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Broporo (NA)
: The teams that look into those types of things have certain things they look for, as well as a set of skills that let them spot certain changes or types of behavior common for boosting. I know you've reached out to them already, and it does look like they took the time to explain their reasoning in the first ticket which they keep referencing you back to.
I did not get boosted!!!! why can't any of you guys understand that. their is a lot of other players who had the same problem I do and riot doesn't do anything about it like their so perfect and never get anything wrong
liky (EUW)
: season rewards
mhm I got that too last month because they accused me off mmr boosting, I contacted multiple supports about it and they just all copy and paste the same thing cause their automated bots says I'm boosted so that's what they believe. it honestly makes me upset because I Improved in the game and now since I'm doing better than before and learn from my mistakes up that means someone boosted me wow.
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Broporo (NA)
: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
Why does all my friends insginia showing our rank thing on our profile that we achieved last year and not the ranks we acheived this year 😐 will they change this when we get our this year borders? Cause that dumb how we have this and not what our current ranks are
: Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I understand that there are many procedures to determining how to give out rewards, but there is no way that the process isn't semi automated. It has been over 5 days and not a single border reward for NA in sight. When on earth are the rewards going to roll out? And stop copy and pasting that generic response regarding the 1 month time limit because I call BULL on that. And yes, I am chill. Give us a solid date for when to expect the border reward, and I point specifically to the BORDER reward, not the date for which we receive ALL rewards. Stop playing down 5 days like it isn't a long time because it is. So when will we get the BORDER reward?
Broporo (NA)
: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
Does anybody know why our Signina thing shows our last year rank and not the eank we got before rank ended couple days ago 😐
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Like Carney says: >1) There's literally a post right here that says that they'll be doing it within the next month or so. 2) There's a million things going on right now and it's been less then a week, you act as if you've been left in the dark for months with no information whatsoever. 3) Borders will look the exact same as they did last year. Plat borders will look the same, diamond borders, master challenger, etc. 1) This has already been communicated. 2) It's like this every year. 3) This has already been communicated. I could get the links, but I don't feel like it would be worth the time. patient, please.
The borders and icons are never the same every year 😐 It even has a website to show you all the previous icon and borders and none are the same
Ishawnn (NA)
: Riot How Long Will It Be Before You Start Sending Out Rewards? Ocenia Alleady Got Theirs. Can't Wait A Month
They got their borders first?
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Do you have ANY idea how much server power it would require to distribute all rewards to all X Millions of players instantly and simultaneously? To put it this way: I'd like to see your own PC try it.
You're not getting the point, not one person on NA has their rewards. There not one post that says exactly when we getting our rewards, what kind of icon and borders we're getting and such. We got none of that, you don't even know what icons or borders look like or exactly when we're getting it. I can careless how long it takes for us to get it, but riot should atleast update us on what's going on instead of staying quite!
Carnley (NA)
: "All rewards will be distributed in the coming months after the end of season. We’ll give further updates as rewards are sent out regarding timelines! Some rewards may appear faster than others so don’t worry if you don’t get them all at once." It normally takes a week or two, sometimes longer.
so you're telling me I got to wait next month at the end of December to get my borders I earn? really -_-
Broporo (NA)
: 2017 Ranked Rewards Help Desk
Its been 4 days now and we didn't get our rewards on NA I would like to know what's going on, riot hasn't gave us any info about it I'm starting to think they forgot us or something, When do we get our rewards and are we getting upgraded borders? they only show us upgraded icons not borders
: Dev Livestream: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight
Hi I like what you guys did for Zoe I feel like it's well made! very different compared to the other champions. I can't wait to see her hit the rift! 1: Will Zoe ever have a DJ skin since she loves Sona's music so much? you think Annie and Zoe will be good friends or have like a cool duo skin to show their friendship? 3.alot of people seem to not like her q since it does a lot of burst damage do you guys ever plan on nerfing her q? In my opinion I think it will be bad since that's the only damage she really has. 4. What gave you guys the idea to make this amazing champ called Zoe? 5. Was it hard to decide on what skin to make for her? I Love the idea of it Cyber skin. 6. Does Zoe have any other friends? 7. Does Zoe have any other Rivals but Lux? 8.How old is Zoe? since she from Targon right? Isn't she like millions of years old? 9. who counters her? 10. do you have any tips and advice for a person that trying out Zoe or possibly wanting to main her?
: Having issues Patching 6.20? Click Here
i keep getting unexpected errors, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling i tried deleting files from folder, i tried repair button 4 times and it still gets stuck at 99% saying error, can someone please help, this is getting ridiculous now.
: I know a few Youtubers who can already animate with LoL maps and models- maybe you could ask them how they do it?
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: Champion Q&A: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
1: can Taliyah ult be cancel by any sort of cc? 2:can you build Taliyah ad? 3:does ever ability do damage even if you don't do a,combo? 4;any tips i can get since i want too main Taliyah. 5:when will she be released? 6:do you half to hold your ult to go further? 7:why does Taliyah got to be so close to the wall to activate her passive to surf, does that mean poppy will counter her since every Taliyah will be near a wall and that sets poppy up for a push? 8:who is Taliyah good and bad with? 9:is Taliyah always happy, do she taunt any champions and be mean? 10: is it weird i want to main your new champ when it first comes out? And what is her primary and secondary roles?
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: Last day: How to unlock your Mystery Champion
{{champion:17}} anybody want to add the Teemo!!!!! ^_^


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