DalekZec (EUNE)
: Dear angry players complaining about Senna...
Isn't this the exact same post about X champ not being broken yada yada then it hits live and is super broken anyway just like we said it would be and gets immediately nerfed? Like come off it.
: Okay let's be real, who honestly likes playing against X champion?
Fun matchups are fair matchups. Darius V Hecarim toplane is probably my favorite matchup. Because it's completely based on skill. Jax vs Fiora is a fun matchup, baiting parries and counterstrikes is good gameplay. Any adc vs any adc is fun because both champs are equally busted. Poke mage vs poke mage is usually fun because you have to be good at dodging. I like playing vs Zoe, it really pushes my footwork skills and predictions. Zed can be fun to play against if you know what you are doing. All of these matchups are actually something I enjoy, because if I die usually it is entirely my fault, unlike getting run down level 1 by Vayne top, or being AOE 1 shot by an Untargetable Vlad, or stunned from stealth by Eve, or instakilled in a single Morgana binding, etc etc. I know it doesn't feel like it, but there are still fun enemies left in league. Most of them just aren't picked because how much better the new garbage is.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=WhyEvenBotherFR,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QurJ31XN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-07T21:43:15.878+0000) > > he's not wrong though. mages are overpowered right now and itemization favors them extremely heavily Favors them? MR actually has an impact against magic damage all the while armor can do jack shit. Mage champs don't even have items that's AP + Armor except Zhonya which doesn't even provide much AP and Armor but only its active which is a coinflip to survival. AD items favor a lot more than AP in a huge slap to the point that even lethality is toxic af.
Dude you are so wrong. Magic resist is completely worthless thanks to 1 item. Voidstaff vegetates 40% of total MR, plus pen boots. Mages don't need armor because first Zhonyas is the best item in the game par none, and second most of their items give 300 Hp just for free. Most mages are tankier than ADC's, while doing more damage, utility, and team fighting. And if you math it out, most champs start with negative MR considering pen boots exist. And you cant even argue, that shits proven by *science*.
: Patch 9.19 notes
You could make Graves do 15 quintillion damage and it still wouldn't raise his winrate. Why? Because he dies instantly when hit by a single ludens echo proc. Give him back his magic resist on true grit please, thats what Graves really needs. Decent patch overall; liking those Rek'Sai buffs, keep em coming. Good job on listening to Hashinshin as well, those Fiora buffs are healthy, just nerf her 1v1 now. Bravo Riot, you didn't f*** it up too badly. Next deal with CDR spam and damage and you might have a game worth watching.
Asurans (NA)
: 2- 3 year break from Leauge. What's changed?
Jungle sucks ass, everyone hates it. Mages are blatantly better than everyone else. ADC are useless unless high ELO or Kaisa/Jhin/Caitlyn. Toplane is a 2v2 unless your jg doesn't show up in which case its a 1v2. Supports either do more damage than the ADC, or are Yummi. Everyone does too much damage. There is too much cooldown reduction. Ezreal can build tank items and still 1 shot people. Runes do too much damage, and are all the same thing except Conq. New champions are uninspired lazy designs and every single one is massively overpowered with no nerfs in sight bc "Muh LCS big plays!" More lootboxes, you pay 15 dollars for the privilege to grind tokens to buy yellow chromas of already existing skins. Oh, and good old daddy Tencen- I mean Riot is charging for achievements with Eternals now. Do yourself a favor; don't come back.
: Lilith, the Forsaken Soul
Cool idea, will never exist bc Riot hates their community. Next.
Haze97 (EUW)
: In the sense that he must be a bot laner commenting on the state of top lane? I guess so.
"Bruisers beat Juggernauts" LMFAO. Go play Jax into Mordekaiser. Then come back to me.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: People still complain about ADCs?
I mean, you named what makes people HATE ADC's so much. Unavoidable Burst Per Second. Not to mention the entire role from it's name to it's playerbase are extraordinarily entitled. There is a reason Tyler 1 mains Draven after all. ADC's as a whole are an terribly designed class of champions. They either do not kill you, and they die horribly in one touch, or they 1 shot you from 1100 range with no counter play. Part of the problem is that damage in the game is so absurdly high, that ADC's HAVE to insta kill you, otherwise they are completely worthless and mages are better in every way. There isn't a need for sustain damage, because nobody lasts long enough to require sustaining down. Maybe if crit is just straight removed, and damage across the board for every class is massively reduced, people will not hate ADC's anymore. They had a pretty clear role a few seasons ago, DPS objectives, help take towers, deal with tanks. Now it just boils down to who gets 1 shot first. It doesn't help when AD carries were not the only class that could play bot lane they bitched and moaned so loudly daddy Rito personally buffed and changed every single one like babies. It's shit like that that hurts how the community sees ADC players. That and the fact that right now ADC's are just behind mages in the "Best for every single lane" role. Seriously, Vayne top, Lucian and Ezreal mid, Kaisa jungle Jinx Janna or Lulu bot lane is actually a really good teamcomp. Try it if you don't believe me. The only reason ADC aren't the best in every role is because mages do everything better while being safer right now.
