: Too many characters, many of whom are too important, that in the lore all have nothing to do with each other. Trying to write a singular narrative of League is like if you're playing DnD where there are 150 players and they play range from a dignified soldier to the literal god and each of doing their own thing and most of them have and will never meet each other. How would a DM make a story out of this? They can't; not even J R R Tolkien can make sense of that mess. The only way to do about this is to keep the story small and animate all the short stories one by one. And here's another problem. While there are longer short stories, but most of the short stories barely fit enough screen time for 5 minutes of video content; which I guess can be fixed if they simply expand onto the materials more so it's not that big of a concern. The more critical concern is as previously mentioned, most of the characters in League are too disconnected from one another (despite the world of Runeterra is actually not that big, most of the characters don't travel, and have little with one another even with the ones living in the very same city while all being some kind of big-shot in their field); this will create a VERY disjointed experience and I doubt most people would enjoy it since they're probably here to watch different champs interact with each other despite the fact most of them actually don't in their stories. They'd have better luck animating the skin universes, since those actually have more follow-able narratives, and character interactions aren't like a myth and actually happen on a far more regular basis. But most of them are knockoffs of something else, and are designed that way given skin universes don't really exist for more reasons other than to bump sales and give skins in the same skin-line slightly more meaning. I doubt it will make for compelling materials, but I guess they can still be enjoyable for the fans. Though a bigger concern is that obviously, Riot doesn't want to put skin universes over the main universe when trying new media. In the end of the day, main universe League's world has MANY design and narrative issues that held it back making it nigh impossible to translate into any narrative based media. If they really want to do that, including but not limited to, just animating a series of short stories which is the most feasible route as far as I can see, they still need to put in a lot of work to make it so that champs actually live in the same world unlike how the vast majority of them live in their own secluded and isolated universe as they do in the actual lore, so that the animated shorts would actually be watchable and not merely a series of champion launch introduction video or something. And even if they could do that, there's still the issues concerning the worldbuilding issues (too many high stake threats, too insane of presence disparity between characters, etc) that can also pose serious problems when trying to adapt them into narrative based media. So yeah.
Well Said :o ^^
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: I get why you came up with that idea, but I think there are some flaws in this concept. Your champion thinks that technology is holding people back, while he completely adores Jinx as his "muse". But Jinx is not about rejecting technology, in fact, it is quite the opposite. She is described as quite a gifted tinkerer and she has built her impressive own arsenal. She sees technology as **toys**, she enjoys utilising it for her own fun. She actually **relies** on technology to get her fun. I can see your champion rejecting **society**, since that is something that Jinx also rebels against, but if he also rejects the use of technology to the point that he just uses his own hands and a knife for killings, then something does not add up for me here..... And giving this champion just a knife while still putting them in Zaun/Piltover in the story seems a bit restricting... It could get to the point that he is not recognisable as a champion of these regions in the first place. Like the idea of his obsession with Jinx, tho. Want something like that for quite a time now, the only champion we know with a one-sided obsession currently is Zoe (towards Ezreal) and she does it in the more childish way. Having a grown up man who wants to get the attention of the crazy girl he loves could be interesting.
just wanted to butt in and ask you to analyze and give thoughts to my Creation ( kinda old now tho cause this was months ago ) Lore wise and gameplay wise , Thanks in advance chembron Yamada ~
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: What about "Zoo Creatures"? that seems to make up the majority of the playerbase
> [{quoted}](name=Kanyoupipu,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Nfnuozxp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-22T00:55:31.105+0000) > > What about "Zoo Creatures"? > > that seems to make up the majority of the playerbase Tell me more about that , hahahah im curious xD , oh i forgot the gate keepers aswell
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Irèlià (EUW)
: The seven deadly sins skin concept
We are sloth , cause we play league instead of prioritizing school xD
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jllemin (NA)
: League of Legends: An Honest 6/10 Game
LOL , you mean you're bronze/ silver ? where did that " probably mid gold " statement come from ? xD , As a Diamond player as myself back in S7 and just floating around occasional norms and ranked and taking it easy now . with the context of your logic ,guess ill say im probably mid Challenger ^^ , LOOOOOOOOL
ThaweeOo (NA)
