: Are all the Ascendants supposed to be animals?
Because it was a role he was never meant to fit into. He was shoehorned into it with the retcon. It really is that simple.
: Trundle was never much of a martyr. In his judgment he learns that by keeping the disease all to himself he's actually dooming his entire clan, as it was augmenting their regenerative abilities and without it they will soon die. The summoner guy in charge of his judgment offers to reverse the process and return the plague to them - Trundle tells him not to, saying something to the effect of keeping what they so kindly gave him. He knowingly and willingly sentences his people to death out of spite for how they treated him. That is no martyr. Better character than what we have now? Yeah probably. The new Trundle hasn't really done anything at all yet because RIP lore. But it really hacks me off when people who get trumped on on the Trundle thing don't even have his original lore straight. He was no martyr, and his attitude transcends "bully" - He accepted a great deal of physical suffering and agony onto himself to passively commit the genocide of his people. I'll give you the other two though.
He might not've been a martyr in the noblest sense, but taking on the suffering to doom his people? It's considerably more interesting than the two-bit thug we've got now. The way I see it, Old Trundle was going to sink the ship to get at the captain because he could swim. New Trundle just likes to have the biggest club to hit things with.
: > [{quoted}](name=Irongrinder,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=a3qjevea,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-06-26T00:25:13.147+0000) > Xerath went from a mage willing to give up everything in his pursuit of knowledge to Jafar Villain #47. To a mage willing to give up everything in his pursuit of freedom. He's not a Jafar villain. People complained because his overall goal is not knowledge but freedom. Otherwise, he became a powerful magus and high-level scholar. It's just that, instead of being cooped up away from his fellow peers, he decided to stay cooped up in a library away from the nobles and play a little game of politics. Actually, if you think about it, Old Xerath "might" have done the same thing if he was stuck in a noble's home with access to a vast enough library. > Sivir went from capable and confident mercenary... To a capable and confident mercenary that happened to have been betrayed by a Noxian noble. She's not a buffoon. You say this as though she will fall for anything.
**Xerath:** We've been through this debate before, and the forums largely determined that New Xerath's motivations and methodologies are more in line with Jafar from Aladdin and/or The Homunculus in the Flask from Fullmetal Alchemist than the original. **Sivir:** Let's see.. -Actively hated by Noxus? Check. -Accepts deal from Noxus? Check. -Stands by idly while her comrades are slaughtered by traps? Check. -Falls for the increasingly obvious Noxian backstab? Check check check. Sivir might be intelligent, but said intelligence was downright slaughtered in the name of Cassiopeia's and Azir's origin stories.
Luxxum (NA)
: @Jaerden: What is Lore team's opinion on Ahri?
You're too late. Trundle went from a martyr for his race to an ice troll bully. Xerath went from a mage willing to give up everything in his pursuit of knowledge to Jafar Villain #47. Sivir went from capable and confident mercenary to inept buffoon. ... Yeah, Riot is taking FANTASTIC CARE with their characters.
: Let us look upon this Bilgewater event critically.
This is a re-skin of an ARAM map. If the narrative team is involved at all, it'll be through tertiary ties at best. Move along, because there will inevitably be nothing to see here (except, you know, more theory-bait and unexplained crap that "will be explained at a LATER DATE and by golly, it'll be SO COOL when we do it!tm"). Do me a solid and let me know when they offer material that stands on its own, and not just as a collection of jumbled theories.
: You know it wasn't just a "wait and see" this time right? He actually gave an ETA this time, which was about a month.
If they make the deadline, great, they've successfully broken 9+ months of silence. Nine. Months. This had better be a damn substantial update, and I'm talking about the kind that'll blow my socks off and rekindle my passion for this game's lore. If they don't make the deadline (spoiler alert: they probably won't) then Riot's right back to square -5 with the narrative community's trust. Which is okay for them, considering they've demonstrated a disturbing level of comfort sitting there all this time.