Theorex (NA)
: I feel like we should just go with rito down this hole.
Velkoz: When you deconstruct more than one champion all your abilities reset and do double damage for 3 seconds. They also give Vel true stealth, healing, 4 gapclosers, a passive shield, double crit on magic, armour on minion death, 100% movespeed, and restore mana. Hey look I'm just like CertanT!
NY64 (NA)
: Will pbe Swain changes make him viable top?
Take grasp swain top. Play safe early, proccing it as much as possible. Get your ROA then build full tank with maybe Liandries. If you play it right you should roll out of lane with 2500 HP. PBE Swain will do what grasp does by passive, letting him take either phase rush or electrocute without being too squishy, and giving him awesome scaling akin Cho'Gath, exactly what he needed to be played top lane. So yes, the new changes will definitely make Swain more viable top. Support too, because you have double the chance to get souls, and your ADC can have CC to proc it as well. Combo new passive and Grasp and well... How does rolling out of lane with 3K Hp sound?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ionshatter,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cwnAmjNZ,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2019-06-25T23:33:28.225+0000) > > Unfortunately it is a lower ELO thing. The higher in ranks you go the better people get at playing their champs, and the sad truth is that a perfectly played Jax will never beat a perfectly played Akali. That's why so many pro games are: Farm for 20 mins, teamfight, baron, game over. No big plays, no interesting picks, no unique strats. A fed Akali is too much of a risk, because a perfectly played Akali can 1v5 when fed. Jax isn't SUPPOSED to beat Akali. Akali's **supposed** to shit on targeted carries like skirmishers and marksmen.
Ok lets list the roles that Akali beats. Akali beats every bruiser in the game because her ability to shroud and attack them with no counter. Akali beats every mage because she gets a 50% MS buff in shroud and destroys immobile squishy champs with no counter, not even zhonyas. Akali beats every tank because she can build Void staff Morelloes and bring Conqueror to out sustain and damage them with no counter. Akali beats every juggernaut because she can abuse her absurd mobility to dodge everything they have then outdamage them with no counter. Akali beats every marksman for the same reason she beats bruisers and mages with no counter. Akali beats every jungler because they are typically bruisers or tanks, and she can press W to end the gank with no counter, or go over a wall. Akali beats every support because they are supports. Akali beats every Assassin with the exception of especially talented Zeds, and that's still a matchup in Akali's favor due to her shroud. Akali beats divers at diving. Akali beats skirmishers at skirmishing. Akali beats bruisers at sustain damage. Akali beats everyone. EVERY one. Lets not act like some champions are vastly superior to others in every way.
: [Teemo] Thanks for trying at least
They were gonna make Teemo better for everyone, more interactive and less toxic and hated. Teemo mains bitched about the rework saying "It doesn't feel like Teemo" Until Riot canceled it. Now everyone has to suffer because of a few 1 tricks.
Nebuul (NA)
: Should ornn's unstoppable be on E?
The problem with that is right now Ornn's W is used first as damage, and second as a way to sort of "Stand your ground" type of move. I don't know about you, but when I'm getting tower dived by someone with CC, dashing out of tower radius in order to get unstoppable kinda sounds bad, You also will rocket yourself balls deep where you don't want to be, just to dodge a skillshot. Besides, as far as I know Ornn's E works like most dashes, you carry the CC with you but you still move, correct me if I'm wrong.
: it might be just because of my low-ass elo, but I play TONS of champions that no one else is willing to play and most of the time I see myself doing well and successfully with them in games. Even outplaying oneshotters.
Unfortunately it is a lower ELO thing. The higher in ranks you go the better people get at playing their champs, and the sad truth is that a perfectly played Jax will never beat a perfectly played Akali. That's why so many pro games are: Farm for 20 mins, teamfight, baron, game over. No big plays, no interesting picks, no unique strats. A fed Akali is too much of a risk, because a perfectly played Akali can 1v5 when fed.
