AP-build-able and my full question is; Why not? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I'm not sure, Riot Axes handled those really difficult questions. I know that balancing champions, and positioning them on difficulty curves, is really delicate work though. And one of our priorities was to ensure Pantheon can actually be played by everyone.
Tudes (EUW)
: I also have another post from a friend of mine, since apparently LAS accounts cannot send messages here. 1. Can Nunu skins's potentially be canon based in the powers of the rune of inspiration? 2. What would've Nunu and Willump thoughts about Sejuani and Ashe if they actually meet them? 3. Can Nunu potentially be almost immortal if the rune of inspiration was able to keep Willump alive for thousands of years? 4.Would Lissandra pursuit Nunu after she founds out about his relationship with Willump? What would she actually do if that ever happens? His Summonr Name is JUST TOWERDIVE (LAS)
1. That's a really cool idea! Some of the skins are already canon, in a way, since they're part of an alternate universe skinline. Nunu & Willump Bot are part of the Full Metal skinline, for example. One day, we could potentially tell stories of Riot Corp, and robo wrestling there. 2. Nunu would be really impressed by Sejuani. Not only is she a warrior... she's pretty too *blush*. If he told her that, things would get pretty interesting, lol. I think him meeting Ashe would be much more... muted. Ashe is so focused on the past and leading her people, I'm not sure she'd even notice a kid with dreams at first. When anyone meets Willump, their reactions vary due to his yeti magic, shifting slightly. 3. That's a really good question. I don't think Nunu is bound to the magic of the yetis the same way Willump was. It's more like the magic is bound to him. If that makes sense. Have to keep it vague, sorry. 4. While Nunu and Willump adventure, looking for his mom, there is the sense that something, or someone, is on their trail... Please tell your friend I said "[Sassafras!](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/0/06/Nunu_395.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20180817191756)" {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: Just read it, its real good. I like that after all this time Senna isn't evil
Oh yeah, it's up! For anyone who missed it: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/senna/ The bio is cool, but my favorite version of Senna is the one in-game, I can't wait for what's next!
: Do you happen to know if Beatriz is actually the demon for Swain? I think that this would be a pretty fun theory to explore! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Thank you. Please really do consider it. I've seen some post.... and I mean I've seen some post. (that was a crazy 2 weeks on the board) Shyvanas update was not taken.... kindly... by many lol. So I doubt anyone would be too upset at a retcon of the retcon. Perks of a low player base I guess. I say this only because I want the best for Shyvana and love the character Riot made I personally will always support Shyvana. Crazy thought, but I had this idea for an ultimate skin in which Shyvana and Asol had a bit of dialogue (post was huge so I'll spare you too many details) It was basically Darkstar Shyvana as another Star Dragon and is the actually Dark Start that thresh and ori serve, she also eats the stars Aurelion made. They talk condescendingly and sarcastic to each other. The ultimate "thing" was she'd change the map to a Dark Star theme like the DS event. What do you think about that? Or is that not really in the Narrative realm? Syndra, what exactly is her threat level and overall power level? Is she the most powerful in Ionia? Does she challenge other powerful beings like Xerath or Pantheon? Where does she fall? Is Asol the most powerful Champion lore wise to date?
Hmm. I usually try to stay out of power level discussions. Out of the characters I've worked on, Nunu has the most potential, and Swain is the most immediately dangerous. I'd love to see Shyvana and A Sol interact one day as well. Really, anyone interacting with Aurelion Sol would be cool. He has a lot of interesting things to say but all of his conversations are one sided. I want to see him challenged. I want to see what he truly is, beneath the arrogance and cool. Thanks again for bringing Shyvana up, I'll pass your thoughts on to others in narrative.
: Are you able share any cool details about her ahead of her bio?
No but the bio is coming sooner than it normally would. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Thank you for the answer! Now I’m really... intrigued.
