: I just can't help but laugh.... Alright, then, you go and live in your fantasy world. I'm not even trying to convince you that you're wrong, I've dealt with your kind for long enough that I know you're a lost cause. I bet you didn't even watch the videos at all. Fine, just continue on in your fog of lies. I'll just sit here and laugh.
i have studied this out for months already I have seen pretty much most seen most of these videos you can not prove anything in those videos all you can do is assume there telling the truth but you have no evidence for your case like me you are stupid join the program or shut the fuck up
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: Time to dip my paintbrush in this can of crazy, since you obviously want to go there. All this is doing is showing my how ignorant you are, by believing in a video with a rocket _spinning extremely fast_. That's excusing whether the rocket even went into space, and whether the second camera later in the video was a fabrication, but that's venturing from the point I'm making so I won't go there right now. I love how you assumed I'm an Atheist once I pointed out your religious narcissism. You are, however, correct that I do not believe in make-believe selfish deities from a _book_. Are we using videos to disprove each other? Then I'll counter your one with my two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2dTXB3O3dw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa5X2rj65Qo Have fun~
there is no way to actually defend against this all you have are words I HAVE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE FOR EVERYTHING I SAY you on the other hand believe blindly dude you are just a idiot, you are stupid on purpose like the bible says (they will be stupid on purpose) cause you don't like the thought that you are accountable WELL GUESS WHAT HOW YOU FEEL DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER ANYMORE the earth is flat with a dome with water on top thats why the sky is blue GOD is above the dome end of story the debates over if you don't believe in GOD you are stupid and yes i will mock you
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Rioter Comments
: > no you are spelling it wrong everything about the way we write is wrong > > so yeah the earth is flat with a dome with water on top thats why the sky is blue and are writing in general is wrong > > but it will be corrected once all this is over Oh I see, you're a religious narcissist.... Yeah, I'm not going to continue dipping my paintbrush in this can of crazy.
well its to late if you are atheist at this point you are wrong end of story the earth is flat with a dome with water on top just like the bible says basically at this point in time if the person is atheist there stupid its a done deal its out there for everyone to see its actually shown me how stupid the human race is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAcp3BFBYw4
: So...you're showing me outdated and ancient writing for...what reason exactly? All I'm doing is showing you how to spell properly. In _modern_ English. I mean sure, you want to speak Ancient Egyptian or 12th-century Spanish you go right ahead. But if you're speaking American English, I'm likely going to correct your mistakes — especially if there are around as many mistakes as there are words in your statement. (Reading that last part, though, I realize you're either trolling me or you're more stupid than I thought.)
no you are spelling it wrong everything about the way we write is wrong so yeah the earth is flat with a dome with water on top thats why the sky is blue and are writing in general is wrong but it will be corrected once all this is over
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Rioter Comments
: Well, you see...I do know what I'm talking about. Here, let me fix that up for you. I hate grammar warriors because they're so wrong, they have no idea what they're talking about as long as you understand me I'm good perfect wording means so little to me there you go.
sorry you are still wrong let me show you the truth 16th century writing http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/888/2073/1600/Barker%20MS%202%20b.0.jpg here are some other writings http://www.taneter.org/hieratic.png here are some writings from the 1100 century http://cdn.ilovetypography.com/img/2010/07/Beneventan-script-circa-1100.jpg so let me ask this question why are you right but there wrong cause i promise the writing style we have will completely go out of date eventually and a new form of writing will come into play so you grammar warriors are wrong end of story there is no correct form of writing everything in its time also the earth is flat with a dome with water on top thats why the sky is blue get your facts straight
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: Congrats!
im not annoyed im more annoyed of the supports THERE SO STRONG but honestly keep them that way cause there where to many mages bot lane last season anyway
: At the end of the season they'll automatically deliver them, along with the summoner icons and borders. But you have to still be in Gold at the end of the season, if you drop out with 30 seconds to spare no skin for you. It could take a few weeks for it to get passed out though.
goods looks like im not touching my league for a while lol gotta keep that gold rating lol and you are right there with me played against and with you several times
: It's a new skin every year, so it's more likely for it to be Illaoi than Jarvan again.
PLEASE ILLAOI NEEDS A NEW SKIN ONE THAT LOOKS TOUGH so hopefully they make it it would look cool on illaoi anyway NOW HOW DO I GET MY SKIN ????
Leylania (EUW)
: Mate...why {{item:3142}} ? Like...why?