: I don't care you are in plat 3 that speaks to arrogance, you may have faced these issues, at one time and it is now not the way it is for you.. I understand that I have failings, but I don't see how I can carry games when my team loses so hard that I can't bring them back. I honestly think you don't understand what its like in bronze and silver because as you say your soooo much better than me.. Bronze and silver elo's are very hard to manage when you are better than the avg player but not good enough to carry the whole team. And yes I do blame riot because they constantly mis match me on a regular basis.. I understand that you need to prove yourself worthy to move up but I shouldn't have to carry my whole team by myself when I can't even get close enough to the other team to do any dmg cuz my team decides to int and get blown up before i even get there. You may have went through it but I doubt I am playing the same game you are that's for sure. At least the ppl you play with have skill and knowledge to back it up.. most ppl in my elo don't have either. And from what i can gather you play at gold unless the isn't correct on your name.. Also, you don't play an adc role which basically makes your comments useless... If you gon'g to comment talk about it if you are able to compare you situation to mine. U know how many games i lost because my support is so much worse than me and can't zone for anything. I am tired of the high minded attitudes that ppl have that the adc sucks because they can't run a 2v1 lane when the support is basically standing in the corner but hey i need to get a grip right i need to be able to 2v1 early game and 1v9 late game.. that is so much bs its not even right. You need to stop commenting because you have nothing to offer me... I would rather hear from an adc that has gone through it and have them tell me how I could improve to compensate for a feeding team just because they are below me and can't handle the stronger players than them. Because once your behind as an adc it is very hard to catch up even if you spend all your time farming... and working for the occasional kill that wanders into your range because you don't feel safe enough to move up and do dmg when your team literately gets blown up so fast you can't get more than 2 autos in until they start diving you.
Alright , so if you can’t get past silver as an adc main in bot lane then you probably deserve to be there , you are in a role where you have to rely on a support and your team but it seems like you’re not capable of getting past silver by doing so , in which I got vayne top lane to gold 3 on my smurf 1 year ago , I maybe a Diamond Top lane Kled and Shen main but it doesn’t mean I don’t know what it feels to be in a different role , I may not be able to keep up as ADC on a Diamond lvl elo but I can sure as hell get past your elo by mechanics , map awareness and game knowledge alone as an ADC with or without a decent support , if you have that kind of attitude , then by all means go to a solo lane and as a solo Adc maybe you’d do better that way :p and What is this about “ High minded “ attitude ? You want a High elo player to act all beta and submissive or understanding Towards an entitled player like you ? Who would actually Blame Riot for everything that doesn’t Go their way ? you probably deserve this argument , It is players like you that brings a scourge to the League community who thinks they know what’s best for a game just because the boat didn’t rock on their terms :p yeah I probably shouldn’t comment and stoop to your level anymore . See ya bronzy ~👋 , Oh and before I forget I already got what I wanted in rank so I’m just floating around on norms and occasional casual ranked these days , just practicing jungle cause lee sin and xin zhao seems fun ;) I don’t grind like I use to anymore , but good luck to you though :p don’t dip to iron now ^^
ThaweeOo (NA)
: Ok so let me get straight because this happens all the time for me... I do good in 2 - 3 games win like a boss then i get put in a game where 2 out of the 3 lanes are feeding and loose by the 15 min mark both top and mid are gone the jg is not able to do anything finally they roam bot and destroy it because my team no long has any map pressure... this is on avg how it goes... i can't carry 4 ppl to victory... i am not that good and I shouldn't have to be to rank up. I am a silver play who needs his team to do at least not feed and keep the opposing team from getting a lead cuz they can't seem to figure out how not to all in when they shouldn't be because they are behind and don't do enough dmgg.... and some how its my FAULT.. u don't seem to understand that league is a team game, and if your team isn't doing well like the above then I doubt you have much to comment on. I am not saying I don't have bad games, but on avg i am the strongest person in my games. And its reflected in the loading screen when I am looking being matched with all bronze 3 - 2 players who just don't have a grip on what it means to work as a team.. Being adc and more team dependent than any other role... I more clearly understand what needs to happen in a team fight for us to win.. which is why I tend to be the stronger team mate... I can only do so much as an adc.. Most of the time i go even or i am the only lane strong enough when we get to mid game to do anything... Then i play on a team where they all have roughly the same skill level as me and we dominate... D O M I N A T E.... through coordination and I know that i am playing with ppl of my skill level cuz i watch how they play and notice that they aren't just derping out and your telling me its my fault... i hate arrogant ppl like you who think they understand the dynamics of a team game.. your comment alone expresses your lack of understanding on how the game needs at least 4 out of 5 to be functional... anything less and its nearly a for sure loss at my elo.