: Hey Interlocutioner, thanks for holding this AMA! I am quite the Pantheon fan/main, so my questions will be solely focused around him and the narrative direction riot is taking with him. I've known Pantheon as the proud Stanpar warrior who joined the league because he got offended that there was an institute of war that did not think of him or his people. Now after all these years we finally again have a Pantheon who is a mortal man who will greet battle like an old friend. The divine Pantheon, aspect of war and so on was a completely cool idea that I really enjoyed. The issue that I feel comes from something like the god Pantheon is that there is no place for character growth or ability to relate to him. He was cool and badass simply for the sake of being badass. With the new Pantheon you reintroduced the human warrior that many of us league veterans will remember. But now he is a combination of the first and second iteration, combining humanity with godly powers. It is a wonderful narrative of a man who resents the gods but uses their powers. He is not truly just a human and I love the potential inner struggles and conflicts he has with himself. These are wonderful sources of character growth, something Pantheon direly needed in my opinion. I am happy that Pantheon is more than a jacked angry dude with a spear now. Hes finally a compelling and intricate character while still remaining faithful to his very roots. The only issue I have with the rework is the lack of sunshine in this bread loving warriors life. I think its obvious what I am getting at. I really liked that Pantheon and Leona were childhood friends back in the day and really was unsatisfied that they got ripped apart the way they did. From friends to being estranged and now to enemies, its the only story development that saddened me as Pantheons contempt seems to be mostly directed at Leona (and Aatrox) if voice lines are to be believed. I can't really see why Pantheon would despise her so much. Is it not her duty to protect the people of the mountain as leader of the Solari? In Leonas short story she defended the mountain against invaders, in Pantheons lore story he defended the mountain which was besieged by Aatrox. They both clearly work towards the same goal with overlapping motives, the protection of their people. I understand that Pantheon has a great aversion towards the gods after what was done to him and is angered that Leona did nothing against the barbarians, only to later find out that Aatrox was the real threat all along. Yet in his one line towards her he insists that she is stronger than she knows without aspect and armor. Id really want to know what their exact relationship is now and how it could evolve. Would he help her for the good of Targons people? He aided the Ra'Horak, which are under her command. Where does he draw the line? Would he help her soldiers but not Leona herself if she needed his help just because she is an aspect? Do you think that expanding their story is something we could expect in the future? With Pantheons lore now updated is there any chance for progression in their story and/or relationship? Targon is such a interesting place and id love to see its two oldest champions interact more and hopefully grow past their misunderstandings.The amount of fan art for the two of them leads me to believe that I am not the only one who liked those two teaming up. What better way to defend the people of Targon then by joining forces? Congratulations and all the best to 10 years League of Legends! Here's to another wonderful 10 years!
Yes, a lot of the planned relationship details between Pantheon and Leona had to be cut, unfortunately, to keep things simple and short enough to ship as a bio. But personally, I think Pantheon has come out on the other side of a life-changing (and even life-ending) experience. He'd probably be more open now when it comes to Leona. That line is meant to show he doesn't hate her for who she is, he is frustrated because he sees who he thinks she could be. Who she might _already be_. Sometimes we're blinded by our prejudices, and our pasts.
: I was wondering... What is the favourite food of each of those champions ? I'm working on a fanmade cookbook about LoL/Runeterra and I seek those answers ! Thanks for the AMA, i'm in the love with the lore of Swain and Pantheon, keep up the good work ! :)
I am so unprepared for this question, lol. Urgot I think takes no pleasure from sustenance, which is good, he's in Zaun and that might be hard to come by. Swain is a fine diner, it's more about the wine pairing for him. He enjoys a good Demacian ice wine in particular (and I have it on good authority, Demacia makes the _best_ ice wine). Warwick, wellllll.... he'd prefer not to remember his meals. Willump loves krugs, which weirds Nunu out. Pantheon I think is a lamb guy. Don't tell Kindred.