: @Jaredan - Thank You
Jaredan's arrival isn't good news in my eyes. It's just another band-aid on the sucking chest wound that is the 9+ months of silence that we've received in terms of narrative progression. Jaredan is just the latest person to say "don't worry, we're working on it!" You'll have to forgive me if I don't bend down to kiss our "savior's" feet. Let me see results that I can pick up and NOT have my vision clouded by the ever-looming specter of "this is gonna be awesome, _just wait and see_!" and MAYBE I'll almost care again. I'd care again, except, you know, it's been 9+ months of radio silence, and I don't have it in me to put any sort of stock in what Riot has to say regarding the narrative anymore.
Levios (NA)
: Hello! I have some fanfiction lore that I dont know what to do with! Please advise!
My advice? Take your skills and your passion elsewhere, where people will actually cherish them and put you to work. Riot has demonstrated time and again that they have no interest in lore outside of "here is this cool-looking character without much of a personality, who has a vague motivation for wandering Runeterra to be the very best that no-one ever was." They aren't going to start legitimately caring about the new lore anytime before the apocalypse. Turn away, stranger, for you will find no respite here.
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Xemeron (NA)
: Ok, how about that, just for you they will make a champion who, at the start of every game, sits down for 10 minutes to tell you his whole deep backstory...
Nice strawman argument. Now do me a solid and reevaluate it.
: It'd be nice if you worded this a little better. I semi-agree with it, but I love the kits they've been given.
This isn't a question of gameplay or their kits. This is a question of their lore.
: A ghost would be vengeful, thats a reason why she hasnt reached peace. So of course she is gonna act that way, SHE IS A FREAKIN GHOST! Also the void creature is a goddam monster. What would it even have to say? IMO kog maw shouldn't even talk either.
> A ghost would be vengeful, thats a reason why she hasnt reached peace. So of course she is gonna act that way, SHE IS A FREAKIN GHOST! Also the void creature is a goddam monster. What would it even have to say? IMO kog maw shouldn't even talk either. And that's all they'll ever be, forever and ever, for the continuation of this story: just mad, and without personality. I'll pass on that story, if you don't mind.
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Shíny (NA)
: I don't quite get why you think the poll options are biased? Riot said themselves they want to head in a smash bros-esque game style >Okay, so, would I be wrong to say that the game should play akin to something like Super Smash Brothers? Each character has their own story (albeit, in League that story is connected to the world and to other characters) but the combative gameplay has no real story implications. So, there's a 5v5 arena because that's cool game play, and not for any particular narrative reasons. - [Gentleman Gaston](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/GPEPBymN-riot-it-should-be-pretty-clear-now-that-the-community-is-enraged-by-your-decisions-involving-lore?comment=0002000000000001000000000003) >Correct - [Riot Opeli](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/GPEPBymN-riot-it-should-be-pretty-clear-now-that-the-community-is-enraged-by-your-decisions-involving-lore?comment=00020000000000010000000000030000)
pseu·do /ˈso͞odō/ adjective adjective: pseudo not genuine; sham. It's not a positive thing. That's bias.
: Where would YOU rahter live: Demacia or Noxus?
Neither. Take me to the Monolith, Malphite!
: Riot should've closed the League through writing rather than a retcon.
While I may be against the retcon, I'm interested in where Riot will take their story direction. I also find it difficult to vote, as your poll options are remarkably biased. Sorry. :(
: EMERGENCY! Where'd the Internship Go?!
Could it be that it was listed under the 2014 internships and was only recently removed to make way for the 2015 internships? I hope not...
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: Vayne's First Name Is Shauna, And Other Entertaining Lore Tidbits
Mordekaiser's name has its roots in German. It translates to "Corpse King."
Mieli (NA)
: I don't like Boards
Not a huge fan of boards either. Missing the old forums.
: Spaghetti Monster Vel'koz
There's no chance in hell I would support this skin, and it's not because of my religious affiliations. It's because spaghetti is my favorite food, and with my interest in Vel'Koz growing, I can't afford to suddenly grow inexplicably hungry every time I play with this skin.
: I made a some Gn-art in my college class. What do u think?