LOL are you freaking blind ? look at my icon and OP.GG me im a freaking S7 Diamond , ive experienced all of this when i hit a brick wall at Platinum 3 and up during Season 7 but i learned from my mistakes and didnt cry and thrash like you right now and blame RIOT , no matter how good you are you will lose games and win some because thats why there is win and loss percentage , and it only gets harder the more you are in your current skill level or challenging a Higher one , I KNOW that its a team game and i probably will be the most selfless player you will ever come across during a game , sadly i hit a brick wall during plat 3 and not on your silver elo , BECAUSE I AM THAT GOOD compared to you and BREEZED through silver and gold elo and carried without solely relying on teamwork ( because lets be honest you wont get much teamwork in silver or bronze elo anyways bud ) , while using a statik shiv , BORK , and Rage blade jax top lane ^^ so dont tell me about " you dont seem to understand that League is a Team game " crap , i know that , because i had to rely on Teamwork and communication during my journey from Plat 3 and until Diamond promos and most people in that elo are actually nice , accomodates teamwork and they also know that IT IS a neccessity if we are to climb from there ,
ThaweeOo (NA)
: Riot the match making system is UNACCEPTABLE!!! for ranked / in general
LOL crying 101 , bro you know whats happening to you called ? its hitting a brick wall , RIOT gives you a chance and a test to be up against those players better than you because your mmr is high , which means if you beat em, you'll gain much more LP but if you DONT , then you'll lose a little LP unless you lose alot from there , its totally your fault from there on if you Tilt and reverse your winning streak , it only says one thing about you , that you are not ready to advance into the next rank that you so want to reach yet.. no matter the method.. , so all i can say is improvise , adapt , and overcome ^^
nasu010 (NA)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} whaaaaatttttttt{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} this is insane i had no idea those were even created Trickster’s glass, ionic Spark “ “ Madreds Blood razor why were these even removed with these in my arsenal id be a god {{sticker:sg-syndra}} if ever a champ would have a deadly build such as that bro it would be GG
Probably too OP hahah i used to abuse ionic spark on voli bear's ult , so i understand why they kinda took it away from us , and whats left that is not even close to replicate it is statik shiv , if statik shiv is a shark , Ionic spark would be the Primordial and more superior version of it xD
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nasu010 (NA)
: hmmm if they can get out before the third wave its fine, cus since the damage is being reduced by 30% (wait ...... damn i dont want this as a support its worse that xerath ) thats like 4 -5 slows omg thats amazing w+e+w is amazing but too potent for it to be live (well by league terms anyway if i could create my own game this would defiantly be a thing) but question you reduced the cast range or the aoe range? cuz its the aoe range that affects the potency of this ability hmmm id say put in a 10-15 sec cd after that combo is used since you have the cd reset on lvl up so hes gonna be really powerful but in terms of his durability where does he stand? cuz he can build anything. he can go tanky ap mage with life steal/omnivamp and just be death incarnate in game. if i havent said this before {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} bravo man this is a work of art but he's gonna be a perma ban though just saying.
Many many thanks for the work of art compliment !!! , and yes I would very much prefer your CD reduction suggestion in his W so it’s not too OP , and also Yeap he will probably be perma banned in pro play :( and be constantly nerfed ~ , anyways you asked where dies he stand in durability ? while his kit isn’t really super built around durability , he has the advantage to get tons of resistance and potential Tankyness but still retain is retaliating or killing abilities , before I lay out the build path , do me a favor and search and read about the items I mention , and when all of this was said and done.. know that it was your question that made this tanky abomination possible xD , ok lets get to it , at lvl 6 grab “ Force of Nature “ and at lvl 11 grab “ Trickster’s glass “ and “ wizard’s regalia “ , and finally at lvl 16 grab “ Ionic Spark “ “ Madreds Blood razor “ and “ Leviathan “ , so with all those items working together +Resolve rune tree as primary , late game and combined with your Kit , you will survive most of the deadliest crowd control , deal a constant reliable damage per second and most of all , the potential to grow even more HP from Leviathan ( Leviathan is the HP version of Mejais soul stealer I miss that item xD ) Lastly , he’s a melee champ through and through , so I guess enemies can exploit that early game by aggressively zoning him
nasu010 (NA)
: oh ok iss its like a mf was thinging more along the lines of a xereth w meets syndras q but mf is more accurate (am stupid for thinking that) but on a side note i just came up with a new ability (lmfao sigh smh) so hes a mid mage/top i see and with those abilities + a {{item:3116}} his q just got a hell of a lot more potent faeless for if he has (.....) other items({{item:3181}}) deadly {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yeah that’s going to be pretty nasty :o along with death fire grasp active and a death fire Touch Sorcery rune , and btw updated ang Gave lamenting orbs 500 range instead of 600 , because if combined with vengeful haze gap closer he would prove too sticky with also a potential mini stun to boot ~~~~xD