: what is wrong with the game ?
Riot is an inde company, you can't expect the game, hitboxes, balance, client, champ select, rune select, summoner select, profile, replays, playbacks, champions, visuals, effects, mechanics, etc etc etc. to function properly? They had to spend 100% of their resources instantly hotfixing the cosmetic shop when it was down for 20 mins 3 years ago!
: But it hasn't. Jungle is still too strong. Ofc riot is at fault by refusing to nerf/change what is actually the problem about the jungle role right now. The entire rework was a disaster tho. Jungle should be a supportive and not a carry role. That's the entire problem with it rn.
> [{quoted}](name=GayFluffyUnicorn,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=m5U3cxGI,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-06-25T12:14:20.051+0000) > Jungle is still too strong. Logged in just to downvote this. Are you mental?
: The thing is that he isn't actually broken. His play pattern is just so fucking unbelievably toxic that it tilts people off the face of the earth. His one of the worst examples of "win lane, lose game". For a lot of top laners the matchup is realistically unwinnable, but Tahm Kench has an atrociously bad late game and it doesn't get better no mater how hard he snowballs early. His whole purpose as a top laner seems to be to turn the game into a 4v4, where you can't carry because you're playing against Tahm Kench top, and he can't carry because he's playing Tahm Kench top.
MrWasjig (EUW)
: When you are behind, please, JUST FARM!
OMFG JUNGLE AFK FARMING NOT EVEN GANKING GG FF AT 15 TRASH JG- Literally everyone You get flamed for farming when its the most important thing in the game. I do it anyway, then my toplane leaves his lane and farm to come steal my camps OMG IF YOU NOT LEAVING JG THEN I'LL HELP YOU CLEAR. It's shit like this that discourages people farming. PS. Ignore them btw, if you want to climb, a damn good way is to make sure you have the most CS in the game when it endz, it will make you a better player I promise.
: This argument is terrible. I know people hate to admit it but there _are_ people who enjoy playing assassin characters. It's not just 10 greasy assassin mains and 683873728 giga chad TANK PLAYERS AND MAGE PLAYERS (the true heroes of the game) that are never catered to. If you can do something different with a champ, Riot will have a go at it. If anything, Mordekaiser is more LCS bait than Qiyana is: The triumphant return of an AP brusier who can not only wade through enemies and smash faces but also an ultimate that forces a 1v1, predominantly one of the "hypest" parts of an esport match. Qiyana, much more likely, is going to be an occasional niche pick because (And here's the biggest truth shock people get) _assassins tend to not be competitively meta in an organized setting._
"Assassins tend to not be competitively meta in an organized setting" Correction, Not Leblanc assassins are not competitively viable." Secondary correction: Assassins are not NOT viable, but LCS play basically boils down to *AFK farm for 20 mins and have one baron fight then the game is over with the score being 8, 3 all teamfight deaths.* This is because snowballing is out of control and pro players are pussies IMO who refuse to play anything but Sion top Irelia mid Thresh Kaisa bottom and Lee Sin Jungle literally every game. Because that would be a risk, and risks are scary to the supposed best players in the world.
: Champs with stick? Also champs with low skill cap and have macro play?
Udyr is the best stick champ in the game, and a massive tilter for the enemy if you want to be extra cancerous. I would suggest Graves for his macro but he is basically a throw pick right now.
afmghost (NA)
: http://imgur.com/gallery/AyWwVdS
Nope Blizzard just let's literally only 6 heroes be viable in GOATS for like 2 years now.
Chillee (NA)
: Tips on TF?
Watch DOPA Watch DOPA Watch DOPA Watch DOPA Watch DOPA That guy has a 90% winrate on TF, and basically carries every game. If you want to win with tf, Watch DOPA.
: Usually aim to at least prolong the game if possible. It is very hard yes, however he does drop like a sack of very heavy bricks. He can't really do anything in team fights other than eating his carry, which can back fire since his team damage drops depending on the situation. He gets kited super easily, and his ult does nothing for team fights. I know that is a bad solution, but found it as the best working tactic. Especially with him being a super punishing lane bully like a Juggernaut Patheon.
Tahm can remove almost anyone in the game late game. His Q gets to a 2 second cooldown and stuns for 1.5 seconds. I once watched a kindred be literally CC locked out of her 5 second ult, because one dipshit pressed Q on cooldown. Tahm is a MASSIVE threat late game, at this point even higher than a fed Chogath, because he STARTS THE GAME BETTER THAN YOU.
