Anìmê (NA)
: Shyvana Full Scale Gameplay Update Idea and a Shyvana Medium Gameplay Update Idea
I like it, but my favorite thing about Shyv is the dash on her ultimate. I know it's her W, but I still feel like her ultimate should give her a more terrifying entrance when she transforms. At least as she currently is, she body slams through people while transforming.
: Who's on your list for an Ezreal tier revamp?
{{champion:103}} Her W could use some improvements, she could definitely use more voice lines since her lore has changed so much, and she NEEDS a new model, preferably using Star Guardian as a base. Her tails all come out at random points on her back instead of all from one singular point.
: Pink wards actually feel tankier than quite a bit of champions right now
The hardest things to kill in the game are the Baron minions.
: So we're just going to ignore this then...
: Mikaels is extremely unforgiving outside of high elo
Well, if your ally was hit by a CC, they'll probably die faster than you can save them anyway.
: Blood Moon Aatrox cost me over $100
Arx77 (EUW)
: A more flexible idea for Sylas' ult
It'd probably make him really bad. He doesn't have an ultimate himself, so unless he steals an ability that is just as strong or game-changing as an ultimate, and the only one I can think of is Blitz Q, or their ultimate is completely useless to him (Illaoi, Zoe) in which case he shouldn't even bother with theirs, he's better off taking the ultimate anyway. Sure, there would be some good uses (Zoe Q or E, Blitz Q, Gragas E) but it'd just be way too much to load into one character.
: Vayne's tumble buff actually made it out of PBE into the game
So enemy Vaynes can now have next to permanent stealth and dodge rolling, while Vayne on my team will activate ult and then roll directly into 5 people, die immediately, and then flame the team for not peeling. Does this really change anything?
Dynikus (NA)
: Played Sylas on pbe. Riot, are you feeling okay?
What about a Reset ultimate like Darius? Or better yet, Pyke? If he kills someone with a stolen Pyke ult, would he be able to cast it again? And as conceptually 'cool' as stealing ultimates is, it just sounds uninspired. Especially for a champion who has nothing else in-game dealing with stealing or deceit. The rest of his kit is just Kratos, but his ultimate fits so much better on Neeko, or even Shaco or LeBlanc. Someone who's entire identity is built around confusion.
Moody P (NA)
: riot be like "let's make juggernaut viability entirely tied to tanks being good"
Maybe it's because the idea of a juggernaut is flawed to begin with? Someone who wants to fight but has no real way to force it sounds like something that really won't work. And when it does work, people will complain that they couldn't get away, hence why Darius is hated. He's the only one who CAN force you to fight him. I feel like Dr. Mundo and Olaf are the best ways to approach Juggernauts (And Urgot too I guess, but he's an oddball). They have ways to slowly get in and then beat you to death, both with their Q. If Nasus's W wasn't point & click, then I'd be much more inclined to say that it's fair Juggernaut tool. I feel like Yorick's W is an excellent example of a good Juggernaut approach option. It gives him time to make the approach without relying on flash. Not saying they're all healthy champions, but am saying that they're the right direction juggernauts should go. Their approach is slow, but they do have a way to do so.
: I made a horrifying discovery today
I've lost once to bots. One of my first times playing Janna, all of my teammates were bots and inted. I supposed that foretold all my other Janna games, where it feels like my entire team ints every time.
Rioter Comments
: Where did Swain go? The only champion we are not talking about right now.
He's not bad, but he's not as strong as others. Then there's the fact that a majority of the playerbase, contrary to what juggernauts seem to think, LIKE mobility spells.
: Older yordles look gross :()
Rumble still looks like a fish.
: Will we get another Alien Champion?
Taric and Malphite were originally pulled over from another world. So were Kayle and Morgana.
: Conqueror needs to go
"Ranged Champions cannot use this keystone" I agree conquerer needs to be reworked, but hell no on this change. Why is one of the first ideas that everyone has is to make something that might be useful for some ADCs to make it melee-only? If you're just going to arbitrarily make something unusable for ranged champs, then why isn't there something arbitrarily unusable for melee champs too? In fact, let's just make all the Zeal items ranged only, too. They were designed for ADCs and I'm tired of seeing 2-3 melees abuse them.