nasu010 (NA)
: hmmm a concept based on the old items..... hmmmm as a long time player i'm ashamed to admit i haven't really kept track of what items have been removed and which ones that were nerfed or edited. (never really cared to focus on this) The concept seems possible though it would need to be coded with access to the games old data cache in order to get those items. so hows this HUD gonna be? is it like the current items menu/ shop?, then if so why not just give him admin access while in shop so he can get any item?, within boundaries of the map of course. Also vengeful haze reminds me of my Gabriel's death wave so am flattered to see a similar ability. your lamenting orbs are interesting but i've yet to grasp how exactly the are fired/ cast. without a given time frame between the waves this ability seems almost overbearing however its well mitigated since you added the reducing damage, still its something to be added though. Ha Ha this is just me thinking but can this have a lingering field effect? like after the ability ends it leaves the area electrified dealing either low damage to enemies or hasting allies passing through over the next 3-5 seconds. this way the character has more utility for team play. his r should be a channel where we visually see him chanting with the weapons rotating around him. And now finally What type of champion is this since he has access to all items ever he can build anything, but you never specified what he was.
Heeeyy nasu10 :D , I am flattered hahah , many thanks for the interest and curiousity , anyways let’s get to your question , I made him as either primarily Mid lane ? But he will have a pretty hard time early game I’m sure , that’s why it’s a nice safe pick to go top lane where you might survive a little bit more with your harass and Zephyr wielding , which gives you nice attack speed , damage and Tenacity to better survive and keeping top laner bruisers or hitters at bay , but other than that hmmm , I guess he would be viable as a support aswell ? If you play it right , while he’s unable to make use of early gold generating supp item or natural gold generation he can safely gain levels with an ADC in lane and potentially rack up gold on kill assists or even a kill , so let’s say you did well and saved 2000 gold at lvl 6 , you recall to base and by this time your total converted dark treasure chest gold % will now be 33% instead of 25% , so grab yourself a nice old item from your ult , while leaving a dark treasure chest in base for someone to pick up before you leave , let’s say you chose your vayne adc ( your passive dark treasure chest HUD works like when kindred chooses champs to hunt ) so when vayne recalls and opens the chest , she gains 660 gold , and that is crucial , every penny counts hahah , also speaking of his Ult , hmmm maybe he starts meditating and the whole map would hear an eerie ancient song with strings and bells as choice of instrument hahah , and his quote would be “ The items of yore... “ and after he leaves the shop he says this “ Cower now.. “ finally his ulimate’s shop HUD ? Hmm he starts channeling and a shadowy dark particled shop menu would appear ( just like how the normal shop menu appears , just imagine it as a dark version of itself ) the items inside the shop have a limited display and essential , offensive , or defensive suggestions but the whole repertoire will not be visible and you must type it yourself , that way RIOT can save space and would with this mechanic it urges you to remember the old items , it’s part of the nostalgia and you must be either a geek of the old league or an experienced player or atleast done your researche to make those efficient so don’t waste time while browsing for an item . I can go on and on , but I’ll say this just in case , you can make this champ a nasty slippery hybrid melee damage dealer , I imagine his vengeful haze as a jet black Diana Q that actually relocates him at the end of the skill shot , and your question about the nature of his lamenting orbs is like this , imagine an MF ( E ) but it rains down all once instead , then after 1.25 seconds the second wave will arrive in the same location with the same logic and so is the third wave , each delivering their own debuffs , so yeah he’s either a nasty DPS melee dealer or a burst God Mage 🧙‍♂️ or a Peculiar Lucrative support ~
: Goodness, some of them items would be broooken xD **Breathstealer Netherstride Zhonya's Ring**, But we'd get Will of the Ancients back so... worth? **Flesheater** also sounds pretty interesting... I'm sure many of those items could come back and be just fine. I would try and get this guy on my team so I could build ** Rite of Ruin, Pox Arcana, Netherstride, Zhonya's Ring, Rabadon,** and **The Rose's Pride** With runes that gives me 45% CDR, +1,163 AP, 300% mana regen, +64 Armor, +20% movement speed, a 1,944 - 4 second shield, Stasis, and tower taking power. Unless Rab and Ring would be completely separate buffs, like 175% total AP instead of 165%? That would increase the AP to around 1,232. Throw in some infernals and you've got URF size stats.
