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: Wouldn't be easier to have 2 global pool about this?
Riot doesn't balance the game around what players need. Riot balances the game around skin sales, lore, and the ADC reddit community.
Yellfus (NA)
: What abilities and champions would be considered broken.
{{champion:10}} at Level 16 She becomes a hyper carry who deals mixed and true ranged AoE damage every half second or so. The only balanced aspect of her kit at the moment is that she's utter garbage until level 16.
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UnityOE (NA)
: Why in God's name does Illaoi do so much damage?
Because that's all she is. Damage Also, technically, dodging her skills is the way to avoid her damage, but then all you end up doing is staying out of her skill range and allowing her to out farm you. She has no mobility. She is easily kited. And there are champions who out sustain her so long as you eliminate her tentacles, avoid fighting her in her ultimate, and buy grievous wounds early on.
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: Hashinshin is right on one thing, JUST GANK TOP.
I feel the overwhelming urge to downvote everything that quotes a toxic streamer. I think I'll start doing that.
AhernnY (EUW)
: rank has nothing to do with skill
Are you implying Riot takes bribes to boost accounts?
Barkley (NA)
: Please stop saying "I'm X higher rank on my main"
: Why would you ban him he is actually very easy to deal with , and why is it you say he can't jungle, but couldn't say anything as to why he can't jungle.
This is not a gameplay discussion, this is a rant. Also, what I ban is my choice. It does not have to coincide with your logic or line of reasoning.
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: The state of Garen
Reason he doesn't need to buy resistance is because his W passively provides him all the resistances he needs simply for having killed minions. His passive also provides insane out of combat healing post 11 on top of which the most successful runes on Garen is Grasp with Demolish, Second Wind, and Overgrowth further increasing the heals he receives for nothing as well as his overall health. His AD scalings make a full damage build not only viable, but incredibly effective and successful without sacrificing any of his innate tankiness and sustain. He is, after all, a juggernaut.
: It probably won't be today, tomorrow, or within the next couple of years...
Attempts have been made. Overwatch Fortnite Counterstrike Battlegrounds Riot made an effective addiction machine when they created LoL. I don't think it was their intent nor do I think they could possibly have predicted its success, but that's what came out of their "frankenstein lab".
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: Who is the weakest supp champ right now?
{{champion:17}} Seriously, dodge these trolls. You will live a happier and healthier life.
Whe (EUNE)
: Autofill's annoying
If you are filled one match, you receive auto fill protection. Whenever you are in promos, you receive auto fill protection for your promos. You cannot possibly be filled 100% of the time. I'm rarely ever filled and I main top. When I am filled, I announce it in lobby and am often offered a different role. So, even when I am filled, I generally am allowed to play my desired role. Though it does not always happen. So , again, the scenario you described is entirely impossible.
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: There is only 1 gold income item that doesn't upgrade to a Sightstone
I get it as a top lane either after my first item or during my first back. Completing its passive nets more gold than it's worth and helps with early farm when paired with a Doran's item.
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Moody P (NA)
: Why does Pantheon get such a better rework than Mordekaiser?
My only complaint about the new Mordekaiser is his ultimate. Either you play a mobile champ to dance around all his damage while you wait for it to end or you build QSS to negate it entirely. It has counter play, sure, but it really is a pass or fail ult to be entirely honest. Urgot received a good update in my opinion. He used to be considered a troll pick. Nowadays, he's so meta that he sometimes breaks the game. He works with so many runes with Conqueror being his latest craze. He's a ranged Juggernaut who excels in duels and splitting, but fails in team fights and focused attacks. Aatrox update was, admittedly, a critical error in judgment on Riot's part. On release, he became nigh-unkillable. Players would rush GA just to give him 3 lives in every team fight and force enemies to focus him so as to guarantee his team Baron, Drakes, and Turrets. Players got so accustomed to being able to play inting Aatrox that it's no wonder people became upset over the removal of his revive from his ultimate. What Aatrox is now is a less effective drain tank than what he used to be.
waldo865 (NA)
: Removal of legacy cursor is a terrible idea.
They ret-conned the removal. They're tweaking the code so as not to remove it from the current client. The backlash against Riot actually worked this time.
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: Can someone inform me how to play against renekton?
