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: Worldbuilding - Your Turn! Part III
The biggest reason why Sahn-Uzal rose to power was because his tribe found the iron deposits in the Ironspike Mountains, which allowed them to make weapons and armor superior to their rival nomadic tribes, who were still armed with hide and bone. It's why Mordekaiser associates himself with iron so much; it was the literal foundation of his empire.
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Kazekiba (NA)
: What does it even matter?
Because I like TFT, I like these champs, and they fulfill a niche? Shrugs.
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cars3n (NA)
: It kinda irks me that it’s dragon_slayer_ pantheon, not dragon master or dragon tamer. He’s the least dragon of em all.
> [{quoted}](name=Thaum1568,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=BYcTwqzn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-16T20:41:26.740+0000) > > It kinda irks me that it’s dragon_slayer_ pantheon, not dragon master or dragon tamer. He’s the least dragon of em all. IDK why they made him a dragon in his new skin. Sprouts wings and turns into a dragon for his ult.
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: Pantheon new lore is amazing
Aatrox: "I wield a god-killing blade." Atreus: "Good thing I'm not a god, then."
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Helmight (NA)
: PROJECT: Reckoning fanfic competition!
What am I? I never know how to answer. I examine my hand, and I see servos in place of joints, wires for veins, chrome instead of flesh. Am I a machine then? I want to say no, but just how much of me is human? My bones are made of steel, I require fuel, and I bleed neon. Yet I have flaws. Too many to count. I think and I feel. Too much in fact. I cannot be a machine. I'm something else. Something ugly. A ghost in a machine. You cannot make the perfect killer from code and precepts alone. A machine lacks those vital components. Instinct. Hunger. Bloodthirst. No, you cannot make the perfect killer. They are found like pearls, torn from muscle then polished to a sheen. In the end the world sees a thing of beauty, and they never think about the oyster that died making it. The valuable parts are harvested. The rest is discarded. I must have been worth harvesting. But they ended up discarding me anyway. Why? Details are more slippery than an eel. But emotions, feelings, I can remember. Think back... Unease. Pain. Screaming. Sedation. Calm. Modification. Evolution. Rebirth. Testing. Perfection. Wait. Rejection. Betrayal. Rage. Violence. Overwhelmed. Dismembered. Broken. Thrown away. Cast adrift. Abandoned. Abandoned. Abandoned... I'm drowning in my own mind, and I have to fight to keep my head above water. I reach for the nearest piece of debris, a piece of my broken psyche, but it sinks below the surface. I then swim toward a name, but the current carries it away. I almost reach a happy memory before a wave hits me. I'm spinning, choking, dying. My lungs scream. Somehow I break the surface and air rushes in. Fleeting relief. But my muscles still ache and burn. My body doesn't want to fight anymore. It'd be so easy to just let go and sink... But then I see a face, the face of someone I knew. Eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth. The specifics are vague, but I would know them on sight. They were there. I cling the rock of my anger. I cannot die yet. They need to pay. A life for a life. I'm going to ruin them the same way they ruined me. They made me a monster. I'm going to choke the life out of them with my own two hands, I'm going to... I'm... I... I look at my hands. What am I exactly?
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SpaceBeef (EUW)
: Is Qiyana the Seal Sister?
Ornn, Ram God: Looks like a ram. Lives in Freljord. Anivia, Phoenix God: Looks like a phoenix. Lives in Freljord. Volibear, Bear God: Looks like a bear. Lives in Freljord. Seal Sister, Seal God: Looks like a normal human girl. Lives in jungle. Makes sense.
Rebonack (NA)
: After Reading Eye in the Abyss Kaisa Confuses Me
because kai'sa's design is a goddamn mess overall
RJay123 (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Good and Evil are not relative @Riot
here's a simple morality system: would they kick a puppy?
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: Is it true no one takes Demacia seriously
Compared to Noxus and Shurima, Demacia is a smaller and more reclusive country that doesn't really care for what happens outside of its borders.
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: Your highest mastery champion is now your stand
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: > [{quoted}](name=KestrelGirl,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9uxRGr7T,comment-id=00090002,timestamp=2018-08-23T23:50:24.558+0000) > > ~~OH JEEZ NOW I'M FANGIRLING~~ uh hi Bio!! {{sticker:vlad-salute}} > > Oof, I'm not so versed in sports. It feels like a cliche idea to imagine both Demacians and Noxians playing war games for instance; surely they both enjoy non-contact sports, but there's such a wide variety of those... Oof. Drakehound racing in Noxus perhaps? If sports aren't your jam (and they're not usually mine, though I do love a good sports sim or sports management game) - what about traditional children's games? What do you imagine are their equivalents of hoop-and-stick? Hopscotch? Red Rover? Extra points if the games in such a world are sneaky ways to teach children safe habits. What might a children's game that teaches how to avoid Xer'Sai might be like? What would games in Bilgewater be like when the ever present threat of the Harrowing looms?