Hi Mr. Voidling thanks for taking an interest with my concept , hahah yeah this guy is broken as hell especially if combined with your Mathematics/calculating capabilities xD , but I made sure he can only do this during late game , he starts getting extremely dangerous at lvl 11 and lvl 16 depending on your choice of items , based on the way you explained your own custom / potential build , I don’t even think this guy needs a type of boots item anymore , hahahahah , just making sure though , only this champ can have access on those old items xD him being in your same team doesn’t mean others can buy the old items , although this champ can potentially give a hefty amount of gold to a chosen ally via crafting a dark treasure chest , heheh
: thank you im glad that you like it :)
No problem ! :D if you have thoughts for my own concepts sometime , feel free to comment aswell ^^ , " RIOT " and " Fleugle " for a start ;) have a nice day ~
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: (Someone from Riot, quick answer!) Is Garen summoning his ult from space, or simply manifesting it?
There's a remote control that he secretly bought from viktor , that activates when he plunges his blade hard enough towards the ground , shooting the massive blade from a hovering satellite like contraption from the skies above , but not in space though . hahahaha
nasu010 (NA)
: Sorei the oni kid
Hmmm i like it :D , i would love to use this champ , along with a yasuo knock up combo , via his Beryl flame's second cast , now i have a question , since the Beryl flame second cast is his Ultimate , what is its " Hook " factor ? like malphite's ult it has the potential of nasty damage + almost point and click reliable knock up , what is the case with sorei's ult Hook factor ? is the knock up actually longer in duration ? or is it just its potiential Nuke/ burst factor ? im curious :D nice concept bro {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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: Is it me or....
Just so many factors bro xD imagine it this way . as a season 7 Diamond player , i feel like us high elo players are different versions or generations of Power rangers hahahah !!! strange metaphor but it works , all of us can learn from each other or even transcend time may it be from season 3 up until now you will meet different players of your own elo and the bottom line is.. League is ever changing and its flavors of the season changes with it aswell , i get what you mean maybe you are feeling nostalgic about those not so recent days where botlane is explosive and has potential . most top , jung , and mid laners just kinda chills there and help the bot lane win , ( im talking about the janna twitch + ardent censer ) or the Triple crit tristanna with the same logic from before and is actually pretty sough after , it was also during those times where talon or zed are a nuisance aswell ( when dusk blade still wasnt nerfed ) , it was a reeally fun time to be playing league , its just so competitive and fun much more diverse than today actually.. different rune and Quintessence sets = more playstyles to be wary of , especially the gold generating runes etc etc. but League is changing.. and we have no choice but to embrace the new and relearn to love the game as it is and just adapt . but i get that you're just venting and Ranting but this is food for thought , in the long run i think i will still love league ( even if they rework my Kled or Shen xD ) and i hope you make peace with it soon .
Jagi (NA)
: One of the worst feelings
When the opposite happens and you make a come back , it becomes the worst feeling for the enemy's part , heheh best feeeling >:) but yeah i can relate on both , you win some you lose some , just enjoy the boons while its there but if you lose then you also grit your teeth , all is fair in League and War xD
: Terrigon the Dragon Wrath
this is a pretty simple concept , BUT it perfectly depicts a Dragon's Almighty strength , Destruction incarnate , a majestically terrifying Force . I dunno man , the way it is depicted in this picture seems like its one of those Mature older brother of the Family , who has nefarious views and motives and has the power and the physique to go with it ( i see this all the time in movies ) i can already tell this guy would love to purchase a Rabaddons xD gj , epic champ concept overall {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Gilgayu (NA)
: Ovenaas the Frozen-Darkin
Hey nice concept bro :D , would be a pretty relevant and ( though lumbering ) , but fun top lane that can even go toe to toe with a Sion main , + he can be a pretty nice Support aswell i would love to tinker and play this champ hahah Gj gj {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: This was so gay I left my wife for 2 boyfriends.
