: Yet the second you say something mean, you instantly get a chat restriction. This game is a joke
UPDATE: I AM RIGHT NOW PERMABANNED FOR FLAMING A TROLL SO NOW I HAVE TO SMURF USERNAME OF MY ACC:ItsAWildChoGath PASSWORD:incorrect3614 ANY OF U CAN LOG ON MY ACC I GOT PERMABANNED FOR SAYING THAT TO A TROLL WHO RAN IT DOWN IN MY PROMOS AND I REPORTED HIM AND HIS LAST GAME WAS TODAY SO HE DIDNT GET PUNISHED THATS COOL we should be allowed to talk as much shit as we want to trolls its an online game and there is a fucking mute button if anyone is that butthurt, only reportable offences should be inting,griefing,feeding etc seriously wtf is this game
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Scuttle (NA)
: All of the cat skins are just champions in cat onsies; All of the dog skins are actual dogs.
Yeah I was kinda disappointed in rengars skin, it was him with a little more sparkles, I wanted cute little voiceovers, and activating your ult makes the map look like some candyland bullshit,(kinda like pyro from tf2 if you've played that before) not rengar but in a wunzie, hearing him say his same serious lines is a letdown,the god king skins got their own fitting voiceovers, why cant pretty kitty rengar?
: okay. his W stuns you, blinds you, and then gives you a slow that goes from 20% --> 0% over the span of 2 seconds.
Have you even played nasus, he doesn't have a single stun or blind
: Revert the nasus stack buff PLEASE
I think his Q is fine, but his W slow is wayyyyy to exessive, I've been wanting to open a board about it but I think it would get downvoted.But Nasus's max rank W is a point and click hard slow that is almost spammable,this ability literally has no counterplay at all, in my opinion they should make his W a skillshot instead of you came within (x) range of nasus and your dead
: Ight, Time to get Downvoted :)
Lewanor (NA)
: 1- Talon is loreless for almost 8 years now so, we can't do anything about that. He doesn't make sense logically by design and flat in terms of personality(For many he doesn't even have one). So I hope Riot gives justice this year. Yeah, he needs much more than looking for General Du Couteau, he needs connections and an actual view on Noxus. 2- That's just a skinline and even then that's the point of that arc. Talon has to learn humility. When he learns he will get his powers back. As it says, Irelia is a goddess, Talon is a dragon king. Goddess punished the Dragon, now he'll have to learn.
yeah your right, Im taking skin lore too seriously, but Talon needs some more touches on his story and having special interactions ingame (with certain champs) on him would be super cool.
: 1. Skinline universes aren't canon 2. Some champs are more powerfull than others in-lore. That's the truth.
{{champion:91}} still needs a deeper lore -no special interactions/relationships with other champs -needs more then just finding Du Couteu -needs views and opinions about Noxus/Ionia/Demacia
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