Sent you a friend request Ive got a team available and looking for a sup
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: [NA][Gold-Plat] Support Main LFT
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: Support/ADC LFT Team. Plat Last season
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: LFT Bot lane main, ADC or Support Gold-Plat
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: Patch 7.1 notes
Yay another month of ADCs being useless
: Plat Team LF Jungle or Mid Role to complete team.
IGN: XGN Rinzler Rank: P5 last season Main Role: ADC, but I'd like to start jungling Top 3 champs: Hecarim, Shy, Vi Strengths: Ganking Times available: Evenings and am Mountain time Comments: Live fast die last Discord: Yep
Spéctyr (NA)
Preffered role: Either honesty Champions you play for that role: Anything really Can you shot call: yes Time zone: Mountain Available times (In EST Please): Evenings most of the time. Usually starting at 4pm est Strengths: Live fast die last Weaknesses: Honesty ;) nah probably having too much fun at points and messing around in practices
TSM Rage (NA)
: xDevastating Annihilation is recruiting !
IGN : XGN Rinzler Position: ADC/Support Time: Moutain Rank s6 : Plat main or sub: Either champion pool: Literally anything but Ivern Discord ? : Yep Shotcalling ability : Above average I would say
Ht2D (NA)
: LFT Guilty Esports Team Recruitment
Name Jack Age 24 Level 30 Rank Plat 5 Position ADC 2nd position Support Location Mountain time Skype Name m4a03_tritton Best time to contact anytime
Ht2D (NA)
: LFG Guilty Esports Team Recruitment
Name: Jack Age: 24 Level: 30 Rank: Plat v Position: ADC 2nd position: Support Location: Mountain Skype Name: Ill give if invited Best time to contact: Anytime
: Team Eminent L4 For Daily Active TOP ADC SUP[Gold5-Plat5][Funded][Tournament Team][Competitive Team]
IGN: XGN Rinzler Role: ADC/TOP Age: 24 Champion pool(Top 5): Vayne, Jhin, Lucian, Ez, MF (really anyone) What can you bring to the team?: A good attitude and some laughs Why are you looking for a team?: My last team of a couple years kinda grew out of the game Rank: Plat 5 Time zone: Mountain What times are you able to play from(est): Just matters on the day but most consistently evenings Are you willing to be a sub: Sure Proper English?: Idk about proper but I speak fluent freedom Do you tilt?: I have, but rarely Do You have a Twitter? Surely sugar tits
xluke15x (NA)
: Team Miss Clicks is recruiting for TOP and ADC for gold level LCS style/flex team! (Established)
IGN: XGN Rinzler Solo Rank last season: Plat Time Zone: Mountain 1 Main role that youre applying for: ADC Top 5 champs: Vayne, Lucian, Draven, Ez, Cait, MF Past team exp: Several Local teams and online tourneys Why did your past team not work out (if applicable)? We played for a couple years and some just got tired of the game what will you contribute if accepted? Positive attitude and strippers What are your personal goals in league? Diamond Best strength: Positive attitude and experience Greatest Wekness: Tunneling Play style: Live fast die last
Nazahaki (NA)
: I assure you it's not just you, i have this issue as well, 500 to 400 FPS as soon as games starts, then as i'm in lane 140 to 200. It's the game. Just no one but Riot can do anything about this so we're just coping with it.
Yeah, my tough thing is that team fights are a bitch. It skips me so hard through them
: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752684-Low-Frame-Rate-FPS-troubleshooting ^Low FPS troubleshooting guide for you to look through. If that fails, send in a ticket to Riot Support with the logs they ask for.
That's where I'm at right now - ticket submitted and waiting
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aıre (NA)
: FPS Drops
I'm having the same issue except mine seems more severe. I'm starting the game at 300+fps and then when the minions come it drops to 100ish (seems like less and it lag skips me). Then periodically it drops to 40 sometimes 30 and its dropped to 15-20 occasionally.... and always at the most inconvenient times... So far I've checked driver issues, background processes, viruses, reinstalling, switching ISP, and changing settings. None have solved any problems so far...
CJFoxy (NA)
Rank: Plat v Role: Bot lame Best Champions: Thresh, Janna, Ali, Braum - Vayne, Graves, Trist, Draven Age: 23 Can you practice daily?: As long as its scheduled Do you have Skype/Curse/Teamspeak?: Yes Can you shot call?: Yes Are you willing to be respectful and help team improve: Yerppy Are you willing to take constructive criticism from our coach: Of course Do you rage easily?: I eat babies occasionally, but thats it
TycrainZ (NA)
: High Gold/Plat ADC for C2G
Name: Jack IGN: ItsRinzler Champion Pool: All Rank: Plat 5 Can you be here at 9 PM EST for the gather time? Yep Teamspeak (Have/not) Can you download teamspeak? Already got em
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: Plat Support/ADC LFT
Sounds good, I'm omw home now from work and then I can play
Labs (NA)
: LF> Duo Partner. Plat 5 above. (Im plat 4)
I can support ya if ya want. Ill be on in about 30min
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Memex (NA)
: [LFM] Hydro Gaming Looking for Players Gold +
IGN: ItsRinzler Role: Support/ADC Main Champs: Thresh, leona, Bard Rank Solo/Duo: Plat V Why do you want to join? LFT
Khyree (NA)
: LFM to join Silver-Gold 5s team
IGN: ItsRinzler Solo rank: Plat 5 Times: nights and weekends Preferred lanes: Support or ADC Main champs: Thresh, Leona, Bard Curse or skype: Both
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Phife (NA)
: Dropshock Paragon II [LFM] - Need a support main
Age - 23 Role: I play bot lane support hammer Occupation (time of day you work / go to school ) - Sales Rep, I can play nights How long you've played League of legends - Years my man Highest rank in solo queue (season)- Diamond 4 <-- got da ban hammer Current rank in solo queue - Gold 1 Your Ranked 5s experience - Gold4LoL, LAN's, and MLG Dallas 2013 Shot caller? - Yes
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: hT High Voltage Recruiting Gold+ Support/Jungle
•What champions are you comfortable on enough to play competitively(in order from most to least)? top 3 are thresh, leona, Janna and i can play everything else •What is your current Division/Rank? Gold V •What is best and worst quality? Experience and competitive nature •Why are you interested in joining our team? because im lft •What areas of your game play do you feel you can improve on? warding
: hT High Voltage Recruiting Gold+ Support/Jungle
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: Support LFT
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