: nah Windows 7
Right? I miss that OS.
: Lol I once had to system restore so I had to install the game again and it took 9 hours.
On Linux? I am regretting the Linux mint Cinn. Ubuntu seems to be a better road. I can figure it out eventually, but I would like to play now atm! lol fml My own dam fault.
: Yup that's what happens to me but I try my best anyway and yeah maybe we'll see eachother.
I just put Linux mint on for an OS from Ubuntu so tinkering around with the install. o.O Pain in my ass.
: I'm not even plat yet and it's telling me my MMR is Plat4, good luck bro.
Right? Thought I would come back and give it one more try! lol I am decent player weird though sometimes you get 6 good games in a row, great players you move up, then "BAM" you get stuck with afk's and people who feel they want too play a new champ in ranked. baha Good luck to man, maybe see you in game.
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: Or OP is just a good player? Don't be so negative smh
: Tbh, all except Gangplank were Platinum 2, so that kinda counts lol.
catamafia13 (EUNE)
: Im done with this game.
Riot has special people working for them that don't know how to balance a game properly! And you are correct it is ridiculous! All they care about is how the money rolls in now!
: When you're 1st timing a champion who you don't know jack-shit, but still get an S rank anyway:
From the looks of you played noobs, try that against gold or higher!
: People can do what they want
Nope that is false and you were raised wrong! If every one could do what they wanted we wouldn't have laws and rules would we!
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HentEye (NA)
: A ban wave? This was probably why the permabanned me for "malicious third party software" when I have never used such a thing. This company is absolutely disgusting sometimes.
: I just think it's weird that they're calling for it now.
My thoughts exactly, because he has always been a kick ass champ! Even with the nerf I'll still be OP with him. lol
: I don't know if this is a joke or not lmao
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: When to use hate speach vs verbal abuse?
Maybe because neither is a good practice and people should be kinder! That's about the end of that story!
: Every single time there is a banwave people come posting about how theirs was an error, this isn't anything new. More often than not it isn't that they made an error, but that the people contesting it are unaware of a compromise or that their app/mod is illegal or they are lying. All they need to do is submit a ticket and Riot will take another look at their case.
Agreed, I don;t use anything and never have I been hacked and I never have been banned! If I was using third party I would have been banned as well! Simple to know when people are lying hey? If you don't cheat you don't get banned! lol Pretty simple!
: Petition to stop the petitions to revert malzahar
Malz is fine, the crap players always cry OP! And nerf! When all they need to do is get good!
SP259 (NA)
: @riot can we please change the grevious wounds Icon
Swenma (NA)
: Thinking about uninstalling League
I agree why even bother having a placement if they are going to start you there and winning 9/10 games! Why not just start us all in bronze!
: What is Riot doing?
I have to agree I just mute most now! But still it's full of cowards, cheats and toxic adults who feel it's cool to cut people down! Not to mention the game has turned into a money grab! Not to mention the huge unbalance in this game! But I mean it was fun for awhile now onto better games! I hear it's dying out pretty fast! Not sure how much truth is in that but with all the new games coming out, they better do something because well they blow this one out of the water! In all aspects!
: This issue I have with this is that I think it doesn't let me communicate with my team (The right way, of course). Although I've tried doing this, I always end up unmuting them because I don't think I'm communicating enough with just pings. Should I just mute everyone who's being toxic or flat out everyone?
I started muting all it just makes the difference from me making a good play or watching chat too miss that opportunity to make the play! If I duo of course or am with a full team I don't mute, well then you're in discord or something! I am trying to just mute the toxic now only, right off the hop! Say bye and mute them! Slowly teaching myself to just do it and not say a word back as hard as that can be for all of us! Even in discord though I find it distracting, that is if someone has an open mic you know and you get that static or back ground noise from it, and for some reason I end up playing like crap! lol What I have learned about myself is when I play I let that noise or chat distract me, takes away from that split second thought to make that good play! Because I am either thinking of a response to the chat text I just read, scroll back to read it, maybe even excessive pinging or I hear someone eating chips in discord! lol I have done a lot of tests in game on myself, a few write ups, and so on to find all this out about me! In the end it has increased my % of winning and being an all around better player!
: oh since the start of preseason/rest i have a 59% win rate , currently 80% in my last 20... and 66% on or higher win % on like 5 of my mains
Holy shit right on! Right on man... I am working on improving getting there! Better builds whats needed at what time during the game and so on!