He actually is a common pick atm. Despite his avg win rate, he's very popular, placing him at a top tier pick among players. As for what he is, he is a self-sustaining lane bully. He's quite capable of taking out half your HP bar with one combo. After the second combo, he usually ignites you for the guaranteed kill. As for how to deal with him. Legend: Tenacity/Unflinching Runes can help with his stun as well as getting Mercury Treads early on. Bonus Armor stats from your runes will also help mitigate much of his early damage. If you are in an unfavorable match up then Doran's Shield might help you with sustaining his pressure in lane. Otherwise, read up on his skills online to get a better understanding as to how they function, especially when empowered by his passive. And memorize his cooldowns. This will inform you of his weaknesses and when and where to exploit any and all openings he presents to you in game.
: Which two roles are the most different and why?
Top and ADC are probably extreme opposites of one another. Top has diversity, ADC does not. Top is mostly, if not always, alone against their opponent, ADC is not. Top usually only has to contend with 1 or 2 threats alone, ADC usually has to contend with 2 or more threats with help. Top and Bot are on exact opposite ends of the map.
: Add a Dodge Button
I like this idea.
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: >This includes teams on both sides, so I get to see it in all chat too. Why do you have all chat turned on ?
Because it's the popcorn theater of league. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
grzywa1 (EUNE)
: Nasus is broken af
Sounds to me like your team was unable to capitalize on whatever lead it is you had and Nasus punished you for it as he and other late game carries are prone to do.
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Warix3 (EUW)
: Disable option to ban picks from your teammates
Hypothetical: A duo enters a lobby, one is mid. They each hover the mid's mains, Yasuo and Zed. They do this in order to prevent allies from banning the mid player's pick. The enemy locks in Yasuo and bans Zed or vice versa. Hypothetical: A player is about to ban a champion they do not like, but the client lags as it is prone to do. An ally decides that the ban is a bad ban; so, they immediately hover the champion after making their ban just to prevent the player from proceeding with banning the champion they want to ban. Summation: Players will exploit and abuse systems like this either for their own benefit or to deliberately ruin the experiences of others.
: Office Ornn!!!!
arowin242 (EUW)
: kayle level 1-6: an actual potato. Kayle level 6-11: an potato, who now wields a sword. kayle level 11-16: as strong as level 9 kayle pre-rework. Kayle level 16-18: finally reached hypercarry status, however this is useless as by this point even the enemy ADC will be 2 shotting you, forcing you to use ult (and waste valuable AA time) in order to surive. after which you get chain-CC'ed into the ninth circle. this is how i personally feel about reworked kayle, namely the entire rework where just concealed nerfs. such a shame. even playing leona top is bound to bring more success by this point. That's all.
Now I'm just a simple bronze player who don't gots a whole lotta experience with Kayle, but I vividly recall bein able to solo Baron, steal Elder immediately after, AND score a triple kill all in quick succession as a post 16 Kayle. So please, tell me how it is you can't make it work for ya.
: How was this chat bannable??
Someone got banned for flaming a jungle player? Rito, dafuq is this?! Blaming and flaming jungle is integral to the overall experience that is league! Y U DO DIS?! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Have you ever been afk in-game because of real life emergency?
Yes. I was physically threatened by someone I care about. I had to restrain them. We both ended up hurt. It was one of the worst days of my life, but we moved past it and it was an isolated incident.
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Durzaka (NA)
: Is it bad that I miss that time? Back when pick/call priority was all you had to worry about in ranked, and if you couldnt be "autofilled" then you didnt climb, flat out.
Oh boy, the days when duo partners monopolized pick order and were more likely to control the bans. Yeah, I remember. I didn't like it.
DaBooosh (NA)
: Stop players from dodging when auto-filled.
I'd quit the game permanently if this was ever made into a reality. Video games are supposed to be fun, not some form of abstract community service.
It's so weird that most jungle want top lane to leash for them at all. It doesn't seem to matter if I am blue team or red team. More than half of the jungle I get want me to leash them. Why? Why do the resource-less jungle want me to leash their blue? Why do the mana-dependent jungle wish for me to leash their red? Why is it that the Kayn players and Amumu players simply don't start by soloing raptors for an easy level 2 and a prolonged buff duration after? It boggles the mind of a top lane, doesn't it?
: Kalista is the worst adc at the moment
Disagree. Kalista is the most mechanically difficult ADC to play on top of which she relies on a support to stay with her 24/7 to make the most of her ultimate and passive. She's not a popular ADC either, but she excels in the hands of those who main her. She's great when played by players who main her alongside a partner who knows how to play with her. Granted, she's niche, but she's great at that niche.
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: Leaver shouldnt take away a full match worth of lp.
Apôllo (EUW)
: Start off with some LP after winning promos
Then players would have to lose the buffer they have that protects from being demoted immediately upon reaching 0 LP.
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