Vorol (NA)
: My wife started to paint the minion figures.. love the results so far!
Great work! I was thinking about doing the same thing last night when we played!
Ch1r0n (NA)
: Championship Thresh Skin and Figure Bundle gone...
Ugh I missed out on this one, I hope the restock is soon...
Itzon (NA)
: Urf hoodie sold out already?
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: GG Riot
Love the fact the song is "Welcome to Planet Urf"
: The next League band
It's simple, we... Gank the Bats! {{champion:27}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:9}} Stand in members: {{champion:222}} {{champion:58}}
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Itzon (NA)
: Am I doing this Maokai skin right?
I tried to put the poros on his hands but I'd have to glue them. I'll figure something out. And yes he dances!
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: Because investing 30+ minutes only to lose sucks. When you have fun, you want the whole package. When you're losing, you don't want to keep losing. You want a Get me outta this game button (takes 20 minutes to charge). And I'm just speculating here: I think those people play P2WMMORPGs
i'm not talking about surrendering. I'm talking about the people that don't get the surrender so they troll to intentionally lose cause they're just done.
: Because I don't want to play with trolls and intentional feeders. They take the fun out of everyone and refuse to surrender while getting blown up under the enemy's turret. There should be a time ban for such disgraceful players.
There should but giving up because of one guy is also no fun because you can 4v5 sometimes
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: No support? No problem.
she's a beginner playing casually against bots, no need for supports
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: Why is Smurfing not against the rules?
I have a smurf but I don't use it for ranked. I started it so I can play casually against bots with my GF who is learning the game and loving it! But I agree somewhat, trolls who smurf just to mess with people deserve a ban.
: > [{quoted}](name=LaughMask,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ai771PvU,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-01-21T20:07:49.823+0000) > > Well...Last season I got up to Bronze 1 before the reset...So more than likely I'll end back up in B5 and have to climb my way back up once again... Hey, don't sell yourself short. :) Aim high, get that Gold.
Is that even possible in placements to go from B1 to Gold? I watched a friend do his placements last season from B5, won 9/10 games and ended up only in B2.
: The surrender button exist because people don't want to play a game they think they will lose, they see it as a waste of time. If you remove the surrender button what will happen is players will start to sit on fountain so game will finish faster which will solve nothing. The team leader would be a good idea if League of legends sportsmanship weren't so bad. Truth is most players believe they are better than what they actually are (ELO Hell and such) and they would refuse to take directions/orders from a "worse" player. In other sport teams, captains works because players trust him/her and his/her judgment. I don't see that happening on league of Legends any time soon. Who on his/her right mind would sit on queue to play a game that already started, you are most likely behind, you can't pick your champion and you won't even know for how long you will be sitting, will it be 10 min, will it be and hour? I'll rather just start a new game. Just mute everyone, it takes 2-3 seconds to do it and you can still see pings and objectives taking and such.
To the surrender part, like I said, it makes League into a numbers game, it's not and shouldn't be a numbers game. Why even place it at 15 mins then with that attitude because there are some that can tell a game that's over already based on champion select alone? The whole queing into a pre-established game already is it's a risk/reward thing. Risk is it's harder to come back, but also nets you more reward, maybe an extra 8-12LP.
: You can just mute everyone to effectively turn off chat completely. In real sports your opponents may be better than you but they still don't get so fed like in this game to the point where it really does become much more hopeless than most sports can even possibly get. And this game can have AFKs which ruin the game whereas in that football the Seahawks were still using 11 players. Imagine a football game where a bunch of your players AFK and you have 5 men on the field? You want to give up? Substitutes seem like they could be a good idea but could also be a huge failure. There'd need to be some reward for doing it because almost no one would want to join a game partway through, probably way behind, with an especially far behind champion, without getting to choose your champion, summoner's, runes, masteries, etc., and just overall completely worse than starting your own game in almost every way. I like the shot caller idea but I kinda with each team could have a 6th player that is the coach or shot caller for the game and doesn't even play. That'd make it more like a real sport.
Except it's still possible to win 4v5s when it comes to the AFK point. Never Surrender.
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: What should I fry?
Cronut. Then Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Then make a sandwich. Don't forget sausage gravy and cheese. Thank me later. P.S. Feeling frisky? Throw a fried egg on top of dat.
: What if Clairvoyance temporarily increased the vision range of friendly wards?
This is a great idea. Or even if within a certain range of said champion with Clairvoyance the wards increase range.
: Eh, I guess. It's just a bit of a waste of mid lane.
In lieu of another AD assassin, I don't think it's a waste.
Nemu (EUNE)
: I play him mid sometimes and he works absolutely fine with proper wave control and spell dodging. People really are stupid sometimes though. I've been asked more times than I wish if I am going "ap yi" after calling mid with him. Dude like seriously...?
It really is all about timing with Yi. It took me a while to get him down. I know there are Yi players out there that just hit Q and hope for a free kill or two and run away and think they're good.
: It still doesn't matter. He somehow gets countered by most mid champs, even without having the supress CC. {{champion:238}} - Justs ults on you from a distance and then shoots out all the op combos he throws on you, and when you start to counter back, nope, he just shadows back again. Boom, you're dead. {{champion:99}} - Seriously, good luck having to cs with Lux poking you down hard even with just AAs. One Q, and then throws an E then ult, boom, you're dead. {{champion:61}} - Area zoning is one of her big specialty. Coming near to cs? Nope, she throws her ball at your face. Going to the other side to cs? Nope, throws the ball back you again, with a little addition with W. But of course, if you go all in onto her, you might stand a chance. That is, it all depends on how smart that Ori is.... {{champion:105}} - Somehow, he is just one of your biggest nightmare. Poke him with a Q? Nah, he just lifts himself up onto his pole and do "magic invulnerability", before he goes all in onto you with a shark adn then a couple of "such unnecessary bs bursts" combo.