Looool !!! Priceless xD aye he just a good friend bro heheh , I ain’t trying to topple the varus lore don’t worry
: Hanna, Ionia’s Gardener (Champion Concept)
LOL we both posted something relating to Ionia in less than a minute difference xD . great timing , ill read this later ^^
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: Corrupting potion ruins solo lane
because its " Corrupting " xD
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: Please let Xin be one of the people to get a project skin
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Gilgayu (NA)
: So I'm here as asked. There is no need to return the favor, for I understand the need for comments as even hate comments help you get better. I say this because I also make concepts, and on my early concepts people like Voidling, Nasu, and ChaosReyn all helped me more than I expected. The main reason I do that many analyses (if I didn't I would have at least 20 concepts by now) is because I understand concept makers need them to improve. Even a one-sentence comment means your concept is worth spending time reading. _______ So... yeah, no need for talking to me like this is a favor that's only being done because you said you will return it. This is being done because you have enough gut to ask for an analysis. _______ C0NCH0BAR pointed out a few aspects, but I'll just repeat some of the things he said so nothing gets missed. _______- _____ Q's damage ratio is a bit weird. Normally it would be okay for casters, but considering Riot's tank build (which I will touch on later), the base damage is just too high. Something like (40/50/60/70/80 + 30% AP Magic damage) and reduce the cd to 9/8/7/6/5 will make his passive more meaningful. Like C0NCH0BAR mentioned, the ult's reward is too little, so reducing q's cd significantly will certainly impact his overall praticallity. To put it in other words: Let's say he wins the 1v1 for his ult. He gets crit ability every 3 second, but........... None of his abilities will be ready in 3 seconds, you know what I mean? _______ Again, like C0NCH0BAR said, the ratio is a bit too high. This is also what I meant when I said Riot's tank build earlier. Due to his mobility and high base damage (in your current version, which is why I suggested to tone it down), he can legit build full tank and deal more damage than some AP bruisers like singed. If you attempt to keep both ratios for the shield (which would be absolutely fine), I highly suggest making the MS scale flatter, like 25/35/45/55/65. In general his w has a bit too many things going for it. _____ Decrease that base damage on e please. (I'm only being so blunt because it is the easiest way to say it, lazy me xP) Essentially this ability is top tier damage, weak cc, and OP-tier mobility all in one, with only a 9 second cooldown at rank 5. I like the whole interaction with q, so perhaps lower that base damage and its ap scaling make that extention to Riot debuff from 0.5 sec to 1 sec? I just really liked that interaction. _______ As for r, a simple flat cdr (say 10% for 7 seconds) if he win will make it a much more meaning ability. Due to the nature of this ability essentially granting both targets a few seconds of statis, it is a pretty powerful ability even if Riot is 0/8 because he can force an enemy carry out of a fight (especially something like an ulting twitch). I suggest to give this a higher cooldown (10-30 seconds more) since it will be a game-changing ability for proplay. ____ Overall I suggest to lower his mana costs by 50 per ability. He is too mana-reliant for a spam-champ (this is not an insult, don't take it the wrong way). Nice concept, I hope my analysis was helpful.
Heyy thanks :D and I’ll adjust the stats to what you said , accordingly ^^ it makes more sense and makes the champ playable rather than being too OP heheheh especially the Ult and the pro play , it would really pose a problem and would be otherwise too game changing , many thanks for the analysis and thoughts bro ! I’ll ask again for your opinion next time if inspiration strikes ^^ have a nice day ~
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Gilgayu (NA)
: Imagine twitch saying "boop" after buying a ward... ROFL
Hi , i like how you analyze and give thoughts towards champ concepts :D mind if you do the same with my champ concept during your free time ? , ill Return the favor for sure :D thanks in advance ~
: > [{quoted}](name=Iron Jarvis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tWO6fWx7,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-13T16:25:55.536+0000) > > as an ancient player who has been through tons of games and exposure in league since 2013 ( im now 24 years old xD ) it has happened to me alot of times but ive never really talked about it , this is what ive noticed , and correct me if im wrong ? i dont know if its just me or am i stating the obvious here ? so anyways here's the thing , have any of you players experienced playing a champ and wanted to be good at that champ , so you do trial and error , lose here win there but you ultimately lose more than you win . > > **** > > Eventually you will come to a frustration or a brick wall . you will start to question that maybe it isnt you that makes the champ bad but instead its the way the champ is designed and you even sometimes think they were designed poorly ? but here's the peculiar and awesome thing.. something inside us just start to click with the said champ... i dunno i guess you can call it muscle memory ? but it goes deeper than that... you just start to feel a connection with the champ , the abilities and scaling of the champ that you used to deem underwhelming , could not keep up with the other " OP " champs , or poorly designed stuff from before all of a sudden starts to make sense , and your body starts to adapt , it accepts the flaws of the said champ but efficiently coexists and makes full 100% use of the good thats left to its apex potential . and before you know it , your 10 lose streak starts to brighten up and you go on a 20 win streak or more with the same champ you doubted so much before and you start to appreciate and understand the Kit they have , its those subtle things that makes League amazing and can also be a Real Life lesson , that there maybe ups and downs and most of the time you beat yourself up so much over it , even question your own self and why you were born or dealt this way , but the truth there is a reason why we are who we are , there are things that only us can do , and most of all.. each of us have our own Unique Real life Role or lane that only the imperfect little old us can partake and fulfill . > > **** I have to say you are one of the few people your age who actually understand something about a couple nuances of real life. That is change and adapting to that change. Saying what you have said here tells me that you are not a lazy person like most people your age who all they want to do is whine and bitch about anything that changes without putting in the effort of learning and adapting. Back in the early days of online gaming most of the players thought the way you explained. Most players were good players you could count on. It's the total reverse today. It's just too bad we have so many who don't understand what you have said here.