EVERYONE RUNS AWAY FROM ME SO I CANT KILL THEM but also it helps me split push properly and escape SO MANY ISSUES my last game fizz missed 3 ults cause i popped {{item:3142}} and out ran him another game i was floating around inhib they tried to engage me and i ran while my team took towers and inhib its under rated on illaoi the issue is IF YOU FALL BEHIND its a lot harder to recover not like with the other builds {{item:3071}}
: Congrats! Who do you hope gets the Victorious skin?
ohh yeah i forgot when you hit gold you get a skin right woots and if i had to pick it would be illaoi but since they dont have it ill pick jarven
MysterQ (NA)
: Well I will have another run next season. Yea B5-B2 was easy. Then B2 I hit a huge wall (like soloqueue Plats in my flex games). After a break B2-B1 was easy again. S5-S2 I skipped a tier. Was fine. But I have been S2/S1 for 2 months almost 3. S2 was easy enough but then S1 kept kicking me back down. Oh god I checked my WR today and past few games it is 35%. Come on RIot show me some love.
its ok bro keep at it you'll make it you will and read this trust me its not always you coming from a diamond player and trust me make your own build it works out nd when you lose a game stop playing take a break than get back on in like an hour https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/n3f5kn7V-as-a-diamond-silver-elo-is-surprisingly-hard
MysterQ (NA)
: :( but :) Congrats. I think you made a thread a few days ago where people bashed you for your game count. I am glad one of us made it. Hopefully it will be easier for you next season, since the system seems to take that into account when you are grinding.
THANK YOU {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} and yes people bash me but they dont understand how i even got all those games they think all those games was me trying lol i only started ranking up seriously for like 3 months the rest of those games was either learning or trolling fun time as illaoi support {{item:2303}} good times also silver 2 and silver 1 WAS HELL it was so random you had no idea what you would get from silver 5 to silver 3 was pretty easy
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: > there to scared of me > there stupid um...yeah do you see the problem with this?
i hate grammar warriors cause there so wrong they have no idea what there talking about as long as you understand me im good perfect wording means so little to me
: It's true kills don't matter, and that's a huge problem because it de-emphasizes risk taking, encourages pacifism, and puts the majority of the game's emphasis on farming, it actively diacourages interacting meaningfully with opponent's. Most pro games are less than 4-5 kills at the 15 or even 20 minute mark. You're right kills don't matter, but they _should_, because fighting is where the majority of PvP interaction and variance comes from.
pros avoid fighting like the plague they never wanna fight they want towers for free basically its who gets caught out
: Kills do matter. They give gold and take the enemy off the map so you can take objectives.
i literally walk up tower in front of them and hit it for free there to scared of me there stupid
Rioter Comments
: Im a Jayce otp so cant do it on illaoi. Illaoi is trash right now as well because she just gets kited by adcs. Jayce is op in low elo because nobody knows how to counter him. Also Jayce's in low elo barely pull above a 50% wr because they dont know how to play him properly.
thats the point illoai is trash compared to a lot of the champs he ranks in with mord so ranking up is hard and im ok with that ill play it out and make it cause trust me if you give me an OP CHAMP hard cc good mobility good escape and decently tanky I WILL CARRY GAMES SO HARD
: Ill boost you to plat for $60 if you got Jayce
you wanna boost my account lol no but if you where to boost it i would have one requirement YOU HAVE TO DO IT ILLAOI{{champion:420}} ONLY no other champ also jayce is op so not allowed
MysterQ (NA)
: If that is case (I like Iliaoi) maybe you should try a dedicated splitpushing champ.
i can do it with illaoi but its so rough i could carry my teams if they knew how to split push properly cause i will 1 v 3 I dont mind but the main issue is i apply pressure but my team takes nothing while im floating around they dont take towers or dragons or even jungle farm sometimes yet there are 5 people headed my way and im backing up so they can get towers but they just roam around the map and its hard to type everything out for them while running like i had a team just now 4 people roamed top and they couldnt even take mid tower with 10% health i literally TP back to base and had to take it down cause there so scared they have no idea what there doing they have never look at themselves on video and been like I NEED TO WORK ON THIS ISSUE Hosea 4:6 my children are destroyed for lack of knowledge BECAUSE THEY HAVE REJECTED KNOWLEDGE same with league like the bible says people are stupid on purpose
MysterQ (NA)
: Let me be completely honest. I play with a plat friend. But when I watched him play his silver games, he was literally getting placed on the better team 90% of the time. Some games he was hard-carried, some games he contributed a lot. But as long as he didn't feed, Riot was literally promoting him to gold in just a few days. Like, it isn't him being good that all 4 of his lanes just won. It literally just looked like the game wanted him to get back to his old rank. He is better than me no doubt. But his games just looked ridiculous when I spectated.
i have played in plat and diamond games but OMG silver is HELL its a dice roll when it comes to winning a game I thought bronze was hard when i first started the game but OMG silver i realize MOST OF THEM should not even be in silver they have no macro, they dont know how to trade or apply pressure they don t understand the point of the game they just want a penta ugh
MysterQ (NA)
: Is that KDA? His cs actually seems fine for Silver. His cs is also higher in losses for whatever reason (pushed lanes, faster games, less teamfights, etc who knows). He doesn't buy a lot of control wards, but he uses his trinket more than others. I can't judge him from numbers alone. I die way more than I should, it is something I should work on. But most of the time I don't care if I die as long as we win the teamfight/game. But I understand how bad it feels to stay stuck in S1 (now even more sad to be back to S2 :( )
i just understand the simple concept farm up i understand pressure and towers are more important than kills any day cause all i need is one kill after that the rest is on my boosted team
: I have multiple accounts that I've ranked up to gold for season rewards and combined I don't have 957 games. 957 games in silver. That's not flaming you, that is utter amazement you haven't given up. Silver is the literal worst. Especially this meta. I consider myself a Warwick/Ekko one trick but _957 games_, holy shit. And in silver. Balls of steel. > [{quoted}](name=MysterQ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MoHOZgaP,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-29T01:45:24.456+0000) > > I would have been so happy with just Gold5. I could move on and have fun again =\ but not this season. You're a support main and play enchanter supports. Just keep it up and you'll climb.