Maybe you play Yi differently than I do then because I've played and dominated every single one of those champions, it's a matter of patience. Auto attacking and then using your Q as a dodge/poke mechanic.
: I don't like assuming the other team is stupid. I find I tend to do better assuming the other team is smart, then punishing the hell out of them if I'm wrong. IMO anyone that doesn't build according to what you face belongs in bronze.
Good point, but at where we're at, I still see people who don't ward even with a free trinket.
: Because you don't see him there in the big LCS plays man! How dare you play something outside the meta! Seriously though, the only objection I have to Yi mid is the same objection I have to any other physical damage dealer mid. Mid is the traditional spot where we get magic damage from, and if we don't get a good source of magic damage from somewhere else the other team can just build armor against you. As long as that's taken care of, I consider Yi to be a decent counterpick mid lane, and he's probably better there then in the jungle.
Funny thing is, unless the other team is smart, 8/10 they won't build armor/thornmail.
: Unlike other assassins who has an escape, Yi is easy to get lock down hard by mid champs such as {{champion:90}} .
Malz is probably the biggest lock down but then most assassins can't escape his surpress anyways so that point is kind of moot.
: His greatest weakness is the thing every midlaner has. lol.
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: @Lyte, I am not going to play until you take that LeaverBuster warning out of my face.
If you have a real life emergency and you don't leave the game, well maybe you deserve a break from the game.
: Couples who lane together...?
I made a smurf account to play with my GF now that i've introduced her. She loves the game! We mostly play bots because she still tower dives and buy extra boots... XD
: my kid would absolutely love a riven sword he could swing around
: I want my own Karthus Staff...also it'd be cool if you made a disk of the Pentakill album...which had a code for all the Pentakill skins...(with the champs if required of course.)
That album would cost like $45
Helmight (NA)
: But what about Scuttle Crab plushies? I guarantee those'd sell even better than the Teemo stress balls :P
Would like gromp over scuttle crab personally
: I would just like some coffee mugs personally
True, especially the oversized ones
Opeli (NA)
: As someone who tries to collect all things Heimerdinger, I highly advocate for a Heimer spinning dancing toy. That'd be legit.
Bonus points if the dancing Heimer toy comes with three turrets that can head bob to him dancing spinning on his head!
: +Soraka/Ionia/Karma merch pls
HigeR (NA)
: I'd love some Ziggs bombs miniballs, like Gp's oranges C:
Ziggs bomb water balloons?
Yoooshi (NA)
: It would be awesome if in the near future they sold specific champ/skin phone cases.
They exist on Amazon, the problem with these are that phones updates every years and suddenly you have all this stock of cases that doesn't fit on new phones anymore.
: 10/10 would attach a dragon statue to my monitor.
IKR? The new model is perfect for it!
RedBeard (NA)
: League of Legends Store Beta
I didn't see this thread til I posted mine: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/U2rO9jJj-missed-opportunites-for-merch-store But to repost: There's some nice stuff in the new merch store but so many missed opportunities. • Frejord, frozen - Poro Shaped Ice Cube Molds • Throw Pillows, preferably Poro shaped • Wukong Banana Cookies • Leona’s shield Wall Decor • Baron Lamp • Baron paper weight • Dancing Baron Desk Toy • Poro Snack/Biscuit Cookie Molds • Crystaline Flask - Flask * Elixir Coffee Mugs • Blood Moon Kabuki Masks • Transforming Mecha Malaphite/Aatrox Toys • Dragon statue with clips (so he can roost on top of your monitors) • Volibear honey • 1lb Gummi-Zac • Gragas Barrels • Women’s Yoga/sweats with VICTORY on the bum • Yordel collection • Zilean Clock • Heimerdinger dancing toy that spins Last but not least, the one item that will sell like hot cakes and net you MILLIONS: • Teemo Stress/Squeeze Toy/Ball - preferably one where his head gets bigger when you squeeze his body P.S. Hire me Rito plz ;)
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: > This is some serious analysis. I was talking about the grizzly bear specifically, but now my mind is blown. Just bear with it
Rioter Comments
Lyte (NA)
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster system!
How will this punish the people that don't want to incur the wrath of leave buster and instead run around in circles at the base?
: Some ideas for his animations: His dance has him going around in circles on an air scooter. His joke has him bring up a rock wall to lean on as he tells the joke. When he finishes the rock crumbles and disappears. His taunt has him stiffen up and clench his fists tight. Fire shoots out and rises up around his fists for a second as he taunts. His idle animation has him bending water around in the air and circling around him for a while. His fast moving animation (like when you activate {{summoner:6}} or {{summoner:10}} ) has him riding on the air scooter really fast or sprinting with air blowing behind him. His death animation would have his eyes glow and his Avatar spirit rise out of him, leaving to find the next Avatar.
Somehow I picture his joke being a giant fireball fart, but that's just me.
: My only reason why this might not happen is legal issues. Otherwise I'd main Lee every role.
If riot can make transformer skins without infringing copyright, they can probably do this pretty easily.
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