> [{quoted}](name=dragfin12,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tWO6fWx7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-13T16:43:47.476+0000) > > I have to say you are one of the few people your age who actually understand something about a couple nuances of real life. That is change and adapting to that change. Saying what you have said here tells me that you are not a lazy person like most people your age who all they want to do is whine and bitch about anything that changes without putting in the effort of learning and adapting. Back in the early days of online gaming most of the players thought the way you explained. Most players were good players you could count on. It's the total reverse today. It's just too bad we have so many who don't understand what you have said here. i appreciate your comment dragfin12 , i assume you can relate aswell :D , that was quite the late night deep thoughts ive had towards League , i just really love the game genuinely , back to champ concept crafting i go ~ have a nice day ! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: Yes :)
im a good guess xD , same though ^^ im filipino aswell
: **PASSIVE** Doesn't really make sense to have a critical strike on an AP built champion. **Q** Like the concept of a moving taunt based on the enemies body that affects others around them instead of themselves. Really cool, interesting mechanic manipulation. Like seriously cool. I'm assuming the "Riot" CC debuff is the AOE taunt and not the root. I'm a little confused on if the root duration is increased or if the "Riot" taunt cc is increased. If it is the root, then I would suggest swapping the "Riot" debuff (which is just a weird taunt interaction due to melee's having to be stunned until in range) to be extended instead of the root. That way the enemy isn't nearly as frustrated but you get to have the cool manipulation ability be more effective late game, which is MAJOR CC. I like it. **W** {{item:3075}} {{item:1001}} . That's the ability XD Seriously though, I'm pretty ok with this ability interaction too. **E** Pretty sweet interactions with your other abilities! Little concerned about a control mage having such a huuuuge jump because 1000 units is (i think bigger than Elise's rappel? You can fact check me, but 1000 units is huge. So a CC ability with potential mobility should be considered very heavily. Also, since he already has a defensive style W, I'd consider not giving him a mobility spell as well since the defensive ability already contains MS boost. **R** Can the enemy leave the area? Can both people be attacked from external sources? Just a good thing to clarify since both champions have no external vision and the enemies death HEAVILY influences the outcome of the ultimate. I am not too sure how I feel about having an ult that can sabotage Riot with a pretty minor reward. If he successfully kills the enemy he gets an..... extended thornmail? With crit strikes every 3 seconds on an ap caster? That is extremely lack luster for the alternative of being completely disabled for 2.25 seconds on an ap caster. **OVERALL KIT** Dude, you just always have the jankiest scalings! A max % hp scaling AND max mana pool scaling for an ap caster? Why have both, but more importantly, why have max % scaling on there as well? Based on the mana costs you have that magic shield is already going to be pretty substantial. Also, his abilities don't really benefit from mana scaling because they don't gain damage, CD reduction, or have a toggle ability. Also, Riots ult doesn't even cost mana! **LORE** BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!! What a freaking LEGEND! That is such an un-orthodox concept of having a rioter join the league. That could just be the most fun lore to write because he could be a lore nerd going in or not give a crap about it and know nothing about his surroundings; Anything goes at that point. I guess his lore would be about.... his real life to explain why he wanted to be a silent dictator in the world of Runeterra? I dunno. Hope this was helpful and enjoyable in some fashion.