Kässadin (EUNE)
: Tahm kench is totally okay to play against on top lane.
PSA to everyone defending this 0 IQ piece of shit: 1.5 second stun with a 2 second CD. I'll let you do the math.
: new mage item changes
What's your source for these changes? I'd like to check them out for myself.
: Since Riot refuses to properly nerf Top Kench what do you suggest?
1.5 second stun on a 2 second CD ability. I'll let you do the math there.
: Oversimplify Your Last Played Champion
P: UwU, What's this? Q: Dodge this. W: Purple carpet that eats you. E: Stop touching me. R: Deathstar cosplay ~~~ P: BANG! *wait* BANG! Also fuck you jungle. Q: 20 more damage was definitely the problem Riot. W: Nocturne but 1 person E: Lucian but with armor and worse. R: Jinx but not global and not an execute.
: You thought my magic evil!
Her magic IS evil though, she pressed Q and I was reported for AFK in my ranked promos.
: What annoys me the most is that Mage supports like Lux and Zyra can LITERALLY solo the entire lane even if the ADC is complete braindead. More often than not I've seen a god awful ADC get through the laning phase just because a mage support *existed* in their lane, allowing them to escape every mistake they'd commit while out damaging me and my adc every time because AP items are ~~broken garbage~~ very reliable.
Hey, It's Hashinshin. Good to see you on the boards man, love your streams.
: Graves iiiiiis f1N3 G1t GuD Scrub!
Ah yes, the well structured and intelligent conversation I was hoping to have by spending an hour writing a post.
Slade25 (NA)
: Riot, please don't let this Ryze rework make it to live.
"High skill floor" Literally all you have to do is press E, then wait, then press E again to get a 300 spammable hp shield to dick every melee champ in the game. That and a point and click root. If you ask me the Ryze rework makes him harder to play now that he doesn't get to walk up, do all his damage and run away with phase rush and take 0 damage due to shield and root.
: *Laughs at ridiculous comment* At lvl 3 electrocute deals 48 dmg and ignite deals 130. Tell me who can 100 to 0 almost any champ in the game with this?
Almost anyone. Notice I said electrocute ignite *combo*. That means abilities. You only need to do 2/3 a hp bar at level 3 to kill someone thanks to that combo.
Rioter Comments
: Who said they all had to be equal? All the popular summs are healthy for the game. Only teleport was unhealthy for competitive, so they nerfed it.
All the popular summs are healthy for the game Healthy for the game Healthy "Healthy" *Laughs in level 3 100 to zeroing almost any champ in the game with electrocute ignite combo*
: > [{quoted}](name=Ionshatter,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k8LEEqKi,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2019-06-01T20:27:41.792+0000) > > Illaoi is not a bruiser. If you want to get technical she is actually a juggernaut, similar to Morde or Darius, or Nasus. My point still stands, is absurdly tanky while dealing a billion damage. Bruiser and juggernaut are the same thing. No mobility, or hard cc. Different from a tank. As tanks have large amounts of cc.
https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Champion_classes/Fighter#Juggernauts Literally has a picture of Illoai on it. She isn't a bruiser, bruisers are durable sustain damage champs with some mobility, some cc. Tanks have huge cc. Juggernauts are Highly durable high damage 0 mobility champs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ionshatter,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k8LEEqKi,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-01T19:53:41.146+0000) > > Tanks already have assassin level burst. Illoai can basically AOE 1 shot entire teams by flash ulting. Illaoi isn’t a tank. She’s a bruiser. Big difference.
Illaoi is not a bruiser. If you want to get technical she is actually a juggernaut, similar to Morde or Darius, or Nasus. My point still stands, is absurdly tanky while dealing a billion damage.
SWOlowe (NA)
: Nerfed Akali into the Ground
4 gapclosers, a slow, 2 movement speed buffs, a stun, an execute, and invisibility. If you cant kill someone with all that you are mentally reta-rded. In fact the pros know this too, she is basically pickbanned at high elo, and pros. Winrate does not equal balance. I could have a champ that point and click 1100 range instakills someone with a 5 min cooldown. This champ has a 50% WR, so it's balanced right? Hell no. Akali is obnoxious cancer and to be honest is the next yasuo. That champion will never have a 50% wr because she would be the best champion in the entire game hands down.
: Sooooo.
Tanks already have assassin level burst. Illoai can basically AOE 1 shot entire teams by flash ulting.
: How would you rework Exhaust?
Remove grievous wounds from ignite and give it to exhaust. The problem with removing 40% of damage is that EVERONE DOES A BILLION DAMAGE, so why the FUCK does an offensive borderline spammable summoner spell have more utility than a UTILITY SPELL.