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Mulan88 (NA)
: Why isnt Ekko played more?
Because he's relatively balanced. AP assassins are worse than AD assassins because they have to build the mage items, and unlike LeBlanc or Fizz, his burst takes time to set up and he doesn't have that much safety unless he uses his ult, which is also a massive damage option. He's not easy.
: Marksmen: Inherent Dissatisfaction
Issues I have as an ADC player: 1. We pop like a damn bubble and can't afford to spec into any defensive options other than Lifesteal. But against champs like Brand or Pyke or Zyra, one spell early game could be half your health bar. And most ADCs don't have super high base MS so it's not that easy to just dodge everything. 2. Crit items. Unless you're Jhin, crit items take way too long to come online. Going a crit item first is terrible because none of them give AD, hence why everyone goes for the free crit Stormrazor. Personally, I'd rather have Enchanters be meta again so ADCs actually have a chance to live and play the game.
: Nerf a champion and give a terrible reason to go along with it.
{{champion:238}} can no longer activate his W or R snapback if the Shadows setting is turned off.
: Its generally not your junglers fault
True. But I will blame the jungler for doing nothing if the enemy jungller is camping my lane. If you aren't going to gank us, that's fine. Get something done elsewhere. Take their camps, gank a different lane, Do SOMETHING other than wait for your raptors to respawn.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ionian Vulpix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XyYpMiPT,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-12-16T14:53:27.276+0000) > > Formerly a Sona main and have multiple M7 enchanters. Yeah, they feel like crap. I've always thought Luluu was a lot harder than people gave her credit for because she has so much she can do with her kit and so little time to do it. Do I shield an ally or damage an enemy to better reposition Pix, do I speed boost our engage or peel theirs, do I ult our tank for the extra knockup or save it for defense? > > People always thought all they could do was press E to shield, and they can succeed at the most basic level there. But there's so much more they can do. But now they're too weak to do anything. THANK YOU. I have to agree that enchanters seems easy. But it is hard once you hit a pretty high elo. (D3 might not be high elo, but it aint bad). I absolutly love the fact that I can do so much with Lulu's kit. It just doesnt feel as good as before because the only thing i can do is shield... I cannot even do my e-q combo in early game because a single aa from any mage deals more damage than my whole combo.
I know, it's sad and I've fallen away from playing them. I mostly play Zyra support now.
: How it feels to play an enchanter support.
Formerly a Sona main and have multiple M7 enchanters. Yeah, they feel like crap. I've always thought Luluu was a lot harder than people gave her credit for because she has so much she can do with her kit and so little time to do it. Do I shield an ally or damage an enemy to better reposition Pix, do I speed boost our engage or peel theirs, do I ult our tank for the extra knockup or save it for defense? People always thought all they could do was press E to shield, and they can succeed at the most basic level there. But there's so much more they can do. But now they're too weak to do anything.
: Try thhe champions you thought are OP first, before you complain about them in the forums.
I have. Never thought Pyke was easy or braindead. I do think he's OP.
: He doesn't have any sort of healing/shielding or any other form of real peel other than a knockback and a stun. Pretty crucial for most supports. It's like complaining about Zyra.
Zyra is my second-most played champion, and people complain about her for the same reason. The DAMAGE. Both of these champions hurt a lot, especially against squishies early game. That's the only thing they have in common though. Not saying Zyra is bad, she's actually really good right now, but Pyke has a lot more in his kit. Zyra at least pops like a bubble if you make a mean face at her.
: He has no wave clear, he is squishy, and he is slated to receive a nerf so that he cannot be played effectively in solo lanes.
Waveclear, he's a support and that's what I'm complaining about. Not his solo lanes. His absurd damage and CC in the duo lane. Squishy, yes. However, if you don't kill him, he will back off or press W and regen most of the health lost in the trade. He can't be poked down.
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: Lux q hitbox broken
You'd think after all these years they'd learn how to make a hitbox match the model. Nope, still being hit by Pyke Qs that clearly should have missed.