I like to imagine that in Bilgewater, when the children of the dockworkers flock together to play, they pretend to be courageous Slaughter Fleet sailors and fearsome monsters, or rival pirate gangs.
: When Janna gets visually updated I want her to stay "sexualized," hear me out
Unfortunately, since the overwhelming majority of women in LOL are pretty for the sake of being pretty, this kind of stuff where someone's explicitly beautiful as part of their character kinda loses meaning.
: Ivern in Nexus Blitz
{{champion:427}} My bloodlust cannot be sated.
: Alright Riot you need to explain what Willump is.
he's... magic six limbed reptiles don't exist in nature either, no one's complaining about dragons.
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333lom (EUNE)
: Regarding Kayle and Morgana
I think it'd be cool if Morgana's damaged wings draped over her shoulders and trailed behind her, acting like a tattered cloak/fulfilling the same purpose as her skirt right now.
: Janna should be next in line to get an Ezreal-level VGU
: What Would Demacia Imprison?
: If <Champion> was released today...
{{champion:31}} Cho's model evolves throughout the game (not unlike Dark Star). He starts out small and pale and pathetic, emaciated and frail looking. How could this creature threaten all reality? But as he eats, he grows bigger, his carapace hardens and darkens, his weight distribution changes as he becomes more monstrous and kaiju-esque. When he reaches certain stack thresholds, his abilities improve or outright change to make better use of his newfound size. Sweeping tail strikes, earthshaking stomps, huge breath attacks. Goes from your typical magical monster to a true lumbering titan.
: If <Champion> was released today...
{{champion:12}} Isn't goddamn purple.
: Opinion: If Nexus Blitz is permanent, the map should be Zaun's underbelly.
I wouldn't mind Mount Targon, either. Strange things are said to happen on the mountain, and the map already seems mountainous. Still, I'd love to see Zaun in-game.
: "Yes, my name is Gregory Mordekaiser - M, O, R, D... Yes, yes, just like it sounds. No, A-I. It's German. I know, I know..."
You make it sound like he's ordering something over the phone.
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
: Ultimate Ryze Skin: Broken Vow Ryze
Thanos Ryze, having come into possession of all Infinity Runes: "When I'm done, half of the roster will still exist. I hope they remember you."
: How powerful are the World Runes? >Finally, in the Noxii territories where Ryze was born, the first cataclysmic blow was struck in what would eventually be known as the Rune Wars. >The earth fell away beneath them, the bedrock itself seeming to retch and squeal, while the sky above them recoiled as if mortally wounded. They looked back upon the valley where the rival armies had stood, and beheld insanity—destruction on a scale so massive that it defied all physical sense. The buildings, the people, all were gone, and the ocean, once a day’s journey to the east, now rushed to meet them.
: Are the World Runes basicly Infinity Stones?
Legendary Thanos Ryze Skin: "When I'm done, half of the roster will still exist. I hope they remember you."
: I was told this was a Voidborn, like Velkoz or Reksai, not a true Watcher— They are much much **much ** bigger/scarier.
I feel like a small edit would dispel a lot of confusion. >Far beyond the known lands of Valoran, in the deepest, darkest spaces beneath the world, even the mythical Watchers are drawn to the power of the World Runes… Since the creature is blue, which isn't the typical color associated with purple, and the wording of the sentence, it's easy to assume that it's a Watcher. But I also see that the description could mean, "The Watchers are interested in the power of the World Runes, so they sent an agent to collect it." It could be worded better.
darkdill (NA)
: Idea for a "Cannibalize Corpse" mechanic
{{champion:96}} I always found it strange how the ravenous Kog'Maw doesn't eat his enemies in-game.
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: Aatrox: The Darkin Blade | Champion Trailer - League of Legends
As much as I love those animations, I'm not sure if I like this new art direction. He lost that lean build and now has your average masculine dorito build, his voice has so much processing that I had to turn on subtitles, and he's seemingly lost that calm warrior poet vibe that made him so interesting to listen to :/
: SplashArt update Executioner Mundo [unofficial]
I love when pictures tell a story. Inspired me to write a fake skin bio for it: > Folklore speaks of a mad executioner that lives in the ruins of an old town, an inhuman brute who drags away his victims for perceived "crimes". Whatever the perceived felony, great or small, the sentence is invariably death by beheading.
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