no its just i spent 500 games trolling literally having fun and learning the game and probably another 500 ranking up than learning other champs and go back down cause i suck with them than climbing back up again ive only been actually trying to rank up for 2 to 3 months now so basically almost GOLD in 2 to 3 months with a champ that has zero cc and mobility im not to bad honestly but honestly wish i had cc champs i would rank up so much faster
MysterQ (NA)
: =\ 150 games in Silver 1. 4 failed promos to gold. 2 deranks (almost 4) Last two promo games I was vs soloqueue diamonds (because I was in flex and had a smurf for ONE game that butchered my mmr I guess).
dude Its so bad some games its so tilting cause i have played in plat games and there not as hard as silver plat feels so easy compared to silver elo I dont understand cause bronze is so easy to get out of silver everyone is just stupid basically if you get a good team you lucked out
: 957 Illaoi games in silver. _957 Illaoi games in silver._
is that what you are seriously looking at do you have any idea how i got that????
Rioter Comments
: I have never heard of {{item:1056}} on {{champion:420}} {{item:2033}} Gives you all the mana you need, and health, AND extra damage. To me its a no brainer.....
it really depends on the match sometimes i literally buy both the issue with corrupting pot is it runs out to fast
FooDang (NA)
: Didnt play Soraka in ranked and I only played about 18 games of ranked. I didnt really climb there because thats where I was placed. Besides that, how is {{item:1056}} Meta on {{champion:420}} ? She has zero AP scalings. AP is worth 20.25 gold per AP. Thats 326 gold in AP stats that is doing absolutely nothing for you. I run {{item:1054}} or {{item:1055}} depending who im laning against. My mana pool is just fine because I dont spam Q like an idiot. 69% winrate here.
this is what i mean why are you talking if you don't even know the champ!!!!!!!! all you have done is play normals in this past month and you have won 2 out of the few ranked games you played and did horrible YOU'RE BOOSTED LOL!!!!!! literally you have no idea what your talking about your masteries on illoai are trash (bloodlust), your rune page needs to be fixed I cant even see your winrate and based off what ive seen you have played like 10 games on her I had an 83% to 87% IN 90 GAMES I now have hundreds so yeah its low now my advice shut up you sound stupid also this guy runs dorans ring {{champion:41}} first item and its only for the mana nothing else and yes there running dorans ring in other regions go look
FooDang (NA)
: Wow. You're still buying {{item:1056}} on {{champion:420}} ? Thats all I gotta say lol
are you an idiot dorans ring on illaoi is meta its either dorans ring or corruption pot one of those 2 you run shield which is stupid on illaoi your mana dies out so fast its dumb you are GOLD 5 spamming soraka who is broken right now and thats as far as you make yet i play an illaoi who has a 48% winrate in stats lol please shut up
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Honestly, despite OP's salty attitude, they kind of have a point. Let's all be honest with ourselves here, we've all won games that were theoretically impossible to win based on how things are going. We've seen pro play games where pure macro ends up winning the game. People do too often focus on getting those sick plays, the mega scores, the OP KDA, the "hard carry". Meanwhile though, I could just play Heim or Ziggs and win the game for my team despite us being 5/27. Macro is so insanely important to League's current meta and I honestly love it.
you are right macro and cc out beats kills any day i have had 20 kills and still lost games i never understood why until i got better and realized the game has nothing to do with kills saw an LCS game and the team literally had 4 kills and won the game with only 4 kills i was shocked and realized im playing this game completely wrong
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TeelTeemo (EUW)
: My relation to league of legends
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I approve this message
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NoPaxt (NA)
: News flash, champions don't counter other champions without skill...
brand press r and win
Rioter Comments
Winterwings (EUNE)
: ...Or when your enemy laners spam M7 emote whenever they make something that can be remotely considered a "play" Then, fast forward 30 minutes, you're blowing up their nexus and slam your own M7 emote in their face for the first time during the game as you're doing that. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} its the moments that count
ganggoink (EUW)
: Trash build ahahahahaha no black cleaver
haha are you serious you think you need black cleaver for every build lol hahahahah
: Anyone get bored of "maining champs"?
Rioter Comments
: Best tip would probably be to W him when minions are out of position.
yeah thats what you have to do abuse w and wait for a moment to get your e off
: I've never seen a illaoi vs yasuo but all you need is {{item:3076}} {{item:3047}}
true still randuins helps slow him down so your team doesnt die lol
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