: One thing to keep in mind is that apparently Summoners Rift isn't properly made as a 3D map, thus why sometimes abilities like Jhin W doesn't fire where you aimed if you were using it as you were in the river area and aiming it somewhere in the top lane. Or sometimes some hitboxes (Jhin W, Thresh Q, Blitz Q and so on) like to slightly move to the side at the end of the duration... https://streamable.com/0zhrq
That's actually the most broken thing I have ever seen what the fuck?
: > [{quoted}](name=Ionshatter,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=r9Q94Nv5,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-05-22T05:36:07.403+0000) > > Insane damage and melee champions being objectively weaker than ranged ones. Also unfair amounts of mobility. And Pyke. A 40% HP execute should never exist in any game ever. Lol {{champion:122}} I have an ult that resets and executes if I have 5 stacks. {{champion:555}} Hold my beer.
Darius is so insanely easy to kill with someone like Vayne, Jayce, Kennen, Urgot, Illoai, Mundo, etc etc etc. If you are dying to Darius unless under extreme circumstances you are bad at the game, and probably don't know all you need to do is not let him auto you to death and walk inside his circle so he doesn't heal. Seriously try it some time and watch Darius actually explode with how little else he can do to you.
: So when are tanks that can't 1 shot people going to be relevant again?
The fact that you blame Conq for the lack of tanks is absurd. Conq converts something like 10% damage to true if I remember correctly? So if you deal 1000 DPS only 100 of that ignores resistance, the other 90% is reduced by 80% due to armor so you are looking at probably around 480 DPS vs a tank, and thats WITH the requirement of Conqueror. Meanwhile a mage that deals the same amount of damage using void staff, morelloes, and MR pen boots is stripping about 70% resistance at long range, PLUS no requirements sans the item buy. That makes their DPS vs a tank over 700 with resistances, and the best part? Because it is a percentage it infinitely scales into late game. That's why tanks and juggernauts like Nasus and Sion destroy mid game and explode like paper late. And either way, tanks are everywhere. Look at Amumu who is demolishing lower ranks, and Sejuani who also mow down high ranks. But since the game is so early focused, everyone is taking mages everywhere, just look at pros who take 4 mages and an adc. Why do you think that is?
: How to deal with Kaisa?
: 10 Days later. Still no splash art for Battle Prof Graves
Remember guys, Riot is an indie company and is trying their hardest! For real though, buff Graves pls and ty.
: Worst thing about this game?
Insane damage and melee champions being objectively weaker than ranged ones. Also unfair amounts of mobility. And Pyke. A 40% HP execute should never exist in any game ever.
: Why does nobody play Poppy anymore
My coach made a pretty good point when I asked him why I could carry so hard with poppy but not any of my mains. "Poppy is an extreme counter to hypermobility. The more mobility that get's added, the stronger she becomes. Think about it, when fighting Yasuo would you rather have a Sion? Or a Poppy?"
: So you think having the ability to dash is everything do you? Well...
Take a closer look at all these champions. What do they have? Self peel or MS buffs. Self peel is better than champs with dashes because CC=GG. That however is only true because damage is so r%%%%%edly high- the second burst meta is gone you can say goodbye to these win rates. That's because chasing your targets will be harder when you can't kill them instantly and instead have to chase. So less damage = mobility king. Batshit crazy dumbfuck overloaded damage = CC king.
: battle professor graves
It's not just you, It's been happening to me as well with no news from the apparently indie company Riot games. Unfortunately Graves is garbage so I can't show off the skin much.
: Dude if Riven is reworked..im officially done with this game.
Oh boy, I don't get free LP for playing a si gle champion? Im quitting League! Good. Nobody wants you here anyway.
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
*Riven and Vayne have been op for like 3 patches straight.* Riot: This is fine. Hecarim: *Is good for one patch.* Riot: HOLY SHIT THIS IS OVERPOWERED AND UNFUN AND HACARIM HAS NO COUNTERPLAY WE ARE NERFING THIS IMMEDIATELY SO WE DONT SEE DIVERSITY IN PRO PLA- I-I mean, uh, HE'S CLEARLY outpreforming champs like WW, Xin, Camille, and elise at level 2 in jg, and just stomping champs like Vlad, Vayne, Jayce, Quinn, in top lane, all obviously healthy and balanced matchups vs bruisers and tanks. Like seriously. Hecarim can be stopped with a single slow ffs. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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