: Or just realize its a game and you are letting probably 14 year olds "tilt" you xD
No it never makes me mad! Just takes my focus away form my champ, the map, and my game play! It only takes a second to die or to flash from a bad situation!
scazzman (NA)
: i honestly feel like /mute all shouldn't be allowed, because it's INCREDIBLY unfair to the people in the game who arent being toxic,
I can see your point but at the same time you can ping as stated below Sushi! Reading text takes your eye's off the game!
Ada Wong (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=IsoVhell,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KkNbWNx2,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-28T04:40:10.643+0000) > > Try it it's so peaceful! HaHa agree first game of the day yesterday (Jungle who wants to carry Game instead of actually do anything useful.) Peeps talking bronze garbage and really getting on my nerves... /mute all /turn off speakers irl can't hear pings So peaceful.
Ikr Like a magical wonder of bliss! lol
: playing for the enjoyment and fun of the game has made me enjoy the game 100% more and never get tilted {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hell yeah I agree, I mute as well never have to see any toxic comments and such! So great! And it has improved my play ten fold!
: LoL Marriage Proposal
I know you're into games and all but do out of a game! Go on a trip or something something different!
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robothax (NA)
: What do you call Talm Kench shutting down Garen
: Perma banned for this??? Riot please get a grip on your tribunal.......
: Got suspended for 2 weeks after 3 years of playing and finally deciding to quit
You didn't want to get a job? o.O So how did you survive?
: How about this
No problem on bot.
: Is reporting really just a joke?
I know right they flame you then you say shut up ignored! And then they say they will report you! It's like attack of the dummy club, I never knew people to be so stupid until I started playing this game!
Ignore and mute great options.
: Warwick isn't even worth a ban
Agreed, and that sound when is hunting is f'n annoying.
IsoVhell (NA)
: Most toxic people in a video game, what game and how toxic?
Bump and thank you for the all the trolls who have failed to make me angry! This is a great test to see what kind of tactics you use on people to purposely want to make them mad and ruin their day! What's sad though is you have to try because well my guess is your lives are miserable! I am not saying that to be an ass just a guess as to why you would want to! Ahh well to each their own I guess the world will always have assholes in it that fail at life and hate others because of their own mistakes!
: Why are we so damn toxic in this game and community?
They are safe behind their PC's! One of the big reason, because most people are cowards in public when it comes to confrontation!
IsoVhell (NA)
: Most toxic people in a video game, what game and how toxic?
SrbLud (NA)
: >Some accounts I have paid more money on than others and some no purchases at all! And that being the last of my tests for Riot! I have actually found the accounts I have where I paid zero to no cash to purchase items were penalized a lot quicker than the ones where I spent a moderate amount! These results have nothing to do with the amount you spent. There are too many variables to call it a fair test. Some people trigger faster. Some people don't trigger at all and might not report you. Did you let any of the accounts fall down a tier? Did one of those accounts get picked up to get reviewed manually resulting in a faster punishment? Did you use the same phrases to keep the level of toxicity leveled and keep the integrity of the test valid? There are many more but these are just the obvious ones. Sorry you wasted your time.
I would have to disagree sorry! But thank you for the feed back!
: > I am asking one last question in here and then after my 14 day ban will continue to be toxic until I am permanently banned! http://www.creativefluff.com/wp-content/uploads/1801328_801285216593862_6902848248977577308_o-825x510.jpg
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Aptest (EUW)
: {{champion:432}} - I have ganked so many malzahars. If he wants to come bot I will only say this: Come get it.
A good malz knows how to work around guys like you!
: Why Malz is the perfect support (and 100% broken)
Easy to counter malz! But a good sup he is and broken he can be in the right hands!
: Can we make the Nexus & Nexus Turrets a lot tankier?
Tower should do more damage as well! Tower diving is so easy!
: Illaoi has too much tentacle rape
I agree it's ridiculous!
Rozair (NA)
: Huge changes need to be made in this game and now is the tine
Yeah I am not sure what Riot was thinking but they have broken this game badly! Not to mention the scripts, map exploits my fav I notice a lot have and rest in game is the ward hack! So they know where all the wards are placed. I have tested guys and recorded them. Place one they go straight for it scan and get rid of it. Then I just send the video in with enough proof. My beef is the loss in lp, takes so many games to rise and then a few losses to go right back down to the bottom, this should be evened out!
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