BWAHAHAH , my man xD thanks for the juicy analysis and thoughts as usual , anyways yeah i agree about the jankiest scaling xD i low key made it that way to promote the would be players to actually buy a Rod of ages to make it efficient , and about his passive its not a critical strike literally , but instead the magic damage itself will Crit , so if his ( E ) normally deals a total of 400 AP damage , it will be 800 AP damage instead i hope that clarifies things . His ( R ) hahah xD yeap no mana cost but it requires you to be in mecha form , and yeah about your questions about the ult , towers will freeze , baron will freeze and other units will be pushed outside , but you and the enemy champ inside will not be able to escape , also outside forces wont be able to disturb the duel inside . ( Riot debuff cannot be stacked but it will refresh , unless you smash the spear via warping beside the enemy while the Riot spear is winding up then thats the only time where it extends the RIOT debuff momentarily ) heheh many thanks bro ~
: Rage of a Ruined King: Zara [Echoes in the Deep]
Brooo amazing :D a very intricate and ambitious Lore and setting + journey ( hoping to be trilogy ? ) story . i just scrolled and momentarily observed the writing and without even reading i know its going to be a blast :D , ill follow your journey wherever it may take me xD ( this gives me such a Dark souls sombre vibe )
: So I guess I'll just get straight to it. So his Passive: I actually had this(most of it) as a place-holder on a champion concept(Xenos, it was called "5-finger discount") awhile back, so more or less I don't see anything wrong with it mechanically. However the cooldown for stacks is pretty darn short, average game time (in seconds) is 1,500-1,800, so you're getting 6-7 refunds per game. If it was closer to 3-4 then that'd be better in my opinion. So I'd bump that up to every 7 minutes(so you're average second back lets you get a complete refund). This passive is REALLY good when combined with the summoner's spell book rune, just completely changing your set-up as situations arise. The discount is good but definitely not over-powered, as starting 10% is like 350 on the most expensive items? Plus you'll probably be a bit weaker in general than other champs, so you'll need items sooner to compensate. Maaybe 20% max instead of 25% though. Gives him a clear good mid-game but bad late-game(once you have 6 items the passive is almost useless). Q: Well he is probably support so the high base damage numbers make sense, but the 10% ratio is pretty weak and basically useless, if increased to around 30-50% then it'd be okay. W: In general this is a pretty good concept, don't have a real skill-shot healing ability so it is a nice addition. Pretty simple in laning phase but team fights can make it hard to land. 225+30% is fairly low though, ESPECIALLY with it being a skill-shot. Soraka heal is 200+60%, and that is a very fast targeted heal. I'd bump it up to around 375+30%(As he shouldn't build lots of AP?) for total healing, so 250 heal with 50% later. E: First off, you shouldn't explain what being rooted does as that is quite simply just the definition of being rooted. Same as snare, you can't move by any means but can still cast spells and whatnot. Though it does beg the question as to whether Morg shield would cancel out the rooted part of the ability? Otherwise, it is indeed a problematic ability. Casting things to immobilize allies without their consent is a big no-no, especially for 2 seconds. Tahm Kench and Bard are bad enough sometimes... But at least they save you from all damage for the duration? This skill literally damages you at the start, so you take 12.5% current health and are stuck for 2 seconds... Not good enough for 20-40% damage reduction. I'd rework this ability personally. R: Eh, it is pretty interesting. Yes the 90% gold is problematic, just imagine getting 240/350/460g for free every time you press R. If you use R twice at every level this gives you 2,400g, add in the 25% discount and you only need 300g for a Rabadon's. This is assuming that only 3 items can be purchased in total, which leaves 1 ally not being able to buy an item? Add in your Ancient Coin for even more profits... Items from the shop are fairly good though. If each item you get costs 3,000 normally then you'll only need 18,000g for full 6 item build(no boots), this champs only needs 15,000-ish(since the discount changes as you level up), then add in the 2,400g you get from R and you only really need 12,600g for full build, or 70% of the normal gold gained from normal means. Or 21 minutes instead of 30. Could lower to 50% of the gold spent and be pretty balanced there. Overall he is also lacking in ways to damage champions... Closest champ would be Taric, but he gets his passive to help him deal damage, not just the stun. So maybe throw in another way for this champ to deal damage? Even a thorns shield would be better, like make E give allies a thorns shield effect that returns % damage + AD % damage back to attackers(to let him build AD if he wants?). Something... Even Soraka has more damaging abilities :P And yes the mana costs are absuuuurdly high xD *** Him + Ornn would be a pretty killer combo.
what do you think broo ? :D
: Check out my KDA Akali Cosplay :D
are you filipino by any chance ?
: Making a champ by Riot around Runeterra:{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Making a champ by Riot around Riot:{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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