: How strong would you say Pantheon is compared to the other Aspects? I’ve always imagined the Aspects would look like the fights in Fate/Apocrypha. So over the top, so epic
Pantheon's peaks are maybe higher than any other Aspect. I mean, he falls, flaming, from the heavens. But his lows are lower. At the end of the day, he's only a man. So in a fight between Pantheon and any Aspect or Darkin, expect him to take a bit of a beating. The question is whether he can hold it together long enough to strike a blow that carries all his rage, will, and belief.
: Just wanted to say Senna looks so cool, incredibly excited to read the lore you wrote for her
: I am starting to believe that Swain didn't really dominate that demon at all and instead something more like the opposite is happened (LeBlanc is the demon isn't she!!)
: > [{quoted}](name=Roganox,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=jsdqvwff,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2019-10-15T22:55:24.503+0000) > > I the Rakan quote to Swain: "You were given Vastayan blood, yet chose to be blind." still cannon after his rework? Nope, Swain was Vastayan before, now he's a human controlling a demon
Sort of? The line was definitely written before the VGU, when certain choices were _officially_ made. It's still canon, though. And Swain responds to it. "[The vastaya blood is not in my veins. It is on my hands.](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/8/8a/Swain_216.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20180124091011)" Basically, Rakan has a faulty understanding of Swain's past. Swain's ties to the vastaya are political, allies in the Ionian war. And it sounds like things did not work out, from the vastayan point of view.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Don't you think it is quite ironic that Xerath and Pantheon fought against each other, 2 beings with tragic conflict within themselves? Xerath, the slave that did everything to be free to only get prisoned twice, first chained within a sarcophagus, second thrown into a small tomb, and Pantheon, the man at the side of mortals, pittying and disliking the gods, is blessed by power of a dead god, nowhere mortal as he says to be with all these land crushing entraces. Atreus, is nowhere a mortal to me... or is he? What would you say his limits are compare to an ascended? Because he seems pretty godlike to me with surviving against Xerath and Aatrox. Like, It is such an irony, the man with mortal fetish is using power of the gods and act like "mortals are awesome, mortals are that, im such a mortal uwu" :P it is intended, right? Also, does Atreus age like a mortal man?
It is intended and I think Atreus and Aatrox also have a lot of overlap. And that is intended too. Atreus is still officially man-mode, yeah, he ages. And one thing I meant to depict in the story and the bio (maybe I failed), is that the divine power he wields isn't constant, and it isn't easy. In the end, he has to rely on his own power. To stand back up. The same as Asose.
: Are there any champs Urgot respects, sees as a friend, or otherwise would not want to grind into paste? Seems like Singed could be a possibility given they both worked for Darkwill and are on Swain's shitlist. Also, did you listen to any music in particular to study certain characters to get inspired to write Swain?
For Urgot, it's always a question of, do you rely on a weapon? Or are _you_ the weapon? I think champions who _are_ the weapon, in his eyes, would earn his respect. Camille is the first example I would give. Her ruthlessness has forged her as surely, and even more sharply, than the crucibles of Zaun would. For Swain, I listened to Philip Glass's Dracula soundtrack a lot. My favorite track is Carriage Without a Driver, but sadly, this is the best version I could find on youtube to share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_T7XrFp0Tw (Other videos seem to be piano covers and the violins are really what bring the _violence_ in the original).
: Is the real darkness Swain sees that entity which is A Sol afraid of?
: How Swain keep his hair so on point yo {{champion:50}} like DANG Is haircare products a thing in runeterra? And is hair dye commonplace or frowned upon anywhere specifically? Do {{champion:80}} 's people usually have mowhawks?
Considering Romans used urine as mouth wash, and lard was used in European wigs as recently as the 1700s, we probably don't want to know these particular Swain secrets. Pantheon's hair and beard style was inspired by the ancient Mediterranean. **Checks notes** Wait maybe it's just that the concept artist, Riot Earp, went to a hipster bar in Los Feliz the night before? I can't read my handwriting.
: Also i want to be cheeky and ask if you could share anything about your next champ, doesn’t hurt to ask {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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