Moody P (NA)
: Shyvana has to be the most disappointing champion in the game
As a M7 Shyv, she's not complained about right now because she isn't good due to all the jungle changes. Shyv usually just wants to farm harder than a Nasus so she can hit 6 and stay above the opponent in levels, then beat them over the head with a sack of gold. With the increased spawn timers on jungle camps, she really can't do that unless she tries to invade, and that's risky. She might do a lot of damage just punching someone in the face, but most other junglers have a way to reduce her damage. She also really can't control the scuttle since all she can do to it is basic attack. She's not complained about because she's not played. When she's good, plenty of people hate her.
: Karthus mains! REJOICE!
And yet you still can't get an emote
: riot doesn't expect you to go afk during a 15 minute game. they want you to tough it out.
Yeah, fun losing because one of the treadmills in a player's basement broke.
Wuks (NA)
: Report Your Nexus Blitz Bugs Here!
AFKS can still be pulled into deathmatches and prize fights. This HAS to be a bug. Like, I like Riot, and I refuse to believe that in the 5 months of testing since we last had Nexus Blitz that they didn't even think of that being a problem.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Remember when champs had 3 abilities, an ultimate, and a passive?
Ah yes, {{champion:23}} Riot's greatest creation.
: best way to play nexus blitz
: A tribute to Zoe's lore......
Sweet Potato Vendor Yasuo for next April Fools skin.
: Missions were a lot funner when you didn't have to buy them.
Battle Pass is a decent model, especially for free games, if they give you progressive rewards for both paying and non-paying customers. Don't know Bout Fortnite, but the Paladins battle passes have all had decent rewards for those who chose not to pay and phenomenal rewards for those who did. With League, you aren't rewarded enough. You get a lootbox or two for trying to complete it.
: As a Tank player, I am currently forced to play Bruisers or Assassins in jungle
Nunu is still my favorite. He just rolls around like a giant moron and I love it.
: Why would Ezreal want this?
CLG ear (NA)
: Change Janna's title from "The Storm's Fury" to "The Storm's Passive-Aggressive remark"
: So I got my boyfriend into league like a week ago
Here we go! *Misses every hook* Ya hoo!
: See my problem is that he's the only jungler I DO enjoy. My backups are Eve and Hecarim and I always end up feeding with them lol
I just find him kind of boring, but I did enjoy the last game I played as him. My main junglers are Olaf, Kindred, and my favorite, NUNU! And Willump. & Knuckles.
I very rarely like playing Ivern, but yeah, he needs a skin. Camille and Kled released after him and got skins before him. Taliyah too.
: I think there's a really cool possibility for the Female Darkin, that we haven't seen yet.
Thing is, they could have done this with Varus instead of the 3 way. Aatrox is the one who fully took over his host, Rhaast and Kayn are fighting for control, while Varus could have been the one who willingly gave himself over to the Daarkin just so he could enact vengeance on the Noxians who burned his village.
: Is it weird that Leona and Braum can't proc shield bash?
Take Guardian for Braum and Aftershock for Leona. Boom, shields.
: Define “Properly”. The concept of “Balancing Properly” is vague to the point of uselessness, because proper balancing means different things to different people. In the case of healing, the idea of what constitutes proper balancing will be drastically different between those who main champs like Vlad, Mundo, and Soraka; those who’ve never payed the champs and hate them on principle for being annoying and unfun to play against, and everyone in between. It’s why balancing a game with a giant player base like league of legends is hard, because it’s borderline immpossible to satisfy everyone’s demands. Apologies for rambling, I just feel like the job of balancing a game is much harder than most gamers give it credit for.
I understand that. But no matter what happens, the people who aren't satisfied will complain the loudest and claim that it's not balanced.
: balance healing properly like every other game?
"Balancing Properly" is an oxymoron when it comes to League. You can wish it and repeat it until Udyr gets a new skin, but it won't happen.
: Balance suggestions! For free!
Grievous Wounds is important. No one wants Vlad, Trundle, Warwick, Maokai, ADCs, etc. never dying because they just heal up without something to contest the healing.
: After Riot reworked Aatrox, we lost an archetype within the lore.
The closest is probably Kled, the insane Yordle on the front lines of every Noxian battle that seems to come from nowhere. It'd also be good for a Noxus support, but we need a new Demacia champ first
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