: Shadow Isles Short Lores
Confusion. I was under the impression that the changed lore for the Shurima characters were placeholders for upcoming, better stories. Moreover, most of the reaction to it was negative, at least in my experience--shorter and shallower was not better. And with the claims that Riot's listening to our feedback...and then they're changing lore that never needed to be changed in the first place... God, am I disappointed.
: Whats a Summoners Cup with no Summoners?
The answer: it's a glorified drinking gourd.
Sharjo (EUW)
: But she's not standing, she's sliding/running/getting in to a jump.
Sliding? Maybe, but it'll be an awkward one. Running? With the way her leg is bent backwards like that? Not a chance. Preparing to jump? Unless it's a face-dive into the dirt, I doubt it.
Atuko (NA)
: You wanna know what I can't wait for?
Sivir needs a new primary splash anyway. Seriously, girl, throwing a boomerang, on one leg, bent over like that? I don't give a crap how coordinated you are, maintaining balance in that stance is simply NOT POSSIBLE.
GenoXx (NA)
: Showing Concern for the Uknown Areas Of Valoran.
WTB new updated map, will pay 50 MSK.
: Runeterra Punchmen. Please rename the game "Runeterra Punchmen". I have money riding on this.
I, too, now have money riding on this. Can you imagine? A two million dollar prize pool for a game called "Runeterra Punchmen?" It'd be like naming one of the Prime Evils of Diablo "Squishypuppy," and it's bleeding hilarious to think about.
Solideus (EUNE)
: WAR! What Factions Will Clash?
It's most likely that Noxus and Demacia will fight. The worst part is that there's absolutely no reason in the world as to why this is. Seriously, why does Demacia hate Noxus so much, and vice versa? We haven't gotten any background on why this is. At best, we've been told "they're at war." War over WHAT? Territory? Resources? Royal heritages?
darkdill (NA)
: Maybe we shouldn't give them a choice.
Point taken. Question is, how do we take away their choices?
Tamat (NA)
: Making the full transition to Boards
> For many of you, that’s huge news and a big change. We understand. But we've also been working for over a year now to solve the problems plaguing the classic forums and we’re long past the point where having two different official forum platforms makes sense. You'll really have to pardon my saying it, but this sounds an awful lot like "We know you won't like this change, but we know best, so you'll just have to accept it." Oh well. RIP, GD.
: Now that Sion is cool, who takes first place in "Most outdated champion in the league?"
Nunu looks funky. He's probably not at the top of the "NEEDS UPDATE NAO" list, but I still think he looks funky.
SnowFall (NA)
: A Dive into the Void
Sounds like Kassadin's Daughter, that one character hinted at by the Journal of Justice. Seeing as the Journal of Justice is no longer considered canon, well...you get the point.
darkdill (NA)
: So Riot, can't you spoil us to a few lore developments?
Heya Youso, long time to see. Bad news--they won't spoil anything. If they're not even willing to tell us who the new head of the narrative department is, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that they'll spoil what's coming down the road.
Tsaalyo (NA)
: Thoughts on where lore is, where it has been, where it may go, etc.
Given Riot's pedigree when it comes to keeping their promises, I'm expecting lore won't go anywhere for at least the next three years, as we'll be too busy digging our way out of the massive plot-hole that is the Institute of War's retcon. After that, we'll get some more champion backgrounds, and that'll continue for another two years. After that, maybe (MAYBE) we'll get a semi-significant lore event. One lore event. One that'll move the character arcs forward. Then we'll be stuck sitting on our hands for another few years. TL;DR--Wake me up in another five to seven years, when Riot's ball actually gets rolling. Or don't, as the lore won't be much better than it currently is by my reckoning.
Jaredan (NA)
: Hi Terra and all, First up, I just want to talk about the thinking behind the use of shorter character intros in the client, for those who may not have seen previous conversations. The current in-client champion page is not ideal for longer stories. One of its core purposes is quickly introducing players to a champion, and we've run into format and character limits that further constrain our ability to tell rich stories. Our plan for this space is to have a short, thematic introduction to the character, for players who want to quickly understand who and what they are, and then a longer story on the website that can be fully dedicated to being entertaining and showing the champions within our story world. Long-term, this will allow us to actually explore more story for each champion than was previously possible. We don't want to take story away, we want to do more. That said, I get that this means nothing to you until we've actually delivered it. To be perfectly honest, we've run into a couple issues that have temporarily set us back. Firstly, the champion info pages on the web and in-client both pull from the same database, and the tech change required to implement the plan I described above is taking a bit longer than expected. More importantly, when we knew we couldn't put the stories out to you in the way we wanted - and after listening to some of the concerns you expressed during the Shurima event - we took a long hard look at the prepared stories we had and, frankly, decided we could do better. Azir and Xerath's stories are being rewritten and we are already pursuing other opportunities with Shurima-related champions. Essentially, we're currently out of sync on a couple of fronts: 1) having the content ready for you, and 2) the tech issue we're working hard to solve. Right now you might be thinking to yourself, "Surely, you should have had this all ready to go in advance?" The only answer I can give is this: you're absolutely right. We've made mistakes and seen the unease it has caused, particularly at a time when so much change has happened in recent months and in light of the promises we've made. As I've said recently on these boards, we care tremendously about you, the players, as well as the story of Runeterra. I also know promises that we're working to get you much more story are meaningless until you see results. As I mentioned, we're currently hard at work on some Shurima-related stories (not to mention future content), and we want to get the first of them out to you just as soon as we can properly finalize them. If we cannot solve the tech issue within the necessary timeframe, we will get the stories to you in analternative way, perhaps even through this board. We're making a lot of changes to improve how Narrative gets story to you and how we engage in a dialogue about it - we fully understand that we need to do better.
> We've made mistakes and seen the unease it has caused, particularly at a time when so much change has happened in recent months and in light of the promises we've made. That's great, you recognize that you've made mistakes. Now learn from these mistakes, as opposed to recognizing your past mistakes and choosing to NOT learn from them.
: Trundle's Champion Update; was it a success?
While I must confess that I enjoy Trundle's VU, I must also say that I miss the original concept. A diseased troll who took on a burden to save his people from certain doom (in the process, dooming them, if the Judgement considered additionally) is considerably more compelling than icy tricksy troll brute #47.
: You're missing out on possibly thousands of dollars right now Riot.
It's been previously established that Riot does not like their lore to be told through multiple lines of text. I can only imagine their horror at the thought of stories taking up more than one page.
: Respawning animations
I like this idea. We could even start a thread regarding ideas on future respawn animations, even for characters that need VU's. Like Blitzcrank. How cool would it be to see Blitzcrank completely reassembled on the platform before returning to the fight?
: Regarding: @Tamat's Proposal For Easier Communication With Narrative
> However, for the sake of discussion, what would you propose we, the passionate fans of Riot's lore, do to “make them feel more welcome?” We can't. I've been here since pre-Season One, and it's *always *been this way with the narrative team. You know what the best indicator for future behavior is? Past behavior. Riot's narrative team will **never **interact with its audience the way we want them to, because it ultimately doesn't matter. They'll nod, pretend to ponder (if they feel like it), and then go ahead with their original plans anyway, no matter how unpopular they may be. Welcome to the Age of RetGones, boys and girls. Get used to it.
: Riot lore team why haven't you changed any of the bios that mention summonersor the IoW yet?
Impetual (NA)
: @Lore Team, Are any of you going to have any kind of forum presence?
The lore team is going to continue to make changes that aren't popular amongst the community, and will thusly continue to ignore community input via this new board. This board was only created so that people may continue to discuss the lore and art, not so that Rioters can discuss such matters with their community.
: Sion's New Client Lore
Unimpressed here. Once again, Riot eschews legitimate storytelling for vagueness and hints at actual cohesiveness. We get that you have headcanon, Riot, but we're not mind-readers.
: Xerath New Lore Dissatisfaction Thread
It's bad. It's really, really bad.


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